Birthday Girl

Yes, today is my birthday.

I really didn’t intend to post about it because as a mom, I’d rather talk about my child’s birthday festivities, but you all forced my hand.

I want to thank everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday on my personal Facebook page, my blog Facebook Page, on Twitter, on my last post in the comments, in text messages, in voicemails, and on email.  Whew.  I have never felt so loved!

Once again, I am blown away by all my wonderful friends and your kind words and well wishes.  Thank you!


Ironically, and this is such a cruel twist, I feel like total crap today.  I am sick. I have a super sore throat, I have a fever, my body aches, I am tired but can’t sleep.

Scott took these pictures and said, “But you don’t look sick.”  Trust me, I am.   Fake it til you make it, right?

And fake that this picture is in focus, right?

So what’s a sick birthday girl to do?

Just tell myself I am not sick, carry on as usual, and try to make the best of the day which is what I’ve done!

I went on a photo shoot bonanza at the farmer’s market today.

Here are a few of the images I captured that I have edited (of the 150 I took in about 45 minutes) that are early favorites.   

I hope you like looking at produce and plants because I have a whole post of pictures coming up in the next day or two from my birthday photo shoot bonanza.  And I don’t mean this photo shoot.

Scott didn’t buy me any presents.  I buy my own. After the farmer’s market as I was walking home, I stopped in a thrift store and went “all out” and for $5 bucks scored two pink bowls and two plates.  Last weekend it was a new computer but this weekend I kept it very thrifty.

I love little thrills and cute ‘n cheap dishes.   It makes picture making time so much more fun with a few new props.

I didn’t make myself a birthday cake.

I ate No Bake Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate FrostingThey are so easy to make and you too will enter a sugar coma and nut butter heaven all at once when you try these.

And honestly, one of the best presents of the day was having FoodGakwer and Tasteologie like my images.  Photography is so important to me now and if I am judged well by the Food Photography Gods, then it’s a happy day for me.


1. Have you ever been sick on your birthday or any other important day or holiday?

Growing up I would invariably get sick over holidays or when school was on break.  It’s like I would take my final exams and my body said, ok, the stress of that big event is over now you can relax.  And then my body would let out a big sigh and proceed to get sick.

I think after the running-on-adrenaline phase is over or the stress of a big event has passed, our bodies relax, including our immune systems, and that’s when sickness happens.

Not to mention, it’s no surprise, now that we’re home from Aruba and Skylar is back in preschool, she is bringing home tons of germs from all the other (sick) kids so it’s like going through my own childhood all over again with being exposed to every imaginable germ and virus out there! 

Kids are little germ incubators.  But I love her anyway.

Honestly, as a mom, being sick with a cold, fever, a headache, or anything else is just like any other day.  You just smile, carry on, hug your kid, and pray to God the razor blades in your throat go away soon.  No rest for the weary.  I couldn’t imagine just laying around.  Not when there’s pictures to make and snacks to fix!

Chugging vanilla iced coffees has felt good on my throat, though!

2. Best birthday memory or celebration you’ve ever had?

25th birthday comes to mind.  We were living on the beach in North Carolina and I did a sunset yoga class on the beach with a dozen or so awesome free spirits, we carried on with a vegan potluck, Scott had me a hot pink cake made in the shape of a high heel, we drank all night long, went skinny dipping in the ocean, and watched the sun rise the next morning.  Fun times!

Today’s festivities are just a wee bit different.   Plus, I have to work later.

3. Best thing you’ve ate or done over the weekend?

The farmer’s market and taking pictures rocked for me.  Sickness and all.

Ok and the Nutella & PB Bars rocked too.

And if you’re just catching up on posts since Friday, here are mine:

Have a wonderful week and although I can’t thank everyone personally for all the birthday wishes, each and every email notification that I opened brought a huge smile to my face.  Thank you so much!


  1. happy birthday!! sorry to hear that you were sick but you’d never know it looking at the pictures of u and skylar, u both look super cute and happy! hope you’re feeling better soon. :)

    invariably it always seemed like i’d get the flu over christmas vacation when i was still in school! it would stink, i’d be sick for the two weeks we were off of school but then be good as new as soon as school started back up again! oh well, such is the way of life.

    take care over there!!

  2. I am wishing you all the best, Averie! Hopefully this year will be full of love, laughter, pleasure, health and happiness!! And I really hope you will get well soon. Not only does a sore throat sucks, like, totally sucks, but also, on one´s birthday, it is something you do not wish on your enemies!
    Your 25th birthday sounded fab :) I don´t have a favorite one, to be honest. But hey, I am still young ;)

  3. Happy birthday again and congrats and I had no idea you were sick on top of everything! UGH. I’d rather be sick and have someone tell me I don’t look it than the other way around. I get sick after long stressful events too – my post defense sickness comes to mind.

    I had a great weekend full of fun friends and family time. I went thrift store shopping today also, but I got clothes. :)

  4. Happy, happy, happiest of days!!!!!

  5. Happy birthday girlie! SO sorry you’re sick — that’s the worst! I was sick one year on Valentine’s Day. My BF was living three hours away at the time so I drove there and back, all while tired and cranky and sore and sick! It wasn’t the best decision of my life. I’ve also been sick during exam time in college, but I’m pretty sure that just comes with the territory. Your 25th birthday sounds SO fun! Can’t wait ’til my 25th!

  6. Happy Birthday! I’ve never posted on here before – just wanted to say thank you for your recipes! I have only been able to try a few of the desserts so far, but I’m looking forward to trying one of your tofu recipes tomorrow. We tried your chocolate mousse, the cookie dough and the banana avocado “ice-cream”. It has been so nice to find recipes that me (vegetarian) and my husband (meat-eater) can both enjoy. Coincidentally, his name is Scott too :)

    Hope you feel better!

  7. Happy Birthday! I hope you feel better, and don’t forget to celebrate. Everyone deserves their one day of the year to celebrate you :-)

  8. Happy birthday! I didn’t know it was your birthday. I’m sorry you’re sick though, that sucks. I don’t know if I’ve ever been sick on my birthday. I can remember being sick one halloween when I was about 4 or 5. I was SO bummed.

  9. Michele Sparrow Reply

    Even though I said Happy birthday on your facebook page, I want to say it again here! Happy Birthday! I am sorry you are sick, though! :-( I hope you feel better soon. Like so many people have already said, you really do look beautiful in the photos Scott took!

    I was sick on Christmas of last year. I was in my Victoria Secret cozy black pjs all day long and couldn’t even eat or drink anything yummy at all. I just huddled in our big leather chair next to the Christmas tree and watched everyone open gifts while I sipped on tea. Then I went to bed and watched a movie. It passed though, but still, it was Christmas and therefore hard to miss out on the festivities. Get well soon! :-)

  10. Happy Birthday, Averie! Hope it was a sweet one ;)

  11. Did you know you and Kendra Wilkinson share the same birthday?! I know you’re a fan and I know she had a birthday around this time, I just looked it up and it’s today! What a coincidence :)

  12. Happy birthday, Averie! I hope you feel better, soon. I just had a conversation with my mom about how, when I was much younger, she had to do the same – fake it till she felt better, keep preparing my meals, watch me as close as ever, etc., even when feeling crap, and it just gives me so much respect for all mothers and motherhood.

  13. Belated happy birthday! Glad you decided to post it, anyway :-). I know, I want to ignore my birthday too, it just doesn’t seem…important. But maybe it’s a good occassion for some things? Maybe I’m ignoring it out of some strange spite – yes, I was sick all the time as a kid, including birthdays, hehe. I might celebrate mine somehow next year. I’m turning thirty, gasp! Hahaha…

    Hope you had a great day. Lots of hugs and good wishes for the next year.

  14. A few years ago I got strep on vacation on my birthday. The doctor I went to said it was the worst case he’d seen in a long time. It was brutal. I think I must have had a runny nose/cold/something too because I remember sleeping with a box of Kleenex at that time. Oh well. I lived :) Happy birthday/belated birthday, Averie!

  15. Happy Birthday Averie!

  16. Xronia Polla!!!
    (happy birthday in greek)

    Being sick on your bday sucks, but you do have a beautiful little munchkin to take care of you! And today’s emergence of sun after 4 days of clouds must have made you smile!
    Plus…. Hillcrest farmer’s market = guaranteed good day

  17. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! :)

  18. Happy Birthday! I hope I’m not too late, I’m in England and never sure about time zones…

    I’m sorry you’re sick, I completely agree about the immune system relaxing, that has happened to me so many times, especially over Christmas; get well soon *hugs*

    I like the photo of the tomatoes especially, it looks like a purposely composed shot from a professional (and expensive!) magazine :)

  19. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you feel better real soon.

  20. Happy birthday, and I hope you’re feeling better soon!! Your farmer’s market pictures are getting me so excited. Our first one here is Saturday, but I’ll be in San Diego so I’m missing it. I’m so glad you posted about your thrift store finds!! My roommate and I are planning on going shopping for things to tie dye at the thrift store, and now I’ll remember to get dishes for when I get a blog up and running :)

  21. Happy birthday! If 60 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 20 then you must be, let’s see…somewhere around 10 years old?

    Sure it’s not allergies? Every time I step outside my eyeballs and throat start itching like mad and I can’t stop sneezing. The pollen is crazy now that it finally stopped raining.

  22. Happy Birthday Averie!! I’m sorry you are sick, that is ironic when things like that happen isn’t it? You sound a lot like me when I get sick…I try to hide it and carry on because if I don’t I just feel worse. (I’m not really much for birthdays too- I like to do something special but usually it is quiet and by myself.)
    Hope you have a year filled with many happy memories. :)

  23. Happy Birthday!! Sorry you didn’t feel well:(

    Love the farmer’s market pictures!!

  24. first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERIE! you don’t look sick either, you look awesome ;) i hope you feel better soon. ;)
    xo~ kristina

  25. Oh I hope you feel better quickly. I’ve definitely been sick on my birthday many times unfortunately.

  26. Happy birthday Averie!!!!

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re unwell though, hope you feel better soon and that Scott and Skylar are looking after you.

    Lots of love x

  27. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like such a wonderful day, despite feeling not so great. That farmer’s market looks incredible, and what a neat score with those plates and bowls. They are GORGEOUS. Feel better ASAP! :)

    I had BAD food poisoning when I was 5 years old on Christmas. I still remember not even wanting to open my presents on Christmas morning and not being able to keep anything down, whether Christmas cookies or saltine crackers. Not a fun Christmas for a 5-year-old…

  28. Happy Birthday Averie! I hope (despite being sick) you’ll have a great day celebrating this special day of yours with your loved ones! Best wishes!!

  29. happy happy birthday averie! skylar seriously looks older in every single picture you post, I can’t believe it! you’re both so gorgeous!
    I’m hoping your feeling better today, so you can carry on with your non-stop lifestyle. Your a big inspiration with all that you accomplish, and with such a positive attitude! Have a great day.

  30. Happy birthday! I hope you feel better soon. :) Your farmer’s market haul looks gorgeous! I wish I could take a bite out of those tomatoes.

  31. That sucks you are sick on your birthday, that should be illegal or something! ;)
    I had no idea your natural hair was so dark! I just had mine highlighted Friday, I wait way too long between sessions but I’m cheap like that. Ha! I went really light this time, which means roots even earlier, but I just love really blond hair in the summer with a tan!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  32. Happy late birthday Averie! Mine was Saturday :)

  33. A very happy birthday Averie! I hope there are many years to come, where you don’t feel sick ;) Get better soon, and take your time to rest a bit!

    I also become sick during exams, or shortly after… Indeed, stress must be waking all the germs nearby..

    Relax and take care!

  34. Happpppppppppppppppppppppppy Birthday to you!!! You look gorgeous in those pictures, hard to believe you are sick!!

    Those new dishes are so cute! I was just thrift store shopping too, for cute dishes but didn’t find anything – boo!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  35. Happy birthday! Or late birthday, I think I’m a day late. I really hope you feel better. I’m not feeling so well either, but it doesn’t sound as bad as what you have :( Love the farmers market pictures. I can’t wait till there are piles of produce at mine. I’m still debating on taking my camera. I’m always afraid people will think I’m weird, especially since they all recognize me and the kids from coming last year and this year so far. Maybe it would be a good intro to tell them I have a blog. Haha.. I’ll have to think that over for the next month or two to get up the courage to do that, LOL.

  36. eva @5FruitsNVeggies Reply

    happy b-day! and even though you are sick, you look gorgeous! i love all your photography as well…this is what daunts and prevents me from writing my own blog…so i admire your talent!

  37. Happy Birthday!
    Just wanted to say that the picture with the sunflowers is GORGEOUS!

  38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m like you, I like to celebrate my kids birthdays rather than mine. My birthday was on Thursday (6/9) and my husband and kids totally surprised me with an impromptu birthday celebration. It was impromptu because it’s very rare that my kids are all together at the same time. Hope you feel better and you definitely don’t look sick :-)

  39. Happy Birthday Averie !! Scott’s right, you don’t look sick. ;)

    I’ve def been sick on my birthday as it’s in the winter time… More than being sick, my birthday always used to get forgotten back in the day bc it happened over ‘winter break’. …and being that it’s actually New Years Eve, even my parents forget (have forgotten) at times. lol. One of my most memorable Bday’s was the year I turned 21 and went out clubbin’. You can bet i got a lot of shots bought for me. Fun night!

  40. Happy belated birthday! I hope it got better. I’m really hoping you feel much better today!!

    I have definitely been super sick on my birthday before. The worst was one year when I was in high school and I got VERY sick over Christmas break. I was sick the entire two weeks and was fine by the time to go back to school. I have never been as sick as I was that year again, thankfully!

  41. Happy belated birthday! Sorry, I didn’t even crack open my laptop yesterday. Sorry you are sick–I hope things are better today :)

  42. Pingback: Barre3

  43. You definitely don’t look sick, but maybe that has something to do with your wicked Aruba tan? Hope you are feeling better now.

    When I was 12 I came down with the flu during my birthday party (the weekend after my actual birthday). That was no fun, and put a damper on the celebrations :( Last year I had a huge & horrible headache the whole day of my brother’s wedding. Still helped decorate, helped with the flowers, shuttled my SIL’s family to & from the house & hotel, socialized during pictures and the reception, cat-called my brother during speeches, helped my SIL use the bathroom in her wedding dress, moved all the presents back to the house, did some dancing, and then went home to collapse in bed. Phew! Thankfully, no one had a clue ;)

    My husband & I share the same birthday (4 years apart) so we always do something we both enjoy. Since it is close to Father’s Day, we usually have whole family celebrations too. Always nice.

    Best thing I ate this weekend: your No Bake Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites. Yum!

  44. Happy belated birthday Averie! I hope you are feeling much better today.

  45. Happy Birthday!!! And those Nutella and PB bars look way better than birthday cake any day! :)

  46. Happy (belated) birthday! Glad you were able to do some fun things like photographing at the Farmers Market! I always warn friends when they take me to markets that I will be the slowest shopper ever…because I’ll be too busy taking pictures. =) If you’re ever in Detroit (especially during the summer), you should visit Eastern Market. A friend took me there a couple of years ago, and it was photography heaven! So many beautiful colors and textures and sights.

    Okay, so I got sidetracked – hope your birthday was a lovely one, and that the year ahead is full of great blessings for you! =)

  47. Happy Belated Birthday Averie!

  48. Sorry I was a little late, I was off on an unplugged weekend celebrating my own birthday, which was on the 11th! Lots of bloggers had b-day’s last week. Gena and Jenna did too! Geminis must make great bloggers.
    Happy belated birthday!

  49. Im know Im a bit late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Averie<3 Hope you had a beautiful day! Guess it couldnt be too bad with those PB Nutella bars and your cute daughter on your side :)
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  50. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Averie! I do hope you are feeling better!

    I had a really bad flu on my 16th (of all) birthday’s. Sucked royally! That was SO long ago, though! LOL I also spent my 25th b-day big and preggers with Sarah, but that was totally worth it! HAHA

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