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I had a really busy day yesterday.  It started off by being trapped and chained to my desk reading and answering emails, doing blog-related computer tasks, and trying to keep my inbox under better control than the ever-growing national debt.  My inbox can relate to the ever-growing part.

Then I went to the post office and mailed package to a friend.  She wants to start brewing her own kombucha and I am helping her get started.

Speaking of fermented beverages, Zukay Foods sent me some of their products to try.


The Zukay beet juice was refreshing and there are many benefits to consuming beets:

Information from Zukay Foods:

– Beet juice can help to strengthen both the liver and the gall bladder; even more so when mixed with other juices such as carrot or cucumber.

· Beet fiber such as Pectin, binds toxins, heavy metals, and excess hormones that build up in the liver, and removes them from the body, as opposed to being reabsorbed.

· They are a blood building herb that detoxifies blood and renews it with minerals and natural sugars.

· Beets have been found to have a regulating effect on blood pressure

· Because beets are so beneficial to the bloodstream, it has been found that they can also protect from heart disease and help to fight off anaemia

· The folic acids found in beets are especially helpful to pregnant women, as they are known to prevent birth defects.

· After long, tiring days, raw beets have the ability to reenergize and rejuvenate.

· Beet juice reduces the uptake of oxygen, thus allowing an increase in endurance and stamina in those physically active. It allows for longer workouts because of less fatigue.

· And of course, Zukay’s Beet Kvasses (and other kvasses) are all fermented and probiotic, so they have all the natural enzymes of the veggies intact, and are naturally probiotic and low in sugar

This Carrot Ginger juice was sweet with a bit of heat.  Tasty stuff.

And although I am not a fan of onions at all, Scott seemed to really enjoy this salad dressing.

I’ve been dipping all my veggies in Spicy Doritos Cheezy Dip

The dip is really fast and easy to make I use it as either a salad dressing or as a veggie dip.

If you like nooch or Doritos, make that dip.

After errand running, it was time to fix Skylar a snack.

She requested a Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cake

Smart choice.  For her and me since I was rushing around and the microwave saves me.  Not a fan of it?  That’s ok, I am. Just a tool that I use as needed.

From my previous post, Learn Something New Every Day, can you believe that about koi fish?  200 year old “pets”?  Crazy but true!


1. Do you like beets?  Ever tried beet juice?

I love beets and have a recipe post coming soon with them but until about 6 years ago, I used to think I didn’t like them.

It wasn’t until getting my first CSA share and learning how to roast them properly that I fell in love with beets.  A little too in love and I gave myself an unintentional liver cleanse but I survived and was, ahem, cleaner and purer, afterward.

If your only experience with beets is from a can or something that’s been pre-cooked and is a strange plastic container or can, and the texture is really ahem, unique, yes, I can see why you wouldn’t like them either.  Ick!

Real beets, prepared properly, are amazing.  As is beet juice if you’re so inclined to juice them.  I am such a crybaby about juicer cleanup that I almost never juice anymore.

I captured the shot of those gems at the Farmers Market over the weekend

2. What Busy Beeter Busy Beaver tasks have you crossed off your list today or recently?

Yesterday I also hit up the grocery store

Cleaned my shower

Changed the sheets on Skylar’s bed

Went for a great run

And oh yes, went to my paid job.  The rest of that list is just unpaid manual labor.

3. Do you get sucked into your computer, your email, blogs (reading them, writing your own, maintaining your own, etc.), websites, and just things that keep you sitting at your desk and staring at your screen?

I sure do!  Some days it just seems never ending the sheer volume of computer work I need to plow through!

Thanks for the entries on the NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway.   Keep ’em coming!

And for the locals, enter the Taste of Adams Avenue Giveaway!

61 comments on “Busy Beeter”

  1. Ah, I feel like I’ve been a busy bee (or beaver) for the past few days! Dentist appointments, refills on prescriptions, grocery shopping, cleaning like a madwoman (only to see it just as messy two days later) and attending IMPORTANT events (like fun dinners and cocktail hours). Maybe I’m just forcing myself to be busy, but sometimes I feel like I get more done, the more I have to do!

  2. Sounds like a busy day! I love beets. The first time I had them not in a can and my pee turned red, I thought I was dying. :)

  3. love beets! that sounds like a great raw product! I’d say I accomplished what I could yesterday. Viruses stink!
    Need that mac, eh?

  4. i LOVE beets and beet juice and anything beet related!!

    Those juices and dressing sounds soooo good!

  5. Well boo, I think I am going to your spam too now. Lets just say that was my to do list all day yesterday!! de spam my computer.
    Love that raw product though, looks delicious!

  6. Well boo, I think I am going to your spam too now. Lets just say that was my to do list all day yesterday!! de spam my computer.
    Love that raw product though, looks delicious!


  7. Yum, I’ve been thinking about trying Zukay foods and I’d probably adore the onion.

    1. Yes and yes and I like the pretty effect on pee. :-P
    2. House and office projects as well as loads going on at work, ugh!
    3. Yes, time flies so fast when I start catching up with emails and blog reading.

  8. good work on ticking items off your To Do lists, averie!
    i have not tried beets since childhood because i really did not like them then…i guess i should try them again, as i like a lot of other veggies now that i did not way back when!
    i find i have to set a time limit for composing blog entries or else i can just get caught up in writing and editing for far too long…
    skylar has great taste in snack requests!

  9. I don’t like the flavour of beets without other flavours, but roasted with carrots and parsnips, and covered in a balsamic and mustard dressing is really good. I also quite like carrot, apple and beet juice, but like you I usually can’t be bothered to clean the juicer so I don’t juice very often.

  10. Love beets! I just hate how red everything turns when you touch them. Do I get sucked into the computer? ha, of course! My eyes were burning the other day when I tried to fall asleep. I think that’s a tell tale sign of too much computer screen!

  11. 1. I LOVE beets! I never thought I would until I tried them and they are just great. I prefer them cooked, but honestly can’t wait to try that drink! It just sounds SO amazing! And the salad dressing too…I think you should give onions another chance lol

    2. I have totally accomplished the things I’ve wanted to so far – baked my hubby a bday cake (his fave is carrot cake – so I went all out…wanted to make a vegan version, but I thought I would stick to the full-on version because it’s for him, not me haha) AND went for a very satisfying run…but didn’t think well enough and wore capris instead of shorts and it definitely hurt a little bit with the sun directly beating down on me!

    3. I totally get sidetracked by checking blogs, thinking about what I wanna write about and responding to others’ blogs. But, it’s sooo worth it…like right now, I should probably go shower since I sweat a ton, yet here I am commenting on your post lol

  12. I love beets, too. I love making beet burgers. I did a Target run today and now I’ve got packing to do as we’re going on a road trip tomorrow. I should be doing that right now but the computer has sucked me in….Busy busy! :-)

  13. What cool products I love beet juice I juice them all the time!

  14. It has been awhile since I have had beets. I have a few cans in the pantry not sure why I bought them and what I would use them for. Any ideas? I have never had beet juice.
    I have been a busy. Since we are in the process of “trying” to sell our house I got a call for a showing so I was definately a busy beaver trying to get it sparkly clean. Sure hope a buy comes soon.
    I am terrible for sitting on the computer. I am always, always reading blogs. I think I know the blog women better than I know anyone esle these days. They all continue to inspire to be my very best.

  15. I LOVE beets!! I’ve never had them roasted, but I wanna try them that way :D

    I agree with you on microwaves..I don’t have an hour to just sit and wait for a sweet potato to cook. Ten minutes in the microwave and we’re good. Obviously, if I HAVE the time, I take advantage of the oven..but who has that time ALL the time?!

  16. Definitely get sucked into the computer! It’s crazy how fast time flies when I get on this thing! :/ And not too sure about beets… I love them roasted but don’t like them raw in salads… Oh and also I confess to making my porridge in the microwave every morning! It comes down to pure hunger and impatience, shocking I know! :)

  17. I looooooove beets but I’ve never had beet juice. I can’t wait to get beets in my garden :D Except I have to plant them first, haha. I keep forgetting so this was a good reminder. Yesterday was crazy but today hasn’t been too bad, just got some cooking done(and some pictures taken :D), kids bathed, dishes and laundry done, dinner planned and ready to go. Nothing exciting, haha. I know what you mean about being chained to the computer. I like to get everything done first thing in the morning and then be able to get do everything else I need to get done without too much distraction, but my days usually go better when I get all my important household things done first and then sit down to the computer. Either way I feel chained to it for a period of time every day.
    I’m going to have to go back and read your kombucha post(s). I wasn’t interested then but I’m getting more and more curious about it.

  18. I LOVE LOVE LOVE beets! In Greece, we eat them steamed with a little bit of balsamic vinegar, a dash of EVOO, and a pinch of salt. SO GOOD. I love beet juice! Beet, carrot, apple is one of my go-to juices! But, I too dread the clean-up of juicing beets so typically for beets juice, I hit up Whole Paycheck :)

  19. Those drinks look really good! I love carrot juice but I’ve never tried beet juice.

    I love that you’re sharing the kombucha goodness :)

    Yes, I find myself getting sucked into my computer for an hour when I was only meaning to be on there for 10 minutes. It happens — and in a way it feels good to get through some computer/blog tasks.

  20. I absolutely LOVE beets. Like you, I used to think that I didn’t like them. But now I enjoy them raw and shredded over salads, roasted with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and topped with roasted pecans, and I’ve even used beet pulp leftover from juicing in some baking recipes like with cupcakes and muffins. The beets are super sweet and moist and the pulp is a great addition of fiber and nutrients into any baked dish. Plus the sweetness of the beet is an added bonus! Yummmm, I love beets!!!

  21. 1. No, don’t like beets.
    2. I was planning on being on top of it today, but I’ve been up since 3:30 am thanks to a massive storm that hit this morning, bring the little boogers into bed, killed the electricity and sent Momma into Insomnia Land. Blech.
    3. What do you think I”m doing right now? I’m not getting anything done, but I keep finding myself searching LinkedIn for old work colleagues, that – really – I don’t really care that much about anyway, right? Geez, I need a nap!

  22. I like beets. Everytime I buy some to roast, they go bad before I can eat them. I’ll have to check this product out.

  23. I do like beets but haven’t tried just beet juice. Ugh, been insanely busy at work. Have managed to get laundry washed (not folded mind you) and yard work done at home. So much more on that to-do list though. I think I prefer my to-enjoy list ;-)

  24. I love roasted and smoked beets, but have never tried beet juice. This sounds good to me though. I hope you’re having a great day!

  25. I used to think I hated beets too. Then I tried the real ones, not the ones from a jar. They’re one of my fave veggies now, especially gold beets. Sooo yummy! :)

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