Cookie Monster

I received four boxes of cookies from Enjoy Life

Just what I needed.  Four boxes of cookies.

But I’m not complaining, of course!


I wonder how I’ll ever eat that many cookies?  No, I don’t wonder, actually.

I’ve already started sampling them and am happy to report that even though Enjoy Life is known for making foods free from many common allergens, they don’t taste like they’re “free from” or “healthy”.

You can read about my thought on “healthy desserts” or “healthifying” desserts here.  <– That was quite a popular post with lots of opinions on the matter.

If you don’t have any Enjoy Life Cookies on hand, I have some easy make-at-home suggestions and baking and turning the oven on is optional:

Rather than the Enjoy Life double chocolate cookies cookies, you could try my Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies

You can oven bake or dehydrate these.  Or just eat the dough raw.  Just sayin.

For their sugar crisp cookies, try my Raw Vegan Sugar Cookie Dough Balls

All you need is a food processor, Magic Bullet, or Vita for all my cookie balls and bites recipes.

In place of their chocolate chip cookies, you could tr my Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls instead.

I have never met anyone who didn’t love these and they take less than 10 minutes to make.

And for the vanilla honey graham cookies, well you could try No Bake Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting if you really want to get your graham on.

I also can suggest Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan, GF) if the cookie monster strikes.

So many cookies, so little time.

From my last post about my new camera bag, thanks for sharing what your favorite bags are.  I love purse and bag talk, what can I say.

And thanks for the compliments on my new bag setup.  I’m really happy with the way it all came together!


1. Favorite kind of cookie? (or narrow it down to a couple because just picking one is way too hard!)

I love cookies that are underbaked, soft, and chewy.

If it’s dry, I won’t even bother.  Ick!

The only exception to my hard and crunchy cookies rule is that I like are crunchy gingersnaps.  But I actually prefer my raw vegan gingerbread cookie dough balls because they are soft and chewy.   I always go back to soft and chewy cookies. I hate biscotti for those very reasons: hard and dry.  Just not a fan, personally.

And even though I do love chocolate, an oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, or non-chocolatey cookie can be divine.  It all comes down to the cooking/baking process, for me.  And of course warm and right from the oven always makes my heart go pitter-patter.

I also don’t want to eat things that taste like “health food” when I’m eating cookies!  I don’t want the cookie to taste healthy!   The sweeter the better, for me. Embrace some dessert eating.  <— Everything in moderation.

2. How’s your weekend going so far?

Mine has been flying by!   I’ve been in the kitchen and created something wonderful.  Recipe to follow, soon.

And I ran some errands in this gorgeous weather!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

40 comments on “Cookie Monster”

  1. My favorite cookies are anything homemade. Besides taste and texture, the uniformity of store-bought cookies bothers me! I want bumps and shapes that are a little bit not-perfect.

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  3. i’m getting those cookies sent too and i know there will be NO PROBLEMS eating all four boxes! my fave cookie is from momofuku milk bar, where i went last night in nyc. weirdly, i didn’t get any cookies.

  4. Enjoy life does make some smaller, softer cookies that are really really good. I have the lemon flavor right now and they are soft and chewy just as you like cookies. But with all your baking, I don’t think you have a need or want to go out and buy even more sweets to add to your stock pile!

  5. Oh I am so the same way. An underbaked, soft, chewy cookie is perfection! Biscotti is just about the worst idea in all of creation.

    Yesterday morning was much better than last night. Got my errands and weekly food prep done, hung out with my husband and then….my temperature reached 104 and stayed there as I shivered with weird feverish dreams. Feeling better this morning, but still a little “off.” Hoping for a much less crazy day!

  6. Sweet swag score. The cookies look good, are they vegan? Yum, so many other great dessert recipes here!

    1. Anything with chocolate I guess.
    2. Going by too fast, not thrilled about going to work tomorrow! :-P

  7. Favorite cookies are haystacks hands down so delicious. I learned the recipe from my grandma.
    Just picture this ;) 3 stick pretzels plaed down to make a triangle (nuts can be added if desired), drizzle melted chocolate over the haystack, and place in the fridge over night.
    Oh my gosh YUMMM!!

  8. I hate dry cookies, too. I love when they’re gooey and undercooked. Anything chocolatey and peanut butter cookies are definitely my favorite, but I also love to venture out and try new kinds!

  9. i tried a few of those flavors at expo. i thought they were a bit too crispy/crunchy for my preferences. i like soft, ooey, gooey cookies. usually oatmeal raisin is my fave.

  10. My mom’s chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies I have ever had.

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  13. I am very curious: HOW do all of you lovely ladies “just receive” several boxes of cookies? I am just plain jealous and I really do NOT get it, lol ;)

  14. My favourite cookie is any that incorporates chocolate!! :)

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