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I had a really busy day yesterday!  It was non-stop from the time I woke up with emails, phone calls, and handling blog-related details.

I updated my About page.  I am always changing, we all are, and periodically I update that page to reflect who I am, today.

And my Themed Recipes are now alphabetized.   So now if you need anything from 4th of July recipes, Stevia Recipes, Mango Recipes, to Potato recipes, they’re alphabetized.  You’re thrilled, right?

But, those are the types of little details that I like to keep updated, maintained, and handled or they snowball into a huge mess faster than dirty baking dishes can multiply and take over the countertop.

The results are always worth it though.


On my run yesterday I spotted a lemon tree.

Juicy perfection just basking in the sunlight.

However, the sunlight didn’t last long.  The day turned overcast, dark, windy, and cool.  Not a fan of weather like that.

I also went to the grocery store for a few green items.

I definitely eat my share of green food.

Recently I received these products from Greens 8000

There’s original (green),  chocolate, and reds (berry or strawberry kiwi).  One serving contains 50 different superfoods and added probiotics, also.

The chocolate flavor is my favorite.  Surprise, surprise.

They have a FAQ page about their products

In general, I prefer a food over pills or supplements approach as I’ve discussed.

But sometimes if I’m falling a little short on Eating the Rainbow or I haven’t been going gangbusters on Blue Food or want some extra “insurance” or want to get a little extra oomph into Skylar, Greens 8000 products come in handy.

The taste is not bitter, earthy, or even “dirty” the way that some natural supplements or smoothie enhancers or powders can sometimes be.  Cough, cough hemp powder for me is just too dirty tasting and many natural smoothie enhancers I’ve tried are bitter.

I’ve mixed the Chocolate into Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Oats

And I’ve mixed the Red into a Taste of the Tropics Smoothie

Now that summer is officially here, break out the smoothies!

And it’s always a good time to break out some dessert.

Have you tried a Magic Eight Bar yet?

I’ve “tried” most of the pan.  And have been in a magical place and loving every sweet bite.

I have a few Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting (No Bake) in the freezer on standby, though.

From my last post about Packing Lunches, I loved hearing if you pack your lunch and what you like to bring.  I wanted to raid your lunch bags!


1. What was the last green food you ate? Or red food?

Mine was an tomato, edamame, and cucumber salad with vegan slaw dressing.

I covered both my red and green bases in one bowl.

I love edamame!

I’ve also been going to town on sugar snap peas (love the TJ’s sugar snap peas!) dipped in Spicy Doritos Cheezy Dip

2. Do you use any supplements, vitamins protein powders, smoothie enhancers or vitamin-ish powders that you really like?

I’ve posted before about my thoughts.  In general, I prefer a food over pills approachHowever, there are exceptions.

I also recently reviewed some Amazing Grass here

For the supplements I do take, check out this post.

For instance, I always take probiotics, and I order them from To save $5 off your order use code: AVE630   (Stock up on your stevia, protein powder, nutritional yeast, supplements, agave, bulk spices, and more.  Never pay retail again!)

P.S. Keep the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Giveaway entries coming!  Ends Friday!


  1. Omg those lemons are absolutely beautiful I would have a hard time not picking them off the tree!

  2. Oh such a good point about always changing. I had red and green bell peppers in the salsa I included with dinner last night and have spinach and red bells on my wrap I’ll have for lunch.

  3. My last green and red food was pizza with broccoli and spinach last night. :-)

  4. Beautiful lemon tree! I’ve always wanted to live somewhere with fruit trees growing everywhere :-)

  5. you always have the most beautiful runs!! And my mom used to make magic bars when i was little..and they were my fav! yours look super yummy!! i try n take vitamins but i always forget :)

  6. Um, does nutritional yeast count as a supplement/vitamin cause I sure do like that stuff!! I do have something that I DON’T like – pea protein. I can’t figure out a way to get it to mix in and taste good in anything!

  7. my post yesterday was titled red and green :) i prefer food over supplements, but i like adding ormus greens (made by sunwarrior) to my shakes for an extra boost of health benefits

  8. Busy day! I had one too. This whole week has been very go go go. Phew! The lemons on that tree look so awesome. Nothing like real fresh fruits and veggies. I agree- I try to eat vitamin/nutrient packed foods vs taking supplements, but sometimes they’re necessary. Right now, I am taking a prenatal & iron pill (because I became anemic real quick when I got pregnant). Last green food I ate? A ginormous salad at dinner last night.

  9. I had a similar salad for lunch today, with mixed salad greens, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Yummy!
    Recently I bought a bag of vanilla sunwarrior protein powder. I tastes great in smoothies and I don’t need to worry about my protein intake. Win-win!

  10. The last green food I remember was Sunday when I had some fantastic green beans. I really hope I’ve eaten a green food since then but I don’t remember. Last red food I ate was strawberries this morning :) my favorite

  11. greens – had my spinach smoothie this morning, and mid morning I’ll juice some celery + (green!) apples… Mmm. I ate one of my mew mint + chocolate cookie balls, those have green in them! :D

  12. I’ve tried Amazing Grass products, but they taste quite grassy to me. I can attempt to hide the taste in smoothies, but I could never drink it by itself.

    I prefer real food over supplements, but I do use supplements because they fill in the gaps. I’m currently eating a red apple, but the last green I ate was my salad with dinner last night.

  13. ugh what I would give to be in cali right now with sunshine and beautiful views! I LOVE boston but the weather has been so up and down here lately! its rainy today but was beautiful two days ago what the heck!!!

    i def prefer real food when I can have it but I do also enjoy protein shakes after a workout! I just make sure not to have two servings of supplements for my meals a day…only 1! and I never will subsitute a whole meal for a supplement….only a snack or post workout shake!

    edadmmame + sea salt OMG best thingeverrrr

  14. I’m so glad you agree that food is the best place to get what you need- I certainly have some supplements when my diet just isn’t doing, but I have friends who LIVE off of supplements…

  15. Crazy weather fo you and we’re boiling here! Awesome site updates. Sweet score from Greens 8000. Agreed on food over pills, especially considering the lack of regulations on supplements. I’m currently a fan of adding Vitamineral Green to my smoothies which is a more earthy, non-flavored powder, but blends well with fruit. Hemp powder can be gritty and earthy, but I usually blend it with frozen bananas which makes the texture silky smooth.

    1. Hemp protein powder and Vitamineral Green in my smoothie this morning.
    2. Vitamineral Green and sometimes Spirulina in smoothies.

  16. Your pictures of those lemmons are absolutely stunning! You’re a really talented photographer :)
    The last green thing I ate was pumpkin seeds nd the last red thing was pomegranate crasins both sprinkled in my oats this morning.

  17. I wish I had a lemon tree! And I’m a huge fan of edamame.
    Last red thing I ate was strawberries from breakfast. Sweet and delicious :)

  18. I take Juice Plus everyday – it’s like a vitamin, but the nutrients are derived from fruits and veggies. It’s more like the “real” thing!

    The SunWarrior protein has grown on me since I tried it in your overnight oats recipe! The banana totally hid the chalkiness. I still prefer GNC for my smoothies though. :)

  19. The last red food was some super tasty salmon in my sushi, a beautiful light red (some might even call the color “salmon”, lol). My green food, creamy avocado. heavenly, as it always is!!

  20. This morning I had a home-grown zucchini, steamed lightly with cauliflower and mixed with herbed butter.

    I take two supplements: glucosamine (for my joints) and fish capsules (for the omega 3).

  21. Susan @ Cornivore Reply

    I had amazing vegan nachos yesterday… Complete with kale, tomatoes, “cheesy” nacho sauce, cheapomole (protein rich guac substitute made with fresh peas to make it green). Yum!

  22. I had both green and red in my lunch today! My green was broccoli, my red was beet chips! Delicious!

  23. You joke, but actually I *am* thrilled that you’ve put your recipes in alphabetical order! You have so many great meals, snacks, tips, etc that I want to remember (and I may or may not have a Word document with hyperlinks and notes to help me out on that) :) I really appreciate it, and also, I do feel that that’s the kind of thing that separates the good blogs from the great blogs ;)

    I would love to try the Greens 8000 powders … frankly, I’d probably be using lots of supplements if only I had the money to buy them! As it is, I stick with protein powders blended into Green Monsters and your smoothies … in fact I recently bought a high quality vanilla flavoured protein powder – I normally always go for chocolate :D – as it was down from £30 to £15 and used it in possibly my favourite smoothie ever, your avocado vanilla banana smoothie in a bowl, and my eyes were rolling up into my head because it just tasted so amazingly beautiful!

    My last green food was a two-parter: wild rocket with cucumber, celery and tomatoes with sunflower seeds and goji berries (and a few other less interesting things to make it a balanced meal), then for dessert I chopped up a kiwi along with a thick slice of pineapple and stirred them into a bowl of probiotic mango and vanilla yogurt mixed with the aforementioned vanilla protein powder and topped with cacao nibs (phew!). I love my greens and reds … and blues of course :)

  24. I’ve been very curious about something, but wasn’t sure how to ask for fear it would be taken the wrong way. You said above you are always changing, as we all are (agree!). I know you’ve stated before you believe in unschooling and staying home with your daughter. Now that you work, has your thoughts on this changed any? Would be a great post!

    • I am home with her much of the day based on the *way in which I structure* my work time and work hours, or Scott is with her.

      I think it’s wonderful if parents can be at home w/ their kids, and if they want to home/unschool and it works for that family…great.

      But if it doesn’t, and life and circumstances change, then everyone just has to adapt and roll with it which is what we are doing.

  25. My last green food would be the cabbage in my Thai vegetable soup!

    Brooke Annessa

  26. Love your lemon tree. We planted one when we lived in Florida and unfortunately moved before it ever got big enough for fruit! Wish some citrus trees would grow here in NY :(

  27. Oooh those powders sound good! I’m not much of a powder girl, but now that summer is here I find myself thinking about them for smoothies. Plus, Dustin likes smoothies, well, he likes chocolates shakes but we will pretend they’re healthy smoothies, lol.

    I want to see a real life lemon tree!!!

  28. I’m loving sugar snaps at the moment. They are great stir fried! :)

  29. That lemon tree is just gorgeous! I have never seen one.

  30. Yay alphabitizing! ^.^

  31. I prefer food over pills too. But I know i should (but dont) take B12.. I guess there is nothing left off it in my body after 11 year as vegetarian :S
    My dinner today was heavy on both red and green : Homemade pizza with cherry tomatos, grilled artichokes and eggplant, green olives and lot and lots of fresh basil. SO good!

  32. I wish I spotted lemon trees on my runs :P I was just mentioning to my mom how I wished I had a lemon tree…and I know what you mean about blog organizing. I let all my recipes I post stockpile until two weeks hvae gone by and there I sit, sorting through each post, creating the icon and then adding it to my recipes page!
    Thanks for mentioning that hemp protein powder tastes dirty to you. that’s what i was afraid of as I try to find one. like you i prefer real food, but i’d like to get a protein powder for making bars with!

  33. I had peas with dinner and tomatoes with lunch! ;) The only “pill” I take is my probiotic….

  34. Love food more than powder too but like to have powder on hand for smoothies or if there is no produce in the house. Actually love green foods but don’t have a supermarket next door so it’s difficult to always have greens in the house!

  35. Pingback: Juicy

  36. I had green onions and red tomatoes in my soup this evening :-)

  37. If you want to try a great Greens 8000 option.

    1 scoop of Chocolate Greens 8000
    1/2 cup of frozen bluberries
    1/2 avacado
    blend in a bullet

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