It’s Greek to Me: Festivals & Fairs

Over the weekend I walked to San Diego’s Greek Festival.

These were some of the flowers I passed on my walk over.

It was a gorgeous weekend for an outdoor festival!


Ok, it’s actually a smidge too chilly for me with no humidity and “only” 69F temps but I know most people think that’s perfect.   Add 20 degrees and I’ll be happier.

The festival was held a local Greek Orthodox Church.

I run or walk by this Church almost daily and finally had my camera with and could make some photos.

It’s an annual event and ironically, this was the weekend, last year, that we moved back to San Diego after our brief, 9-month stint in Phoenix.   This weekend, last year, we moved back to San Diego; just one, singular day after my fitness show and competition <–link with photos.

I look back at Phoenix, the show, packing and the move, and the timing of it all and think boy, that was a lot of work and I am glad that was then, and this is now!

In typical festival nature there was plenty of food!

And it was all homemade or handmade, fresh and made on the spot.

These iced frappes looked so good…

But I had just drank a vanilla iced coffee at the house..

…and didn’t want to be too wired up!

There was also Greek music playing, a beer garden, and some artwork showcasing, you guessed it, Greece and the Greek Isles.

There were some Greek-themed cookbooks and kitchen items for sale.

A wooden spoon handmade in Greece from olive wood.  Gorgeous!  I’d be scared to even use it for fear of ruining it.

It was a fun event where old and young, people from all walks of life and diverse ethnic backgrounds all seemed to be having a fabulous time!

And the best part was that I walked there.  No car required.

It made me want to rush home and make some Hummus

vegan, 4 ingredients, 5 minutes

Or roast some chickpeas for Carmelized Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts”

I’m glad the No Bake Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites were a hit from my last post!  Foodgawker and Tasteologie liked them too, which made me happy.

Most of you said you enjoy coconut and coconut-containing recipesThat’s awesome!   Let me know if you happen to try this recipe.



1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Between the Greek Festival and the coconut chocolate chip cookie dough bites , and one other thing (next post!) I had a great weekend!

2. Have you ever been to a Greek food festival or a food festival featuring a particular type of food?  Or any street fairs or local fairs?

I have been to so many types of food festivals and outdoor street fairs with food from the Taste of Chicago (a massively huge event in Chicago, hundreds of thousands of people attend, spanning miles of city blocks, and it lasts many days, and you can get just about every kind of ethnic food from Vietnamese to Moroccan to giant turkey legs and there’s music, too.)

I’ve also been to “Oktoberfests” (in the US, not in Germany) and German festivals because growing up in MN with a heavy German population, they was common.

I also love Renaissance Fairs (even though they can be a little over the top sometimes) but they’re fun for an afternoon.

Last weekend in San Diego was Taste of Little Italy and although we were in Aruba this year, I’ve been to it in past years.

And I’ve been to tons more food festivals, too!

When I was growing up, the state fair and local county fairs were The Thing To Do in the summer.   I have such great memories of them!

3. Do you like outdoor festivals or fairs?

Blends my other question, but yes, I love them!

Something about walking around outside, people watching, hearing the sounds of the crowd and smelling the food that’s being made, I just love taking it all in!

Not having to struggle with parking and having a great sunny weather and not sweltering temps are added bonuses.

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts, here are mine since Friday:


The song, “I’m so excited.  I just can’t hide it…” is playing in my head right now.  It has something to do with this.  Next post, an update.

Have a great week!

67 comments on “It’s Greek to Me: Festivals & Fairs”

  1. I’m so excited- my town’s Greek festival is in two weeks!

  2. I used to LOVE Greek food. We would go out to a Greek restaurant to eat all the time. I miss the spinokopita, baklava, and moussaka.

  3. i’ve been reading your blog almost a year – i missed this weekend LAST year, so thanks for sharing how CRAZY it was. yup, good to have a more “festive” weekend this year!
    there is a greek festival in my ‘hood next weekend; it’s annual, but i’ve never been. really should – it’d be a great New Experience!
    Love your photos and the glorious sunshine. but i’m with you: 89 degrees is just getting comfortable! so glad you could get out and enjoy the fun atmosphere. have a great eve!

  4. SO jealous of your Greek food BANANZA!! Is bananza a word? hmmph.

    Anywayssss, best thing is about to be a fresh, ripe MANGO in about 10 minutes.

  5. I always attend our local Greek festival – so much fun!!

  6. I love how the sky and church are so pretty together! :)

    Best thing I ate this weekend – Dim Sum! I love the assortment of authentic Chinese dishes. The bok choy was especially good.

    And I love Greek festivals! Festivals in general are so fun. I just love checking them out. The Greek one always has some of the best food, though! And that frappe IS good. Very strong, but very good. ;)

  7. What a fun time! That church is just gorgeous! And I love gyros + baklava. I need to find something like that going on around here!

    Best thing I ate over the weekend: banana cream cheesecake at the wedding yesterday — it was so smooth and creamy!

  8. your photo galleries are expanding! congrats on all the accepted photos, that doesn’t get old, does it? :D

    I love outdoor festivals… I love greek food… I love your beautiful weather… I love that bright white church that looks like it’s straight out of Greece!

    • No never gets old. I think I am a slave to them. I shoot based on what I think they want, too. I admit it. TS doesnt accept me as much as FG and TO do b/c my style is not really their style. Then again, I dont know anyone who regularly gets TS accepts. They are sooo elusive. And hard to read! :)

  9. Hey Averie!

    Nice pics of the festival! If you ever have a chance to go to Greece, go! I went last year for the first time (took a cruise, so we could easily hit up a few Greek isles – not aisles ;-) ). With the blue sky, the blue water and every building painted white, wow-oh-wow, what beauty!

    There’s a huge Greek Festival in my city each summer, which I’ve been to a handful of times.

    Best thing I ate over the weekend? Frozen yogurt (first one of the season!)



  10. That festival looks fun. We have something like that in Boston but it’s an Italian fest. During Saint Antony’s fest Boston’s north end is packed with street venders, music and anything and everything Italian.

    (I’m with you on the temperature thing, I like the heat, 80’s is perfect for me!)

  11. Outdoor festivals are so much fun! I wish there were more near me and/or at least one that was walking distance from my place. I’ve never been to a greek festival, but I love greek food and their culture. Looks like a fun time!

    So jealous of your weather! i think the high 60’s-low70’s is my ideal temp. We reached 99 or 100 hundred today. It’s so strange to see that other places are still in the 40’s or 50’s.

  12. Looks like fun! My in-laws are straight off the boat Greek so I’ve been to my fair share of Greek festivals. I actually love them, especially the Loukamades (fried dough balls with honey and walnuts on top) omg, to die for!

  13. That Greek festival looks like so much fun! and I’m sure the food is terrific. Best thing I ate hands down was a blackberry-custard tart my sister made. She had a big college grad party and made even more desserts than there were food! She also made a chocolate chip cheesecake with dark chocolate ganache topped with chocolate covered strawberries… INSANE :)

  14. I love anything outside! We have a local Taiwanese culture night that I am so excited to go to! We are adopting from Taiwan and I am enjoying learning about our future daughters culture!

    Brooke Annessa

  15. We just held the first ever Wokai Iron Chef Cookoff! Best thing so far this weekend. Street festivals and fairs are awesome!

  16. OMG, girl! The Greek festival pics are SO gorgeous! You totally own outdoor photography. Seriously. The pictures are so crisp and clear, I love them! I love the frappe pics, the one with someone holding it. Submit that one. The blues and whites… just stunning. Your work gets better and better with each set. Yay! :D

    Never been to a Greek festival but want to! We have signs for them all over the place, one BIG one takes place every year in Middletown. I might just check it out this time. The food looks so tempting.

    69F… YES, please! It’s cool here now but just heard another heat wave is coming. Sigh.

    I had to scroll up again to look at the pretty blue and white photos. Just beautiful. :)

    • thank you jenn!

      i was taking those pics on the fly…like, totally…some of them turned out so well and i agree the man holding that frappe…I was kinda proud of that one :)

      I am practicing for Mex City :) Glad I make a good outdoor photographer since that’s what im gonna be doing there!

      thank you so.much. for the kind words!

  17. Looks like fun! You always seem to have the bluest sky there, too!

  18. I’ve been to many local fairs, and the Greek festival is my favorite one. I *love* the food.

  19. Ohh that Greek festival looks so cool! I just vacationed in San Diego (I absolutely fell in love.. I completely understand why you live there) and my friend and I were able to go to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market, the Sicilian Festival and a Taste of Little Italy. Taste of Little Italy left me SO FULL. We hit up 21 out of the 23 vendors over the course of four hours. But it was all so good! The Sicilian festival was also packed full of food.. so yummy. I really wish we had more food festivals over here on the east coast!

  20. I love Greek festivals…just because that is probably the best Greek food I’ll ever have in Dallas :) We have a Romanian festival here too that is awesome. I never thought Romanian food of all things would be good!

    I made your chocolate coconut dough balls – they are great! It is so nice not to turn on the oven for a lovely treat :) It is so hot here.

  21. wow this food looks amazing I love greek food, what a fun day outdoor festivals are the best!

  22. Glad you made it safely home, Averie! Enjoyed all of your Aruba pics a ton! :-)

    Been to lots of Greek festivals cause I am Orthodox! I am not Greek, but anyone can convert to Orthodoxy and I did and I love attending the local Greek festival here in Santa Cruz every year. The church is really old and they actually block off one whole street and just set up shop there. They have all the goodies and they also have Greek dancers, all dressed in their authentic Greek dancing costumes and you can hear the music playing blocks away. It’s a crowded and fun-filled event and people in Santa Cruz really dig it. I love their culture and their food! I am sensitive to all of it, however, so I just smell it and watch my kiddos enjoy all those treats!

    Your pics, btw, are looking more amazing every day! Nice work!! ;-)

  23. We have a few Italian festivals in my area of mass, and I’m half so I love to go. I have to get rice balls and wish I could learn to make them some day I will. chocolate coconut dough balls made with dark choc would be in love. I love coconut its soo good!

  24. You get a chance to do so many things much more interesting than our lame lives that it lets us feel awkwardly jealous. Now about the topic, Its good that you get a chance to attend various ethnic events exhibiting so much about a particular culture, thus enhancing your knowledge about that. And, regarding that temperature comment, looks you like sun a bit!:)

  25. Man, those bites look fabulous. I might have to make those soon. I need to pick up some coconut oil and cashews though.

    The Greek festival sounds like fun, and it looked like it was a beautiful day! I’ve never been to a festival like that. I’m with you on them temperature. I have to have about eighty degree temperature to be comfortable. Haha.

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