I have had a really busy day.  They all are actually.

I did go to the grocery store today and have been going to town on juicy food.

I picked up this “personal watermelon”, i.e. a mini watermelon, from the grocery store.

I like the theory of smaller watermelons because really, I don’t need to buy a watermelon the size of a TV since I have no parties coming up and therefore no help to eat down that tv-sized melon.


The problem is that sometimes they are mealy and mushy.  But I think that can be all watermelons, not just minis.

Christine told me that she looks for watermelon with white on them because it means they’ve been ripened on the vine longer and produces less mealiness.

I tried the white tip today…

…with nice success!

Juicy perfection. Not mealy and mushy.

I also picked up this huge yellow pepper for $1.25

Peppers are a splurge item if they’re not on sale but I’m so glad I bought this gem

Crunchy and sweet!

I could make a Wild Rice & Raw Stuffed Pepper with it

Or stuff them with any sort of quinoa salad or pasta salad.

Or use as a most excellent vehicle for dipping out mouthfuls of Cheater’s Guacamole

Who needs chips when you have pepper wedges?

I love having fresh fruits and veggies cut up and waiting for me in the fridge.  Makes my life easier.

And I love having a treat stash in the freezer.  Dozens of balls, bites, and bars.

Today I reached in for a few No Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites

They hit the spot.  Mango counts as juicy food, right?

It was fun reading over the comments from my last post, Greens & Reds, about what the last green (or red) food you ate was.

And I also enjoyed hearing what supplements you take, and your overall thoughts about supplements vs. real food.

And my Packing Lunches post is still going strong.  Guess everyone likes to read about what other people pack in their lunches.  Thanks for continuing to fill me in on your lunch bag stash.


1. What was the last juicy thing you ate?

The yellow peppers and watermelon!  Yum!  And I’m well-hydrated from all that watermelon.

2. Do you have any whole watermelon picking tips?

I have tips on how to select perfect, whole, pineapples here

3. What was the last juicy thing you did or heard?

The last juicy thing I did was buy a few things online for myself.  Not “juicy” per se, but it sure was fun cyber shopping when I should have been sleeping.

Last juicy thing I heard…where do I start?  From who’s having an affair, to who’s getting divorced, to who’s getting plastic surgery, to who’s pregnant, to who’s short-selling their house, I have friends with very interesting lives.  I heard all of that in the past couple days.  Juicy much?

Your turn to dish on all things juicy!

P.S. I just started a new giveaway, Summer Tea Time!

And it’s the FINAL reminder to enter the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 GiveawayWinner announced on the next post.

39 comments on “Juicy”

  1. I was eating some juicy watermelon of my own last night. The $3.49 melons from Trader Joe’s are pretty consistently crunchy, but I still get an occasional one that’s gross in the middle. I can always tell as soon as I start cutting it in half. If the knife makes a cracking noise and the melon starts to split, I know it’s a great one!

  2. Regarding melons; my Dad has always told me that it should sound hollow when you tap it and feel heavy for it’s size. You should also be able to smell it and see no green. Thesew tips have always worked for me! ;)

  3. That watermelon looks perfect! I must use this white tip. Oh and what a beautiful yellow bell pepper! Peppers make some awesome dippers!

    And it’s not “juicy” news, but I got my Stevia package yesterday!! I was sooo excited. My husband was quite confused on why I was THAT excited, lol. But I had never won anything on a blog before, let alone anything so cool!

  4. last juicy thing i ate, a nectarine…before that green papaya in a thai green papaya salad

  5. Thanks for the shout out, glad the tip worked! Think I got that from a Good Eats episode. Not me, I like watermelons as big as a TV, especially when they’re as cheap as the mini ones. I just freeze what I can’t eat in time for smoothies or for an awesome recipe I’ll be posting later today.

    Great recipe inspiration, thanks.

    1. Lots – watermelon, local orange, and a really ripe peach.
    2. Just the white spot tip. Since I go after the monster ones, I don’t have a lot of advice for buying minis.
    3. Not much lately, unless buying new tech toys online is juicy. :-)

  6. Love juicy food & would consider a move to California for this very reason.
    I think I could easily transition into being a fruitarian.
    Truly. I love sugar.

  7. I love watermelon so much … I seriously think I would be happy having just watermelon for a meal!

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  9. You know it’s funny I’ve heard so many people say that they hope their friends and families don’t find out about their blogs and I keep thinking I wish mine remembered I have one! LOL Seriously, I don’t think they’ve ever mentioned it even though I’ve always been open about it. Oh well,the grass is always greener on the other side, right? :-)

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