Knock It Out & Pileups

My life has been a whirlwind since returning home from Aruba.  Almost 3 weeks gone and on vacation is lovely while you’re gone. But then you have to get back to real life and in my case I had to do it without missing a beat and had to hit the ground running.

From the moment I stepped off the plane there was mail to sort

And product reviews I neeeded to write.  Lots of them:



And: Snack Boxes

And: On a Stick!

And: Stevia & Chocolate


But I think I am mostly caught up now.

I’ve also been knocking out some easy, fresh, fast meals and snacks.

Salads with veggies

Adding in some Sweet & Sour Honey Lemon Tofu would be great with the salad.

But I haven’t turned my oven on in a month!

Everything I’ve made has either been on the stovetop…

Like Mango Balsamic Rice, Beans, & Mixed Vegetables

Or has been made in my Vita…

From Taste of the Tropics Smoothies

to No Bake Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

I’ve been knocking out easy things that don’t heat up the house.  Not that it’s that hot or anything here.

Truth be told, turning on my oven has nothing to do with heat index and everything to do with time management and just being so ridiculously busy.

I had to knock out getting a new computer all set up, too.

But that was a fun knock out!

From my last post, Stevia & Chocolate, it was fun to read if you’re a stevia fan or not.  Most of you have tried it and really like it or are at least curious about trying it one of these days.

As suspected, most of you are chocolate fansI knew that already! But there were a few people who said you’re just meh or whatever about chocolate.  <— I don’t understand this!


1. What have you been knocking out recently?

Any life stuff, chores, errands, projects that you’ve tackled and knocked out?

Or maybe you’ve made some knock-outs in the kitchen. Any gems you want to tell me about?

2. Do you feel stressed or anxious when things pile up?

I do!  I hate the feeling of excess, pile-up, surplus, too much.  It leaves me anxious.

It stresses me out when I feel that things are too piled up.  I hate letting anything accumulate, especially blog writing and product reviews.  Heather recently wrote that she wanted to move away from as many product reviews going forward and in the meantime had a ton to get through and was just going to knock them out as quickly as possible.

Not sure if I will start doing any less in the future, but I definitely don’t like them piling up for three weeks, and wanted to knock mine out, lickity split.

I like to work ahead of the curve, not behind it.  And when things pile up and are waiting for me, it makes me a bit frazzled and frantic and I don’t stop and find peace until things are done.   Or at least until I have things better controlled.

From my refrigerator busting at the seams with food I know we’ll have to scramble to eat before it goes bad to tons of phone calls that I have to return to emails I need to reply to, I really dislike the feeling of things being piled up!

What are your thoughts on pile ups and accumulation?

3. What do you do about it to either prevent it from happening or how to cope once things do just pile up?

I try to just take a deep breath, realize it’s not the end of the world if I can’t get to everything as promptly as I wish.

But, I also work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get things back on track.

Trying to just roll with the punches of life, practice some yoga breathing, and just be chill about things is my overall strategy.

P.S. Thanks for the Coconut Oil Giveaway entries!

49 comments on “Knock It Out & Pileups”

  1. I like working ahead of the curve too. I’d much rather be way ahead of schedule than to even be on time, let alone behind. I get really stressed out if I’m behind! I try and work hard so that I can keep ahead of schedule.

    I love going on vacation, but it’s definitely a pain to come back to reality. Especially if there isn’t any time to reacclimate and I have to jump right back into things. I always try to plan at least a day to come back and relax before real life wants me back! It didn’t work out last time and I was sooo out of it for days.

  2. i like your postal box Averie!!! very professional :)
    big fan of enjoy life foods too.

    i would write a better comment but im not sure if my computer will act up again and let this go through so im sort of testing it out. xo

  3. Can I tell you how much I need a new computer. Yours is beyond dazzling right now my dear :)

  4. Yes, I hate when ANYTHING gets piled up! Laundry, email, bills… I can’t sleep if something is looming!

    You got so many awesome goodies while you were away. I’m sure you can believe it, but I have about 6 months of product reviews to do, which may never happen. I feel bad! I have a box of Pho from last October that I haven’t even opened. And all the Tastemaker coupons? They end up expiring before I can use them. Ugh.

    But there are worse jobs to have, so I’m not complaining. :)

    Yesterday, FG = yes; TS = ??

  5. I just knocked out a whole lot of gardening this morning. Had to replace a couple of veggie plants that didn’t make it through the ridiculous amounts of rain we had in the past month, plus a bunch of weeding.
    I just bought two of these at the farmer’s market last night: so I need to buy two more plants tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how they do in comparison to my other veggies.

  6. I totally feel you! Just preparing a post on that myself: I feel like I’ve been doing three things at once at any given moment for days, and tomorrow a conference starts and then we go on another trip and it’ll all pile up again!

    I love to work ahead of the curve too but I also find that i have to accept that I can’t always keep up with everything. I’m certainly not a superhero in that regard like you are! And I can’t imagine how I would do it with a kid too…

  7. Wow, sounds like a crazy schedule! I hate the mad catch up part after a vacation and the longer the vacation, the worse the catch up is.

    1. Tons of laundry, housework and office upgrade planning and moving into my new computer.
    2. Yes, I hate feeling like things are cluttered and out-of-control.
    3. Breath, make a task list and focus on the progress I’m making while reminding myself I’ve got things under control.

  8. Wow! At least you got lots of goodies at your own place while you were gone!!

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  10. Sounds like you really did hit the ground running when you got back. Good thing you got in lots of relaxation while you were in Aruba.

    Knocked out a quick avocado, banana, cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg dip for my veggies at lunch. So yummy! It was like dipping my veggies in dessert ;)

    Anxious? You bet! When my desk job, paintball job, and housework pile up I start to stress out. Thankfully I’m training someone to replace me at the paintball field. Will be nice to have a day “off” work to get the stuff around the house taken care of. Why did we buy a house with such a huge yard? LOL!

  11. Averie-I am really excited about trying your PB chocolate chip energy bars! I am leaving for a trip today and since they are no-bake, I am going to try to whip them up really fast so I can take them with me for snacks! I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I really enjoy it! :)

    • your right katy…this is awesome i did try the chocolate chips and my kids they really love them keep telling make more…can bring this to school?i let them bring to schools and share to their friend…

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  13. that’s right christine, even me i don’t like my work file up..before i start my day very stressful,everything is rush.but then when i read this article i feel great early morning i prepare kids to school no rush everything is good.thanks for sharing this idea.
    noe i can even lots of time for my work without rushing

  14. I definitely get stressed when things pile up. I have felt like that this last couple of weeks, but fortunately things are winding down. I knocked out report cards last week, my sisters shower stuff all week, and then tomorrow I will knock out my final assignment for my class.

  15. I absolutely get stressed when things pile up. I can’t live in chaos…..makes me cranky!

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