Learn Something New Every Day

I’ve learned some new things recently and thought I’d fill you in on my little tidbits:

1. I was recently chatting with a coworker who breeds koi fish.  She told me that koi fish can live for over 200 years!  I was in shock.  Yes, they can live for centuries with common life expectancies being in the 25-30 year range.

That’s a far cry from any of the fish I had growing up in which a “long life” was anything more than a month before they were flushed down the toilet had a burial at sea.

My coworker told me that they have personalities, they will “come” to her as she walks along the edges of her pond, and that there are champion bloodlines and that people pass koi fish down through the generations.  I had no idea!


2. I realized it’s a full moon on June 15th (t0morrow).

I have previously posted before about Full Moons but thought I’d touch on it for new readers and remind everyone that if things seem a little off the next few days, the moon may be to blame.

Full moons are known for contributing to everything from insomnia, sleep disturbances, irritability, moodiness, heated interpersonal exchanges, to computers and tech-related things being glitchy and malfunctioning.

More info here

And I’ve also posted a full moon list of things to do and try

During a Full Moon, the world is filled with excess prana, or life force energy. Technological or mechanical glitches are notorious during Full Moons.   Computer problems, car problems, appliances breaking.

For example, during this month’s full moon my ice maker in my fridge broke and the next month during a full moon my microwave broke.

Those who are traditional yogis don’t tend to practice during full moons because although we feel we “have tons of energy” to practice, it’s not a calm and centered energy.  It’s more of a manic, chaotic energy and we are prone to emotional upset like crying or feeling very uncerented if we practice when the moon is full.

Conversely, during new moons where there is excess apana (downward pulling energy) we don’t typical practice because we are much more heavy-filling, sluggish, tired, and just don’t have the uplifting energy to sustain a nice practice.

But full moons are not all about glitches and insomnia and excess energy.  Many people believe that Full Moons are a time of good luck and good fortune.

3. I’ve learned that Peanut Sauce makes everything better.

Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu is one such example.

As are fresh vegan spring rolls dipped in 2 minute peanut sauce


4. I recently came to the realization that photography + writing + food is going to play a significant role in my life.  And things keep happening that are guiding me down this path even farther.  And I am so happy about it!

5. I learned that it’s possible to eat Chocolate every day, in some form, and never really tire of it.   Or of cookie dough.

No Bake Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

From my last post, Blogging 104, I am glad that it was helpful and many of you told me you were extra excited to see the post pop up in your ‘Reader.  Thanks for telling me that.

I always wonder if certain posts will be a bore-fest for the non-bloggers who are readers, but it’s only one post and for those of you who are bloggers, new bloggers, or contemplating starting a blog, I’m glad I can shed some light on things you had questions about such as running giveaways or receiving free products.


1. Did you know that about Koi Fish?

I am still shocked!  But that helps explain why koi fish are a popular tattoo. They live on for centuries, have personalities, and there is so much deep meaning associated with them; as is the case with tattoos.

2. What have you learned recently?

I’ve also learned that I need to push back from my desk chair and go enjoy a nice run!

P.S. Thanks for your NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway entries!  Enter to get your sweet on.


  1. Wow, I had no idea koi live that long! They do seem to have personalities though, they’re very curious too! I like to play with the koi in the little pond at my favorite sushi restaurant.
    I’ve learned all kinds of things recently. I actually posted my “23 lessons in 23 years” for my birthday last week. I’m still learning what I really want to do and how to create my career even though I’m feeling a little restless right now and caught in between all my ventures. Maybe it’s the full moon.

  2. NEVER knew that about koi fish! It really is interesting how we’re constantly learning random tidbits of information. :)

    While I’m sure I’ve learned something new today, I can’t think of anything right now!

  3. I didn’t know that about Koi fish — that is incredible! I used to (and still do) want Koi fish — I think they are just beautiful! And I loved reading that they have their orn personalities — that is so cool.

    How exciting for you about the food + photography + writing. You are definitely passionate about those topics and it shows.

  4. Your info. about full moons reminded me of my teaching days. The first thing we’d say if the kids were off the wall was, “Is it a full moon or something?” :-)

  5. So cool about koi fish! I associate koi fish with Chinese restaurants because in the Philippines (where I grew up), almost all the big Chinese restaurants had koi fish in a small pond! I’ve always known this but this week I re-learned it again: that everything happens for a reason :)

  6. ack! thanks for the warning about the full moon. i am going to mind my p’s and q’s tomorrow…

  7. Great post, lots of fun info.

    1. Nope, pretty. Except the one in a friend’s pond have a much shorter life span thanks to herons making meals out of them!
    2. Too much sugar makes me cranky, tempeh is very friendly on the digestive system, a co-worker needs more deodorant, and Ani Phyo is 40!

  8. Needa catch up on your posts, beautiful lady :D Your girl is getting SO BIG and pretty, wow! :) You are blessed!

    I know nothing about koi so this was so cool to read! I believe all living beings have personalities ;)

    Enjoy your evening!

  9. I never knew that about koi fish!!! That is such a fun fact!!! I remember your full moon posts last year. So cool, I am totally into that stuff.

    I’ve been forwarding lots of your recipes to friends lately who are new to eating healthier foods and they are loving them. I just got a pregnant friend who now has to cut dairy out into noosh and sent her your post on it :-)

  10. Ok, I assumed Koi fish lived a bit longer than goldfish considering how big they get but 200 years!? How is that possible? What other living animal has that kind of life span? That’s insane!

  11. Yes, I did in fact know that. And they can also get very large.

    But the question is, how did I know that? Well, once upon a time, about 10.5 years ago, I ended up on jury duty. And I got picked. For a koi trial.

    Yep. The local produce truck driver hit a fire hydrant next to the local koi sales place, blowing cold chlorinated water into the ponds, killing all of the fish. INcluding the family pet, that was 150 years old. Our job was to decide how much all of these fish were worth. The family business had no official records of what they paid for any of the fish.

    $367,500, in case you were wondering.

  12. Those spring rolls look AMAZING girl :)

  13. I keep meaning to make spring rolls and don’t. Ugh. Life getting in the way of eating. ;)

  14. I knew koi were super special (my parents have several big ones in their backyard pond), but I don’t think I knew they lived so long. heh, probably because my parents fishies get carried off by the big cranes.

    I learned today about tethering my camera to my computer, so I can see photos immediately!! I am so flippin excited about this. :D you can do this with light-room, you should try it!!

    I learned a long time ago that What You Focus On Gets Bigger… so we should focus on the positive! :) (one of my favorite quotes…)

    Good Night!!

  15. I think it’s so exciting to learn new things! Those spring rolls look so so tasty, I can’t wait to try your recipe!

  16. Every time you post those fresh spring roll pictures, it makes me want to eat them. I bought a packet of the wrappers recently, so hopefully I’ll get around to making them soon. I love simple, fresh food and in the past few months I’ve realised that now I actually prefer that, for the most part, to the sorts of things I used to crave and eat regularly – so what I’ve learnt is that eating healthily isn’t really that difficult once you start. Give your body the right fuel, and it’ll start asking for it.

  17. I love koi fish!! I have a Pisces tattoo and the fish are koi fish. They’re supposed to represent perseverance.

    Something I’ve learned recently is actually along the lines of what you’re learning. I’m not 100% happy with where my life is taking me, and I’m more satisfied when I picture my life with more food, nutrition, and creativity. I’m a pretty opinionated person, especially when it comes to food and health. I’m considering making some major changes to my life path pretty soon.

    And the tofu looks fantastic, can’t wait to make up a batch!

  18. Recently, I’ve been learning about BREAD while working at the bakery. I love learning the science behind baking bread and sweets. I love learning how to EAT it too :)

  19. I knew that koi fish are awesome, but had no idea they could live so long!

    On my recent honeymoon in Puerto Rico, I learned that parrots (specifically Macaws) can live up to 100 years, and that they usually choose a human life partner- frequently a parrot will pass away very quickly after it’s human does, or if it’s separated from it’s human… So crazy!

  20. Fun post :) I did not know that about koi fish- crazy! peanut sauce is definitely out of this world good. Something I learned yesterday- you should put meat tenderizer on jelly fish stings.

  21. Its so nice to “meet” you too!! First things first. I love spring rolls in peanut sauce. This is going in the “to-do” file. Second, last night I set up my tripod on the patio and tried so hard to capture that beautiful full moon. Note to self: read up on camera settings for full moon. I don’t think I got one shot. Too much light noise from below perhaps. Third, I wanted so much to go on that market photography trip with Penny!! Good for you and I cannot wait to read her blog and now yours when you all return. I almost went for it but I bought a new Canon and was afraid that I wouldn’t have it mastered well enough by July. You are going to have the time of your life I imagine!! Its coming up really soon!

  22. I did not know that about koi fish! Very cool, though. We have some (well, when I mean “we,” I mean the barn owner) in a pond at the barn (not the one the horses have access to, lol) and they Freaked. me. out. the first time I saw them. I never realized how HUGE the things are! I never really thought about fish having champion bloodlines, either. But…I guess it makes sense…I mean, there are for horses and dogs…now I just wonder if there are “fish shows.” i can only imagine…
    re: honeymoon….uh-oh. I remember looking at the calendar at work the other day after having a surplus of kooky customers at work…but must have missed that it was a full moon coming. Glad I won’t be there…

  23. I totally blame my alarm malfunction on the full moon! Lol i wanted an extra few minutes of sleep so i set it for 4:20 but it accidentally set to PM instead of AM i somehow woke up, threw on clothes, grabbed my stuff and got to work 5 minutes before i was supposed to open!!

    I totally tried to do yoga last night! i put on a dvd cause i knew i wont concentrate without one and i still only did like 3 minutes before i stopped lol

    Thats pretty awesome about the koi fish, i never knew that!!

  24. 1. Did not know that about Koi fish, but definitely pretty cool.
    2. I’m totally blaming the full moon on not having electricity for over two hours this morning. And for me being up half the night. And for me being a little extra cranky with the hubby this week. And for the cold sore popping out on my lip. And for the stress I’ve been feeling, which is probably what sprouted the cold sore and is making me a little extra cranky with the hubby. :)

  25. Apparently koi are ridiculously expensive fish.That’s all I know about them. One of my friends has a family lawncare business and for April Fool’s his brother told him that he accidentally dumped fertilizer in a customer’s Koi pond and they would have to buy them all new Koi. Needless to say he wasn’t happy when he thought it was true.

  26. well i had NO idea about those fish! i have learned thats its REALLY important t o be happy at your job! I mean you spend more time there then lots of other places, and its important to feel wanted, hard working etc…yeahhhh thats what I realized! :)

  27. that’s so interesting about koi fish! they are beautiful fish, but i had no idea about their longevity and personality. cool!

  28. 200 years?! whoaaaaa. That’s crazy.

    I’ve learned to RELAX and ENJOY my summer. :D

  29. I learned that in 2007, the average American consumes 33 pounds of cheese a year, partly due to increased portion sizes compared to 100 years ago (back then the cheese intake was 4-5 pounds a year) but mostly due to excessive pizza consumption!


  30. Wow I had no idea koi lived that long!! I guess the new saying should be, if fish could talk, eh? :)

    Yikes full moon tonight, I’m glad I posted to my blog this morning. There’s no telling what might happen later :)

  31. That is so cool about koi fish! I had no idea! I love learning random trivia. Too bad my memory isn’t that great, so I tend not to remember things I’ve learned, but when I hear them again, I get a little happy feeling. Hey…I knew that!! :)

  32. whoa whoaaaa that wrap looks so delicious~ to be honest, I didn’t even know all those ideas about the full moon to start with!

  33. Wow, I had no idea koi could live to be 200+ years old! Its actually a little embarrassing since I grew up with a koi pond in my backyard. They’re my dad’s pride and joy :) I do know that they love fruits and veggies though!

  34. eva @5FruitsNVeggies Reply

    did not know that abouit koi fish!
    ps your summer rice wraps look amazing! i’ll make some this friday…my girls love to make them too…

  35. I didn’t know that about koi fish. That is so interesting. Thanks for passing that along.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the food + photography + writing.

  36. I had no idea about the fish, but I knew there was something special about those colourful little guys!

  37. Wow! Neat info on the koi fish. I think they’re such a cool fish to watch for some reason. ;)

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