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When I read Diane of White on Rice Couple’s post about her camera bag, I was pretty sure I was going to have to buy the bag she bought.  I looked and looked and looked for something I thought that would be better, but in the end, I didn’t find anything that I thought would be better.

And this is the bag I bought, the Temple Swiss Bread Bag

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  Thanks, Diane, for the great bag tip-off!

Truth be told, I am actually taking a trip and need to have a very incognito camera bag.   Something that doesn’t draw any attention to the fact that inside that bag I am carrying thousands of dollars worth of gear.  So no big black bags that look like a computer laptop case or a camera case. I don’t want to look like a tourist.  And I don’t want a bag that’s too bigJust big enough was my goal.

I also wanted bag that was functional. Something that allows me to easily access my camera at a second’s notice.  I don’t want to miss a shot fumbling for my camera with a bag that’s not functional.


The Temple Swiss Bread Bag is what seems perfect for my needs.

Nice roomy interior.  But overall, the bag itself isn’t too big.

Being that I am carrying a pricey DSLR + Lens in this bag, I also wanted to protect my investment.  The Temple Bag is a soft canvas and offers no impact protection at all.

For protection, I purchased this removable DSLR Camera Insert

This insert can be tucked into virtually any bag thereby rendering almost any bag a camera bag!  For $20 bucks.  Sweet!

Now, it’s not ridiculously thick and it won’t stop a bullet and if you dropped the whole thing, who knows if the camera would survive.  But would a camera survive a drop in another bag?  I don’t want to find out! But this insert offers an adequate amount of protection and peace of mind for me.

Here’s my final setup

The black insert barely fits into the green bag but that’s fine.  I want it snug and wasn’t looking for anything overly roomy.   I can fit my DSLR with lens attached in it and that’s all I needed.  And my favorite lens is a big honker!

I’m actually really proud of the glove-like fit and that this actually worked out!  From sight-unseen, internet-only orders.  I can’t even buy tshirts on the internet and have them fit, but I guess the Camera Bag Gods were smiling down on me and wanted this to all work out.

One of the things I love about my new Temple Swiss Bread Bag is the message and story behind them, and what a conscious company Temple is.

“Bread bags or ration bags are small to medium sized bags issued to soldiers to carry their rations. Often times, such as in the case of Swiss WWII German design, they will have straps for attaching to belts and/or bikes. We found a limited supply of these bags and have deconstructed them and re-used all the components to transform them into a very useful little side bag with a brand new lining sewn in.

With 4 small pockets it’s the perfect bag for a book, phone, wallet and your sunglasses.”

Individually numbered bags and they’re soliciting stories:

“I hope this Temple Bag inspires you to embark on a brave and meaningful journey.  I would love to hear about it and share it with the world.”  <—That’s really profound given the reason I bought this bag. 

More on that, soon.

I also love the detail work on the bag and leather that’s been around since the WWII era.

And it has that “old” smell to prove that yes, it really is old. 

Re-purposed leather, or re-purposed anything, rather than buying new is something I try to do; and want to try to do more of. Reduce-reuse-recycle.  <— All three are important.

I still love my other camera bag I had custom made by a woman on Etsy, but I also needed a different set-up.

Both of my camera bags have purpose and meaning.

I also recently review this Moop bag which I am really digging.

I tried putting the black DSLR camera insert into the Moop bag but the fit wasn’t great and it just didn’t work well. 

Normally I carry a pink Chanel so carrying a re-purposed bag in khaki green is a 180 degree turn, but I guess I’m just a dichotomy.

And also a huge lover of bags and purses of any kind!

From my last post, What I’m: , it was fun to hear the What’s that you’ve been doing or having.

And now for the Winner of the Summer Tea Time Giveaway:

Krista June 24, 2011 at 8:30 am

Mighty Leaf is my absolute FAVOURITE brand of tea! Vanilla Bean is always in my cupboard! :)

Krista, email me your shipping address!


After all that talk of bags, I just want to eat chocolate.  Because chocolate and bag and purse shopping go hand-in-hand, right?

Vegan Fudge

a 10 minute no-bake recipe, gluten/soy/treenut-free.  But not free from taste!


1. What’s your favorite bag you’ve ever had and why?

Mine is my pink Chanel because when I bought it, it was one of those things that I felt like I was a real adult and I “had arrived”.

When I was a little girl, I always told my mom that I’d have a Chanel bag one day.  She smiled and nodded and humored me; I’m sure thinking, yeah right. But in my early 20s, I did buy that Chanel bag I’d always dreamed I would.  And I love it and it was a great investment.  I plan to pass it down to Skylar when she’s older.  Recycling and reusing, right?

2. If you do have a DSLR, what bag do you use to carry your camera in?

I have a feeling, over the course of my lifetime, I will own many different bag for different needs.

3. Weekend plans?

I’ve got time outside, some runs and yoga, time with the family and time at a tasting festival on my agenda!

Enjoy your weekend!

51 comments on “New Camera Bag”

  1. I LOVE that bag! I just have a regular old canon bag. It does the trick, but it’s SO bulky!
    “That’s really profound given the reason I bought this bag.” OooOOh I sense an adventure in your not so distant future!
    Great purchase, Averie :)

  2. Nice bag, I have problems figuring out how to carry it. When traveling, I put the camera and extra lens in a shoulder bag, but it gets so heavy. I have a small camera bag, but it’s too small for extra lens. Such problems! When I’m out and about if I carry it, I just lay it in my purse. I haven’t found the best answer for me!

    • Marci I go thru the SAME isssues as you…it gets SO HEAVY. That’s the #1 thing I am concerned about w/ my new setup is the weight b/c there’s no shoulder padding. It’s small though. Some bags are too big, some are too small, and yes, just laying it in your purse…I am guilty but not wise for me b/c I just fear it getting damaged. Email me if you ever find something you love!

  3. That was sheer genius to buy the insert. I love the bag!

  4. I LOVE that bag! Totally my style! My favorite bag I’ve carried for 10 years now is a Burton bag that I got when Max was little as a small diaper bag/purse. I still use it and can’t seem to find a good replacement for it. I’d say it’s a great bag since, even though it’s a little warn, it’s in great shape. Have a great weekend Averie! Thank you for your sweet comments to me this week! They really do help!

  5. So happy you found “THE” bag!! It really is awesome! I love the vintagey look and the fact it can be a camera bag OR any-time bag with that nifty little insert. Okay, and I’m just plain excited for you ;)

    What bag do I have for my dSLR? A honkin’ big Domke. I love the bag (so durable! so waterproof!) but hate the size and weight. wishing it was smaller and lighter would be against the laws of physics, though. It’s not like I can make two cameras + 2 lenses fit in anything smaller or weigh any less :P And we won’t talk about the fact that two other cameras and lenses are left on my desktop because I don’t have a “home” for them. I have a camera problem, it might seem…

    • I know..I looked at the Domke’s, and similar, and they are super functional, just not the ‘look’ I wanted/needed…and the laws of physics, oh yes, I am battling those, too. Now I have two small bags and probably need a big bag, too. It’s never ending…

  6. I can’t wait to hear about this trip you speak of!! Is it some sort of photography journey? My favorite bag is a tiny over the shoulder leather purse that I use all the time, especially for going out at night because it keeps me hands free. It’s also the perfect size because I love to travel very light wherever I’m going.

  7. Oh pretty pretty bag! I really like it, and it’s so inovating that you just put a ‘protectionshield’ in the bag for extra protection :)
    I’m fond of my handmade (yellow) bag, also made bu re-using old leather and a yellow natural colouring. It was pretty expensive (from my point of view) but I adore it in every way. It’s cute and functional. My camerabag, I don’t love, I very much dislike it in fact, so most of the time I protect my camera by wrapping bubble plastic round it and into my (big) purse. It’s also a lot handier. But I’m looking out for a nice ‘real’ camerabag. Maybe your solution could help me find a better way!

  8. really love your new bag! I have a feeling a camera bag will be next on my list. I never buy expensive bags b/c I like switching them often so I don’t own anything worth mentioning!

  9. I have a LOT of makeup from buying whole sets at the makeup counter just for a free bag!
    For some reason, I’am always carrying around a free plastic bag I got when I bought a top at Nike.

  10. Like the new bag, very nice. Nice DSLR insert too, but it looks cumbersome to open and get into the bag, then into the velcro-lided case – is it? But great system for hiding the camera.

    1. I have a few different bags for my camera depending on the occasion, laptop/camera for traveling, DSLR purse for going out, and a small CaseLogic bag with the DSLR hammock system for stashing inside large purses, plain backpacks, or messengers.
    2. Any of the 3 bags above.
    3. Not much, just shopping and relazing. Maybe hiking since the weather is supposed to be perfect for it.

    • The velcro lid part isn’t really that big of a deal…it all just kinda “blends” into one bag and operates as “one piece”…but ask me in 3 mos, I may sing a diff tune :)

      I just googled that case logic bag. Kinda big and black but super functional looking. I may need that :) Then again, the wrong bag may have popped up on my google search. Need to peruse their site.

  11. Love your new camera bag, it’s so cool especially with that story behind it! :) My favourite bag is also a chanel, a classic black quilted 2.55 I love it because it will never go out of style, and one day I will be a very cool grandma handing down my vintage chanel! :)

  12. I can’t wait to hear of your adventure! Since it seems to involve photography I am especially excited for you!

    my favorite bag(s) are my Louis Vuittons – for the same reasons as you, basically, it was one of my first big purchases after graduating college :)

    I have a normal camera bag, but rarely use it. Much of the time I carry my camera without a bag, but when traveling I use either my bag or inserts with another bag. :)

    Have a great Saturday!

    • “but when traveling I use either my bag or inserts with another bag”– would love to know your setup!

      • my big pink kate spade tote bag has become my carry on lately; my camera fits in there and I just wrap a scarf around it. each of my lenses has their own padded case, and those all fit in there too. I carry my tripod all small / folded up and can usually get away with it as a “third” item ;)

      • So you put your camera just inside the big tote and wrap a scarf around it; lenses are padded in cases and they all fit in there, too. Ok good to know!

      • yeah, it would probably make many photographers cringe, seeing how I handle it, especially the D300. I’m careful, though. and now I’m going to go knock on some wood… ;)

        my friend has an old D2H (oooh, so fun to play with!) and he just straps it on his back and rides his bike with it!! :D

  13. Neat history behind the bag as well as being functional!

  14. I am not very good at being a “girl.” I don’t care about bags or shoes or even clothes. Most of my stuff comes from Wal-Mart unless Target or Old Navy is having a major sale. I can appreciate that some things look cute, I just don’t care or have the ability to actually seek them out.

  15. Cute bag! And how awesome that the insert fit perfectly inside!
    I really need to get a bag that fits my camera.

  16. I am heading to work in about 30 minutes! All in the name of saving $ to get our girl home!

    Brooke Annessa

  17. That Vegan fudge looks great! And I am such a bag addict, it’s horrible…but I secretly love it :) Have an awesome weekend!

  18. I’m a complete walking dichotomy as well – It just makes us more interesting people, that’s all :) And, I’m loving this bag – but what I’m really loving, is what will be inside this bag!!!

  19. That bag is killer! How functional and even the color, I love it.
    Vegan Fudge= I am on it!

  20. I love bags too. Getting a new bag is such a pick me up! My husband got me a bag very similar to that one, to hold my ipad. I love how it’s not obviously an ipad case, more discreet, fashionable, etc.

  21. I really love your new army-inspired bag. I have actual army greens from a surplus store that I wear camping and the jacket keeps me warm in cool summer weather.

    It’s like you own a little piece of the history of WWII, in a cute bag.

    I am currently looking at the bag online… I don’t know if I can resist buying it!

  22. Thats what I LOVE about designer bags and more expencive clothes/bags- it becomes something you really love, and even want to give to your child later! I see a Chanel purse in my (not so close ) future too :)
    On Monday, I will by a Michael Kors bag! While it is not anywhere close as expencive as a Chanel, it is still a luxury for me to buy it! And I cant wait, I Love it already!
    Im working this weekend, so no big plans! Just take a few runs, making (my first in a longlonglong time) pancakes tomorrow, and relaxing. Perfect :)
    Have a great weekend Averie :)

  23. My favorite bag is my gym bag. It’s striped with all sorts of colors and looks more like a beach bag–that’s why I love it!!

    LOVE your camera bag!!

  24. LOVE that new bag! Perfect for what you need and totally practical.

    I’m so non-girly when it comes to bags haha! I think my favorite has to be my Columbia backpack that I’ve used for 8 years for school and travel, or my Nike gym sack drawstring bag that I take with my on all my vacations/trips and when I go biking.

  25. Awesome bag. I really need to find a camera bag that doesn’t look like, well, a camera bag. I end up just taking my P&S with me instead. But there are times when I really wish I had my good camera with me.

  26. The rest of my weekend plans are to RELAX. I got so much done today and yesterday, and now I just want to sit on my couch and read. It is so beautiful outside that I should be riding my bike or something, but I am just drained of all energy right now. And also enjoying the quiet. :)

  27. Oh my gosh it’s a GREAT bag :) My camera bag is pretty bland in comparison. It’s just a black camera bag (maybe even the same brand as my camera?) that I got at costco XD

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  29. What an awesome bag! So cute and I love the recycled materials. My roommate just made me a fantastic bag out of tie dyed fabric, it’s perfect! Just the right style, TIE DYE, and handmade just for me. And I do have a DSLR, a Nikon D40 that I got used for a great price, but I carry it in a camera bag. It makes me feel a little silly to carry it around like that!

  30. You’re just too cute.
    Love the bag but want one without leather at all!
    Favorite bags….English Retreads I think.
    Weekend, eat bad food & feel guilty??
    Hm…..drink good wine & feel guilty?
    Hm…watch bad tv & feel guilty.
    Apparently whatever I do, the plan is to feel guilty :)

  31. Great new camera bag! I HATE my camera bag. The hubby picked it out, and it is beastly. I need a new one!!!!

  32. Ohmygosh you read my mind girl! I just bought my first big girl camera ever yesterday and was trying to explain the idea of the camera insert in a messenger-style bag to my husband… he was scratching his head and saying “I think you’re crazy. that doesnt sound real” and now I have a pretty visual via your bloggy to show him =) thank you darling!

    and congrats on the gorgeous bag!

  33. look i’m not in spam! hollerr!!!!

  34. WOW! LOVE IT! Gonna BUY ONE NOW!

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