New iMac

I spent my Sunday buying and then setting up this bad boy!

A new iMac!

I can already tell you that it was worth every second of time and every penny spent because I am already in love with my new computer!


It’s so much faster than my 4+ year old pin-wheeling-from-hell old Mac.  <—I discussed that already and anyone who has a Mac loathes the pinwheel.  And I was getting it 85% of the time!

I couldn’t wait any longer for a new computer.  This went from an “I’d like to have” to an “I must have” purchase, immediately, upon our return from Aruba.

I think my old computer must have read my blog post and gotten wind I was thinking about trading it in for a new model and decided to really act up for me and force my hand into a brand spakin’ new machine.  Some things are “meant to be” I guess.  Like my new computer!

What I purchased from the Apple Store in San Diego is this computer (not yet on the Apple website yet because it’s only a month old).  It’s a 3.4 Ghz i7 Quad-Core Dual with 8GB RAM.  If you don’t know a thing about computers, all you need to know is the is the Lamborghini of computers.  Screamin’ fast and powerful.

And I am in heaven with it!

Blogging, internet surfing, sitting at my desk is already more fun!

I have already noticed it takes me:

less to to wait for WordPress to load things when I’m blogging (such as finding links to old blog posts, creating new links, adding photos)

less time for me to do anything on the internet from surfing to posting comments on other people’s blogs

to no pinwheeling while I am using Lighroom 3 for photo editing

less time to upload pictures

the screen is huge and fabulous and I can have so many things open at once

I am digging the wireless keyboard I had a Magic Mouse with my last computer that I purchased separately but this computer came with a Mighty Mouse

The only random thing I am hating is that for some reason, getting a new computer must have made half the WordPress blogs I comment on think I am a spammer because my comments are going into moderation on many WP blogs.  Not all WP blog, but many, and I don’t know if people realize they have comments in moderation via email alerts from WP letting them know (I sometimes get them from WP, but not always).  I hope that gets sorted out soon.  Something to do with my IP address, I’m sure.  But it wouldn’t have changed?  Technology is weird.

I also purchased Apple Care so basically if anything happens to my new lover in the next 3 years, it will be covered under warranty and it should be free should anything happen to go wrong.  Somehow with technology, things always do. Plus there’s free phone support for 3 years.

And I bought a new external hard drive so I can back things up.  New computer = new external drive.

Clean slate, fresh start.

Please, back your machines up whether you have a PC or a Mac, you must back up!

I had all my music and iTunes from my old Mac on an external drive and I transferred that onto the new machine.

6000 songs at a buck or two bucks each?  Do the math. Buy an external drive if for nothing else, peace of mind.

I still haven’t touched or moved photos and I don’t think I will.  I will just keep my “favorite” 25,000 photos parked on the old external drive and if I really want to go back and look at them, I know where they’re at.   I don’t want to import and clutter my new computer unnecessarily.

Point being, however, if you aren’t backing up your computer and you lost all your music + photos, how would you feel?  Music can be replaced for a fee.  Photos cannot.  And yes, even external hard drives to fail, but it’s better than not doing it at all!

I also wasted money on purchased Microsoft Windows

I purchased Windows so that I can run Windows Live Writer (WLW) on my Mac.  Not familiar with WLW?  See this post.

In order to run WLW:

You need Windows and you need a program such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels that allows one to run Windows on a Mac.

Thankfully, I worked a deal out at the Mac store for the VMWare Fusion!

I didn’t pay that.  Yay!

But I was not as lucky when I ventured “down the hall” of the mall and into Microsoft and paid for a Windows license, in entirety.

Ouch. $220 after tax.

Why do I want to run Windows on my new Mac?  In order to run Windows Live Writer so I can be a more efficient blogger!

So now that I have officially bored you with talk of my computer, we can talk about my last post, the Greek Festival I went to over the weekend.

It was fun to read about what festivals you’ve attended and most everyone loves festivals, fairs, and of course the food that goes with them!

In terms of food, I think everyone loves Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and 3 minute recipes, right?

Try a Microwave Chocolate & Peanut Butter Oat Snack Bar out.


1. Do you get excited about new technology?  Is it important for you to stay current with technology?

I will admit, I love it.  I was stoked about my iPhone, my Macbook, my camera, yes, I do get very excited by these things.

I’d rather buy camera equipment than lingerie these days if that tells you anything!

So it was a pricey Sunday but I look at my blog as a job, of sorts.  I don’t make enough money from my blog to quit my dayjob.   Far from it! But blogging is a large part of my life: two posts a day, comments, reader questions, reading others’ blogs, and so much more.  Having a machine to keep up with my needs is key.

Also, photography is a big part of  my life and I hope it becomes an even bigger part and I’d love to explore my photography in a more professional sense so having a machine in which I can edit my photos efficiently and effectively is absolutely necessary.  And let me just tell you, the screen size is huge and makes editing simply amazing. I don’t think anyone says, yay, I get to sit down and edit 200 photos today but I will say, I am almost saying that because the screen is honkin’ ginormous and makes editing a breeze!  And no pinwheeling, either, of course!

And let’s face it, we live in a technology-driven society and I’d rather invest in quality now, and know that for the next many years, I am set and don’t need to buy a thing. 

2. I haven’t broken the seal on the VMWare or the Windows license.  For anyone who blogs with Windows Live Writer, you can tell me if it’s worth it. I know it is, but just tell me it is!

Have you tried blogging with any other software such as Ecto or WLW?  Or would you like to try them?

3. Do you back up your computer?

I hope so!

4. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?


Greek Fest

and No Bake Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites made for an amazing weekend for me!

Have a great week!


  1. This post speaks to my heart :) I am a technology, and more so an Apple lovah. Congratulations on your new iMac! It is important to me to stay up with technology and the new products because I love efficiency and speed. Not that I can afford to spend thousands a year on new products, but I know which ones are worth it.

  2. I do not really get excited over new technology b/c it usually requires work somehow.

  3. LOVE the Mac. And a little jealous. :) Had a beautiful Saturday at the park with my son….swinging in a hammock.
    Eco Mama

  4. I’m glad you got Windows so you can use WLW — seriously you will LOVE it as much as you love your new machine. And I’ve read on other blogs that Ecto sucks so I’m guessing you dodged a bullet by not getting that and getting Windows instead.

    I’m not a tech person at all, but Jason is and I think he is techie enough for the two of us.

    • yes I have had massive Ecto fails the few times Ive tried to use it, deleting posts, publishing posts I didnt intend to yet…bad!

      if you of all people are telling me it’s worth the time and money to break the seal on my Windows disk to blog using WLW, then later this week when the dust settles I am gonna start :)

  5. Awesome! Enjoy your new computer!! (Though it doesn’t look like that’s going to be a problem ;)

  6. SO jealous! I love me some Apple products. I want that huge screen of yours! I just got a new iPhone and I’m completely in love. I have a MacBook and use Ecto – it’s not great but it gets the job done. I seriously need to look into the whole WLW deal.

  7. CONGRATS on the new purchases and updates. wheeee – fast connections are the best!
    THANK YOU for the back up reminder – that is going on my To Do list for this eve. you are so right – heartbreak if i lost my iTunes but SERIOUS heartache if i lost my photos.
    i am sooo not a techie so new computer stuff scares me. luckily, my laptop is <2 years old, so i can put off new computer thoughts for a while.
    enjoy the rest of your day with the new toys! happy for ya!

  8. That is a lot of new technology! I foresee lots of time spent installing things for you this week ;) Everytime you post a picture of those dough bites I want some!

  9. Sweet, you finally got it! And it’s awesome looking! Perfect time to buy one since the iMac was just updated. Can’t wait to hear your feelings on running Windows on the Mac.

    1. Yes! We just finished my new desktop, now need to finish the office to have a place to put it. :-)
    2. I haven’t worked with it enough, but I’ve heard tons of good things about it.
    3. Yes, I’ve seen to many catastrophic hard drive failures to not!
    4. Saw Ani Phyo at the Sunset Fest.

  10. When I used a Mac, we called it the “beachball of death”.

  11. YAY! Congratulations on your new computer! I have to laugh, because you sound just like Cody. I bought him an iMac for his birthday this year and he was head over heels in love with it immediately. He seriously adores that computer and uses it HARD, for music music music (writing/recording/editing music), and this computer is apparently perfect for that. I’ve heard it is really good for blogging, too.

    I’m glad you love your new computer, have fun with it!

    • i think we were commenting on each other’s blog at the same time…i just am reading my own comments and here you are (didnt even know that i when i said hi to you just now)

      and yes i can appreciate cody using his machine, hard, for music and how having a machine that can keep up is KEY!

  12. I love my macbook pro – first timer this year since I was always a PC user. It has a learning curve but once you go mac you dont go back (well in my case anyway).

    I had a great time boating on some lakes out here with family this weekend – it was a blast.

    I do back up my computers – I learned from that mistake in the past and will never do that again. have a great monday!

  13. I’m assuming you meant 8GB RAM in your new computer. That will help it work better. RAM solves most problems – unless a virus is at fault.

    Backing up is something everyone should do. Regularly. No just once or twice a year. You can loose a lot of data / information / memories during that time interval. So glad you back up often :)

    Some new technology I find interesting & exciting. Others not so much. Macs are so foreign to me. I’ve never owned one. I had to use an iPhone to take a group photo at the paintball field on Sunday and was completely lost – thankfully the customer (it was his iPhone) helped me out.

  14. Nice, nice, nice!!!! I bet you are going to LOVE that for photo editing!!!

  15. So jealous! Colin bought a new laptop a month ago and I’ve been drooling over it since then. I think mine has about another year before I can justify it!

  16. I’m a Mac girl too – so jealous! I’m still running an old G4.

  17. how exciting!
    i have been wanting a computer so badly.. seriously, i can relate to your past situation of slow computers! mine is eight years old.. so, i feel your past pain. unfortunately, funds must go to feeding the family right now, so i can’t justify such a purchase. :-(
    makes me sad though…i have recently gotten into photography,too. i love it beyond words! but… i can’t even run elements on my elderly computer, so somewhat feel held back from making my dreams a reality. makes me want to cry. nothing quite like having your dreams put on hold because of finances, but tis life and many are dealing with financial strains.
    i am trying very hard to be content with the things i do have (including this computer) but it has been difficult.
    anywhoo, my apologies for rambling on and on…congrats on your new computer!!! how exciting that must be to edit photos super fast and efficiently. yay for you!! ;-)

    have a great day, Averie! oh, and those cookie dough bites make me want to eat my ancient computer screen. ;-)

    • I completely empathize, Kelly, with your situation! For the first couple years after Skylar was born I didnt work outside the home at all and we went from 2 people, 2 incomes to 3 ppl, 1 income in Southern Cal. And it was very HARD. Every cent counted. I hope things turn around for you and one day you’ll be able to get a new machine.

      I bought my macbook used on Craigslist and got a great deal on it, btw. May be worth checking out.

    • Oh I feel for ya Kelly. Right there with ya.

      But congrats Averie – I can FEEL your happiness! It is a desktop though right? Do you find that will limit you for when you want to GET OUT of the house!! You seem to spend a lot of time with your blog and commenting, etc. , so do you feel you’ll be “chained” to the desk?!!

  18. Wowza! A girl who works as hard as you deserves the best freakin’ computer out there. I hope it makes life a lot easier!

    I save all of my pictures, word files, and music onto discs. Is that the same as backing up?

  19. AHHH macs are so pretty…I am so ready to get my college MacBook Pro!

  20. I’m a total nerd. I love new technology! Computers, computer games, cameras, you name it! I’ve spent quite a lot of money on gaming equipment in the last year, from special keyboards to huge monitors and special mouses. Too bad I don’t really game too much anymore, haha!

  21. hubba, hubba! Loving the new technology, Averie! Gosh, I wish I could get a new computer. I think your old computer must have read that blog post. haha

  22. woo hoo – look at that beautiful thing! :)

    you weren’t in spam but your last comment needed me to approve it, like you were a first time commenter. should be fine now! :D

    have fun!

    • thanks for lmk you saw it and fished it out…i was pretty sure you would otherwise i was gonna send you an email :) thanks for being on top of it!

    • you know I have to sift through my spam, looking for the FUNNY comments – like this one I got last week –> “Under the mother otter, muttered the other otter” or the ones thanking me for my “Important Post” when it’s about… a smoothie or a cookie! ;)

  23. ooo fancy new computer! I have a macbook from two years ago, and It’s started to pinwheel when I have a lot of windows open at once. It’s ok for now, but probably in the next year or so I might get new one. I love macs!

  24. JEALOUS!!!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes with the new computer and WLW. You are going to be flying through your posts and no pinwheel of death. It will be magical!

    Yes, I learned after the Great Latte Spill of 2010 to back up my computer at least once a month!

  25. nothing like an exciting weekend of festivals, food and shopping to make coming home from vacation a little easier. I should back up but I don’t, eek! So bad I know, so thanks for the reminder of how important it is.

  26. Loving your new iMac! I think it’s important to stay current with technology to an extent. I don’t feel like there’s a need for me to update my computer or camera every year or whenever new technology comes out (which is all the time now!). I usually just make that new purchase when my current computer starts to slow down or have issues.

  27. HOORAY for a new computer!!! It’s definitely going to be worth the money, especially now that you’re doing so much with your photography. Another great investment!

    I always get excited when I get a new techy product. And I’m the type of person who always reads through the manual first… I get frustrated when they don’t include one. ;)

  28. This is a sign.. I’ve been talking about how I need to buy my own computer. Lame, I know, but I only use my work laptop. I’ve never owned my own. (SHOCKER.) I don’t know how to use a mac but I’m debating getting one anyway because it seems to be a better investment than a PC. Is there a reason you bought the iMac instead of the macbook? I’m currently trying to decide between the two.

    • yes, i already own a macbook (linked to it in the post) and they’re fine but for heavy photo editing and heavy blogging, i.e. 2x/day, plus all the life stuff…i definitely needed size and speed and this is the best of both!

  29. I never bought the extended warranty on my MAC or phone and now I wish I had :( It seems so much is going wrong lately with both that with the amount of money spent initially buying them I should’ve bought the extended coverage *sigh*. I now know that anytime I buy something I’m always buying the coverage now. I’m jealous of you lol!

    I also have windows and parallels! I have no idea how to use them though since I have to turn my computer on with windows in order to get to my windows stuff, but I don’t have internet over there :( I just instead bought iWork for MAC and it’s much easier lol for me.

    • thanks for lmk you wished you’d bought the warranty. I never buy them but the guy told me, really with this kind of money you’re spending, just do it and normally i dont “fall for sales pitches” but realized it made sense and wasn’t a “sales pitch”…sorry you’re having issues w/ your stuff but this confirms that ok, i did do the right thing…

    • It’s okay =/ AT least you were smart and did lol!

  30. There’s an iMac in my future too! Waiting for the Dell to be so bad I want to kill it, which should be any day now. GRRRR.

    My 2 year old MacBook was pinwheeling like crazy so I stopped using Firefox and switched to Chrome, and no problems (knock on wood, cross my fingers, and all that;).

    iMac! Huge monitor! Joy.

  31. Whew! You ’bout lost me, but congrats to you! I will be thinking of all you sacrificed when I enjoy your blog, haha!! ;)

    I am NOT tech savvy and tend to get the cheapest computer I can find about every 2-3 years when they finally start pinwheeling out of control! Might not be the best way to go at it, but it works for me! Glad you are enjoying your new computer!

  32. YAY for new IMAC!! I love macs :D

  33. Yay! Your new computer is beautiful! :)
    Best thing I did this weekend: Girls’ night out in New York!

  34. I’m drooling over your new mac…I want it. Chances are, I will buy one too :) I don’t like to skimp when it comes to making my life and work more enjoyable, more convenient, and less frustrating (darn pinwheel!).

    One thing I can’t get past…Macs are so freakin’ amazing, and apple is so on top of things…why is there nothing comparable to WLW for mac? I just don’t get that at all.

  35. Nice one! I’m not too techy, and I don’t always need to get the latest of everything, but I must admit I do enjoy my iphone!

  36. Your mac is beautiful, I love the big, bright screen! I really want to get a mac, I’ll probably get one when I graduate….1 year…..
    The best thing I ate this weekend were raspberry chocolate coconut cups!

  37. Is there not a WLW equivalent for Macs? It seems like such a pain to have something like that – especially since Macs ARE better, yet here we have to convert to Windows…somewhat. I’m just wondering if there’s any other options, because I also use only Macs.

    I do back-up my comp (especially after I had a misfortunate accident a few years ago where my macbook crashed the weekend before I had a 20 page paper due. Let’s just say they couldn’t recover anything, I was crying in the mac store and had to rewrite my whole paper all over again – this included finding ALL the research papers I had used for referencing). My back-up drive is completely full though (I just backed up a few days ago), so I’ll have to buy a new one ASAP!

  38. I so want a new computer now. I’m currently searching the internet for a new car though. I suppose one thing at a time, huh?

    I like that I still get the education discount on all apple and microsoft products. If I ever I do decide to bite the bullet with WLW. I doubt I will though. Too lazy to learn something new right now.

  39. Yay, congrats! Sometimes it’s so right to spend the money and have what you actually need and want. I hope that you get wonderful use out of it.

    I’m curious whether you’ll like the keyboard: it looks like these mac keyboards I’ve seen that are a size smaller than standard and maybe have some keys transposed: I think I had a hard time touch-typing on one. But I’m sure you’ll get used to it and it does look beautiful.

    Great reminder to back stuff up. I don’t know why I’m so bad at that. I could be pretty tech-savvy if I paid it the attention, and often, I just don’t. But as I get more into blogging (esp realizing that I should migrate to wp, thank you again) I’m recognizing that I need to re-up my tech-savvy.

  40. Ooooh, I like it! Tiny keyboard :D I’ve never owned a Mac, other than iPod/iPad/iPhone, but I play with them when I go to Best Buy. LOVE the big monitor. You can NEVER have enough desktop real estate, lol.

    I just compared your current IP (today’s) to what it was last month and it’s the same. So, you’re likely getting in spam/awaiting moderation due to a browser issue. e.g., WordPress finds your new computer’s browser suspicious for some reason. Not sure, but try upgrading any browser software if you haven’t already. Weird, for sure!

    • just told prev commenter
      “no problems w/ the’s the same size really as other kb’s, it just doesnt have the numerical pad at the right making it appear shorter but it’s really not.”

      ok this “WordPress finds your new computer’s browser suspicious for some reason.”–yes but i think it’s getting the point as more and more bloggers fish me out of moderation status; it’s moderating me less today now that half a dozen told WP i am “safe”.

      thx for the IP cross referencing

      and yes, brand spanking new firefox installed yesterday…weird.

  41. I LOVE that computer!! That’s the exact one I want :) I’m using an old MAC notebook right now and it is sooo slow! I’m going to be making the Coconut chocolate chip cookie dough bites tomorrow for a work function we are having. I’m sure everyone will love them!!


  42. oh macs ROCK! i am such a mac girl, but never thoughht I would be! i think most people turn to the dark side haha…the picture and technology is just amazing! enjoy it in good health!

  43. I am such a mac girl. My family’s first computer was an apple 2E, and I brought a blueberry iMac to college with me. I bought a new iMac in 2006 and it still works great- although I do have to move all of my music to external drive also! I also just bought a Macbook when the ThinkPad my PhD program gave me took a crap for good. The IT guy told me the only way to fix was to throw it out the window. Love my new laptop and syncing all of my various products together! Enjoy!

    PS- I made the avocado banana ice cream and it is FAB!

  44. that is a sexy piece of machine! did you see the release info on the iOS5 and cloud? pretty amazing stuff! steve jobs. you have a genius crew working around you! i totally geek out over new tech and listen to the apple talks every tuesday lol. i love greek food! i sometimes back stuff up on an external hard drive. better safe than sorry!

  45. What a pretty computer! I am typically a pc girl myself but I’ve used apple computers before and they are nice.

    After you mentioned WLW a few days ago, I downloaded it. It is really convenient and much faster to use than the regular wordpress platform, especially with pictures.

    And backing up your computer is so important! My old computer crashed along with all my music [like 3,000 songs] because I kept putting off backing it up. I know better now!

  46. It’s so preeetttty :) We had a Mac laptop for a few months (an Macbook? ibook?) But sold it not too long after. I loved it, but the OS’s Shane works off of work better for Windows (or something like that? lol) Sure was pretty though! :)
    I definitely get excited for new technology and gadgets!

  47. If you show those divine little bites again I may break down and make them ;)

    Oww owwww and look at that sexy computer! congratrs on your new mac-ie-poo =) xo

  48. Hey! I loveeee iMacs! They’re the best thing since sliced bread lol. They are such reliable computers…pretty much anything made by Apple is very dependable and amazing! Glad you love it :)!

  49. Ahhh your new iMac is beautiful!! I love my MacBook sooooo much :)

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