NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway

Do you want to win some stevia?

NuNaturals is going to award four winners each with one box of NuStevia Packets (50 ct. Box) and one bottle of  NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid (2 oz. bottle)

I use the liquid vanilla drops in everything!


Especially in Vanilla Iced Coffees or just in coffee in general.

I love to simple sprinkle white stevia powder on chocolate cheezy popcorn with cinnamon, coconut oil, and chocolate chips.

You can bake with stevia, too.

Use stevia rather than sugar in White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

Or lighten up these lead chocolate weights and use stevia in place of some, or all, of the sugar.

Fudgy Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting


Really, there are so many ways to use stevia.  I have a Stevia Recipes post in case you need ideas about how to use stevia.

Ready to win some stevia for yourself?

To Enter:

1.  Tell me how you use stevia already or what you’d like to make using stevia?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow Me and Twitter Follow NuNaturals and then tweet the following:

“I just entered to win Free Stevia @loveveggiesyoga @nunaturals″

3. For a third entry, do one of these things (or more if you’d like but you can only claim one for contest purposes)

Facebook Like Me, Facebook Like NuNaturals, Stumble Follow Me & Stumble It or post this Give Away on your blog.

Contest will run until Friday, June 17, 2011 and winners will randomly be chosen and announced.  NuNaturals will ship the stevia  directly to the winners.

Open to Continental U.S. residents.

Get your entries in now!


  1. I want to use vanilla stevia in water to make a perfectly chilled drink!

  2. I tweeted and facebook liked you!`

  3. I use those vanilla drops every day in my dessert puddings and pre-bedtime oatbran. And in my salad dressings for just a touch of sweeness. i can always use more. :)

  4. Liked you on FB – can’t believe I didn’t already!?!

  5. i want to try stevia in baked goods because i see so many recipes with it in them

  6. follow both on twitter and tweeted :)

  7. I always keep stevia in my purse so when I stop for an iced americano I am prepared!!!

  8. I use stevia drops in my tea and coffee, and packets in my oatmeal, but I haven’t yet had the chance to try NuNaturals! Here’s hoping I’ll get lucky and that can change :]

  9. I liked your FB page :)

  10. i don’t use stevia but i’ve been shopping around for it because you make those vanilla iced coffees look so damn good :)!!

  11. I don’t have a lot of experience using stevia, actually. My mom uses it instead of sugar for her coffee… but I usually go for the “sugar in the raw” if I’m even having coffee. I’m really interested in using it in baked goods, though. It seems like a great substitute to experiment with!

  12. Not only do I love stevia, but I grow it! i use the plant, or the granular sugar-like form, for teas, coffee, baked goods, oatmeal….

  13. I use powdered stevia in a bunch of stuff!! Particularly my after-dinner oats and my chia pudding. I’d LOVE to try the Stevia drops in some of your recipes since you rave about it!!

  14. Following both and tweeted!

  15. And Facebook liked!!

  16. Ah, I wish this was open to Canadians as I’m dying to try this!!!!

  17. I like you on Facebook!

  18. With stevia, I would make some delicious treats for my dad, who is Diabetic and has to watch his sugar intake. I’ve never used it before, so there would be a baking bonanza!

  19. I would love to try it in my morning coffee!!

  20. brownies … lots of brownies … we have these great tailgate parties after the old men are done playing baseball … so anything that can lessen the caloric intake would be ideal. i mean, come on, who doesn’t love beer and brownies!

    (oh and i friended you on FB and follow you and NuNaturals on Twitter)

  21. why I would LOVe to win some stevia! this is truly the only brand that I LOVE…I am having some liquid stevia in my oats righ tnow, but I am so close to being all out!! I love it in my baked goods and smoothies!

  22. I follow you on twitter AND nunaturals already! I tweeted :)

  23. I do like it in my brownies and pancakes but I have recently found a muffin recipe I would like to sub in some Stevia. Have a good one, Tess

  24. I would probably just put Stevia in my coffee at first to try it out!
    A few years ago I spent way too much at the health food store on 2 bottles of Stevia, only to hate it. I haven’t tried again, but have heard that having the right brand makes all the difference. So I’d love to give it another chance with NuStevia!

  25. I use stevia every morning in my coffee. :)

  26. I follow you and NuNaturals on twitter!

  27. And I like your FB page! :)

  28. I use NuStevia in EVERYTHING- oatmeal, coffee (especially vanilla iced coffee :) ), and I LOVE NuStevia because it’s non-bitter… it’s the only brand I use!!!

  29. Followed, tweeted, and i already like both of you on facebook :)

  30. #1 I use Stevia drops in my coffee as well. It is by far the closest thing to a (ahem) green labeled iced coffee that I’ve come across!!!!! I also use it a lot in my “un” baking!!!

  31. I use it on coffee,plain soy yogurt,tea,protein mug cakes and to sweeten mustard(like honey mustard). I gave up all other artificial sweeteners about 2 months ago and feel much better for it!

  32. #1 – LOVE stevia. My favorite use is putting a little bit in my tea in the morning. Makes it feel like a special treat!

  33. #2 – Following both you and NuNaturals on Twitter…and of course I tweeted about the giveaway!

  34. #3 – Last but not least…liked both you and NuNaturals on facebook!
    Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway! I have been dying to try the liquid vanilla stevia, but on a college student’s budget…I haven’t been able to justify the expense yet!

  35. i use it in my coffee and tea!

  36. I love stevia in drinks or things like yogurt. I use some in baking but I’m not a huge fan, but I’ll keep trying it. I find using part stevia and part something else doesn’t taste too bad.

  37. I now “like” you on Facebook! That vanilla stevia sounds great!

  38. I NEED to get my hands on some stevia! I want to use the vanilla drops in iced coffee (like you do already, yum)!!

  39. I love stevia! I use it in baking all the time. Things like brownies, cookies, etc

  40. I still haven’t tried Stevia yet but I’d DEFINITELY use it in coffee! I love coffee just as much as you do :)

  41. i love stevia! I use it everyday in smoothies & juice

  42. I like you on FB!

  43. I love NuNaturals. I use it in my coffee, smoothies, and breakfast baked goods. If I’m going for dessert though, I just want the sugar! :)

  44. I use stevia in EVERYTHING! It’s amazing for people like me that need to reduce their sugar intake but still have a giant sweet tooth ; )

  45. Liked NuNaturals!

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