NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway

Do you want to win some stevia?

NuNaturals is going to award four winners each with one box of NuStevia Packets (50 ct. Box) and one bottle of  NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid (2 oz. bottle)

I use the liquid vanilla drops in everything!


Especially in Vanilla Iced Coffees or just in coffee in general.

I love to simple sprinkle white stevia powder on chocolate cheezy popcorn with cinnamon, coconut oil, and chocolate chips.

You can bake with stevia, too.

Use stevia rather than sugar in White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

Or lighten up these lead chocolate weights and use stevia in place of some, or all, of the sugar.

Fudgy Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting


Really, there are so many ways to use stevia.  I have a Stevia Recipes post in case you need ideas about how to use stevia.

Ready to win some stevia for yourself?

To Enter:

1.  Tell me how you use stevia already or what you’d like to make using stevia?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow Me and Twitter Follow NuNaturals and then tweet the following:

“I just entered to win Free Stevia @loveveggiesyoga @nunaturals″

3. For a third entry, do one of these things (or more if you’d like but you can only claim one for contest purposes)

Facebook Like Me, Facebook Like NuNaturals, Stumble Follow Me & Stumble It or post this Give Away on your blog.

Contest will run until Friday, June 17, 2011 and winners will randomly be chosen and announced.  NuNaturals will ship the stevia  directly to the winners.

Open to Continental U.S. residents.

Get your entries in now!

217 comments on “NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway”

  1. i use it in smoothies

  2. follow y ou on twitter

  3. liked you on facebook

  4. I love to use it in hot tea and mixed with greek yogurt!

  5. I tweeted this and follow both. @butterjessfly

  6. I love sweetening tea with stevia. I have dying dying to try the liquid, I have only used the powdered stevia.

  7. I would use it in my coffee and baking! I’ve always wanted to try it out.

  8. I’ve been DYING DYING to try the NuNaturals Stevia!!!!!!! I recently really made an effort to cut out added sugar, and this would be great in all the healthy desserts I like to make, without the added sugars. Now that I am nursing I am not sure how great eating sugar at night is, after dinner treats??? Also trying to get back into pre-baby shape!

  9. Of course I “Like” you on facebook!

  10. I follow NuNaturals on Twitter :-)

  11. I use stevia in my coffee and tea, and also in my oatmeal.

  12. I am excited to try stevia more- I’ve only had it in premade cold drinks but my hubs and I just started a carb controlled plan and I would still like to have sweet things without busting the plan!

  13. I mostly use stevia in smoothies, hot chocolate, and tea. I’d like to try baking with it.

  14. FB liked you and NuNaturals.

  15. #1 – I use stevia in my morning oatmeal on occasion, but I always use it in my iced coffee!! And I’ve started making my own iced coffee ever since you lectured me ever so motherly about buying it from Starbucks! I’m saving money now!

  16. I’m always game for more stevia…count me in :) Thank goodness I am not traveling on that full moon….don’t need to play any games with that.
    Never knew Koi live 200 years. Wonder what they do with all that time ;)

  17. I follow you on FB

  18. I follow NN on FB too :)

  19. I have to be sugar free (including fruit sugars!) so I use Stevia in EVERYTHING! I love it =] I have never tried the nunaturals brand before! I’m excited and hope I win!

  20. I’d like to make your recipe for iced coffee!

  21. I’ve been dying to try Stevia for a while already…now is the perfect time!

  22. I followed and tweeted!

  23. I Facebook liked you too

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