Pay the Paper Price

It was another hectic day today.

More things that I checked off my Busy Beeter List today included:

A great run outside.

72F, sunny, no humidity, not a cloud in the sky.


Then I came in and did some at-home in-garage yoga for 20 minutes.

I went to the grocery store and replenished some produce.

Eating the rainbow?  Not a problem here.  Especially purple, apparently.

Perfect plus, right up there with white nectarines, are such a treat.

I restocked my paper products.  I am getting over the bad cold I managed to come down with on my birthday and had used up all the Kleenex I had on hand.  Just call me Rudolph. But I’m back in business now.

And gosh, taking care of bodily functions like butt and snot wiping are expensive! Why are paper products so expensive? I guess they know you need them and will pay whatever it takes.  Since most of us aren’t going to use leaves or old newspaper.

For food, it was time to make something that produced planned leftovers.  To the rescue, Vegan Sloppy “Bean & Lentil” Joes

We skipped the buns.

Bunless, meatless, lentil-based “Sloppy Joes” <– How’s that for using your imagination.

But the filling sure is tasty and filling and I used real Manwich in the recipe.  So good.  And vegan for all inquiring minds.

And I made Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks

These are such a dessertey-like way to fix potatoes.  No complaints from me.

For snackage, I had an appetite for Chocolate Coconut Oil Protein Popcorn

Chocolate Chips + Chocolate Protein Powder is a great way to turn popcorn into a protein-errific dessert. <– Yes, that word is cheesy and I don’t care. Plus, the nooch, too, adds protein.

From my last post, Busy Beeter, I enjoyed hearing if you’re a fan of beets or not (most of you said yes) and what tasks you’ve been crossing off your list.

And also most of us seem to get entirely too absorbed and too sucked into our computers and computer work.


1. Do you think paper products from paper towels to tissues to toilet paper are pricey?

I do!

There are some things I love to be frugal about, but paper products are not in that category:

Cheap paper towels seem to require at least twice as many to get the same job done and they shred and erode in the cleanup process anyway.

Cheap tissues are just so scratchy on my face that I feel like it’s sandpaper on my skin.

Cheap toilet paper is just plain wrong.  It’s thin, it doesn’t really allow you to wipe properly (TMI but it’s true!), it shreds, it’s scratchy, it’s just not pleasant.

I use cloth napkins and stopped buying paper napkins 5+ years ago and have saved so much money.  I just wash our napkins with the regular laundry and don’t iron them, and yes, there are food stains on them, but I can live with that.

I know some are paper towel-less and only use cloth towels, too, but I haven’t gotten that far.  Sometimes I just need something disposable.

So I refuse to buy el cheapo paper products but always shake my head at what they can charge!

2. How’s your week going?  Anything fun happening for you?

I took 10 minutes today and walked through an antique shop.  I didn’t buy anything but it was fun to see if there was anything I just “had to have” that was cute and fun.  No such luck.  But I did just score the $1 dishes over the weekend so I got my dishes fix in that way.

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  1. I think paper towel, especially, is OUTRAGEOUS!! Yet oh-so-convenient :D

    LOVE plums. I need to find some stat!!

  2. I hate buying toilet paper! Luckily I take turns with my roommate but it’s such a drag, I’d rather buy clothes or food :)

  3. seriously…buying paper to wipe your bum?! haha yes it is pricey indeed! i have these microfiber kitchen towels that are amazing! they absorb EVERYTHING!! i get them at costco and really cheap and it saves me frm using paper towels

    OMG I want that popcorn! YUM

  4. The only things I buy in bulk are paper towels and toilet paper because of the price!!!

    I want to be like you haha you are freakin’ superwoman! Seriously I can do 1 thing a day at this point. My little girl is a tough boss and yells at me if I am not holding her :( I’m jealous of your productivity!!!

  5. I totally agree that you can buy cheap paper products, but you’ll need to use 2-3x more so really you aren’t saving any money buy getting the cheap stuff. Paper towels, toilet paper and kleenex are things we do not skimp on. It is worth paying the extra money for sure.

    I love the popcorn recipe on here :) Seriously popping it in a brown bag is such a good idea and I like that I get to flavor it how I want.

  6. Yep, paper products are pricy. But you’re right, it’s not worth cheaping out. I like to wait for sales and I buy the biggest package because it’s usually cheapest, but that’s about it. I do use rags for things I would use paper towels for, but I still buy paper towels for those times when I just need to be able to throw it out. Crazy expensive though so I try to conserve and some times I just do without. My week is going awesome. Got some good news and my daughter is pretty much 100% potty trained and it’s only been a week and two days since we started. I need to pinch myself to make sure it’s real!
    Love how you mention getting your dishes fix. I just did that yesterday! It had been a while since I got any new dishes so we went to a second hand store and got a few things. Funny, I was never like that before blogging :D

  7. I hate when I have to buy paper products! So overpriced.

    I’m getting ready to go on a road trip, so my week is BUSY!

  8. YES! Paper products are entirely too expensive! I usually just use toilet paper to blow my nose unless I am really sick. I usually buy decent toilet paper, for the obvious reasons you mentioned, lol, so it’s soft enough for my nose. :)

  9. I hate paying for paper products! It is such a waste. I always trying to catch it when it is on sale and I have a coupon.

  10. We’re adopting – so I think EVERYTHING is expensive!

    Brooke Annessa

  11. I hate buying paper products as well! I have found I’m able to stock up at a low price using coupons though- special deals with coupons combined with store sales. I was able to get some Cottonelle tp and Scott tp for really cheap recently. I’m hoping it at least lasts me a few months! ;)

  12. Get Skinny, Go Vegan. Reply

    LOVE beets and beet juice. Big fan of both, especially shredded beets in salad.

  13. Beautiful fruit!

    I refuse to go cheap on paper products too. We use cloth nakins (even in the kiddos’ lunch boxes) and I try to use cloth hankies but when we do use paper I have to have Viva paper towels and some toilet paper and Kleenex that get the job done! I even take my own toilet paper to the hospital ( baby births, kidney stones etc) because I can’t stand the scratchy industrial grade stuff…

  14. I added your sloppy joes to our menu for next week! So excited to try them!

  15. I just restocked on all my “paper” goods too and they were all WAY to expensive! God forbid you wanted recycled paper products too! Seventh generation prices make me choke every time I see them. Those lentil joes look extra delicious btw :-)

  16. I splurge on tp, and I don’t even care how much it is. Seventh generation actually has some pretty soft tp, though even more pricey than the cottonelle. It does ease my eco-guilt a lot though. I do the cloth napkins too, but yeah, sometimes you just wnat disposable. Sometimes the stuff you clean up, you just want to throw in the garbage. So you do. Or I do anyway.

    I got a plum today and bit into walking to my car and it was so juicy it literally exploded all over my face. I could have used a paper towel. :D

  17. I’m going to admit something awful: I don’t look at the prices of things I buy at the grocery store, including paper products. The way I figure it, I NEED these things, so I just toss them in the cart and never check the prices. It’s horrible, I’m sure. I DO look at prices for everything else, clothes, horse stuff, etc. I’m practically a cheapskate when it comes to clothes! I buy new things so rarely. But food and grocery stuff, I just buy it all!

    I’m SO jealous of your lovely weather. It is awfully hot here – 115F+ with lots of humidity. So many people think it’s a dry heat here in Saudi, but it’s anything but! We are only a mile from the ocean so the humidity is FULL ON.

    It’s the first day of the weekend here, but I’m not doing anything to different than usual – about to head to the gym, come home do some cooking, homework, then off to the stables.

  18. Hi! I’ve read your blog for over a year but this is my first time commenting. :) Love it!

    It’s great that you do a quick yoga session every day. I used to think that I had to take an hour long class or more in order to really get the benefit – so not true! I’m traveling for the next 3 months and I’ve found that 20-30 minutes of yoga in the morning really gets my day started on the right foot. It makes such a big difference!

  19. I agree, paper products ARE expensive… If you want good quality of course, and I do want that. Cheap toiletpaper is the worst that can happen to me, really, I hate it. But I do try to use cloth handkerchiefs, only when I’m really sick, I use Kleenex (the ones with balm are really soft, gentle for the nose ;)). I use paper towels verrry little (I think we manage with one big package a year).

  20. oh, i’m with you on buying quality paper products. i have found some ways to cut the costs: i don’t buy kleenex, as i can get by without it (no allergies and don’t get colds, thank goodness); i buy paper towels where you can rip off “half” a towel so that i use less when i need one; i stock up on TP when my favourite brand is on sale (recently had 6-7 bales of TP but i saved $4 a bundle!).
    glad you got out to enjoy that sun – that’s the best part of the week here: it’s about 90 degrees and sunny!

  21. White nectarines- never tried them. Are they better than the normal yellow fleshed ones? Love them! The sloppy-joes dinner sounds awesome… note-to-self must try.

    I hear you on the paper products! And since I’ve been working from home for the last few months are usage has gone up, obvo. Annoying.

    My week’s flying by! And not in a good way- I have too much to do and not enough time :P xxx

  22. We usually buy our paper goods in bulk at Costco. It saves time and (I think?) money! We don’t use many paper towels, we’re environmental freaks, but boy 3 girls can go through more toilet paper than you’d think! And I’m with you. I do not skimp on toilet paper. When my mom used to buy it for me as a “present” when I was an undergrad she knew to get me the good stuff! (Plus you use less that way)

  23. That weather sounds perfect! It was 97 in south florida yesterday, ugh.

    I gotta have my good ol Charmin! I’m very picky with t.p. ;)

  24. Hectic week as always, but I’d rather be busy than bored!!! I just had some super exciting news for me last night….don’t know whether or not I should share it with the blogging world, though….hmmm….

  25. The Costco (Kirkland) brand of toilet paper is good quality and the best price, and I love that the rolls are so gigantic I don’t have to put on a new one every couple of days.

  26. I take turn with roommates for paper products which lessens the burden. And I actually tend to just buy the store brand to save $.

  27. My hubby and I have made a change to healthier eating (at least we’re in the process). Manwich was always our post-snow shoveling meal tradition (here in the northeast), and pretty much the only times we ate it. I can’t wait to try your version. I suggested a tofu manwich once, and that did not go over well, but lentils, potatoes and beans I think he could deal with. Thanks for sharing!

  28. I think that paper products are pricey. Apparently, the average American only uses 7 rolls of toilet paper in a year. Is that why I think paper products are a annoying expense?

  29. Oh I would love 72 and no humidity right about now! I do think paper products are a bit pricey to be honest. I feel guilty using paper towels even. If I don’t really use it when eating, then I fold it up and set it aside for the next meal (frugal LOL)

  30. Cinnamon sugar and ginger roasted potato sticks is such an unique idea! And it does sound really good! I have been craving potaoes lately, maybe this is the thing I should make out of them!

    Wish you a great end of the week! Im having an awesome week actually, but I look forward to the weekend too. We are having a summer party for all my colleagues from the gym Im working at, and I think it will be so nice and too much fun :)

  31. Ugh paper products ARE expensive. But, buying the cheaper versions isn’t worth it b/c like you said you need 2x as much. And, they aren’t the nicest texture if you know what I mean!

  32. All that produce looks delicious!! I’ve been all about the grapes lately. And when they’re not as hard and crisp as I’d like them, they make for perfect frozen grapes :)

  33. Lol, so true on paper products and hubby likes the expensive Cottonelle with Aloe. :-P The potato sticks look great, I need to try those.

    1. Yes and I’m trying to use less of them, especially paper towels opting for microfiber cleaning towels instead.
    2. Long and busy, I’m be ready for some fun and relax time this weekend. We’re almost done the office project, probably one more trip to Ikea and some cable management to make it look perfect. :-)

  34. Those taters sound awesome! And I agree on spending the extra bit on paper products- that’s one thing that you really notice a difference with if you get the cheaper version!

    I’m excited for father’s day! It should be fun!

  35. I totally agree about paper products. Not only are they expensive, but buying the cheapest is just not an option. I have some washcloths that I use as “napkins” sometimes, and they definitely have food stains. But they work!

    Since I got a ton of cleaning and sorting done yesterday I love how I can look around my desk and just feel like things are in order. That’s the best thing to me that’s happened all week!

  36. Yes! Paper products are very pricey. We use the cheaper recycled paper towels that you can tear off in small or large size. And we buy middle of the range toilet paper. I don’t need it to feel like cotton, but I don’t want paper cuts either ;)

  37. Yes, paper products are so expensive and we go through them like crazy! You can insane with my symptoms… Ahem. I buy the sandpaper toilet paper for me, charm in for Dustin because a package lasts him like 3 months and I’d go through it in 6 hours, lol! Our local grocery store pure the Scott bundles on sale for half price every couple months, like9 bucks for 24 rolls, so we stock up when the sale hits. We go through tons of tissues, our allergies are insanely bad. A stack of 3 with lotion lasts about 3-4 weeks. I think a bulk store membership would go to good use in our house, lol.

  38. I bought an attachable bidet for $30 and have been saving tons of money. Why would I want to spend so much on something I am literally flushing down the toilet? Plus I have never felt so clean. Now hate having to use TP in public bathrooms- its just never as fresh and clean.

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  40. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! And YES! Paper products are costly. Kleenex especially, but like you said, you can’t use crap Kleenex (or toilet paper) without getting nasty redness! Ugh…Sometimes they get you by the short and curlies, right?

  41. My college roommates and I used to switch out our fancy toilet paper for sandpapery gross tp that we stole from classroom bathrooms whenever we had house parties to “save” our expensive stuff!

  42. eva @5FruitsNVeggies Reply

    i have had to lecture the family on how many squares i consider reasonable (and i am generous) they can use per bodily function….husband just rolled his eyes at me….i tried at least : )

  43. I am always shocked by how expensive toilet paper is!!! It is ridiculous!

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