Pretty Salt

I had a great Sunday afternoon!  I am still sorting through and editing my pictures from the day, but in the meantime wanted to show you some of the prettiest salt I think I’ve ever seen.

And I don’t even like salt!

I went back to the farmer’s market and saw all these gourmet salts.


The pink salt is known as Himalayan Pink Salt

I found these Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits:

  • Himalayan salt maintains optimum levels of water in the body that is very essential for proper functioning of several processes and organs.
  • Each cell needs a specific level of pH to perform their functions. This salt aids in maintaining optimum pH levels, particularly in brain cells.
  • This slows down the process of aging and thus, aids in leading a healthy life and also to stay active for long periods.
  • It aids in digestion and also facilitates better nutrients absorption by intestine walls.
  • This salt efficiently contributes to the homeostasis in body. This helps in maintaining the amounts of chemicals and electrolytes useful to perform several biological functions.
  • Himalayan pink salt enhances functions of respiratory system and also treats sinus problems by promoting the health.
  • It doesn’t create much load on the body. This is useful for people with hypertension along with water. It regulates blood pressure.
  • Calcium in Himalayan salt strengthens bones. It also reduces the risks of gout, rheumatism and arthritis.
  • People who consume Himalayan salt are at a lower risk of developing gall bladder or kidney stones, compared to common table salt.
  • The mineral repository of Himalayan pink salt also promotes healthy patterns of sleeping, decreases muscle cramps, keeps optimum levels of blood sugar, develops healthy libido and enhances the health of vascular system.


But, I’d much rather eat juicy foods and sweet foods like fresh pineapple than salt.

Or watermelon!

Some people add salt to their watermelon.  They say it brings out the flavor.  Not me.

I try to eat foods that are naturally high in water and low in salt like zucchini pasta rather than traditional pasta.

Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

And when I cook things like stir frys, I never add salt or even soy sauce <–sodium city

The Apple Glazed Vegetable & Edamame Stir Fry is delicious without any added salt and naturally is full of water-based foods, i.e. a fruit glaze with lots of veggies.

From my last post, Dark Rum Caramel Sauce, I am glad you liked the recipe!

And thanks for the compliments on my photos and for filling me in if you’re a caramel fan.  Lots of you seem to love caramel things just as much as I do.


1. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

Oh I had a blast at this event!  Will be posting about it soon.  There was so much food!

2. Do you like salt?

I actually don’t like salt because of how it makes me feel.  I am extremely sensitive to salt and no matter how much water I drink (and I’m very well-hydrated in general) salt makes me extremely thirsty, makes me retain water, and just makes me uncomfortable on many levels.  Probably because I know intellectually how thirsty and bloated and dry mouth I will end up feeling physically from it, so I avoid it.

I avoid foods with excessive salt, I don’t salt my food or cook with salt, and that’s probably why I gravitate towards sweets, not salty/fatty snacks.  I’ll always pick cookies over chips.

I know there’s benefits to salt just like there’s benefits to drinking green juice daily or flossing daily and I’m not salt-free, just added-salt-avoidant. Most all foods have some salt in them, either naturally or added.  I don’t go out of my way to add any, that’s all.

I recently posted more about my salt thoughts and habits in my Salty post.

I’d rather sink my teeth into a No Bake Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bite than anything salty or savory.

Do you like salty and savory foods?  Or are you more of a sweet-tooth person?

If you’re just catching up on posts since from the weekend, here are mine:

Enjoy the last bits of your Sunday evening and have a great week!


  1. I’m not really a salt person either! That’s why all my recipes say “salt to taste’ :)

  2. I love salt:) But I try not to *oversalt* due to the adverse health effects. I don’t really mind feeling bloated every now and then from it!
    I had no idea so many colors of salt existed! They’re very pretty :)

  3. Seriously, beautiful salt!
    I had such a blast at the Taste of Adams Avenue! I’m so happy I got to meet you and your beautiful family! Thanks again Averie!! :-)

    • You are so welcome and it was awesome running into you! Hope you and your friend make tracks the last few minutes. Right after we ran into you for the last time, we pretty much hit a dead end…and we were stuffed anyway :)

      And I have 156 pics of food. But forgot to get one of YOU!!! or me and you together! Next time :)

    • We hauled some serious butt and made it to senor mango’s in time. I got a pineapple, carrot, and orange juice which was freaking amazing and she got that granola fruit thing you guys mentioned (which she LOVED). I can’t believe we forgot to get a pic together! lol –> I blame it on the food! :-) Next time, we should meet at that Italian place (Pappalecco on State St.) I told you about (get the gelato!) and get iced coffee since I’m officially hooked again ;-)

  4. I don’t use much salt, only when necessary (which isn’t often) and when I was growing up my parents didn’t even own salt and have it in the house, so I never grew up eating it.

  5. I use himalayan pink salt when I cooked for my husband, and just a bit goes a long way! Plus, it looks gorgeous haha. I did not realize that it had such a long list of health benefits. Personally, though, I am not fond of salty food. I actually like my food bland…or overdosed with Sriracha! I get my dose of sodium from licking peanut butter from a teaspoon haha.

    By the way, the vegetable stir fry is beautiful!

  6. I like salt and salty foods, and prefer them to sweet foods. I don’t salt my food though (except for eggs) typically.

  7. I absolutely do love salt. And I never really understood how different it could taste – I think my favorite would be the pink rock salt…probably because I love pink!

    Brooke Annessa

  8. I loooooove salt, but my body doesn’t! I have some pink Himalayan salt, it’s really pretty and tasty. I bought it because it’s pink, of course. :)

  9. Those salts are seriously beautiful. All I’ve ever known is regular salt, sea salt, and pink himalayan! How fun :)

  10. If I had to choose, I’d always pick sweets over savory foods. That being said though, I do love salt or Bragg’s aminos on my veggies.

  11. I’m a salt girl. I like hot sauce and didn’t realize how much sodium is in hot sauce. I don’t cook with a ton of it though and I’m learning to cut back. I’m even steven on salty and sweet. Those salts are beautiful!

  12. Michele Sparrow Reply

    I add a little bit of Real Salt to my salad with my nutritional yeast. I wouldn’t say that I like salty food, but a little salt on my salad, which is usually dressed with a tangy salsa, and only a little bit of salt!, and I am good to go. If I ever retain water from too much salt, which is rare because I hardly use enough to get to that point, then I drink a cup of hot dandelion tea sweetened with NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia and cinnamon! Yummers! :-)

    But as for preferring savory to sweet, I can easily vacillate from savory salad with nooch to yummy sweet coconut treats! :-)

  13. I always love seeing people’s different responses to the age old salty or sweet debate. My sweet tooth has seriously declined in the past few months for whatever reason. I still eat chocolate everyday in some form, but I’ve moved on to bitter chocolate. When I eat something too sweet for me I get a strange taste/ film in my mouth for a while and then I get either a headache or hungrier for more sweets shortly after. Salt on the other hand… I eat chips in some form every single day, no fail. I try not to buy them too often but my roommates always have a few kinds around, and I’m just drawn to them! And I add salt to most things also.

  14. I definitely think I eat more salt than I should. I really spice foods with lots of salt & pepper…too much! Himalayan Pink Salt sounds like it has some fantastic benefits!

  15. I work at a gourmet foods store, and we have all kinds of salts – salts I’d never known existed! We have the pink salt, selrose salt (hot pink), red salts, celtic grey salts, black salts… so many… we have a set of shelves devoted to just salts.

    I’m not the biggest fan of salt, but if I need it, I use it.

  16. YUM! Those cookie bals look so good. I’m definitely a fan of sweets! Just found your blog.. love it!

    I ♥ Nap Time

  17. I had no idea that those fancy salts were actually different from regular salts. I was very skeptical about them….but they are pretty!

  18. I’m not the biggest salt fan, but I do like to add a little bit to baked goods because I really think it enhances the flavor. I also wash my pineapple in salt water to rinse off the acidity and I actually enjoy some of that leftover salty flavor on the pineapple that wasn’t completely rinsed off.

  19. It generally depends on my mood…or more likely, my deficiencies :) I find that most of the time, like you, I’m a sweets girl. Must be because we’re so sweet :)

  20. I’m a salt addict. It’s my last bag habit and I’m trying to “shake it,” so to speak. I’ve tried before and ended up feeling terrible blood pressure goes really low) … so I’m cutting down more gradually this time.

    Beautiful photos, as usual!

  21. *bad

    I’m definitely going to try the cookie dough bites!

  22. I definitely crave salty foods but I have cut my intake down massively. I just recently bought some Himalayan pink salt and also some truffle salt for the first time and I don’t feel quite so guilty experimenting with them. :)

  23. i really never knew there were so many different kinds of salt!

  24. I love both salty and sweet foods! I definintely don’t over-salt and only add salt if I think it’s necessary, but I love chips as much as I love cookies ;)

  25. Beautiful salt and pictures of it! I’m guilty – I love salt! i try not to go overboard with it; sometimes it feels like I’m using a lot but when it’s put into perspective it’s not a ton by any means. I figure most of the food I eat isn’t pre-made (thus, higher sodium content) so I’m okay with adding it to dishes when needed.

  26. Beautiful salt!! I could see getting REALLY into salts– there are so many kinds to try!!

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  28. I completely agree with you on salt. I notice the same side effects of feeling thirsty and bloated with added salt. I rarely think salt is ever NEEDED, and I’d personally never add it if I didn’t need to. I haven’t had canned soup in years since most of them are filled with sodium, even the “low in sodium” varieties. I’m much more of a naturally sweet fan with foods like fruits!

  29. I don’t use salt much…but do love a sweet/salty combo.

  30. I’m definitely SUPER sensitive to salt. A little too much and I puff up like a balloon, fingers and all. Not comfortable!! I’m definitely more of a sweet person. Oh, and your Apple Glazed Edamame Stir Fry is amazing!! I had it a few weeks ago.

    Your farmer’s market must be epic. We have a little one with a few tents. I’m glad it’s there, especially considering I’m in a pretty low-income city, but you’d NEVER see fancy salt!

  31. I’m not a huge salty fan, but every once in awhile, salt really DOES bring out flavor in things sometimes for me. Not watermelon though! I like it just how it was made-juicy and sweet! When I do use salt, it’s in moderation and usually as a finisher.

    The pictures were pretty though!

  32. In my perfect mix, I get salty and sweet in one bite. Yogurt covered pretzels are such a treat when I get to have them! Salted caramel: gimme dat!

    Honestly, though, I tend to use salty and savory over sweet treats, always choosing an appetizer over a dessert.

  33. I’m definitely more into sweets than salty things. I never salt my foods or add salt to things I’m baking. I’m just not a big fan of the stuff. I definitely get extra thirsty although I don’t think I’m as sensitive as some people I know. Oh, but the stuff makes me retain water weight like crazy. After any restaurant meal, no matter how small of a portion I have it’s pretty much guaranteed that my weight will go up by three pounds. I’ve learned it takes about a week to reset back to what I was pre-eating out. Insane!

  34. Very cool salt pics, looks like an artisan salt sampler kit I have. And great collection of recipes.

    1. Probably went out for margaritas with hubby.
    2. Yes, in moderation. I prefer salty popcorn over sweet most of the time, but don’t use a lot when cooking.

  35. i love salty things more than sweet things. :) but i’ve never tried to play with all those pretty salts!
    i use braggs liquid aminos though…i love the soysauce flavor of it (but less sodium).

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  37. I’ve never been big on salt. I’m more into sweet things. Jason is a salt fanatic, though! He’s done a GREAT job of cutting back significantly due to high blood presseure issues and has seen positive results. Lucky for him, he likes lemony stuff, too. ;)

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