Quickly, Grateful

It’s been a really busy day but want to take a deep breath and (quickly) share a few things I’m grateful for today. When life gets crazy, it’s always good to focus on our blessings, right?  That’s what I tell myself at least.

I am grateful for things like San Diego sunshine, palm trees, and abundant flowers.

I’m grateful for my Enjoy Shampoo


Dear God, my hair was greasy and needed a wash. But natural oils are good for it, right?  <– That’s what I keep telling myself plus think of all that time I saved!  And, that’s what pony tails are for on days 2, 3, and ahem day 4, right?  Finally, clean hair today!  You can take me out in public again.

Skylar’s still sporting her braids and loving them!

They’re holding up wonderfully; much to my (pleasant) surprise!

I’m grateful for fresh grapes

Freeze them, then eat them, is my preferred method.

And I’m grateful for microwave snacks that combine chocolate and peanut butter.

Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter & Oat Snack Bars

These saved me today.  In 3 minutes flat.  Love the quick fixes.


Thanks for your comments on my previous post with the On A Stick! cookbook review.  I adore Matt and love food on a stick.  Sounds like most of you love food-on-a-stick, too.  It’s just more fun!


1. What are you grateful for today?

2. Any quick fixes that have helped you out today or recently?

P.S. I’m grateful for everyone who’s excited about entering my Coconut Oil Giveaway

52 comments on “Quickly, Grateful”

  1. I have been reading for awhile now, and just wanted to share. I made your banana bread and banana oat cakes this morning and both were awesome! I have been a huge fan of your protein bars for quite some time.

    I woke up this morning thinking of things I am thankful for. My husband, kids, being home with them, homeschooling them, our health, healthy food, my awesome workouts, & really my list could go on. Hope things get less crazy for you today! I had one of those days yesterday & it might happen again today. Have a great day!

  2. This was like the perfect post to readd first thing in the morning and put me in a really good, grateful mindset for the day :)
    I’m grateful for frozen fruit and smoothies because it is HOT outside right now!
    I’m grateful for my family and my dog and yoga and that I’m healthy enough to go out and do all the things I love!

  3. I love this! I often do it myself when things get crazy, or it seems like everything is falling apart on me. Things I’m grateful for today: waking up beside my hubby, my VO2 max – rocked my spin class this morning, and my dad (it’s his birthday today!)

  4. We had some really severe thunderstorms in my area last night. Lots of downed trees, hydro poles and power outages due to wildly high winds, hail, lightening, etc.. I’m grateful that where I live tornados are VERY rare. All I kept thinking of through the night while the storm was raging was how scared people who go through/live thorugh tornados must be. :(

  5. i am grateful that there are actual places like San Diego that exist in the world so that I can one day get out of my Canadian Igloo and become a beach bum… one day, one day :)
    Btw… someone’s birthday is coming up soon… YOU! right? hehe
    Today I am grateful that I have found a great path (health-wise) and I seem to have all my ‘ducks in a line’ with school and work and friends and, well, life!
    Hmmm quick fixes- what comes to mind….. hmm.. oh probably my coconut oil right now because I ran out of my natural sunscreen… coconut oil to the rescue!!

    XOXO <3

  6. I am grateful for the health that I do have, despite the side effects from the medication I’m on. Things could definitely be worse, so I’ll be grateful for what I have!

    Frozen grapes are the best. Yum!

  7. So many things to be thankful for! Post input – curious on how you cut your watermellon? I always ball it but I like your wedges….wondering if you can do a tutorial on how you cut yours up?

  8. Lovely post Averie! it feels good to stop up, and just feel the happines over the smallest things.
    Today Im happy that I have been listening to my body, and it asked only for healthy foods. I should try to trust it more- at least Im on my way.
    Im grateful that my legs can run, and for my health!
    Im grateful that I have amazing friends- one of them Im meeting in an hour for wine and talk.
    Im grateful for my family!
    And Im grateful I have a job that I love, and that I look forward to a new workday tomorrow!

    Wish you a great day <3

  9. Lovely post! I’m thankful for SO many things, but today in particular, I’m thankful I finally got in a good workout.

  10. I am SO grateful for my amazing husband, who despite having a really bad day at work, comes home and is in an amazing mood for me. Yet, he says he’s lucky to have me – I think he has it backwards. What saved me today was an iced coffee…first time making it and I tell ya, it won’t be the last!

  11. I’m so grateful for my family lately. I’m loving all of the time I’m spending with them this summer! And quick fixes? Hm. I’d have to say opening a bottled iced tea instead of brewing my own for a quick fix of my favorite summer drink :)

  12. I am grateful for the hot weather here in NH! Pineapples, all the DIY blogs that have inspired me to get creative with my home decor, and the ability to make something for someone I love who is celebrating their birthday this weekend!

    Thanks for this post…. it puts things into perspective after a busy few weeks.

  13. This is my way of de-lurking!! I have to say that I love, love, love your banana oat cakes. I have them for breakfast almost every morning. Tastes great and saves a ton of time. Which I’m also grateful for since I have a very active 14 month old son. He will even eat some of the oat cakes.

    Thanks Averie for all the time you put into your blog. Time is precious when you are a mom!!

  14. I just wrote about freezing grapes as a sweet loop-hole during this sugar-free challenge I’m doing! They are soooo good. A few years ago one of my best friends told me about a grateful list she writes everyday with 5 items from that day – I tried to keep it up like she does, but usually only find myself doing it on an especially tough day to remind me of the little things that I’m grateful for. Sometimes I only make it to 3, but it still puts things in perspective!

  15. I’m grateful that our weather finally looks like yours and is actually warmer! Mmmm, I also adore frozen grapes in wine.

    1. Nice weather and that I’m taking Friday off for a day to myself.
    2. Fast and simple meals.

  16. I was going to post something similar about this after reading something today. About when life gets hectic and crazy (and you feel like your going to explode, cry and quit your job…um, me) – to just step back and write down a list of things your grateful. Save it and pull it out when you need reminders.

    EVEN the BAD stuff – find something, something good in it. So, in my case – my job – anyone who knows about me knows that – so, it’s really hard to find the positive. BUT I can think that at least it’s paying my bills right?…for now – oye! ;)

    GREAT things you have on that list.

  17. ok tried to re send comment but it says “oops, duplicate comment, looks like you’ve already said that!” .. but why computer whyyy wont it show up!?! haha its a “ghost comment” … its not your blog its definitely my computer because its been doing that to other blogs too. i think my computer needs a good smack ;)


  18. funny. yeah. i have to “tell myself” too, not always believing it but there is something to just saying & pretending to think it that at least a little bit of the gratefulness will bleed into the consciousness!

  19. I am grateful for a helpful loving husband. My hubby did most of the decorating for my sister’s shower (with minimal direction) and held cake pops while they dripped, cleaned the house, and went to “Michael’s” for about an hour with me last night :-)

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