Returns & Nut Butter

My Monday To Do List was a mile long:

1. Went to Radio Shack to return a photo card reader that was a piece of crap.  <–No other word for it.  Proceeded to wait around for 20 minutes for a $17 dollar refund, and was seriously questioning if it was worth it because time is money.

2. Went to Michael’s craft store to return a cork board I had bought but that started eroding and leaving black cork particles over everything the minute I unwrapped it.  <--Instantly catapulted it into the Return It category.


3. No returns at Target.  Just a quick Benjamin$ spent.  Poof. Target is a money pit but I did need to restock some essentials.

Here’s some of my stash

This  Jif Natural Peanut Butter was on sale.  I admit, I don’t buy “natural” peanut butter as a matter of course.  I buy whatever is cheap. Or in this case, I noticed the Low Sodium notation on the jar.  Sold.

Given that I am not a fan of salty things, it was a good snag for me.

In the past, I’ve used Jif Naturals, Skippy Naturals, high end “designer” nut butters, TJ’s nut butters, you name it, I’ve tried it.

My two fave nut butters: TJ’s Sunflower Seed Butter

photo source

And Peanut Butter.   In any form and all brands.   Some brands are better than others, but I’ll eat just about any brand.

And yes, I will even eat the non natural kind that’s filled with refined sugars and additives.  And I admit that I like it.

I used to adore Triscuits + Reduced Fat Jif Peanut Butter + lots of cocktails with maraschino cherries in my early 20s and made many “dinners” of of that combo.  And I cherish those memories. Those were fun days and “dinners”.

Jif Reduced Fat peanut butter will always be a lifelong fave because of those memories!

4. After Target, it was time to get a lovely run outside in.  75F, sunny, no wind, no bugs.  Loved it.

I stopped and smelled a few roses and took my time and savored the beautiful day.  (Not really, but I did see these pretty roses)

After my run, I went into the garage for 15 minutes of at-home yoga, i.e. garage yoga, stretching, and core work.

5. I also changed the sheets on my bed.  It was sheet day.  Hate the process, love the final result.  I sleep much better on clean sheets.

6. And after that peanut butter talk, all I can think of are peanut butter recipes.  <–I have an entire post dedicated to them.

Everything from Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu


Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups



Raw Vegan Spring Rolls with 2-minute Peanut Sauce

to No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars (vegan, GF)

So if you’re a peanut butter fan, here’s my stash of peanut butter recipes

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my last post, Blogging 105.  I am so glad that it resonated with so many of you.  Just how much to share, how much of yourself to reveal, and what to do about people who unintentionally find out about your blog are topics that seemed near and dear to everyone’s heart and I loved reading your comments on thoughts on how you handle these matters.

And I’m glad the whole five-part Blogging Series was helpful.  Thanks to all the (new) bloggers and (new) readers who chimed in to tell me it helped you.   I had fun writing the series and organizing my thoughts on it all.


1. What did you check off your list on Monday?

2. Do you have a favorite nut butter?  Brand, type, kind?

I know this question is asked repeatedly in the ‘sphere and Janetha just asked it, but I always love hearing the answers.  I may hear about something new and amazing!

And anyone want to admit to liking the cheap stuff right along with me?

3. How good are you about returning items?

I admit, that for $11 bucks, I almost didn’t complete my Micheal’s return.

And for $17, I was borderline with Radio Shack.

But that was $28 bucks I then took to Target, so was glad I did made those returns.

If you’re interested in saving money, also check out Target Coupons and Radio Shack Coupons at

I used to let my returns just get lost in the shuffle, let the item collect dust, or give it away, but I am much more conscious and conscientious now, and actually make the return.  If time is money, then all those “little” items are money, too.  And they add up so it’s better than I return things if they’re not going to work out rather than just wasting my own money.

And I really try to avoid even buying things that I am on the fence about, in order to avoid even dealing with returns, but sometimes you get an unexpected dud and it just has to go back.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I’m really bad about returning things, but luckily I very rarely buy anything that I would want to return any way because I don’t buy a lot of things apart from the essentials and extra food things that I can’t return if I don’t like them.

    I do have a favourite brand of peanut butter, but it’s more expensive so if I don’t have as much money that week/month I’ll buy a cheaper one. But I do think it’s worth spending the extra money if I have it, because I enjoy that brand so much more.

  2. I love Futters, Trader Joe’s, and Peanut Butter & Co. nut butters the best :)

  3. Ugh– I HATE returns. But I do lovvvvve Target :-)

  4. Wooo girl what a great day!! Perfect weather for your run. SUNFLOWER SEED BUTTER IS CRACK

  5. The only thing on Monday’s to-do list was go on a run, do laundry, and go out to dinner with my mom and sister. Check, check, and check! :)
    My favorite nut butter used to be pb&co.’s white chocolate wonderful but I was just sent their 6 jar package as a gift and I am now in love with the cinnamon raisin swirl!

  6. I have that Degree deodorant with the free body spray! :) The spray actually smells really good!

    I’m not good at returning things usually unless I’ve spent a lot of money on them. I honestly don’t even think about it most of the time.

  7. It takes me a while to get around to “returning” items, speaking of which I need to return my Pumas because, fail, they ripped after a mere month! Erg.
    My list yesterday interrupted by a nasty phone call. I got everything done, but with a heavy heart after that call. I almost didn’t want to finish my responsibilities but I did. I couldn’t let someone’s immaturity slow me down!

    PB? Uh, don’t eat it all that often. But when I do, I love it.

  8. UGH. I am awful about returning things. I think if I lived closer I’d be better about it, but by the time I drove back out to the shopping center and dealt with the traffic and crowds and drove back, I’d just be in a bad mood because half my day would be gone. And so, I have brand new, with tags clothing hanging in my closet as we speak because I am a terrible clothing shopper. Grumble…

    Ahhh, but PB!! I used to practically have a life goal of trying every flavored kind out there. Now? I go for the $1.99 ($1.49 w/ coupon!) “natural” store-brand kind. I used to only like the sweetened kinds. Now I dislike (most) sweetened kinds and prefer it with just salt & peanuts!

  9. I love your photos! Especially the ones of the pretty roses. So lovely! And the weather sounds gorgeous. I’m more than a little jealous!

    Nut butter is one of the things that I am adamant about only eating all natural varieties. I have no idea why, but I get certain things stuck in my head and don’t really like to eat them when they aren’t organic/all natural. Nut butter is one, maple syrup another, fish, and eggs also. Such weird quirks I have, because I will chow down on a bag of neon-orange pure chemical cheetos or eat veggies I know aren’t organic. Isn’t it odd the things that get into our heads?

    And oh how I wish I had your dedication. I always say I will return things, but we are so scatterbrained and disorganized we almost never do. Ugh!

  10. Target is SUCH a money pit!!! People I know coast to coast say the same thing: go in for 2 things, come out $200. later. I just don’t get why that happens!

    My favorite nut butter is Trader Joe’s Raw Unsalted Almond Butter! I’ve been wanting to try the sunflower seed butter. I know I will probably have Ella eating that once she starts eating food since we will have to avoid the nuts for a long while at first.

  11. I am a horrible shopper, so I return most things. Especially clothes. I love Jiff Natural and Skippy Natural too. I will even buy the store brand natural. I’m cheap though, so I don’t typically buy expensive nut butters.

  12. I am actually pretty good about returning things. Last week I bought a natural sweetener to try out that I thought was on sale. Once I was home I realized I had paid much more than I thought, so instead of opening it I saved it for my next trip to the store and returned it. It wasn’t that much money but I don’t need a sweetener that was probably going to collect dust after one use anyways.
    My favorite peanut butter is teddy’s unsalted chunky or creamy! It’s usually just about the same price as the sugary ones, but I prefer the taste much more.

  13. i’m horrible with returning things I always procrastinate and then forget about them!!

  14. I get such satisfaction from returning things, I love it! Although the wait to do so sometimes is ridiculous!

  15. My sister is the return queen. I really hate to have to return things. I’ve I question the purchase at all, I typically won’t buy it b/c I don’t want to return it. Now, if it’s falling to pieces immediately or defective, totally returning it. I used to LOVE triscuits with PB – triscuits also go well with peanut M&Ms’ LOL.

  16. Peanut butter is love! I buy Jif and Arrowhead Mills. I used to go for the crunchy kind (hence, Arrowhead Mills), but I recently discovered the joys of going creamy (so Jif)! Love love love! I have yet to try sunflower seed. I plan to get cashew butter this weekend to try making “cheesy” veg food!

  17. I always feel like returning things is such a hassle! But in the end I do go and return it. (most of the time, at least) It just takes me a while.
    Favorite nut butter of the moment is homemade cashew butter! Love the taste and creaminess of it!

  18. It always takes me forever to get around to returning things but eventually it gets done! My face nut butter would have to be PB&Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful or Artisana Coconut butter. They’re great combined too :)

  19. I never return things, I think I can count a handful of times in my life where I have returned something. I need to do more of it! I have so much sitting in my closet that needs to go back or be donated and if something breaks I really should bring it back.

  20. Is there anything wrong with eating original, sugared Jif?
    I usually don’t return stuff, because we’re really bad about the hassle. For example, we bought a slow cooker because it was free after rebate. We never did get to sending that rebate in! It was only $10, but still.

  21. I am the return queen. I have a stack of things to return today, in fact, and it will probably net me $100!

    PB – I eat the crap out of RF Jif when I am at my mom’s house. Used to love it on saltines. I think we were best friends in a former life! I usually go for the cheap-o brands of nut butters too. Unless I have the grind your own option, then I am all over that. It’s expensive though and I like my sunflower butter!

    • we were and are soul sisters on so many levels!

      saltines and cheap nut butter…that would be many! years of my life :)

      i never do the grind your own but have been tempted at WFs til I realize that’s what i have a Vita for. And TJs 3.99 for SFSButter is better/cheaper than I could make it. On some things, buying it is a time/money saver and that’s one of them….I havent the time to mess with all those seeds. ha!

  22. It always amazes me how much time it takes to run around and get all my to dos done! But it feels SO good once they’re done. Target is a money hole. I actually need to get over there to return a few things (repeat baby gifts) and buy the peanut a few more things. LOVE peanut butter. I’m going to check out your pb page now. My favorite nut butters are: TJs raw unsalted AB, TJs sun butter, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and naturally more PB. All awesome!

  23. I finally got a bed frame and got it put up yesterday!! After two months of my bed being on the floor, it felt so good. I also got halfway done an assignment due tomorrow, but I have more on the list today. Including a trip to Target, and I’m fearing for the safety of my wallet.

    As for nut butter, Teddie All Natural Unsalted all the way. It’s savory yet not salty, creamy, and oh-so-delicious. I just tried and loved SunButter, and now I’m in the process of finding an almond butter I love! I have a big tub of Whole Foods fresh ground right now, but I need to shop around!

  24. Target indeed is a money pit! but i still love target! :) my fave nut butter is TJ’s almond butter with sea salt.

  25. I have the most ridiculous return story that it’s going to sound like I made it up, but I swear it’s 100% truth. I went to the dollar tree yesterday to purchase some plastic serve wear for an upcoming party. While the cashier was checking me out a lady came up and interrupted her saying that she was dissatisfied with a product and wanted her money back or an exchange for something else.

    She was so pushy and rude, the cashier stopped checking me out and had to interact with this lady! Then when the cashier told the lady she needed a receipt, the lady went nuts screaming for a manager because this was unacceptable.

    She had one item, which means that she spent $1! She was making a production over ONE DOLLAR!! I was about to whip a dollar out of my wallet and give it to her and say here’s a dollar to shut you up! I’m certain that the amount of time she caused me to have to wait while my cashier was helping her instead of me was more than a $1’s worth of my time.

    I’m like you, it has to be over a certain dollar amount before I’ll take the time to return something. I have a pot lid organizer from Lowe’s that only cost me $7 and it doesn’t fit in my cabinet but I just keep putting off taking it back because it’s only $7 and it’ll cost me more in time and gas to return it than just keep it!

  26. I love Target brand all natural peanut butter. I think it has a better flavor than the more expensive all natural peanut butters. I’m not picky though & will eat just about any kind, natural or not! I’m a pretty good returner, because I’m a totally frugal kind of girl. I once bought a bag of cheese at Target & as the cashier rang it up, I couldn’t believe that it was $11! It sank in after she’d rung up several more items, so I thought I’d just suck it up & pay the $11. I didn’t make it 2 steps past the register before I realized it might kill me to pay $11 for some stupid cheese. I marched myself down to the customer service area & returned it! My husband couldn’t believe I was so cheap that I’d returned a bag of cheese.

    • $11 is insane. You should never have to pay that much unless it’s imported from France or something!

  27. I loved reading that ‘cheap’ nut butter is a guilty pleasure of yours! Expensive jars are tasty, but I’ll always be a Peter Pan girl!

  28. Life has been hectic as of late, so I don’t always have time to comment. But I’m still reading your blog. Thanks for bringing rays of sunshine into my day with your posts. I’ve been loving the photos.

  29. I love Target :) My favorite peanut butter is Crazy Richard’s. The only ingredient is peanuts; it’s a little runny (I eat the chunky, the creamy is SO thin) and when you buy it, it has an inch of oil on top ;) I actually don’t like any other type of nut butter, unless it involves chocolate!

  30. I am with you on the sheets – I dread doing it but LOVE crawling into bed with clean, still-warm linens.

    My favorite nut butter is the TJ roasted valencia peanut flax… but they started doing a roasted almost flax that is a close second!

  31. I’m really good about returning things. On the checking off the list, I made an appt for a physical, worked out and met with an attorney that is helping us get our property taxes reassessed. I love peanut butter, any kind. Great stuff!

  32. I have to make a lot of returns today too – including Cal King Sheets that did not fit, haha! Your blog always makes me smile though. :)

  33. Gotta love peanut butter.
    I don’t return things because I never get anything without spending TONS of time thinking it over making sure I won’t regret it. I have issues buying things.

  34. Sounds like a very busy day, but great peanut butter recipes.

    1. Working, ugh! And chores at home.
    2. TJ’s almond or sunflower butter and I’ll occasionally buy the luxo, local nut butter blends.
    3. Pretty good, I hate wasting money.

  35. I had so many errands to run yesterday too! It was an on-the-go day!

    For almond butter, my favorite brand is MaraNatha; for peanut butter it’s Trader Joe’s. Both are AMAZING!

  36. I weigh the cost of driving back out to the store, the cost of the item, and how much of a hassle I think it’ll be to determine whether or not I’ll actually return something.

    I actually used to LOVE Jif peanut butter. Now, I actually prefer the taste of the all-natural stuff. Just one ingredient, peanuts! But I also love sunflower seed butter and the dark chocolate dreams from peanut butter & co. So delish!

  37. I saw the white chocolate pb at walmart the other day and nearly fell over. They need to start doing that with other nuts, so people that are allergic to peanuts (like me *tear*) can enjoy them too! It looks so fabulous.

  38. I saw the Jif on sale at Target too! I actually ended up buying the Skuppy that was on sale and it’s for our puppy ^_^; I still got a jar of organic PB along with some almond butter in the fridge. But I love me my classic Jif and Skippy PB. As long as it doesn’t have HFCS I’m happy.

    If I can return an item, I will do it. Even if it’s only for $5 I will return it because it’s $5 back in my pocket that can go for something else I really need (or want).

  39. I am legitimately jealous of your returning skills. I suck at it, really. It’s pathetic how things just go to waste in what should be labeled an “I’m too lazy to return this” cemetery.
    And I may or may not have had a piece of toast with peanut butter and raspberry jam for dessert last night… :-)

  40. So funny… I just got a bottle of that Olay toner at Target. They didn’t have my regular Neutrogena brand, so I opted for the Olay. Love it! Smells so good and makes my face tingle! Not planning on going back to Neutrogena.

    • I have been using that Olay for about 8 years ever since I refused to pay $30 bucks for some water + alcohol (essentially) from Lancome.

      After trying lots of diff brands, the Olay is always the one I go back to b/c it doesnt have salicyclic acid, doesnt leave a weird feeling on my face, and is cheap!

      I love that I can talk toner with you :)

  41. I love nut butters! And your spring roll with peanut sauce is still one of my favorite recipes :-)

  42. I am terrible at returning things, but luckily I never have to return my peanut butter! I don’t know if I have a specific favorite, but I do know that I love our Kellogg’s FiberPlus(R) Chocolatey Peanut Butter bars. Yum!

  43. I’m the queen of returning things…because I’m the queen of being disappointed by so many products-ugh!
    I like any peanut butter too, don’t think I’ve ever tried one I didn’t love!

  44. I hate JIF! I was a Skippy kid through and through! Thanks for the linkage. XO

  45. I am a nut butter addict myself. I’ve heard many people raving about TJ’s sunflower butter and I am so jealous there aren’t any TJ in Florida! Send help :D

  46. AH I’ve been meaning to make wraps with rice paper FOREVER and I keep forgetting. THANK YOU for reminding me, Averie! :)

  47. I totally get the whole time is money thing! my dad taught me long ago the value of time is just as important as the value of money – and if your hour is worth more than ______, is it worth it? (perspective is also a good thing here, as well as free time vs. work time, at least to me. :D taht said, I’ll do a return if I have one. ;) if nothing else, it gives me another chance to SHOP!

  48. I always have peanut butter in the pantry and more and more, I have been having almond butter as well. I have tried some of the expensive brands, but if I see a BOGO, I will definitely buy that brand!

  49. Yup – I can tell you have a new gadget :) That last photo is ridic!
    And with peanut butter – Well, I know they say it’s not the best nut butter for you, but whatevs – It’s by far the best tasting!! I still haven’t tried the sunflower seed butter though, I need to get on that!

  50. I had a similar day… crossing things off my to-do list. One of which was an hour long one-to-one session that I needed but have been putting off (mac store I’m talking about) because one hour is a long time!! I also restocked my fav lipgloss while I was at the mall, had a great yoga class, and went for a run in the woods. Now that my Mac is working like a pro, I’m such a happy gal!

    As for nut butter, I am not a fan! I do love raw nuts though – especially cashews and almonds.

    I always feel so badly returning things, but I frequently do!

    Loving your photos!

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