Stevia & Chocolate

While I was in Aruba I won Jennifer of Knack for Nutrition’s giveaway for NuNatuals Stevia.

I adore stevia.  But, I never used to like it.  In fact, I thought it tasted kinda awful.

I was, however, using other brands and that was one issue.  Bad stevia is really bad!

But, stevia is one of those foods or items that has really grown on me and now I can’t imagine my life without it!  I have an entire post dedicated to my Stevia Recipes


I use these drops in everything.

Especially in Vanilla Iced Coffees or just in coffee in general.

I brought down a couple bottles of my beloved Vanilla Stevia Drops to Aruba.

I buy the vanilla stevia drops from because they have the best prices on them.  Use coupon code AVE630 at checkout to save $5 on your order and never pay retail price again on everything from nutritional yeast to protein powder to vitamins to stevia.

I love stevia so much that I traveled down to Aruba with a suitcase full of white powderTry explaining that one to Customs. Seriously, I’ve done it many times and there’s never been an issue.  The only issue is I usually underestimate how much I will go through and wish I had brought a bit more!

The stevia was buried underneath the chocolate chips.

Speaking of chocolate chips, Enjoy Life Foods sent me some of their Double Chocolate Crunch Granola and their Semi-Sweet Mega Chocolate Chunks

I love that their products are free from so many allergens (nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, kosher) and that tastes is not compromised.  The granola I tried is chocolatey and definitely crunchy.  I tend to prefer chewier granola in general like this oneJust my own little personal preference.  But chocolate anything is music to my ears and this was tasty.

I love these!

Normally I don’t splurge on allergen-friendly chocolate because rumor has it TJ’s chocolate chips are dairy free, vegan, and gluten free (even though they are not labeled as such and are not tested like the Enjoy Life products are nor are they processed on special equipment), but it’s what I usually buy because at $1.99/bag, I can’t beat it.  Unless Enjoy Life wants to send me more ChunksLove em!

I think I will make up a batch of No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles with the chunks to be used for melty dippage for the cake batter portion of the truffles.

Or maybe just put chunks into

No Bake Toffee & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

My last post Quickly, Grateful was a speed-blogging special.  I was on the fly but not too busy to be grateful.   Even for some silly things.


1. Do you like stevia?

As I said in the post, I adore stevia now, but I never used to like it.  In fact, I thought it tasted kinda awful and chemically!

I was, however, using other brands and that was one issue.  Of all the brands I’ve tried, NuNaturals is my favorite however there are others like flavored SweetLeaf brand stevia drops that are quite good, too.

Stevia is one of those foods or items that has really grown on me and now I can’t imagine my life without it!

I also like real sugar (brown and white), agave, honey, dates, and other sweeteners, too.  You can read my thoughts on “healthifying” desserts, and why I take no great pleasure in that. So stevia is just one tool in my toolbox.  But it’s a great one!

2. Do you like chocolate?

Silly question, right?  I know there are a few people who are just meh about chocolate. <–who are you people if that’s really the case.  I’ve only “heard” of people like this.

I love chocolate.

See my Chocolate Recipes compilation if you need proof!

Including Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies (you can bake them in the oven or dehydrate them)

P.S. Thanks for the entries on the Coconut Oil Giveaway.  Keep ’em coming!

73 comments on “Stevia & Chocolate”

  1. I just started using Stevia in the Raw. I’ve never seen those drops before! You are my kind of girl with the yummy iced coffee staring down at me! :)

  2. I’ve literally never tried Stevia but am VERY fond of chocolate and, after seeing the picture, super envious of those Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles. Vanilla, chocolate, and no need to bake?! a summer sweet tooth’s dream come true!

  3. I have never used Stevia in recipes before but I see it in alot of peoples. I saw it in the grocery store the otherday an was intrigued but didnt buy it. And yes I LOOVE chocolate. More than anything :)

  4. I like Stevie and my perfered branda are Nunatural and Stevia in the raw I also really like the vanilla flavored one that you mentioned. Especailly in coffee or my morning oats!
    And who doesn’t like chocolate?! I am so hooked on your raw vegan coconut oil fudge right now :)

  5. I love stevia! NuNaturals is definitely the best kind of stevia, I use it every morning in my coffee! But despite my love for stevia I’m still obsessed with maple syrup, honey, and real sugar as well as naturally sweet foods like dried fruit (especially dates!) :)

  6. I’ve never had stevia! I should jump on the train and get some. No excuse with your sweet discount. I looooove chocolate! My sister is one of those people who doesn’t like chocolate. Crazy, I know. I prefer dark chocolate over all other kinds, hands down.

  7. Your raw vegan choc choc chip cookies are the best! I made a batch yesterday– the kids gobbled up half before the other half made it to the dehydrator. I brought three with me to have for lunch after my salad today. I know I have mentioned before, but thanks so much for all the yummy recipes you share!!

    I’m NOT a stevia fan but now you have me thinking I need to try different brands out. I usually sweeten with agave.

  8. I am one of those meh people. Seriously! I don’t love chocolate. I would much rather have chips or salt of some kind. Now when I do want chocolate it must be dark, a piece of really good dark chocolate makes me happy.

  9. I haven’t tried stevia yet (unless it was added to something packaged), but I love chocolate. I don’t usually crave chocolate bars or chips, but a good truffle is a verrryyyyy good thing!

  10. I love the NuNaturals stevia, especially the vanilla drops! I use them all the time. I’ve mentioned it here before, but I also really really love the NOW brand French Vanilla liquid stevia. I have the powder packets too, but I love the liquid better.

    I’m not a big chocolate fan (gasp!). As a child I always picked caramel over chocolate. Pralines and cream was my choice ice cream while my chocoholic sister got fudge brownie. I could eat a whole bag of caramels, no problem but chocolate. No thanks, I just don’t crave it like so many people I know.
    But your recipes always look so good – with or without chocolate!

  11. I jumped on the Stevia early on. Got my father and sister in law to try it and now they both use it. So far I’ve only tried the powder, but I must be using a good brand because there is no bitterness. My parents had to order theirs online because their local store doesn’t carry it anymore. The upside was the “buy in bulk” discount they got :)

    OMG – love chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. We will be finishing off Angela’s Double Chocolate Torte (no bake) tonight. Might have to make some of your Chocolate Coconut Snowballs, along with your No Bake Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls so there is something in the freezer waiting for us.

  12. Averie! I am coming to san diego next weekend for a wedding and my birthday. It will be a quick trip but I was just wondering if you have any must-go places? I was born there and my husband spent 2 years living there but we are always looking for new places. I would love a restaurant that offers gluten free and/or vegan options (I am not completely vegan but do love eating clean and healthy) but that is also delicious! If you have time to write me back that would be great. If not I completely understand, you are one busy woman!

    ps I am obsessed with making the no bake chocolate chip balls!

    • it depends where you’re staying, what your access to transportation will be, what you want to spend$$, indoors, outdoors, structure, or not, etc etc…so many variables!

      For both food and things to do the parts of San Diego I may look into more would be
      Del Mar
      La Jolla
      Gaslamp District downtown
      Coronado Island

      Really any beaches are great and just do your research and if you find a few restaurants that you’d like me to give you a thumbs up or down, an A or B, I can once you narrow it all down! Have fun!

  13. Recently I’ve been using natvia, which is a natural sweetener. Stevia is also good. I do like my chocolate, but I can only have minimum 85% cocoa chocolate, everything else tastes way too sweet!

  14. I’m still on the fence about Stevia. I bought some packets by Stevia in the Raw a couple of weeks ago. I’ve added them to protein muffins and smoothies. I don’t mind the taste when I’m eating/drinking the foods, but sometimes I think the aftertaste is weird. HEAB loves Nunaturals best, too, so maybe I need to give that brand a shot.

  15. I actually do like stevia since trying NuNaturals. You’re totally right, bad stevia is baaaaaaaaaaaaad.
    Chocolate? You know I love it :D But my hubby is one of those people that doesn’t care for it. In fact he’ll go out of his way not to eat chocolate. How weird is he? He definitely loves his salty things more, he’ll take chips over sweet things any day.

  16. i love stevia and it’s thanks to your blog that i tried it when i started drinking coffee. i ONLY like coffee with stevia!!
    i use New Roots stevia concentrate (powder) – never tried any other brands, so can’t compare tastes, but i have no issue with the New Roots brand.
    love chocolate!!! i’m not an addict or anything, but definitely a fan!

  17. I love chocolate and I really want to try those chunks! I saw them on Spabettie’s blog (I think) — and I want them!

    Stevia — I finally have some to use at home and I love the NuNaturals so far!

  18. I love stevia but I LOVE chocolate more the darker the better! x x

  19. Even though I’ve always HATED stevia in the past, you’ve never led me wrong when it comes to food, so I trusted your recommendation for the NuNaturals liquid vanilla stevia. And I LIKE IT! I’ve been using the drops in my coffee and tea.

    However, it’s a bit pricey to use in smoothies and desserts where I need larger amounts, so I guess it’s time to give their powder a try. I’m going to start with the smallest box of packets.

  20. Love stevia. Love chocolate. :D

    Haha, “ma’am, what are you doing with white powder in your suitcase”?! ;)

    Those chocolate truffles look AMAZING!!

  21. That brand of stevia is definitely the best!

  22. Stevia is my favorite favorite thing. One time though a dietitician referred to it as an “artificial sweetener” and advised people stay from it. Excuse me??

  23. chocolate is my middle name ;)
    I just recently tried NuNaturals vanilla stevia drops and I’ve been loving it in my coffee! I haven’t had the chance to try it out in baking yet. I was afraid it might give baked goods that artificial-ish taste.

  24. Love receiving goodies in the mail! I’ve never used stevia before, but I definitely think it’s a great option as a sweetener. So many sweeteners are basically artificial “junk,” but stevia offers something different and, from what I’ve heard, tastes pretty darn good!

    I’ve never been a big chocolate fan… I know, crazy! ;) Although I’ll enjoy it in foods, I’m not one to say yes to a plain chocolate bar. It’s just too much for me! I actually prefer white chocolate.

  25. I am a big fan of the NuNaturals Stevia period. I just ran out of my liquid vanilla (insert curse words). As for chocolate, not a fan at all. I think I’m one of the only women on earth not a fan of chocolate LOL

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