What I’m:

What I’m reading:

What I’m eating: a big salad with Orange Coconut Lemon Pepper Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

and Green Tea & Honey Ginger Tofu


What I wish I was eating: Nutter Butter Special K Bars (No Bake)

If you like peanut butter + chocolate, these are for you.  They weigh about 3 pounds each.  Super.Dense. <–and I love that.  I just don’t have any made up and on hand.  Darn.

What I’m going to do this weekend: This Tasting Festival

What I’m coveting: These Plates from Anthro

What I have lots of: MAC Makeup

But I always “need” more.

What I wish I had more of: Time, money, and sleep!  And camera/photography gear.

What I’m drinking: Vanilla Iced CoffeesLike they’re gong out of style!

Jitters are just fine by me.

What I’m going to do right now: a run outside

76F, sunny, light breeze.  Perfect.

What I enjoyed in my inbox: your comments on my last post, KISS, and hearing what you’re keeping simple or trying to simplify.  And yes, KISS doesn’t always end with ‘sweetie’, ahem.  As some of you pointed out in the comments.

What has overflooded my inbox: your entries to the Summer Tea Time GiveawayOpen til tomorrow only (my next post) Get your entries in now!  Flooding my inbox is permitted.


Pick Two and Fill in the blanks

What I’m:  _________________.

What I’m:  _________________.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. What I [should be] reading: my summer reading for school. Nopeeee :D

    What I [just was] eating: butternut squash fries! (and chicken)

  2. What I’m dreading: Tomorrows move.

    What I love: My cat Max. One of the perks of moving. I get to see him everyday. :)

  3. Fergie looks so pretty on the cover! Weather looks awesome and I could totally go for a REAL iced coffee right now :) What I’m thinking- I need to get more sleep :) What I’m loving- Josh (!!), Frank, family and friends, the peanut, the HOT weather, still teaching classes, my glider

  4. What I’m eating next: some of my mom’s homemade chili and rice.
    What I’m wishing I had: unlimited funds for purchasing a DSLR and every possible piece of equipment for it that I want.

  5. What I’m addicted to lately: raw dino kale salad, massaged with tahini/hummus/nooch dressing.

    What I just ate: the above salad. x2.

  6. What I’m LOVING is my results in my workouts.

    What I’m LOVING is the direction my life is going + the box of 2lbs strawberries staring at me :)

    Happy Weekend!

  7. That salad looks so pretty. I love the leafy greens.
    What I’m reading right now nothing, but I will be reading the Green Mile.
    What I’m doing right now is working on my books. Well, actually I’m about to do that seeing as I’m typing this right now.

  8. your weather sounds so perfect. you make california more appealing to me every day :P
    and that salad dressing? that sounds amaaazing!! i need to mix up my dressings more often. i’m usually content with hummus or balsamic vinaigrette, but change is nice sometimes ;)

    what i wish i had more of…you and i both re: camera gear and money! haha.

  9. What I’m Reading: The Art of Racing in the Rain. I just started it – so excited about this read!

    What I’m doing this weekend: Local brewery with my husband, bikram, visit to my esthetician, farmers market, and taking some pics outside in the beautiful weather!

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  10. Michele Sparrow Reply

    What I’m eating now: frozen coconut water with cinnamon and vanilla stevia!

    What I’m doing next weekend: going to Maui with my husband and 2 boys!! :-)

    I hope you have a lovely weekend, Averie!

  11. What I’m doing right now: watching LOST on netflix and hating how confusing this series is!

  12. How perfect are those plates! Your food would look GORGEOUS on them! :)

  13. what I’m wishing I had: a stocked fridge
    what I’m left with eating: a can of tuna, and some frozen veggies…..
    what I’m doing first thing in the A.M.: hitting up the grocery store (!!!)

  14. What I’m eating now: Chocolate Frosty :)
    What I wish I had more of: MONEY! I need to get our girl home like…yesterday!

    Brooke Annessa

  15. What I’m making for dessert tonight: Something chocolate!
    What I’m doing tomorrow: Pilates class!

  16. I was just eating was a wet burrito :D
    What I’m going to do now: Go to Bible Study!
    Hope you have a beautiful dayyyy

  17. Lovee Yoga Journal!
    What I’m reading: The Dressmaker or Kahair Khana
    What I;m eating: almond butter straight from the jar! Judge away, I have no shame :)

  18. What I’m reading: your blog. ;)
    What I’m doing (tomorrow): farmers market in my new town!

  19. What I wish I was eating: Ice cream! oh wait, I already had some earlier…but i still want more :)
    What I’m reading: textbooks and Women’s health

  20. What I’m loving: Dance, pilates, stretching, relaxing
    What I’m doing tomorrow: seeing out of town family and working at the Taste of Chicago festival!

  21. Love those plates, so cute.

    What I’m watching now – Jericho on NetFlix with hubby.
    What I’m wanting – cute new clothes from Anthro.

  22. What I’m wearing: a cute salmon pink scalloped neck top that I just bought
    What I’m thankful for: sleeping in extra even though it meant I had to skip yoga this morning!

  23. What Im eatiing : gluten free, sugar free corn flakes sweetened with pear juice, toped with a bit of maple syrup and almond breeze
    What I have a lot of (i.e. what I read too much of) : trash magazines like Us Weekly, InTouch, Life&Style.
    Happy Weekend!

  24. it is great .thank you for your share.i want to build a blog like yours.would you give me some advise?thanks.

  25. What I need – more sleep
    What I enjoy reading-your blog!

  26. What I’m doing: working on getting my new blog up and running!
    What I’m reading: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan–and I’m LOVING it! He has such a creative writing style, he could talk about grass all day and I’d listen!

    I hope the run was fabulous!

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  28. What I’m doing: goofing around on the Internet
    What I’m waiting for: my husband to get home so we can go on some sort of adventure today

    I don’t know where we’re going to go, but I want to get out of the house today!

  29. 76 and sunny does sound perfect — here it’s 55 and rainy! go figure!
    those plates ARE total crave-worthy…I’d love to eat off those!

  30. Reading…..Mimi Kirk’s new raw food book.
    Eating…..blueberries. Bhuja snacks. Gluten Free english muffins with olives & vegan cream cheeze.

  31. What I’m reading – From Heels to Tractor Wheels.
    What I’m coveting – Christian Louboutin peep toe heels.

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