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Heather and Jenn both recently nominated me to take part in the 7 Links Challenge.

The Goal: To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

The Rules:

1)     Blogger is nominated to take part
2)     Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.  <—whoops, I’m a rule breaker.
3)     Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.
4)     These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers
5)    And so it goes on!

My 7 Links/Posts (and I am a cheater because for each category I included a couple posts.  Sorry to be a rule breaker but it’s hard to narrow down thousands of posts!

1. Most Beautiful:


Farmers Market Images, San Diego

Aruba Images

Mexico City Images

2. Most Popular:

My About Tab


High Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

3. Most Controversial:

The Hazards of Bulk Bins (i.e. rat feces, mouse hair, and why I never buy from bulk bins)

Not Buying Organic Food

Medical Marijuana

Is Monogamy Natural?

Eating Meat (and images from the Mexico City Markets) (reinforced my plant based path but the comments from those who do eat meat as well as the vegans were great.  Not “controversial” as much as thought-provoking.  Everyone was respectful.  Thank you!)

Gambling & The Race Track

I could go on and on.  I have tons of controversial posts.

4. Most Helpful:

My Blogging 101 Series.  Just about everything you’d want to know to start your blog from how to link back properly to others’ recipes to how to buy your own domain to how to become a self-hosted blog to how to run giveaways to answering questions like how do companies find you to give you free products.  I cover lots of bases.

Blogging 101

Blogging 102

Blogging 103

Blogging 104

Blogging 105

5. Post Whose Success Surprised You:

Not “Healthifying” Desserts: Why I Don’t

Desserts & Healthy Living: Everything in Moderation

My 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Thoughts – the comments, support, and uplifting messages were mind-blowingly wonderful

Vanilla Iced Coffee – got tons of comments and it’s such a no-brainer “recipe”

However, I find the easiest, simplest “recipes” are the ones most asked for and most viewed.  Easy is great by me!

6. Not Enough Attention:

Making Our Own Choices: Not Defending & Explaining Yourself

Not Owing the World an Explanation on your blog

Protein FAQ’s, Vegan Sources & Recipes – So Where Do you Get Your Protein and other protein topics addressed

7. Post That You Are Most Proud Of:

This is way too hard to answer.  I have over a thousand posts spanning years.  I need more time to ponder this but wanted to publish this post because so many others already have.   Don’t want to be too late to the party.

The top 50 or so posts, that I am both most proud of and that readers request and that seem most popular with readers, are linked in my Popular Tab.

Everything is broken down by section cover everything from what I eat, how I workout, the trips I’ve taken, fun facts about me, what I keep in my pantry, and so forth.  Basically the broad brushstokes about me and I am proud of all those posts.

Also I have a Photography section for anyone interested in that.  I’m proud that I started off with a point and shoot camera and dark, grainy pictures and have evolved.  But like anything in life, my photography is very much a work in progress!  But it’s a passion.  It’s doing what I love and following my dreams, my heart, my passion.  <— that post was a good one with great reader comments.

My Nominations:

1. Katie

2. Madeline

3. Marla

4. Heather

5. Angela

And anyone else who wants to run with this on your blog, go for it! 

I hope you enjoyed my links.  There was no way I could keep this at just 7 links.  Brevity?  Me?  Nah.


1. If you’re a blogger, what posts that you’ve written stand out in your mind?  What was the post about?  Why is it memorable to you? 

It was fun for me to think about these questions and think back to old posts.  In doing searches on my own blog and seeing my old posts come up, and seeing the titles, it was such a trip down memory lane.  On most of them, just based on title alone, I can recall where I was living (I’ve moved and lived in four houses since I’ve been blogging), what I was doing in general in life, how much I was working out of the house or not, how old Skylar was; basically a snapshot of my life was hitting me as I skimmed old post titles which was awesome!

It’s hard for me to narrow down what posts really stand out though.

2. Any posts on my site that have been memorable to you or themes that stand out?

This is one of those questions that it’s better to have an outsider looking in and giving feedback because it’s just so hard for me to have self-perspective on this.

3. What blog posts have you read in the blogosphere that have stood out for you?  Why? 

Was it a recipe post?  A lifecasting/life stuff/lifestyle post?  A human interest type story or was the blogger revealing something quite personal about herself post?  Other themes?

For me, it’s never a recipe post that I remember from a blogger.  Sure, I remember that they have killer looking brownies or a great recipe for a dip but that which is truly memorable goes beyond brownies and dip for me.

I have to really feel something from the post.

Whether the blogger is sharing her dietary path, her struggles, her triumphs, sharing her personal history on everything from how she met her husband to her family planning methods to why she eats what she eats to her quitting the gym and getting off the cardio ratrace to her moving across the country.  Those are the types of posts I remember from all the others I read.  Personal details, real stories, that’s what I love.

Food is nice, life stories are much more memorable.  Even those bloggers who have recipe-style blogs, I am drawn to those who write with humor or who give little tidbits and stories from their life in between the lines of the recipe they’re sharing.

Have a great Tuesday and I hope some of you take this quiz and run with it!


  1. great list, Averie! I’m going to go back and read the ones I don’t recognize. :)

    I’m working on my post right now – and you’re right, some of these are hard to narrow down! :D

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. :) I need to real all of this :) thanks for sharing such awesome links

  3. Ewe to bulk bins! So glad to now know that. Great list

  4. this is such a great list! i’m a new-ish reader, so it’s awesome to have all of these posts listed here! i can’t wait to check out your blogging 101-105 posts and all of those controversial topics you’ve covered!

  5. Of course those cookie dough balls would be the most popular– I mean, LOOK at those babies ;)

    I love when I write a post that I don’t think will attract any attention, yet end up receiving tons of feedback! I guess you never really know what bloggies want to read about

  6. I am LOVIN this “7 links” thing – particularly as a new reader of your blog, it gives me a chance to play catch-up! I just read your “monogamy” post – your love story is straight out of the movies! – and can’t wait to read some of your other favorites.

    Also, your recipes will be responsible for feeding me for ohhh the rest of eternity, so thanks! :)

  7. I loved your blogging 101 series, it was so helpful and at a perfect time for me as I had just started blogging. Very much appreciated that one!

  8. Awesome post! I think THIS should be on the list of best posts if you ever do 7 links again. What a great way to help readers explore your blog and reflection on what you’ve written. :)

    The blogging 101 series was great.

  9. Love your blog! I’m always just inspired by how motivated you are in all areas of life: health/fitness, being a Mom, cooking/baking, being a wife! Just fabulous :) I haven’t posted about many controversial topics…but I always like reading when others do ;)

  10. Thanks for the shoutout, and what a great list of links! I totally agree that the posts I remember most (of my own and others) are the ones that come from the heart and really mean something. I went back and read your post for your 9th Anniversary and LOVED the story about how you and Scott met! So sweet. :)

  11. I really love these posts! It nice to see how bloggers I admire feel about their own posts, and it gives some insight into the types of blogs and posts you like to READ, which is really helpful for me. Plus I love going back and reading posts I haven’t seen yet! It’s so relieving to know that you started off with a point-and-shoot taking les-than-stellar pictures (so you say) and now your pictures are gorgeous and foodgawker-worthy! It gives me hope!

    Generally, I like posts about blogger’s daily lives. It gives me some perspective on why they do what they do. But the ones that stand out most are definitely the controversial ones! Why they eat what they do, stories about disordered eating, etc. Happy Tuesday!

  12. It’s always hard for me to think about my posts and think of them in terms of most popular or controversial or anything like that. I know that my post on why I workout the way I do had lots of feedback. I guess since I mostly just talk about my day as a whole, it’s hard to think that it really resonates soundly with someone else ya know?

  13. A wonderful post! Those links are great and I enjoyed reading you answers to the questions. Like you, I also need to feel something emanating from someone’s post in order to remember them.



  14. Love this post Averie. My coconut cream (which is the easiest “recipe” ever) is the post that gets the most hits. It’s funny how that stuff happens.

  15. I really like these 7 links posts — there are some posts that I read so long ago that I forgot about. My favorite posts of yours are your blogging 101 posts, anytime you talk about “everything in moderation” and probably a million more. I appreciate that you aren’t super strict and crazy when it comes to food.

    One post of yours that I have looked at a few times is your ‘streamlining your workouts” post — when you first wrote that (last year???) it really helped push me to get strength workouts in. I’ve always been a cardio junkie and last year I finally started adding more strength in.

  16. I mentioned it on the post itself a few days back but the one about hard work and luck was one of my favorites of yours. And I agree about favorite types of posts are usually not recipe ones but more in depth stories, tidbits, humor, or pictures- I love pictures.

  17. I used to think I knew what people liked and wanted on my blog, but I realized I have no idea! I don’t even know what I like, but there are a lot of posts that were popular and were really surprising. Usually the ones that I call “stream of consciousness” posts. Where I sit down with no idea what is going to come out and just write. Its usually funny(ish) and not at all relevant to anyone’s life.

    Aparently people like to use my blog to escape reality. but that makes sense, since I kind of do the same with blogs. I like posts that are a mix of serious and funny. I don’t want to read about a bowl of oatmeal, unless there’s a funny story behind it. Or something really interesting.

    I don’t think I’m too hard to please, but maybe I am. I have to think about this for my post! Thanks for tagging me!

  18. Averie, I LOVE this idea. Always fun to learn more about you too :) Thanks for the nomination. This is something I would love to do if I can squeeze it in. Is there a deadline for my post?? xxoo

  19. i love all these 7 links posts! allows me to catch up on things i’ve missed, and hear the blogger’s thoughts on it. here’s mine!

  20. these are great averie! i was just reading the post you did on the bulk bins and moths situation. i never knew that!! hmmm…and i just bought 2 lbs of oatmeal the other day at wf’s bc they are cheaper. anwyay, your pictures really stand out in your blogs which i love to look at… and also i love how you’re not afraid of sugars! have a great day! xx

  21. I love all your posts! But I ESPECIALLY love the recipes, and “down to earth” attitude you posses :D

  22. Love seeing these 7 links posts! It’s awesome to look back and see how our lives change in a short amount of time

  23. I love your photography! I get so blown away at the beauty of it! I also love erading your simple recipes that take almost no time at all like all of your raw vegan ‘balls’ and what not. Your posts are so informative and I love hearing about bringing up skylar too :)

    I try to not make my blog so personal, but of course I connect with those I have become close with via email. I just try not to expose too much of my personal life over my blog for security reasons and what not…but ANYTIME you want to know…you know to email me :)

  24. I agree with Kristina – great list! I’ve got all the pages queued up to read. I also like your nominations. I read Angela’s and Marla’s, but haven’t heard of the others, so thanks for sharing their blogs :)

  25. This is a fab post! Thanks so much!

  26. ooh I’m going to be bussssssssssy reading these tonight! =) You know I absolutely adore your blogging 411 posts and def agree that those are your most helpful!!! You were the little push I needed to get set with foodbuzz and thank goodness my point and shoot broke around the same time too =) helloooo dslr! haha — though its an absolute clunker I love it so!

    Be back in a little while to stalk the posts I haven’t seen before! MWAH!!!

  27. OHMYGOSH THE BULK BINS! (i had to sneak a read before going back to packing!) — did things get super out of hand with the comments? I might keep buying boxed quinoa now… yikes!

  28. Great link list, I remember most of them and had fun reading back. Lots of great photos too.

    1. Probably travel posts, Raw Health Expos, FoodBuzz Fest, etc.
    2. The Mexico City pics, Aruba pics, and Pride parades.
    3. Too many to list – yours, Choosing Raw, Peas and Thank You, Trying to Heal, and it just goes on!

  29. Thanks for sharing this–great compendium.

    I’m also so grateful about what you said about stand-out blog posts. I totally agree, and when I write, sharing myself and my story and perspectives is always more important than posting recipes, to the point that I don’t even post about food at all sometimes! And sometimes I’ve worried that this might be a turn-off.

  30. Angela’s post series “a year can change a lot” really stand out to me.

    I really remember your post(s) about Skylar’s schooling. I was introduced to something I had never heard of, but that made a lot of sense to me.

  31. Pingback: Grateful

  32. It was fun to play catch up and read a few of these. I love how you link back to older posts in blogs. When I first found your blog I hopped around a lot through the links, which was a bit crazy/hectic/awesome. It’s fun to discover the hidden treasures.

  33. I loved your Blogging 101 posts. For me, those really stood out because of how thorough they were. I wish I had read them before starting my blog. Life would have been so much easier! Alas, I didn’t but your post was instrumental in me getting my own domain. Thanks again. I’m looking forward to reading the 7 links posts that I have missed.

  34. I am just a wee one in the blogging world, but I am pretty proud of all my posts so far! I really love your photography, no matter if it is of food, scenery or your beautiful daughter. I really remember your photo heavy posts the most. I love how you write too. I also love everything from choosingraw!

  35. Great list! It was so fun to go over previous posts!!
    Thanks for the nomination! I wish I had time to do it this week. Maybe once life resumes to normal after the family leaves I can tackle it. :)

  36. Welll, it took me awhile, but I finally got through with reading all of your posts! Whew! The ones that really stood out to me were about not “healthifying” desserts and I especially loved the Protein FAQ’s about vegan sources. I also love your photography posts, especially when they involve food.

    I actually remember a couple of the bloggers I read for their thought provoking posts and others for their amazing food photography. But I think I’ve bored my husband to tears talking about how your blog always has some of both. In fact, he might be bored from me constantly talking about bloggers as if I know them, LOL. But he neeeever complains when I made a new recipe and he always knows where I find them….tee hee :)

  37. Hi Averie! A great list — thanks for compiling it so I could go back and read some posts I missed before I started following you. Just a question though — I was looking forward to reading some of the comments on a couple of the posts (like the OpenSky or the bulk bins ones) and noticed I wasn’t able to. I know you close comments on posts after awhile (and totally get that), but am I overlooking some little link to click to be able to view the comments? Thanks again!

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