A Day Of Rest?

Whoa, Nelly I had a busy day!  It sure was not a day of rest!

It started off with photographing a dessert I made.  I have a great recipe coming up in the next post, but I can’t post it for another 12 hours or so.  You’ll understand why when I publish it.

That’s not exactly the ingredients I used but my kitchen looked fairly similar to that.

Ingredients and dirty dishes everywhere.  Fun.

After the massive photography and kitchen cleanup session, I ventured to TJ’s.


They had full size watermelon for $3.49 each

Normally I don’t buy full size watermelon.  I prefer the mini since I don’t use them up that fast.  I am only feeding three, not a football team.

But I figured I could freeze the extra for watermelon smoothies!

Adding some frozen watermelon chunks into the Taste of the Tropics Smoothie sounds like a good idea to me.

And I also saw these gorgeous sunflowers in front of TJ’s

I posted the picture to my Instagram <–love.it.so.much.

And for all the hummus, dip, and salsa fiends, these pictures are for you:

Wall of Dips

Not to be confused with the Wall of Nuts

I used to buy that mango salsa all the time.  It’s so good.

Or you could just make your own Sweet Corn Salsa with Mango, Lime, Red Pepper

Easy, light, fresh.  Perfect for summer.
And while you’re at it, just make your own hummus, too.
More dippage

And my favorite section of the store: the baking area! Well, it ties with the coffee section

Love their cocoa powder, chocolate chips, caramel sauce which I dropped all over my floor <–glass and caramel nightmare!

And their bourbon vanilla is a staple for all my baking or for vegan vanilla softserve

I saw this today but didn’t buy it.  Maybe I should?

It would probably be stellar ground on top of anything from iced coffee

…to sprinkled on top of some Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Bites

I also went to the other grocery store

I did laundry

I ran and did yoga

I spent time with Skylar

I made meals and snacks all.day

And I have to work yet. 

Second shift much?

From my last post, thanks for the wonderful compliments on my Pride Pictures!  It was such a fun day and it was great to hear if you’ve been to any Pride fests in your area.

And thanks for sharing about your life and what makes you a little unconventional or different than others you know or from your friends and family.

Last reminder about about the Summer in a Box Giveaway


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Being with Skylar, munching on juicy watermelon, and seeing so much love and pride all weekend long all over my neighborhood has rocked.   And the perfect sunny weather has been lovely, too!

2. Do you typically use the weekends, or Sunday, as a Day of Rest or not?

I don’t!  I use them as a time to get caught up on things from the previous week and get a headstart on checking things off my list for the upcoming week.

Scott is able to watch Skylar and take her to the park on the weekends and be with her which gives me time to just turbo through what I need to do.  Saturday and Sunday afternoons are golden for me in terms of being busy, being productive, and doing things.  No resting for me!  Would love to, but also have too many things to juggle to just “hang out and rest”.  <—That was P.K.  (pre-kiddo) and a fulltime job.  But the memories of a day of rest are nice.  One day again, I’m sure I’ll get there.

If you’re just catching up on posts from Friday, here they are:

See you  with a great recipe on the next post!


  1. Wow, so many great trader joe’s purchases! That sugar chocolate coffee grinder thing looks awesome! The best thing I did this weekend was go to Florida with my bf (we’re from Ohio) to find him an apartment!

  2. I love trader joes hummus especially the horseradish!! I love your instagram pictures I just downloaded the app I need to use it!!

  3. Loving all the TJs coverage in this post <— totally one of my favorite stores

    the best thing I did this weekend was see Harry Potter (huge fan) and enjoy the gorgeous weather we're having here in Boston (it doesn't last very long around these parts!)

    and I do typically use the weekends to rest and relax. I do not have children yet, so fortunately I'm able to do that. I admire your energizer bunny-like abilities Averie!

  4. Oh, how i wish i had a TJ’s close to my home!! I’ve never even been to one. I surprisingly i do not live under a rock! ;-) I can tell from your posts that I would love it there!!

    Oh…my day of rest is Saturday..love me some good down time. life is just too hectic and busy during the weel that i need that time just to relax not worry about work (though i still photograph like a mad woman), blog, run errands, etc. i just try to sit back and enjoy whatever is going on with the family. how did i ever live without that wonderful day of rest..i will never know.

    Ooh…and sunflowers..my favorite flower!

  5. On Sundays, we go to church in the morning, eat lunch at home, and then spend the rest of the day napping, resting, gardening, cooking, etc.
    I can’t believe you didn’t buy that grinder! I definitely would have/am going to! :-)

  6. I typically use Sundays as my day of rest :D

    love all your gorgeous/well-taken pics, per usual :D

  7. I use sundays as my day of rest but thursday- saturday are filled with work for me. Then the beginning of the week is work from home, so a bit less structured. Wish I had a TJ’s everytime I see all your goods and pictures!

  8. Girl, I could eat that whole watermelon in about one weekend. Army of 1 over here!

    I always make time for rest. Yep, no kids, so it’s possible. I’m grateful -)

    Sat and Suns are work days for me, too. I squeeze in errands throughout the week and weekends as needed. Non-traditional work hours facilitates this.

    Best thing I did or ate? Watermelon and time outdoors :-)

  9. I totally bought the sugar chocolate coffee bean grinder today!!! It’s amazing, definitely recommend it. I used it on coffee, toast and cupcakes today!

  10. Football team? Ha! I could eat one of those babies in a weekend all on my own! Watermelon makes my mouth sing.

  11. I could definitely eat a whole watermelon by myself. In fact, I did last week! I am also definitely a dip and hummus fiend, so thank you for the eye candy. MMM!

  12. OMG, those TJ’s prices are KILLER! $3.49 for a full-size watermelon? I haven’t seen that since 1993 here in NY. And all of their other products and low, low prices… I’m so jelly! :D I love TJ’s! Can’t wait to make my yearly excursion, haha.

    You’re making me want another iPhone. Stop it. I don’t need one. I barely use the phone I have! LOL ;)

  13. Mmmm dip! You’re inspiring me to make hummus soon!

    Best thing I ate over the weekend was probably a burrito from Chipotle. I was on my way to the boyfriend’s and they were the closest vegan option. The burrito was the size of a small child, but I had to finish it because it was too messy to try to wrap while driving!

    I get a little relaxation time during boyfriend visits on the weekends, but Friday and Sunday nights are full of prep for the week!

  14. These pictures are so pretty! It’s a visual feast :)

    I always want my sundays to be rest days and they NEVER are! Randomly, saturday mornings or afternoons seem to be the lazy time and the rest is productive.

  15. You know what my favorite thing is about the Wall of Dips? Just about everything is under four bucks a pop, as opposed to the Whole-Store-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named where pretty much everything is over four bucks a pop.

  16. Oh my god, I just wrote and uploaded muy post for tomorrow with almost that exact question! I used to be more into relaxing weekends, but now that I feel more obligated to work 5 days a week, I feel like I need to take advantage and PLAY on the weekends! Which I did a TON of this weekend.

    Kitchen mess today? YES. I made 12 pints of straberry jam and that was only about half the berries we picked!

  17. HILLCREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  18. Why oh why is there no TJ’s in Canada? BUMMER!! I love heading there and loading up on all my baking necessities too!! So good and SO much cheaper!! Try shopping up here where the stinking market is insanely expensive. erg.

    My fav part of the weekend was taking Hudson to his first wiener dog race to participate!! xxoo

  19. Love this post! It’s what my day of rest would look like. :) Baking, mess in the kitchen, watermelon, sunflowers, Trader Joes, hummus..yum! I just bought that grinder too and use it on chocolate smoothie bowls and I’m going to add it to my Trader Joe’s giveaway!

  20. eva @5fruitsNveggies Reply

    thanks for intro’ing the coffee, sugar, chocolate grinder! never have seen it before, but keeping my eyes peeled for it now ; )

  21. I am literally slack jawed at your productivity. When do you sleep?! The best thing I ate this weekend was honey dew. I try to rest on Sundays, but on days off I just want to do things I cant do during the week while I’m working. Usually cooking, shopping, cleaning and yoga, the usual.

  22. Your watermelons are less than half what I’m paying up here! I can happily eat a quarter of one for breakfast, but it does take a long time to eat that much watermelon. So I guess I’m a football team all by myself!!

    You are so turbo-charged, it really is incredible. I’m glad that you get so much done and so much satisfaction out of it.

  23. As always, great photos. I actually did rest on Sunday but did get in my turbo kickboxing class!

  24. TJ’s has so many amazing products! i CANNOT wait until it opens up in my neck of the woods :)

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  26. I can’t get over the prices at TJ’s. Is it just because you’re @ TJ’s, or do food prices tend to be a bit lower over there as a whole? I don’t pay less than $3.99 for hummus and that coffee-bean grinder looks like something I’d pay at least $5 for!

    weekends for catch-up/rest? hah. in the winter, i’d go with yes. in the summer? i go back to work on monday and am thankful for the rest :P Buuut, not complaining. It’s all things I bring on myself, after all :)

    • TJs food prices ARE lower than anywhere else on things like hummus, dips, spreads, chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit, fresh produce most of the time…now they dont have tons of inventory compared to a reg groc store but the reason they can keep their prices low is they stock let’s say 100,000 items whereas a normal groc store stocks 1 million items. that’s why they discontinue things that are “duds” all the time. i read an interesting time magazine or us news type article on this about a year ago. if you google something like ” the tj’s phenomenon” i bet you can find it….

  27. Your TJ’s has SOOO much more variety than mine. I’m a little jealous! :)

  28. Well, I’m a mom with a full time job, so as you know, weekends are no day of rest for me either. I don’t quite power through things like you do though. My spouse and I split the housework. So we pretty often are trading off child care duties.

    I usually get a little bit of relaxation on the weekend – some workouts – tri training and some fun in the pool with the kiddo. But this past weekend was the usual besides…laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, yard work, and lots of legos.

  29. A day of rest? What’s that? ;)
    I won’t get a day of rest until the end of paintball season (late November). Until then it is busy, busy, busy. But then, you know what that’s like :)

    Looking forward to that new recipe

  30. I just love their wall of dippage!! It’s pretty much my first stop on the TJ Train.

  31. Usually no! I am usually still running around like crazy trying to get everything done I didn’t get to on Saturday. I hoped to be able to rest, and was actually granted that. Because for some reason something I ate Saturday night caused me to feel awful all Sunday morning. So instead I laid on the couch and watched the first five episodes of Lost. I have never seen the show before, so I thought I’d give it a try. Just to let you know, when you already feel nausea setting in, watching jerky camera action is not the best idea.

  32. Sweet deal on the watermelon. Love the sunflowers, they’re blooming everywhere here now. Busy day for you!

    1. Not too much, spent time at a car dealership with hubby, ran, saw a movie and made tempeh pizza.
    2. Sometimes, or a time to catch up on chores for the week – so not so restful. :-)

  33. Sundays are either a day of rest, or a day of homework … depends on the time of year! Yesterday I rested.

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