A Few Trinkets

Remember the other day I was wondering if I should go back for this platter?

Well, I never made it back for that platter.

Instead, I was walking past my neighborhood thrift store and couldn’t resist spending a whopping $7.50 on a few of trinkets.


Item 1: Wood.  It’s about the size of my outstretched palm.

It will be perfect for photographing things like Chocolate Coconut Kale Chips

Wood is such a great medium for photography.  Don’t underestimate the beauty of wood in photographs because even thought it may look a little meh in person; in photography, wood can be really beautiful.

Like this image that I took during my natural food styling and photography workshop.

Wood on wood, works.

Item 2: This bowl was a steal at $2.50

My grandmas had “bumpy” glassware.   It’s all long gone and sold off (sadly and I cringe!) in estate sales.  Such a shame!

What I wouldn’t give to have any of either of my grandma’s bumpy glass.  I’m sure it has a technical name, but that’s what I call it.

The bowl will be perfect for photographing things like

No Bake Toffee & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Or Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls

Item 3: This mauve wine glass.

It will look good just hanging out in the background of pictures.

Notice the barely there water glass in my Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks


Or, I usually have other bowls or props hanging out in the background such as in photos of the No Bake Nutter Butter Special K Bars

And novel concept, I could actually use the wine glass and drink wine from it rather than just use it for photography purposes!  I may try that.

I have a stash to use anyway

Speaking of needing a glass of wine, thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post, You Wouldn’t Believe ItNo, you really wouldn’t and I couldn’t make it up!

And I will be blogging about it all soon, but I need to wait for a few things to play out first.  In the meantime, however, thank you everyone for your supportive and encouraging words.   Your comments really helped me; thank you.  And thanks to new readers or first time commenters for chiming in, too!

As I had said before, I am fine, things in genearl are “fine”; just extremely hectic and chaotic with bouts of uncertainty sprinkled in.  Sorry to be crytpic, but hey, mystery happens sometimes.

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1. Have you picked up any fun little trinkets or items lately?

Other than my camera neckstrap I haven’t bought anything this week in ages.

Well, other than my Target tripMoney.suck.

Oh wait, I did buy this amazing book though.  I am working my way through it, about 3 pages per day.  By the time Skylar is in high school, I should have it read.

2. Do you have any favorite little kitchen items or trinkets that you use all the time, over and over?

I have so many but one item I use daily is my reusable coffee go-cup.  Even if I am drinking coffee at home, I still put it in my reusable green travel cup from Starbucks rather than just a plain mug.  Why? Because my go-cup is bigger and I get to drink more coffee that way.  <–And I love coffee.

3. 4th of July Plans?

I still have no parties, no plans, and am okay with that.

I need to figure out what we’re doing with fireworks and where we may be watching them.  There are about 5 shows I can see just from our balconies.

I may utilize the don’t bother leaving home for fireworks method like I did last year.

Happy 4th of July to everyone celebrating it!


  1. You have a good eye for these trinkets

  2. Have a great weekend Averie! I hope everything is okay with you, but I know you will work hard to make it okay if it’s not!

    I love picking up trinkets, especially when I’m not looking for any and find some.

  3. Ah, love the bowl, very pretty!! I think my favorite decorative platter you have is the one pictured above with theNo Bake Toffee & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites, though. love that ribbon woven in!

    Fourth of July plans will absolutely include firework viewing for this girl, and as many foods as one can grill outside!

  4. I just bought some blue wine glasses that look similar to that and I absolutely love them. My only problem is that I have trouble photographing them in my pictures because they are so tall compared to the plate size. I need to take some photography tips from you I think. ;)

    • awww, you’re too sweet :)

      just get down at eye level at your shots and play with your camera angles and you can make even taller glasses sort of “blend” into the background and if you’re shooting with a dslr, turn your f/stops in the 3 to 7 range, that way things will blur out a bit too…helping matters.

  5. My grandma was a huge fan of dishes. She collected boxes and boxes full of them-all beautiful. Most were handed down from the family (I don’t know how old some of them are!), but others I think she collected from various friends….After she passed away a couple years ago (I was very close to her), she left all of her dishes to her grandchildren. she was so great about organizing them-each one had a little handwritten note inside telling where she got it from, who gave it to her, and what exactly it was. I am so blessed to have them now as a special reminder of her. But you know what? The ones I cherish the most aren’t the special ones with intricate, hand-painted flowers, but the ones she used every day: her muffin tins, her Le Creuset baking dish, her silverware, her glasses…..because now I get to use them! And I get to remember her with each casserole and muffin I bake.

  6. Praying for you! I just want you to know I am keeping up with you and your blog, just haven;t had time to write out a nice comment. I know that’s a lame excuse but you understand how crazy life can get ;)

    Love ya woman!

  7. oh i really want to go try my luck at an antique store now! i love your finds!

  8. I’m no photographer, but so agree that wood makes an excellent backdrop. I just place items on my hardwood floor or dark wood dining table, and it makes all the difference in photo quality.
    My mom has extensive collections of glassware, and the “bumpy white glassware” is one kind of which she has many pieces! yes, it’s too bad how family treasures get away from us, sometimes. Love what you picked up at the thrift store-three very different looks.
    Have a great sunday! We’re california-style HOT today! Yippee!

  9. Oooh, neat treasures! You have an eye for things. I don’t always see the treasures amidst the junk. I’ve always loved the way that you stage your photographs.

  10. I bought a few smaller white bowls at Pier 1 a few weeks ago and I just love them — perfect for smaller snacks or to serve things like salsa, sauces, dips, etc. And they were only $5 for a set of 4, so you can’t beat that.

    My mom has a few older pieces of china from my grandparents — I wish she had more because I love that sort of thing. We are getting an old set from Jason’s Mom (it originally belonged to Jason’s Great Grandma) and it is so beautiful. I can’t wait until we can take it home! (all we’re waiting for is for my MIL to find the set — it is buried deep in her attic!)

  11. Hahaha, I laughed at your estimated-time-of-finishing the book – hope you get some peace and finish it sooner :-)

    Oh – re the bumpy glass, I have much too often been giving away stuff and regretting it later, now I’m just saying yes please whenever my mum offers to pass something on from her cupboards – I have the china my grandparents got for a wedding gift! Those where the OLD days, with one set for everyday and one set for the glass-door cupboard, so I don’t think they where hardly ever used. Strange days. That said: second best is to find something that just reminds you, even if it isn’t the exact same. It still feels like history and I think it helps preserve the memories :-).

  12. Ooh the glass is cool! I love to collect wine glasses from all over the world, all different types so that I have a nice miss matching set with not one the same! :) Best trinkets I picked up recently were a set of brightly coloured gold patterned mini glasses from a market in NYC! Soo cute and perfect for chocolate mousses or tea. :)

  13. Just found your blog. I love your thrift store finds! I think the bumpy white glass is called milk glass, I think.

  14. What fun trinkets, great finds!

    1. I guess we did at Ikea yesterday for the office to keep things organized.
    2. Probably my pasta bowls since they’re perfect for huge, messy salads, watermelon, etc.
    3. Maybe a casual family gathering, who knows.

  15. Love your trinkets!

  16. I don’t think I really have any trinkets per se. Although I definitely use some kitchen items quite regularly. My food processor and magic bullet absolutely get the most use in my kitchen directly after my cutting boards and knives!

  17. your photography ALWAYS makes everything look so good! you definetly have an eye for it! those chocolate kale chips are calling my name! i will have to try those!

  18. My favourite kitchen item would have to be a good, sharp knife. It’s hard to get any chopping, dicing, mincing, etc done if you don’t have a good one of those! There are so many things I would LIKE to have for the kitchen…but we won’t go there…yet lol

  19. Looks like you nabbed some great kitchen finds, Averie! I went to a house auction a few weeks ago and scored ~10 small decorative plates, for $2 or $3 TOTAL (I can’t remember exact because it was so cheap)! And yes I am with you on wood – I think it is a great backdrop for food photos.

  20. CHOCOLATE COCONUT KALE CHIPS!?!!?!??!!??!!:!!!

  21. Love all your new dishes. Sometimes you kind find some of the greatest stuff at thrift stores, so cheap too! And now I totally want to try doing some photographing on wood, thanks for the tip.

    And to answer number one: my grandma and her two sisters are visting right now and yesterday we went and we walked around a bit in the little down town area. This one resale store has lots of neat dishes. There was this one little tea cup and plate set that I loved, but didn’t buy. And this morning my aunt came into my room and suprised me with it. She has sneakily bought if for me, without me even realizing! So sweet of her and I love the little set.

  22. All of your trinkets are so pretty!

  23. I love all the trinkets you find and such great prices! The wood block is going to be a perfect backdrop for photos.

    I’m keeping a low-key 4th as well. I have the final exam for my summer class this week, so I’ll be busy studying. It’s nice just to have a long weekend though!

  24. I LOVE hobnail (bumpy) dishware!! All of my bathroom accessories are actually white hobnail :)

  25. Hi! This is my first comment, but I have been reading your blog for a year now. Your posts are so beautiful and you are such an inspiration. I have finally mustered up the courage and ambition ot start a blog of my own.

    I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for being you :)

  26. Thanks Averie, I’m really excited about the Shaklee products! I can’t wait to try them out. I just bought a whole bunch of new stuff for photography at the thrift store too! It might have to be a weekly trip (with a budget of course).

    I saw fireworks last night! I had fun playing with my camera, my boyfriend showed me a few technical things I was missing. He’s pretty good with the technicalities. Plans for tomorrow include getting ready for school on Tuesday (ew) and possibly a spin on the new mountain bike!

  27. I haven’t picked up any fun trinkets lately but I’m loving your new finds! Particularly the wood block. I love the natural look of wood.

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  29. I haven’t bought any trinkets in a long time, but I do enjoy shopping for them!

    I really like the glass you bought – it is such a pretty colour :-)

    Happy 4th of July to you!

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  31. Your posts are always so positive… You make me smile :)

  32. FYI – it’s called milk glass…”grandma’s bumpy glass”…

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