At Airport & Returning Home

I am here in the Phoenix airport, ready to board my final flight home to San Diego.

It’s been a wonderful trip to Mexico, but I am ready to go back home and hug Skylar!

And I will be packing like a crazy woman…


…in advance of movers showing up at our house at 9am on Wednesday morning to move us into our new place.

Thanks for your fun comments about my last post, Romance in Mexico City and PDAs and if you’re a PDA person, or not.

And now, I’ve got a flight to catch.


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Mexico City was amazing.  And I have another post about the things I saw and did coming up later on.  But check out any of my last, few, posts, on it.

2. When trips end for you, are you generally ready to go home or would you have preferred to stay longer?

With this trip, it was so intense with a very long travel day Friday and then a late night Friday, 18 hour days shooting and trekking, walking, and schlepping through the markets on Saturday and Sunday, I am ready to take what I have learned, take my experiences, and get back home.

Loved the experience, will love getting back, too. 

And, I miss my family, too.  I’ve never been away from Skylar for more than 28 hours so this was a huge step, for both of us!

Plus, I have my move to tackle!

However, our Christmas trip to Aruba and our May trip to Aruba, I would have gladly hung out in paradise a few more days!   Different kind of trip, much more leisurely.  Beach vacations tend to be that way, of course.

Have a great Monday and I’ll be back later with a longer post, and more photos to share from my trip.

18 comments on “At Airport & Returning Home”

  1. Have a safe trip home!!!

    Best thing I ate was fondue at The Melting Pot!

  2. I bet having a little one at home makes you all the more anxious to get back! The best thing I ate this weekend was a tofu scramble with marinated tofu, spinach, and onion. When trips end I’m usually ready to get home and get back to normal life (with the exception of my trip to Costa Rica – I wanted to stay forever!).

  3. What in the world did you find to eat in Mexico? Sure, there is an abundance of fruit, but other than that, you’re right, it’s meat and cheese, meat and cheese, and oh, some meat and cheese! Do you think you could ever live in a food environment like that? I went there in April with my fiance, a native Mexican and the food dilemma was always on my mind.

  4. Yeah, after a few days away from hone, I usually can’t wait to get back! I love adventures, but I think 48-72 hours is my sweet spot.

    Glad Mexico was great! Looking forward to more pics. :)

  5. best thing I did this weekend?? went to the Rev3 to meet Lindsay + James! Basil and I went out there to cheer everyone on and had a great time. perfect day for a race. then I came home and helped finish the pool – this morning the chlorine went in, by tomorrow I CAN get in!! :)

    have a great week, Averie! here’s to a SMOOTH move! :D

  6. When trips end I’m usually ready to just get home and get on with life — plus knowing I have loads of laundry to do makes me anxious to get home and get started on it.

    Have a safe trip home — and good luck with the move!

  7. Safe travels!
    It’s always bittersweet at the end of a trip. Part of me wants to remain on vaca but part of me is ready to go home to my clean house and daily eats.
    Good luck with the move!

  8. Good luck packing! Have fun getting home and cuddling with your sweet family again. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. xox

  9. Have a great flight!

    1. Going to the organic tomato festival.
    2. Depends on how long the trip is, I always want short weekend getaways to last longer, but usually happy to get home after a week+.

  10. Aw, I am reading this from the dallas airport waiting to board the plane to santa Fe! Hope you have a safe trip home.

  11. When vacations are over I’m usually pretty ready to go home! I always miss my dogs too much when I’m away!

  12. hope the final leg of your tour goes smoothly, averie!
    i really think it’s fabulous that you took time to pursue your passion, and MADE time for yourself. yes, it was an action-packed weekend, no down time, but you are going to return home refreshed, in a sense, and ready to meet that move, head on.
    i bet skylar has huge hugs for you!! (and scott, haha!)
    i am NEVER ready to leave aruba. and last year, i did not want to leave florida – would gladly have made two weeks turn into two months!

  13. I’m sure you’ll be welcomed home into loving arms!! I’m glad you had a great trip and I can’t wait to hear more about it.

    Best thing I did over the weekend was paint pottery with my boyfriend. I only get to see him weekends, so it’s nice to do new things together.

    I usually prefer to stay longer on trips! Home is not my favorite place!

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  15. Depending on the trip, I may or may not be ready to be home. If it is a nice relaxing, perfect amount of time trip, then yes, but those are rare. They are usually too long or too short. I need a goldilocks vacation planner in my life.

  16. I LOVE trips. I’m never ready to come home EVER!!

    I am moving at the end of the month. The sight of boxes sends chills down my spine right now!

  17. Usually at the end of the trip I wish I could stay longer, but when I get home I am happy to be home … also depends on if I have to go back to work right away, or if I still have a few days at home.

  18. It definitely depends on the trip! Most of the time I wish I could stay longer and not have any responsibilties. In fact, it’s not usually until I get home and have to tackle household stuff again that I wish I had gotten back sooner. Especially since I am an internet junkie and going on any sort of vacation means absolutely zero internet because I don’t have a laptop or smartphone!

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