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Recently I reviewed the barre3 DVD

Many of you told me how much you’d love to try the Barre3 method and DVD.

Well, it’s your lucky day month.


For the remainder of July and for the month of August, all readers using the promo code (in all caps) will receive 20% off their barre3 DVD + FitBall Mini purchase


barre3 Total Body Lift  DVDbarre3 total body lift workout DVD
Experience the transformative benefits of barre3 at home or on the road with this 40-Minute Total Body Lift Workout. Drawing from the three disciplines of ballet barre work, yoga, and Pilates, this workout offers fast body shaping results and long term postural benefits. This DVD comes with a FitBALL Mini and in place of a ballet barre, all you need is a sturdy, waist high chair. You may also choose to use light hand held weights. Now you can have a regular barre3 practice at home and while traveling! Consult with your doctor before attempting this or any other exercise program.$19.99
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And barre3 is giving away THREE DVDs to three of my readers!
Want to win a Barre 3 DVD?

To Enter:

1. Tell me about your favorite way to workout or incorporate fitness and exercise into your life?


Tell me why you want to win the Barre3 DVD?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow MeTwitter Follow barre3 and then tweet the following:

“I entered to win a Barre 3 DVD from from @loveveggiesyoga @barre3sadie”

3. For a third entry, do one of these things (or more if you’d like but you can only claim one for contest purposes)

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Contest will run until Monday, July 25, 2011 and winners will randomly be chosen and announced.

Contest is open to U.S. residents only.

Get your entries in now!


  1. As a college student living in Pittsburgh, DVD workouts are a great way for me to go to a “class” for free, as well as work out inside on cold, rainy Pittsburgh days!

  2. i already twitter follow and i tweeted!

  3. I like to workout on the elliptical

  4. I am following you on twitter

  5. I mainly do weights and Zumba for my workouts, but my favorite activity has always been ballet… so this would be perfect for me! I have always wanted to try one of these DVDs and just never have :(

  6. I liked you on facebook

  7. And I liked barre 3 on facebook!

  8. I would love to try this! I love to vary my workouts, but lately I’ve been stuck gym-yoga-gym-yoga. It’s just too dang HOT on the East Coast to run outside!!! (On the weekends I usually make a 3 mile round trip to Starbucks on foot just to get in some weekend movement, but today, I’m driving–ASHAMED!).

    Barre 3 sounds good because I <3 yoga. I also like that it incorporates ballet moves. I don't have any experience with that but my BFF is a dance instructor and she's got a killer bod (post baby and all!)

  9. I “like” you on FB!

  10. I have just recently started exercising again… I was never one to be “in love” with exercising I did it because it made me healthy and fit. Now that I have started back at it again I am trying to find ways to exercise that I really love… I am enjoying nice long power walks outside, and classes at the gym with my sister. I have also started to try yoga and while it is still VERY challenging I find myself being drawn back to the class week after week!

  11. I’d love to win the Barre 3 dvd because I need something new to revamp my workout routine. I haven’t been on the exercise route in awhile and I have gotten very self conscious. I need to change it, asap!

  12. I twitter followed Barre3 and tweeted!

  13. I facebook “liked” Barre3

  14. my favorite way to incorporate fitness into my life is to DANCE!

  15. I love dance based workouts. As a stay at home Mom I’m always looking for workouts I can do with my 2 year old daughter around. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Suzanne Shores Chappell Reply

    I love Barre classes!! My work schedule makes it hard to make it the classes at a studion near my house. Would love these videos to be able to do the workout while at home or while on-call at the hospital. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win!

  17. Suzanne Shores Chappell Reply

    I liked Barre3

  18. I would love to try the Barre3 method. I am good in the area of cardio – running, cycling, elliptical, etc. It would be awesome to add this to my routine especially since I have always wanted to add yoga and pilates, but haven’t figured out the best way. This would be perfect for me to do to add to my routine.

  19. Barre3 would be an awesome score for me, because I love taking these types of classes at gyms and studios. Being able to squeeze one in at home would be awesome. Love that it’s 40 minutes! I’ve been biking a lot lately to incorporate fitness into my day-to-day routine, above and beyond my usual workouts and Yoga practice. It’s been awesome!

  20. i love getting a morning run in before anyone else is up, gets my day going and i’m noticeably more peppy at work! :)

  21. Jensine Crandall Reply

    Running is my go to exercise but I have always wanted to try the barre workout!

  22. Jensine Crandall Reply

    FB liked barre

  23. I would love to try barre3! There’s a great studio by my house that has barre classes, but after several months of taking classes there I need a more affordable option that I can do at home!

  24. traditional working out bores me. i love any type of dance or class i can take!

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  26. I would love to win the DVD- I was just noticing that my FIRM,Jillian and Bob Harper rotation was getting a little stale!

  27. I would LOVE these. I am taking a barre class now but think I am going to get fired from work because I leave to take the class and tell them I have a meeting….which I do! I have a meeting with barre!! And although there is not a problem with this right now, I know I will need to give up my appt times soon and start using a DVD. Why do so many pilates places only have classes during the day???

  28. I love running and yoga, and would love to try barre!

  29. My favorite way has, and continues to be, group fitness classes (especially BodyAttack!!) They get me going like no other, and keep me motivated!!

  30. I would like to win this because i have been using the same workout dvds for years and need a push to try something new!

  31. I’d love to try out Barre3 because I love trying new workouts!

  32. I like you on FB!

  33. I try to attend a yoga class at the studio on my block daily. Otherwise, I would hit a dvd like this one offered.

  34. I am moving out of NYC and will be temporarily without access to a gym as I explore gyms back in my hometown. I also took ballet lessons for one year (kindergarten) and quit before I could become the prima ballerina I was destined to be – so, winning a Barre3 vid would help me stay in shape and pretend to be a dancer, all at once! :)

  35. The best way for me to incorporate exercise in my life is to do it at 4:30am! I work all day, so getting up this early allows me to REALLY be awake!

  36. I would LOVE to win a barre3 DVD because there is no barre3 in San Francisco. I go to the Dailey Method and BurnSF and love both, but enjoy the variety in different barre exercises. Having the barre3 DVD will allow me to work out at home — no more “I don’t want to get out of the house today” excuse!

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