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Recently I reviewed the barre3 DVD

Many of you told me how much you’d love to try the Barre3 method and DVD.

Well, it’s your lucky day month.


For the remainder of July and for the month of August, all readers using the promo code (in all caps) will receive 20% off their barre3 DVD + FitBall Mini purchase


barre3 Total Body Lift  DVDbarre3 total body lift workout DVD
Experience the transformative benefits of barre3 at home or on the road with this 40-Minute Total Body Lift Workout. Drawing from the three disciplines of ballet barre work, yoga, and Pilates, this workout offers fast body shaping results and long term postural benefits. This DVD comes with a FitBALL Mini and in place of a ballet barre, all you need is a sturdy, waist high chair. You may also choose to use light hand held weights. Now you can have a regular barre3 practice at home and while traveling! Consult with your doctor before attempting this or any other exercise program.$19.99
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And barre3 is giving away THREE DVDs to three of my readers!
Want to win a Barre 3 DVD?

To Enter:

1. Tell me about your favorite way to workout or incorporate fitness and exercise into your life?


Tell me why you want to win the Barre3 DVD?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow MeTwitter Follow barre3 and then tweet the following:

“I entered to win a Barre 3 DVD from from @loveveggiesyoga @barre3sadie”

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Contest will run until Monday, July 25, 2011 and winners will randomly be chosen and announced.

Contest is open to U.S. residents only.

Get your entries in now!


  1. I’m like you, I like to mix my workout up. Currently, I’m loving the Men’s Health Spartacus workout, swimming (a newfound exercise!), and as always, yoga. I do love home videos on mornings it’s just too hot to think about leaving the house, and I’d love a new addition to my collection of DVDs! I’ve done Pure Barre (another barre method) before and LOVED it. Hope I get one!

  2. My favorite way to workout is to run. Barre3 would be a great way to add muscle toning without hitting the gym (which is so hard to find time for these days!)

  3. I guess my favorite workout is T-Tapp. But, I get bored easily and need to switch it up! So, I’d love to try Barre3!

  4. I also liked you of Facebook!

  5. I would love to try out this DVD cuz I’m looking for something new to do :-)

  6. I love love love to run!

  7. Favorite exercise = running my dog…it’s our most special bonding time..doing something we both love!

  8. I love working out in my living room. We’ve had 38 days over 100 here and I just can’t een begin to exercise outdoors. I also have to switch it up on myself or I’ll go insane. They just opened a Barre studio near my house and I’ve been wondering what their workouts are like.

  9. Winning a Barre3 dvd would be wonderful! I host a health/fitness party at my house every wed night, and it would be awesome to launch this DVD as part of our workout. Plus, exercising outdoors in this New Orleans heat is not an option for another month or two:)

  10. I love taking long walks with my fiancé, especially on these lovely summer nights. I love workout DVDs, my current fave being the 30 day shred. The barre3 sounds like a great workout DVD I’d love to own!

  11. I’m actually going to be a tad personal and admit that I’m learning to exercise in a healthy manner post-eating disorder. I find that this method could be enough to inspire me to continue eating without the mental torture over my body.

    I really do appreciate this giveaway!! I’ve also started following you and Barre3 on twitter (@aefondkiss89) and liked Barre3 on facebook!

    Thanks again and have a beautiful weekend!

  12. my fave workouts are a tie between bodyrocktv & crossfit WOD!

  13. I try to incorporate fitness into my life by walking and doing a Pilates DVD. But with 3 little ones, TRY is the key word here!

  14. My favorite way to work out is a spin class. I love the hour push and dont feel like i’ve wasted a minute. However, I like to mix things up so I dont get bored, I’ve been wanting to try this method!

  15. I’ve been a silent follower of your site, but must say it’s a daily addiction! Keep up the fantastic blogging :)

    My favorite way to incorporate fitness into my life is by doing the things that make me (and my pets) happy. I take my dogs for daily jogs, and practice yoga several days a week to keep me grounded. The dogs love their daily walks and I’ve found that it keeps them from being destructive. Not to mention I (well “we”) get a fabulous workout! It’s all about balance!

  16. My favorite way to work out is for sure yoga. I love how it makes me feel, and I love how it strengthens me and stretches me. I also LOVE dance, ballet especially. I don’t have a car so I walk or bike everywhere I go, so fitness is part of my day regardless of it being planned in or not!

  17. I love Body Pump….and I just fell in love with Spinning. My chiro says no more running and I discovered Spinning gives me that ‘runners high’ like running.

  18. I already facebook like you :)

  19. I do running and yoga :)!

  20. Hi Averie! I’ve have been wanting to try this DVD for a while now! I have found a way to turn my family room into a fitness studio in a matter of minutes, and my favorite way to workout is by during different workout DVDs in my “studio”! This helps me to continually change my workout, keeping my body challenged, and helps to keep me from getting into a rut! Currently, I am LOVING Tracy Anderson Method’s muscle design DVDs and the Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness Volume 1 dance cardio DVD (if you haven’t tried this, you must! It is so fun, and an amazing workout! I think you would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT)!

  21. My mom is almost fully recovered from an ankle injury, so treadmill, bike, and elliptical workouts are still too risky at the moment. This would be an effective and fun way to work out with her until she is 100% again!

  22. I love to run!! I’m facing hip surgery soon so I can’t run as much- so I walk as much as possible!

  23. I Facebook like you!!!!

  24. My favorite way to sneak in exercise is to take my adorable dogs for a walk….they’re so cute and fun, I forget I’m exercising! :D

  25. Sounds super simple, and it is, but the best way to incorporate exercise into the day is to take the stairs — even when I need to be on the fifth floor! (Two at a time is the trick!)

  26. I love experimenting with new workouts, and this looks really cool! I’d love to try it, especially since I’ve really been getting into yoga recently!

  27. I like to incorporate exercise in little ways.. taking the stairs, gardening, running with my dog. Easy and a stress-reliever!

  28. Like you on facebook!

  29. I love barre 3! I t is soooo expensive to do it at a studio, though….i would love to be able to do it anytime!

  30. I like to swim daily in the summer. During the other seasons I walk on an incline on my treadmill. I would like this program because I really need to firm up. Gravity is a beast. LOL

  31. I like to dance! It’s a fun way to shake things up and a huge confidence booster. :)

  32. I love group fitness. I am a jack of all trades and master of none in most areas of my life. IN exercise, that’s the same. I like doing a little bit of everything.

    It being summer, I am very much enjoying training for my sprint tri with Moms in Motion. Many options during the week for fitness, including ocean swimming, biking, and running. And when I can’t get out of the house, P90X is awesome. I like the arms/shoulders, core, yoga, and cardio DVDs the best.

  33. I love incorporating fitness into my life by walking around our neighborhood, lake and taking the stairs instead of elevators or escalators and just moving and standing!

  34. I’m following you on twitter and I tweeted about this giveaway!

  35. I’ve already liked you on facebook!

  36. I want to win these dvds because I just moved away from my hometown and my only main way of working out now it at home dvds!

  37. followed you on twitter and facebook and tweeted that line!

  38. I would love to win the Barre3 dvd! My favorite way to work out is yoga and weight lifting.

  39. I think my favorite way is to do yoga at my house. My next favorite way is to just walk out the door in the evening & go for a quick run. Seems just a few minutes of unplanned running can solve a lot of problems.

  40. Ah!! My fingers are crossed :D

    1. This looks like a great workout, and I’m actually looking to add some variation to my routine (I’m an avid runner). I think the combination of pilates, yoga, and ballet would be a work out that’s right up my alley.


  41. I would love this to switch things up and to improve on weaknesses in my body.

  42. I would love to win the workout video because I did a sample of it on exercise on demand and loved it!

  43. I’m also following you on pinterest.

  44. Awww, I wish this was open worldwide :(

  45. I’d love to try this workout! My favorite ways to exercise are running, yoga and Pilates. And I love to work out at home with different DVDs!

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  47. I always resort to running but I have danced for the past 23 years so a ballet class is always an incredible workout! I’ve been dying to check these DVDs out!!!

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