Big Things

When I was out for a recent run in my neighborhood I noticed these huge copperish statues of animals

I don’t even know what the word for them is.

Statue?  Figure?  Larger than life-sized animal replica?


Big Things sounds good.

And this one was really big.  Super tall!

Much taller than the roof of the house.  I think it’s a horse.  Giraffe? 

It’s enormous whatever it is!

I also saw this Big Thing

It was set up for Pride Weekend

I’m sure it makes perfect sense to those who erect such things <— pun intended

Not quite sure what the point is other than giving me a good chuckle each time I passed it over the course of pride weekend.

The only Big Thing I want right now is a Vanilla Iced Coffee

x 2 of these.  I power drink them with my glass straw

And I’d like a big Flourless Peanut Butter Cookie

x 2 please

From my last post, Maybe I Should Get, thanks for your thoughts on the lamps and for sharing your fave stores for the home and household goods.

And raw zucchini noodles as pasta, don’t knock it til ya try it!


Any Big Things in your life or world lately?

Please let’s keep this G-rated.

Big things for me lately (the past 2.5 weeks):

A trip to Mexico City

Moved into a new house

Was featured on someone famous’ website

Had big gratitude for money raised

Ate big pieces of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars

Had a big smile on my face

And I have something else pretty big coming up.  It’s a secret for a few more days.

What’s big for you?

P.S. Keep those Organic Raw Honey Giveaway entries coming.

48 comments on “Big Things”

  1. hahaha – “I power drink them…” that made me laugh – and here I was, thinking I was the only power drinker ;) Good to know I’m not alone!

    Big things… Hmmm… Story (and at times, problem) of my life right now :)

  2. Those huge animals are pretty cool. The most recent big thing for me is running my first 10K for race for life and my boyfriend graduating from med school.

  3. Ha! Those metal sculptures are hilarious, if I had a nice sunny yard I think I would prefer having some plants or flowers, not those huge sculptures! Just running around neighborhoods can be very entertaining when you see how uniquely people decorate their houses/yards.

    The marshmallow treats look fantastic, I wish I had one right now! The photo really conveys the crispy, gooey deliciousness! Love it.

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  5. I have a BIG trip to Aruba on Sunday! Can’t wait to visit my favorite place, my favorite restaurants and my favorite beach!!

  6. My husband and I are going to be taking my best friend’s twin 22-month olds all weekend. Massive toddler-proofing the house going on right now. We’ve had them before, but they were less mobile the last time. And we had them for a day, not all weekend! It’s about to get cah-razy! :)

  7. You are such a tease!!! I wanna know the secret!!!!!!!!

    Big things:

    – My sister’s wedding in 2 weeks
    – Camping trip in 2 weeks and a day
    – Hopefully finding a supervisor for my thesis

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