Look at this bling that a friend of mine sells

I posted these pictures to my Instagram a couple days ago and am still thinking about these necklaces!

And this frog bracelet


Ribbet, ribbet.

But there’s only one way to become and stay debt free and that’s to have some impulse control.

But it’s hard with shiny and sparkly things.  They are my weakness.

Thanks for the continued comments on my Hard Work & Luck post.  Lots of great thoughts.

And also, a reminder about The Great Fundraising Act which I last posted about.  The live auction is Monday.  Set your calendars and get ready to bid!


1. Do you like jewelry?

I love jewelry.

I mean, I adore it.  I’ve been known I set off metal detectors.

I love the real stuff.

But fake, costume, replica, antique, handmade, one-of-a-kind, custom, you name it, I’ve never met anything sparkly or shiny that I didn’t love.

In fact, when Scott and I got married I didn’t even have an engagement ring or any ring.  So I got married with a pink, clunky and over-sized, plastic, $5 dollar light-up ring  that they sold at the Betsey Johnson store that went perfectly with the hot pink and purple Betsey Johnson dress I got married in.   It was Vegas after all.   And, a few months later I did get a real ring.

2. What’s the best thing you’ve done or eaten so far this weekend?

I had a Magic Eight Bar as a midnight snack.

It hit the spot.

P.S. Thanks for the barre3 DVD Giveaway entries.

25 comments on “Bling”

  1. Those magic eight bars look ALMOST as good as the bling ;)

  2. Yea, I love jewelry! If I chould I would always go for the real stuff- but I guess I have to wait a few years to splurge on that! Vintage is also nice!

  3. I like jewelry too. I mostly just have the fake stuff – fun, cheap, accessories to jazz up an outfit. The real stuff I do have is very special to me though.

  4. oh myyyy those magic eight bars look fabulous!! cute jewelry!! xoxo

  5. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. ;)

  6. I like jewelry, but I don’t wear a lot of it. I rarely wear necklaces, almost never wear earings, never wear bracelets, but often wear rings. I like BIG rings.

  7. That jewelry is so pretty! I love blingy things too : ) always drawn to it! lol!

    I love that you got married with a light up ring! So funny and so awesome! Hey , all you need is a good man, and you got that!

    Happy Weekend! xoxo <3

  8. those are lovely!!

    i’m not really big on bling though…i don’t wear them often. i do love big bohemian earrings esp the ones i’ve purchased throughout my travels…they’re cheap and full of memories…

  9. Jewelry is so fun and girly. I love collecting cheap stuff from wherever I travel. My latest obsession is a beaded Native American headband from Montana. I try to make it work with anything.

    Best thing eaten this weekend: it’s between fresh Jersey corn on the cob and an almond butter banana smoothie. Getting hungary just thinking about it!

  10. i love jewelry! I can’t go without wearing at least one piece!

    best thing i’ve eaten all week: fresh grilled salmon mixed with warm goat cheese and portabella mushrooms. mmmmm.

  11. I STILL am waiting to see those pictures! I love that wedding story. I love costume jewelry. Colin bought me this really cool key necklace a few weeks ago and I wear it all the time. I’ve been searching for the perfect giant locket recently!

  12. I wear very very simple jewelry. But I love lots of rings, thats my thing! Best thing I’ve eaten might have been a tahini smoothie but I’ve been so low on groceries that there wasn’t much competition for good meals.

  13. Every woman needs some bling bling in their life!!! <3

  14. I own a ton of jewelry and could count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn any of it in the last 6 months. I just never think to put it on. But I love those necklaces! Where does your friend sell them?

  15. Wow, those pieces are beautiful! I can see why you are lusting over them for sure. I am not a huge jewelry person. I am really not a fashion person at all. I tend to wear the same outfit for weeks on end. Embarrassing, but true. We are having durian tonight. For sure the best thing I am going to have this weekend!

  16. averie ~ i love jewelry and these pieces look gorgeous! even though i love it, i don’t tend to wear it too often or too much of it for some reason. and lets see, the best thing that i’ve eaten so far this weekend would have to be a delicious apple fritter from the best bakery in town!
    xo ~ kristina

  17. I’m not really much of a jewelry person, not sure why?! I definitely wouldn’t say no to a diamond or two but it’s not really my style. I’m sure Luke is breathing a big sigh of relief! haha!

  18. OMG do you have wedding pictures on the blog? I’d love to see that dress! It sounds super fab, Averie :)

  19. Cute necklaces! I do enjoy jewelry but I honestly rarely wear it! Best thing I ate this weekend? Everything at dinner Saturday night! We had a fabulous meal out. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

  20. Those are gorgeous!

    1. I do but I don’t wear a lot of it. I mainly have cheaper fashion pieces to color coordinate with outfits and a few nice pieces from hubby.
    2. So far the Raw Health Expo.

  21. I don’t wear jewelry other than my wedding ring (got online for $15) and my earrings from Wal-Mart. I do have a couple of necklaces, but I never wear them because I can’t stand the feeling. For the same reason I can’t wear watches or bracelets, they just feel like they get in my way!

    After a much-needed lazy day yesterday (brought on by eating somethingmy stomach didn’t like, still don’t know what) I’m looking forward to today. It’s my husband’s birthday and we’re off on the road, destination unknown.

  22. Even I luv jewelry :)

  23. This bling is simply gorgeous .Now I want it.


  24. I’m not really a jewellery kinda girl. I wear my wedding ring and a watch. That’s it. On very special occasions, I will wear a necklace or a bracelet, but I find that they start to bother me after about an hour.
    My sister in law makes jewellery by hand and do marvel at her skill and technique. Her pieces are very unique and artistic.

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