Bonding Time

Skylar and I spent some quality time together Monday afternoon.

We did yoga together.

Well, I unrolled my mat, and she decided to practice next to me.

Her upward dog


I don’t ask her to do yoga; she just does.  And she does what she feels like.

Which is what my practice is.  20 minutes at home and I do what my body is asking for that day.

Her baby cobra

And both of our bodies were asking for some one-legged downward facing dogs.

She often times mirrors what I am doing.  Monkey see, monkey do.  Yogi see, yogi do.

After yoga we took a casual stroll around our new neighborhood.  Even though we only moved 1 mile from our old place, it’s a completely new neighborhood and fun to explore.

We window shopped.

I do not “need” any more dishes or glassware.  But it’s sure fun to drool look.  I was just thrift store shopping a couple weeks ago and found some cute dishes.

But it sure was a beautiful day for a stroll.  Most days in San Diego are beautiful but the sky was exceptionally blue Monday.

I love skies like that; they help me feel centered and calm.

After our walk was over…

We came inside and ate fresh pineapple

Fresh watermelon from the biggie sized melon I bought yesterday

And then we ate No Bake Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Nothing like a little bonding time over warm chocolate chip cookies out of the oven no bake coconut & chocolate chip cookie dough bites that I make in 30 seconds in the Vitamix

From my last post, I enjoyed learning who loves to unpack, asap.   Most of you who seemed pretty determined to get unpacked and get settled, pronto.

And it’s good to hear that so many of you are into decluttering and donating.  There is nothing more freeing that donating things and getting rid of stuff that just takes up space!  Even though I think I do a pretty good job of this, there’s always more that I can pare down and streamline.  And nothing makes you want to pare down more than moving, packing and unpacking, and finding a storage place for all the things you own that you realize you don’t even use anymore!


Do you remember having special bonding times with your parents or with your mom?  Tell me about your memories of those times.

Some of my fondest memories are of making crafts with my mom, doing art projects with her, and helping her cook and bake.

It was just being with her, spending time with her, and knowing she was making time for me that made me feel happy and loved.  It really didn’t matter what we did, just as long as we were together.

After my trip to Mexico City and being gone for 3 days, then our move, and my busy work schedule, there are just times when it’s important to say, this blog post can wait, these photos that need editing can wait, the dishes can wait, the stranger who emails me can wait; my #1 priority is making sure my daughter knows how much I love her and that she is my #1 priority and after our walk when Skylar said, “Mommy, I just love taking walks with you”, I knew that all was right in my world and in Skylar’s world.

Have a great Tuesday.  I have a special bonding time planned with a great friend!  More details later.  Or follow me on InstagramI’m sure I’ll be IG’ing pics before I get the blog post up.

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  1. That sounds like the perfect Mother-Daughter day. :-D

  2. Ugh, bonding with parents. No. Tolerating them, yes! Eh, sore subject. But everyone’s got something that’s sore in their life, right?

  3. I have fantastic memories of doing yoga + window shopping with my mom! As a kid, I didn’t know what I was doing was yoga. It wasn’t until I went to my first yoga class when I was 20 that I realized I’d been a yogi since I was a child! Sounds like you two had a fabulous afternoon :)

  4. Aw, yes! I think quality time is so important. It helps build that healthy child-parent attachment. I was lucky that while I was really young, my mom took a break from working and I got to spend a lot of time with her. I think it really helped me and served as a positive model for my future relationships. She taught me so much too. Mostly about her interests in art, but she never forced her ideas on me. Instead, she asked for my opinions! Kind of mirrors your and Skylar’s approach to yoga together…letting her do her own thing, etc.

  5. I was so blessed to have a stay at home mom. We didn’t have much money but we always did fun stuff together like baking cookies, going to the library once a week, making plenty of arts and crafts and reading stories together. We also went camping as a family, which was always a blast. She was strict but always willing to listen. Awww… I need to call her right now and tell her how much I love her!

  6. Awww, that is just so sweet – you two doing yoga together!
    I hope that my little ones will do yoga with me (when that time comes) :)

  7. oh what a beautiful post! skylar is so cute! :) i love that she does yoga with you! such a fun bonding experience, right?!

    i would like some of your chocolate chip cookie dough bites!!!

  8. Your bonding time sounds wonderful!!

    I distinctly remember one of the dates I had with my dad–we went to see some movie about a horse (yeah, real helpful i know) and I remember having so much fun!!

  9. I love it when my kids work out with me. They like to do downward facing dog just like Skylar. So cute. Thanks for sharing those pics.

    I have very fond memories of baking with my mom, making crafts, etc. We still do those things together and involve my kids and nephews.

    Hayden is helping me in the kitchen lately. We’ve even been making videos together. In them, she tastes all the ingredients for quality control :-)

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  11. Adorable Skylar yoga pics. :-) Sounds like a pleasant day and such great weather. I had fun with my mom working on projects, going on nature hikes, and reading.

  12. Love those yoga pics–she looks quite the little yogini. I hope you’re having fun learning your new neighborhood, finding unexpected treasures, and that you’re finding lots of good in your new home.

  13. Skylar is just the cutest girl!! Her yoga poses is so sweet :)
    No wonder she is so cute and happy when you feed her your cookie dough bites- they look awesome!

  14. Skylar is gorgeous Averie! Her yoga moves are better than mine ;)

  15. I remember my mom waking me up one morning and telling me we were having a girls day. I had never been in a cab, and I had always wanted to ride in one, so we took a cab to the mall, shopped all day, had lunch, went for manicures, had dinner and then cabbed it home. It was so much fun!

  16. My Mom never did much with us as kids. She was always (and still is) too busy cleaning her house. I am very militant about being the exact opposite. My kids come #1 before anything. It’s super important for me that they have fond memories of us when they are my age!

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