Bonding Time

Skylar and I spent some quality time together Monday afternoon.

We did yoga together.

Well, I unrolled my mat, and she decided to practice next to me.

Her upward dog


I don’t ask her to do yoga; she just does.  And she does what she feels like.

Which is what my practice is.  20 minutes at home and I do what my body is asking for that day.

Her baby cobra

And both of our bodies were asking for some one-legged downward facing dogs.

She often times mirrors what I am doing.  Monkey see, monkey do.  Yogi see, yogi do.

After yoga we took a casual stroll around our new neighborhood.  Even though we only moved 1 mile from our old place, it’s a completely new neighborhood and fun to explore.

We window shopped.

I do not “need” any more dishes or glassware.  But it’s sure fun to drool look.  I was just thrift store shopping a couple weeks ago and found some cute dishes.

But it sure was a beautiful day for a stroll.  Most days in San Diego are beautiful but the sky was exceptionally blue Monday.

I love skies like that; they help me feel centered and calm.

After our walk was over…

We came inside and ate fresh pineapple

Fresh watermelon from the biggie sized melon I bought yesterday

And then we ate No Bake Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Nothing like a little bonding time over warm chocolate chip cookies out of the oven no bake coconut & chocolate chip cookie dough bites that I make in 30 seconds in the Vitamix

From my last post, I enjoyed learning who loves to unpack, asap.   Most of you who seemed pretty determined to get unpacked and get settled, pronto.

And it’s good to hear that so many of you are into decluttering and donating.  There is nothing more freeing that donating things and getting rid of stuff that just takes up space!  Even though I think I do a pretty good job of this, there’s always more that I can pare down and streamline.  And nothing makes you want to pare down more than moving, packing and unpacking, and finding a storage place for all the things you own that you realize you don’t even use anymore!


Do you remember having special bonding times with your parents or with your mom?  Tell me about your memories of those times.

Some of my fondest memories are of making crafts with my mom, doing art projects with her, and helping her cook and bake.

It was just being with her, spending time with her, and knowing she was making time for me that made me feel happy and loved.  It really didn’t matter what we did, just as long as we were together.

After my trip to Mexico City and being gone for 3 days, then our move, and my busy work schedule, there are just times when it’s important to say, this blog post can wait, these photos that need editing can wait, the dishes can wait, the stranger who emails me can wait; my #1 priority is making sure my daughter knows how much I love her and that she is my #1 priority and after our walk when Skylar said, “Mommy, I just love taking walks with you”, I knew that all was right in my world and in Skylar’s world.

Have a great Tuesday.  I have a special bonding time planned with a great friend!  More details later.  Or follow me on InstagramI’m sure I’ll be IG’ing pics before I get the blog post up.


  1. Awww, Skylar always looks so happy. Looks like you two had a ball together! I can tell she really admires you. :)

    My mom was pretty fun to grow up with. She listened to music I liked, so that was always part of our morning ritual. She still listens to music I like, even though she’s 50 something. She tells ME when Eminem has a new album out, lol! She’s a riot, as you can imagine.

  2. Beautiful post Averie, it’s so nice to spend time with family. I think when looking back on life, I won’t remember work but I’ll remember times spent with family and friends. When I was younger, I used to walk with my mom all the time and loved it. Glad you have such a great relationship with Skylar.

  3. That sky takes my breath away! I am totally with you – gorgeous blue skies make me feel SO GOOD. We have 100% clear skies here, never any clouds, except for literally a few days a year. The only problem is that the sky is usually beige or brown/blue from all the sand. NOT pretty! But lots of sun, so I am okay.

    Skylar is the cutest and you are such a great mom. :-)

  4. Love this post. Skylar is the most adorable thing. And she is totally a mini version of her mom ;-)

    When I think about memories of my mom growing up I think about Cape Cod summers, family vacations to Florida to see my maternal grandparents, mom taking me to skating practice, her cooking (she LOVES to cook), her making my Halloween costume every year, and so many more. It’s fun to think back on those times. Oh how I miss being a kid sometimes……

  5. Gosh she is so precious!

  6. One thing I learned after getting to know both you and Skylar is how much she ADORES you! I know she loved every second of your day together!

  7. Awww, so glad that you both were able to spend time together yesterday :) Looks like a beautiful day to take a walk, too.

    I definitely fondly remember time spent with my mom growing up -and even into now! My mom was always into horses so of course there would be countless days spent going on trail rides and then as I got older she was my taxi to shows. Looking back, I’m sure that was not her idea of fun, but she never let it show ;)

  8. I just wanted to comment on how much I love the fact that after you two did yoga and window shopped you went home and ate pineapple and watermelon. I just knew you were going to say that you went and got icecream. lol That would just “seem” like the thing to do to bond anymore is go have some terrible for you food. Nothing like building memories over something you’ll regret later hu? LOL What I getting at is that when I grew up my mother unknowingly used food as rewards MUCH too often if we’d participate in that after school sport we could run by the local hamburger joint after, I we had blood drawn when we were sick we got ice cream after, you know that kind of thing. My whole family has struggled with weight our entire lives and I hate to see children’s minds set in a way that makes them believe that junk food is a way of rewarding themselves. It makes me sad to see all of these overweight children who get more excited about going through the McDonalds drive through than they do going to the park. We’ve got to start bringing our children up differently if we want to break the cycle of obesity in this country. Lord know’s I’m trying my best with mine little guy and it looks like your doing a good job with that too!

  9. Breathtaking sky! You are a graet mom and the reward for that is written all over Skylar’s face.

  10. She is too adorable – always looks so happy and carefree!

  11. I often think about the days I spent with my mom (who stayed at home before going back to work when I was 8). I don’t really remember how we spent days, or most of the things we did. I remember some moments like going to the library and sitting on the porch with our “coffee”…and mostly I remember how I felt. Being a good mom is such an amazing thing—my mom always made me feel special and loved. Still today when I want to go “home” I go and see my mom (or call her). She remembers how we spent all of our days, and I just get to have the feelings from all of it. I’ve worked on creating that with my nephew since I was his primary caregiver when he was a baby—I can see it in him. He doesn’t remember all the hours we’ve spent together exploring, but he knows how he feels when he’s around me. I feel sad for him (even though he doesn’t know what he’s missing) because he doesn’t have a mom, but I hope I can bring him the feelings of feeling special and loved like his mom would have done.

    Skylar is so lucky to have a mom like you!

  12. We haven’t had rain or clouds in months, which isn’t great for the water levels but I love the sun!
    It must be chilly there, Skylar is always in a hoodie.

  13. I love how Skylar glows! I hope when my husband and I finally have kids, they would end up as good-natured, happy and healthy as Skylar :D

  14. I’ve never seen a sky so blue, just gorgeous! I do remember spending special time with my Dad particularly. I am one of 4 children so alone time was precious and always fun no matter if we were just driving to do errands or going to the batting cages. Skylar will grow up and cherish everything from a lazy afternoon spent watching you whirl away on your vitamix to the more exciting boat rides in aruba with you and in between, she’s very lucky!

  15. Skylar is so precious!

    I remember doing crafts and such with my mom — she loved to set up art supplies and stuff on our table and me and my sisters would color, draw, paint, make things with clay, etc. It was so much fun and my mom always made such nice things. Since then I have always enjoyed doing crafty things — now I just need to make time to make things!

  16. You are such a great mom, Averie. Yoga, walks, window shopping, baking, all the crafts, she’s going to have memories to last a lifetime!

    I did a lot with my mom, but my most memorable and favorites were the one-on-one times, no matter what we were doing. I have 4 siblings, so one on one time was rare, and still is, but I treasure it. I was always known as my mom’s “little Betty Crocker”. Shocking, right?

  17. Looks like you two had a lovely time together!! My siblings and I used to ride our bikes along while my mom went for walks, but the best was when I got to spend time alone with her. It didn’t matter what we did, as long as it was just the two of us! When I went away to college I was really upset because I’m such a mama’s girl. In the summers we used to take afternoon walks together, and sometimes we still do if I’m home for a night!

  18. LOVE special bonding time with the kiddos! :) truly makes u happy and takes away your worries, when your relaxed and having a good time!
    I remember going school shopping with my mom every year then putting on a fashion show for every body. Fav memory with my mom and I!

  19. Aww, this was a sweet post. I was very close to my (single) mother growing up, which has led us to being very good friends today. I’m always happy to see other people who have those great relationships. And your neighborhood looks beautiful! I’m hoping to be living in LA very soon, so I’m swooning over those palm trees!

  20. Sounds like both you & Skylar enjoyed your quality time together. So important :)

  21. Such a sweet post! Sounds like you had a great day :) My favorite times with my mom are just doing anything – baking, sitting, chatting over tea, or even taking a long car ride together. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

  22. Just stopping by to say “Hi” from up the coast in Del Mar :-). Looks llike you and your daughter had a wonderful day! My kids love it when we have no schedule and just have fun together. My favorite memories of my mom are baking with her, clothes shopping (where I would drive her crazy, just like my daughter does to me now:-), and running errands with her. Lucky for me, she is close by so we still get to hang out together a lot. Enjoy another beautiful San Diego day!

  23. Both of my parents worked full time and were in high level positions, so they spent a lot of time at work and on business trips. I spent a lot of time with babysitters and at daycare during the day. I loved (and still do) spending time with my parents, and i’ve always thought it’s pretty cool I have a couple other mother figures because they’re they ones I was with during the day. I think it’s awesome you have bonding time with your daughter. Those little moments may not seem like they mean much, but in the future she will look back and remember everything.

  24. That sounds like a four (she is four, right?) year old’s dream day. And a mom’s dream day, too! I read some of your posts on your parenting style, and as a teen (having been recently a kid ;)) I agree that that is a great way to parent. My dad and I have not always had the perfect relationship (we did when I was little), and once I hit my teens I started having a lot of fights with my mom. I hope there will be a time when I can have patience and compassion for our differences and love my whole family for who they are.

    Some of my fond family memories is licking the batte rout of the mixing bowl on the rare occasion she would make a dessert for the family– she would carefully scrape off every bit of batter off the whisk, bowl, beaters, and ever thing it had touched into the pan, so you were barely left with anything LOL! With my dad, when I was little, he would let me have a tiny sip of his beer sometimes. (SSHHHHH! Don’t tell anyone!)

  25. You know that they say that children who are born into houses of yogis are some of the most advanced children in the world. I bet your Skylar is ahead of the curve in many areas. She radiates sweetness too! You look like you finally had a nice relaxing day, although knowing you, I bet it was a nice relaxing part of a day. You probably fit in allot more activity later on! I am the same as you. The best time with my mom were the simple, just spending time together times.

  26. That sounds like the perfect Mother-Daughter day. :-D

  27. Ugh, bonding with parents. No. Tolerating them, yes! Eh, sore subject. But everyone’s got something that’s sore in their life, right?

  28. I have fantastic memories of doing yoga + window shopping with my mom! As a kid, I didn’t know what I was doing was yoga. It wasn’t until I went to my first yoga class when I was 20 that I realized I’d been a yogi since I was a child! Sounds like you two had a fabulous afternoon :)

  29. Aw, yes! I think quality time is so important. It helps build that healthy child-parent attachment. I was lucky that while I was really young, my mom took a break from working and I got to spend a lot of time with her. I think it really helped me and served as a positive model for my future relationships. She taught me so much too. Mostly about her interests in art, but she never forced her ideas on me. Instead, she asked for my opinions! Kind of mirrors your and Skylar’s approach to yoga together…letting her do her own thing, etc.

  30. I was so blessed to have a stay at home mom. We didn’t have much money but we always did fun stuff together like baking cookies, going to the library once a week, making plenty of arts and crafts and reading stories together. We also went camping as a family, which was always a blast. She was strict but always willing to listen. Awww… I need to call her right now and tell her how much I love her!

  31. Awww, that is just so sweet – you two doing yoga together!
    I hope that my little ones will do yoga with me (when that time comes) :)

  32. oh what a beautiful post! skylar is so cute! :) i love that she does yoga with you! such a fun bonding experience, right?!

    i would like some of your chocolate chip cookie dough bites!!!

  33. Your bonding time sounds wonderful!!

    I distinctly remember one of the dates I had with my dad–we went to see some movie about a horse (yeah, real helpful i know) and I remember having so much fun!!

  34. I love it when my kids work out with me. They like to do downward facing dog just like Skylar. So cute. Thanks for sharing those pics.

    I have very fond memories of baking with my mom, making crafts, etc. We still do those things together and involve my kids and nephews.

    Hayden is helping me in the kitchen lately. We’ve even been making videos together. In them, she tastes all the ingredients for quality control :-)

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  36. Adorable Skylar yoga pics. :-) Sounds like a pleasant day and such great weather. I had fun with my mom working on projects, going on nature hikes, and reading.

  37. Love those yoga pics–she looks quite the little yogini. I hope you’re having fun learning your new neighborhood, finding unexpected treasures, and that you’re finding lots of good in your new home.

  38. Skylar is just the cutest girl!! Her yoga poses is so sweet :)
    No wonder she is so cute and happy when you feed her your cookie dough bites- they look awesome!

  39. Skylar is gorgeous Averie! Her yoga moves are better than mine ;)

  40. I remember my mom waking me up one morning and telling me we were having a girls day. I had never been in a cab, and I had always wanted to ride in one, so we took a cab to the mall, shopped all day, had lunch, went for manicures, had dinner and then cabbed it home. It was so much fun!

  41. My Mom never did much with us as kids. She was always (and still is) too busy cleaning her house. I am very militant about being the exact opposite. My kids come #1 before anything. It’s super important for me that they have fond memories of us when they are my age!

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