Checking It Off

I was able to check quite a few things off my to-do list yesterday:

1. I went back to Bed Bath & Beyond and returned the curtain rods that were too short and bought some that worked.

I have spent way too much time in this department the past 48 hours!

I am tired of thinking about curtains! But I sure do love instagram!


I also got a shower curtain and curtain rod for Skylar’s bathroom.

2. I came home and mounted curtain rods!  And a shower curtain rod.

Nothing quite like standing on a step ladder, trying to measure where brackets should go, trying to make them level, all while working above my head.  And yes, my arms were falling asleep! 

But I have curtains!  This is important because I live on a busy street and the whole Free Show and people being able to see into my home was not going to work!

3. The cable guy came and the internet and cable TV are up and running.  Nothing like spending time waiting for a cable guy and having that “service appointment window” to content with.   Of course, he came in the last 15 minutes of the 2 hour window, tying up my entire afternoon but it’s worth it, obviously, for internet the internet to be up and running!  And tv, too.  I love my DVR and pretty much anything on certain shows on Bravo

4. I checked this bag off my list.

Yep, I took down an entire bag of super spicy nuts in about 30 hours.  And boy, it was worth it.  Fire breath, stinging lips, irritated digestion, and facial sweating.   And I can’t wait to do it again!  They taste that good going down.  Mmmm!

5. I went for a run in my new neighborhood.  Even though we only moved 1 mile, I have a new running path.  Well, countless paths and ways in which to run.  More options than in my last house, just based on busy streets, highways, areas that are too crowded to run in, and so forth so it’s a nice bonus to feel like I have almost limitless paths.

6. I said this house and these wood floors just scream yoga.

I unrolled my mat and had a lovely 20 minute at home yoga practice

All my working out, running, walking, yoga, core work, is all done at home and I don’t spend more than 45 minutes per day working outEver.

In terms of food highlights, the thing I love eating the most were those nuts.  Mmmm, good.

But I also had lots of fresh pineapple

Juicy and sweet!

And this Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter and Oat Snack Bar

Made in the microwave in about 3 minutes and it was lovely.  And didn’t make very many dishes.  Big bonus.

From my last post, thanks for sharing what your favorite TJ’s items are and glad you got a few ideas from my current finds.

And of the Three C’s, most of you went with Coffee, but Coconut ranked right up there, too.

And Now…

The Winner of the $25 Swanson Vitamins Giveaway is:

chelsey @ clean eating chelsey July 12, 2011 at 3:44 pm

Great giveaway! I would stock up on some necessary items like nutritional yeast and maybe some tea!

Congrats, Chelsey!


1. What did you check off your list yesterday, today, or recently?

2. When you move into a new neighborhood, do you enjoy finding new running or walking paths and exploring new areas or are you a creature of habit?

When I run, I tend to be a creature of habit and run the same path, day in, day out.  It helps me just go onto auto-pilot and not think about my whereabouts all that much and concentrate on my workout rather than where I’m at and directions.

But now, I have all kinds of new paths and options.  Actually, though, we used to live so close to where we’re living now back when Skylar was only about a year old so it’s all familiar, yet slightly new, which is great!

3. When you move into a new place, do you find yourself making umpteen trips to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, the hardware store, or similar stores?

I totally do!  It’s things like realizing I need a new bathroom shower curtain, towels, a little rug for a certain space, or needing a longer cable cord or extenstion cord.  You name it, moving causes me to live in BB&B or Target or Ace Hardware!  And spend a small fortune doing so.  Ahhh, the joys of movingBut I am well on my way to being done, being settled, and hopefully not needing to buy anything else!



  1. Love the curtains! And the floors are swoon worthy for sure!

    Oh how i miss Trader Joe’s. They really need to open one in Texas. :)

  2. Your new place looks GORGEOUS!!! Annoying to move, yes. But wow girl – this place is a score. Glad to hear you had some down time with those nuts. The curtains look great. Can you believe some folks have others do all that & EVERYTHING for them….hmmmm.

  3. How I have I never seen those nuts at TJs???? They look amazing!

  4. Whenever I have moved I have spent ungodly amounts of money and time at Target and other home stores. It happens!

    I need to find those nuts — they sound so good!

  5. Are you kidding me? If there was a BB&B here, I would have been there a billion times. As it is, I’ve ben living at Walmart. Small town, what can I say?

  6. burning lips and sweat inducing, sounds like my kind of snack. My lips are usually burning from the salt on chips though instead of chipotle seasoning haha. Your place looks stunning, especially those floors, wow! I’ve been checking off many hours of work yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I love work though!

  7. My to-do list has morphed into a procrastination list… but at least it’s the weekend!
    we’ve lived in our house for a year and I’m still working on the curtains – lol – but there are blinds at least :) and my house was built in 1924, so Lowe’s and Home Depot runs are constant!

  8. I am definitely someone who explores new walking and running paths. More variety!
    Those nuts sound pretty good. What I always get from TJ’s is the dried mangoes coated with cayenne and paprika. Those are super spicy, and I always eat basically the whole bag, so I usually consume 8 glasses of water just by having those amazing mangoes!

  9. whoop to getting things done! Always feel so good. The curtains look great- very calming color!! And I want to steal all of your fresh pineapple! And I can’t wait until our TJs opens and I can buy those nuts- YUM! I have checked a lot off my list so far today: Taught Body Pump, went food shopping, made muffins for the other instructors for our launch tomorrow, did laundry and now am working away!

  10. I bet you’re glad that those curtains are finally in! Also, your teeth are super white : )

  11. The curtains look great, awesome job! Great yoga view and I’ve gotta try those TJ’s nuts, yum!

    1. Chores and bill paying, not too exciting.
    2. Yes, nice having a change of scenery.
    3. Yes, lots of Ikea trips too.

  12. Nice on the Chili Lime Nuts!!! It definitely took me less than 24 hours to polish of the cranberries last week. When I move I always miss my old running routes!! And omg, soooo many unforeseen store trips.

  13. Honestly, I’ve made so many trips to BB&B when moving that I try to avoid that store at all costs afterwards. Hanging curtains has got to be one of the worst parts about moving. After dressing the 22 windows in our house now, I’m totally taking each and every curtain rod with me when we move again. They are EXPENSIVE!

    • YES I know! I took some rods but new windows are new sizes and i left the brackets behind…wasnt going to unscrew them. Too much work to save a few bucks. The whole window treatment thing is sooo annoying and you dont know this til you live this but sounds like you and i both have!

  14. I could get lost in hardware stores! SO many interesting things, but I have no clue what I am doing :)
    And My sister in law watched my daughter yesterday so I could clean my entire house! It was a MAJOR check of my list! I feel SOO much better right now!

  15. I absolutely love target & bed bath & beyond so I dont mind making a million trips there. I think one of the most annoying things about moving is restocking the house with food, products, etc. I go crazy when I don’t have the items I need

  16. Averie I love your desk set-up. I am totally copying you when we move! :-)

  17. I love finding new paths/places. It’s like traveling in your own town.

  18. I’m a total gym junkie, so I don’t tend to do much exploring on foot. Then again, I’m not really sure because I didn’t start working out until we moved into our current apartment. So technically, this has never actually come up! And while I’ve moved a bit, it’s always been within a few blocks. The biggest move was about 10 minutes away. Basically I’m a townie! :)

  19. It’s looking great!

  20. mMMmm pineapple :P
    I still have tons on my to do on my to-do list (all summer school related), but I checked off a couple things today! Love that feeling of getting some things crossed off :)

  21. i always love exploring and finding not only new places to workout but new coffee shops, stores, local places! I have discovered some awesome coffee shops where I live now that are far frm the typical ‘starbucks’ its so nice!

    Oh your new place is beautiful averie! it must be so nice to do yoga with the bright open space right there! I have just been relaxing and living it up and being young and single! :) I am having the time of my lfie righ tnow hehe

  22. Congrats on the move. Glad you’re settling in nicely!

    Is it just me, or is BB & B all cluttered and stressful? Maybe it’s an East Coast thing, as I can barely tolerate my local BB & B. In either case, I’m sorry you had to go there so many times.

    So I crossed off a major to-recently. Organized and labeled all of my spices with a cool new label-maker I snagged on ebay for $15. Major to-do! Now if only the rest of my house/life were as neat and organized ;-)

    Exploring a new nabe is awesome. I love it. And yeah, multiple trips as you described always seem to happen. No matter what. Ha!

  23. That floor totally screams yoga!! I’m still in love with it :)

  24. I’ve lived in my house my whole life (until September, that is, when I move 2000 miles for college) but I always find new running routes. It makes things more interesting!

  25. I FINALLY put up a few items on craigslist!

    Brooke Annessa

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  27. As soon as I check one thing off, it seems like 5 more get added on! I’ve moved A LOT in my life and every time seems to include several trips to target and BBB! Nesting is fun though :) Congrats on the new place, it looks beautiful!!

  28. Oooh, so exciting that you have access to new running paths/roads/whatevers! I love changes in scenery.
    Those nuts look so good, too. I have my fingers crossed you recreate them so I can follow suit, by the way ;)

  29. I checked a lot of things off of my to-do list the last couple of days!

    1) Finished a paper/presentation for my class
    2) Grocery shopped
    3) Got a gift for my sister’s bachelorette party
    4) Made a pinata for the bachelorette party in the shape of a certain … ahem, male body party ;-), and then painted it and added … ummmm …. hair …. and then stuffed it with goodies.
    5) Went for a dentist appointment and a pap :-(
    6) Bought food and supplies for the bachelorette party

    Tomorrow I have to clean the house, and then on Sunday I have to write a big paper, create a power point and plan my last presentation for my class.

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