Console Yourself

I hope you all are enjoying a bug-free, long, holiday weekend!

For anyone who’s gotten bug bites or who doesn’t have a long weekend or who’s not on holiday, so sorry.

Please console yourself with one, or more, of the following:

Magic Eight Bars


“Cheater’s” Guacamole

Dark Rum Caramel Sauce for all your seasonal fresh fruit ice cream that you’re going to be eating today

Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting (No Bake)

And if none of that works…

Break out the Buttery Nipple Shots

Bailey’s is a great source of comfort, so I’ve heard.

I’ll be back later on with a Firecracker of a post.

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What are you doing to celebrate today?

Are you off work? Did you have a long weekend? Did you pick up any fresh bug bites this weekend?

Anything you need to console yourself about?

I’m smiling, the sun has been shining, I’m not scared of hard work or what the future may bring.  Things are going to be fine.

Happy 4th of July!



  1. I’m one of the lucky ones who rather than be on holiday, has worked friday, saturday, sunday, and monday! I think the best consolation would be the Magic 8 bars :) Happy 4th of july to you!

  2. Holy fabulous food!!! I am such a sucker for all things guacamole!!!

    Have a great holiday!!

  3. I never work on Monday, so the Y being closed today isn’t that big a deal. Today’s workout will be jump-rope in the living room.
    Rob has the day off. We’ll celebrate with omelettes when he gets up, then probably some yard work. We’re skipping the fireworks show, since it starts so late and we both get up early tomorrow.
    It’s supposed to be over 100 again, so we’ll probably laze around and read all day.

  4. I drool every time I see the pictures of the peanut butter squares. I’m making some for my dad on his birthday in August.

  5. Yes I’m off work! I’m actually making some guac right now — and this afternoon we’re off to Jason’s mom’s house for a big family BBQ.

    Have a great holiday Averie!

  6. Those peanut butter squares are calling my name. They really, really are. Come to think of it, I think the Magic Eight Bars are too. How odd…

  7. I want to make every single thing on your menu! Happy 4th!! :)

  8. Yum, Baileys is delicious! We pour it over our vanilla ice cream with espresso!

  9. we’re back to normal up here in canada…although many people are starting summer vacations – i’m not one of them, however!
    “…a Firecracker of a post.” – > i know you love photography, averie, but your plays on words are what i love a whole lot!
    “…I’m not scared of hard work or what the future may bring. Things are going to be fine.” -> thinking of you; i find myself in a similar boat, and it DOES help to take a deep breath and look on the BRIGHT side!
    enjoy your 4th of july celebrations!

  10. We (obviously) dont celebrate 4th of July in norway. But Im off from work today anyway :D And Ive had the best start to the week ever: Yoga class, amazinbg eats, home spa and soon a nap and a run, and then wine out with some friends! A perfect Monday :D
    Have a great 4th of July Averie :)

  11. Very glad to have the day off. I’ve been needed a 3-day weekend in a big way. Today I plan on trying to relax (a few errands, but mostly relaxing). We’ve had a very busy, but fun weekend so today I need to just chill (in the pool) ;-)

  12. I’ve totally gotten several bug bites this weekend :(. Hopefully a movie, cookout, and fireworks today will console me!

  13. Happy forth!!!! We went to watch fireworks last night, (they spent $25,000 on them and they were amazing for a small town!!!) and i only got 2 bites on the back of my knee before i had a chance to put some bug spray on. My sister gave my dad this awesome bug spray fan that you can wear and it keeps all the bugs away!!! Its only a few inches big and it worked to keep all the bugs off of four of us!

  14. I’m pretty sure those peanut butter nutella bars would divert me from thinking about how itchy any bug bites are :)
    Independence day was July 1st here in Hong Kong, so I’ll be missing out on the july 4th festivities this year, but it’s okay because I enjoy reading about other peoples fun times!

  15. We will be with a BIG group of friends by the ocean. I must get time away from my computer! Have a great one girl :)

  16. Yum! All of these treats look amazing! I have today off, but I don’t have plans. No 4th of july parties for me, but I’m fine with that :)

  17. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello on my blog! :D

    And Happy 4th!! You have me running to the store to pick up some avocados, as the guacamole is calling my name. I’m not one to ignore that kind of thing. ;)

  18. Whenever I see a bottle of Bailey’s lately I laugh….someone just showed me the British comedy sketch “Old Gregg” and I highly recommend its weirdness to all of you who need a picker-upper! :P

  19. The hubby and I have the day off so we’re working on some house projects!

    Brooke Annessa

  20. I’m just enjoying having the day off! I’ll take all the breaks I can get this summer with how busy it’s been. Happy 4th to you and your family Averie! :)

  21. Susan @ Cornivore Reply

    I will be consoling myself with homemade artisan bread and cookie dough bites later, after an eleven hour work day… But it does look like it’s going to be a beautiful day! :)

  22. Cute post, lots of treat inspiration.

    At the moment we have nothing planned today, maybe fireworks later. I am off work and it’s lovely. :-)

  23. Happy Fourth, Averie!! Today I’m just kind of hanging out. It’s been the theme of the whole weekend! Last night I went out and had a lot of fun, and today I’m just catching up with some friends. And maybe baking for my big brother, who’s birthday is today!

    Also, just got caught up on a ton of your old posts (been bad about commenting lately), and the clafoutis looks AMAZING. I’ve never made it but I love it!

    • thanks for the clafoutis compliments and being you are so familiar w/ french foods, that’s high praise from you. and please make it. seriously girl the batter takes 5 mins to whip up, pour it over the fruit, bake, done. impress the family :)

  24. Buttery Nipples…. gotta love drink names sometimes… hehehe
    Happy 4th Averie!

  25. :( I’m in Canada, so it was back to work for me this morning! But, everyone in my department is headed to a movie in the afternoon! So I guess it’s not THAT bad of a day. Enjoy :)

  26. That guacamole sounds amazing!

  27. I’ve had a great day. Amazing– considering the fact that I’ve just moved to a new home three days ago. One of my dad’s new coworkers has invited us to a little party for fourth of July– I’m taking a dessert, too– Chocolate-covered frozen bananas (on a stick) covered in peanuts with a sprinkle of sea salt. Yum! I probably need to console myself about living in a new place– the stress can really get to me!

  28. Hello everything sounds so amazing !,,,,,I would love you to come here and cook for me on my birthday 8 of augost ….all your salads look amazing and your desserts even more….if you want to cone to Venezuela you are more than welcome to stay with us
    Thank you and please help me out my doctor believes I sholud become vegetarian or vegan …how o I change. As well I am afraid because I have heard about of children that had died for having vegan momies and not having enough nutrients .as well people say that I am going to be in a bad mood all the time . I am capable of saying that I am sick and I need to have just veggies or the sake of making the change

  29. I am covered in bug bites!!

    I had today off, and the rest of July and August … but I did start a class today. It is only a 3 week class, so it shouldn’t be too bad, but it interrupts my day which is a bit annoying.

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