Dog Days

When I was out running errands yesterday I saw noticed this pair

Just chillin’ in the front seat of the Jeep waiting for their mommy or daddy to come back.

The one in the passenger seat was camera shy and kept turning his or her back to me.  It was cute.

Unlike Skylar who’s always a ham and can’t wait for the next photo op.  Food blogger’s kid, indeed.


Here she was just finishing licking her plate clean at TJ’s.

I love instagram

What was on the plate?

A free sample of TJ’s hummus and chips

Facial stuffage + plate licking = Always fun in public.

I make my own 4 ingredient 60-second vegan hummus but it’s always more fun to eat samples.

And boy, we partook in lots of samples.  Like the new TJ’s coconut milk

During the dog days of summer some of my favorite things are:

Gay Pride Parade and Weekend here in San Diego!

It’s going to be pure insanity here this weekend.  And I can’t wait!

Just like you can see from my crazy Pride Parade pictures from last year!  Can’t wait to take Skylar to a 4 year old’s birthday party tomorrow morning and then the Pride Parade.  Never a dull moment here.

And during the dog days I like cold treats like:

Vegan Mango Banana Vanilla Softserve


Vanilla Avocado Banana “Ice Cream”

Does not taste “healthy”.  Better than real ice cream.  I promise!

And of course, just chilling at the beach is always a good thing during the dog days.

Photo from our recent Aruba trip

Too bad I have to work all weekend and won’t have any beach chill time.

From my last post, it was fun to hear what you’ve checked off your list lately.

And glad to know I’m not the only one who lives in retail big box stores after moving into a new place and spends a small fortune in the process.  Bed Bath & Beyond is my new source of debt my second home after a move.


1. Weekend plans?

Working, Pride Parade, working out, yoga, cooking, kitchen time, and unpacking a bit more from our move which was just two days ago!

2. What do you do during the dog days of summer?  Or any foods you crave?

Truth be told, it’s not even that hot here.

About 74F, sunny, light breeze, no humidity.  Typical, i.e. perfect, San Diego weather.

We had a hot snap in the mid 80s about 10 days ago but that’s done.

But I will always crave watermelon! 

P.S. Thanks for the Summer in a Box Giveaway entries.  Keep them coming!

52 comments on “Dog Days”

  1. I admire your ability to get so much done – and all your blogging too! Super-Woman :)

  2. Ahh weimaraners! That’s my dog! She totally does that too when we get out of the car, just hops right into the driver seat and sits there until you get back like a total human being. Even after you open the door she just stays there like “What? you want me to move or something?”

  3. Those dogs are so cute! And as always, your little one is so so adorable. I am not doing anything exciting this weekend, although I many get some beach time! I crave melon and mango in the summer time.

  4. It is going to get HOT and HUMID tomorrow and Sunday. I’m heading to a waterfall hike tomorrow after strawberry picking and farmers market.

    Harry Potter RULED. :)

  5. I love samples. They are one of the main reasons I go to Costco :-)

  6. I was such a huge fan of your posts from last year’s Pride weekend, I can. not. wait. for this year’s wrap up!! Take a zillion photos, for all of us who are stuck 3,000 miles away!!

  7. Ahhh those weimaraners are awesome! Just chillin… whut whut! :D

  8. HAHA! That’s hilarious with the dogs! I always feel bad for dogs locked in their hot cars during the middle of summer, but these two look like they’re enjoying taking over the front seats. ;)

    Skylar is such a cutie, and sounds like a great weekend ahead for you guys! Have a wonderful Saturday! :)

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  10. Too funny, love the dog photo! It’s making me laugh, brilliant photo!

  11. Love the dog photo! What a cute pair!
    But LOVE the Aruba photo! I’m no pro or anything, but it just screams ‘beautiful perfection’ at me…I say screams, but mean it in the most tranquil scenic way. It sure belongs in a travel magazine!!!

  12. Yeah, what is with the west cost lately? Up to your north in OR it’s only supposed to be something like 66 today. Insane!

    No big plans, just tons of errands as usual. At some point, I’ll have a weekend where I don’t have a huge checklist of things to get done. Someday… ;)

  13. Thank you for posting the dog photos! <3 them! :)

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  15. CUTE doggies!!!!! And good to sit in the open Jeep like that….

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