En Route

I just wanted to pop in and say hello from the Phoenix airport.

I’m about to get on my flight to Mexico!

I can’t wait!

I had to say goodbye to this pumpkin though.


photo taken with my iPhone last night and I am just getting on board with Instagram

Thanks for the compliments on my last post with my New House pictures.  Tons of you mentioned you loved the wood floors and the great lighting.  Me too!

And noiseWhoa.  Some of you sound like you’ve lived through or next to some really noisy things.  Or noisy neighbors.  Not fun!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get in line for some Starbucks!

I have another post scheduled to auto-publish later on.


What’s going on for you this weekend?

Are you going to be en route anywhere?  Or en route doing anything fun?

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  1. Safe travels my friend. Tomorrow I’ll be on the road back and forth to the lake (hour each way). Next week, however, I’ll be en route to Chicago.

  2. Have a wonderful trip Averie!!!!! I can’t wait to read all about it upon your return.

    Lots of studying for me this weekend, but it’s all for a good cause. I’ll have my fun soon enough :-)

  3. Hope you have a super time & learn lots & enjoy yourself :o)

  4. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!!!

    In a few hours I’ll be going home and that is where I’ll be almost all weekend.

  5. Have the most amazing time in Mexico! I know you’re going to learn a ton and it will be a once in a lifetime experience. Can’t wait to hear about it!!

  6. Have tons of fun in Mexico! I am insanely jealous.

    I’m headed to NYC for all of next weekend, and I’m bouncing off the walls in excitement. I know I will overpack and bring enough clothes for about 3 weeks. I always do that. Have any packing tips?

  7. you are going to have SUCH AN AMAZING TIME – I am so excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about it!! <3

    safe travels!

  8. Have a safe, exciting and inspiring time!

  9. Rock star!! :)

    Have a safe trip! Love ya xoxo

  10. I’m going on a surprise trip next week and to Punta Cana the week after that! So excited!!

  11. Have a great time! Can’t wait for the details! We have an organic tomato fest and maybe more hiking this weekend.

  12. Have a fun and safe travels.

  13. What’s going on for you this weekend?

    Ironically, I’ll be checking out a house in our neighborhood that we’re considering moving to. Leaving our home (I grew up here!) is kind of hard to comprehend, but this place is built right on the outskirts of an nature preserve/park area that we love going to. Beautiful views and great walks/runs would be a definite perk!

    Hope you have a tolerable flight and a great time in Mexico City!

  14. Have fun!! I AM en route somewhere… to Santa Fe, NM on Monday! (It’s a working vacation, but still a vacation on plane to a place I’ve never been which is exciting…) I look forward to seeing your pictures. :)

  15. Have an awesome time, Averie! I can’t wait for the details :)

  16. Your hair looks great in that picture- I just randomly wanted to say, I took the plunge and got a keratin straightening treatment like you have had done and so far even the Florida humidity hasn’t fuzzed it. Glorious!

  17. Beautiful photo of you Averie!!
    My weekend is all workworkwork. Plus a couple of work outs and a party tomorrow night :)
    Enjoy your trip, lucky gitl :*

  18. i’d be heading straight to that starbucks lineup, too! (although in canada, tim hortons rivals starbucks in popularity, and is the main coffee joint at the toronto airport).
    no travels for me! work!
    hope you had a smooth flight!

  19. You deserve to relax and have a great time!

  20. have a blast! cannot believe you’re in the midst of the move but digging the new place! hey just keep enjoying life and capturing those memories on film!

  21. Ha funny. My hubby just got home last night from Detroit via Phoenix. I am headed to San Francisco next week. Sadly, traveling on our 15th anniversary. Should be home in time for a glass of champagne.

    I mentioned that I’ll probably be eating airport food for dinner, and my 5yo says “you can have McDonalds!” (for him, that’s a treat…me, not so much)

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  23. I spent my weekend celebrating some friends’ wedding – it was a blast!

  24. Have a great time!!!

  25. This weekend…being the 15-17….I’ll be going to Ottawa which doesn’t require a flight; just a 4hr car ride!

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