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I was recently selected to participate in the Foodbuzz and Frigidaire Farm Fresh Tastemaker Program which advocates eating fresh this summer.  That’s easy. I do it all year round.  Frigidaire also has the Frigidaire Kids’ Cooking Academy where children are taught the important and values of eating fresh foods.

I was asked to go to my local farmers market and post about my experience.

Here are some of my favorite images from the day


Don’t be afraid of beets. They are amazing. Please try my recipe for Caramelized Ginger & Olive Oil Roasted Beets before you rule out beets.  Nature’s candy vegetable, promise.

And I have a recipe for Roasted Peanut Butter Coconut Ginger Carrots that you could make with these gems

Blueberries!  Try a Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cake

Locally made sprouted hummus.  Just make your own though.

My vegan, 1 minute, 4 ingredient hummus recipe is here.

The mango man

Handing out samples of his fresh, locally grown mangoes

Wonder if I could make No Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites with those mangoes?

Mr. Hippie drinking coconut water straight from the tap

I love coconut water and use it to make my homemade, vegan, easy, coutertop coconut milk kefir

Rainbow Chard and Eating the Rainbow Recipes

Locally grown California almonds

Pricey little buggers, though.

You can’t beat a container of oranges or limes for a buck.  You can’t even buy a pack of gum for a buck anymore.

Red peppers.  Make “Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

Juices and fresh horchata (which is the best horchata I have ever had) from the juice ladies.

I mean, how could you go wrong with hibiscus juice or watermelon juice or fresh pineapple juice!

They have the best fruit salads, too.

Every blogger loves their sweet taters.

Roasted Sweet Potato Fries are calling my name

And the flowers are always so beautiful at the market.

If you’ve missed my previous posts about the farmers market and various locally grown food, there’s:

Farmers Market Trip on my Birthday (tons of pictures)

Blue Artichokes & Blue Food & Recipes

Mushrooms & Mushroom Recipes

Yellow Calla Lilies

I’m glad you enjoyed my last post, Fireworks & Food, and it was fun to hear what you did over the weekend and whether you’re a fan of fireworks, or not so much.


1. Do you have a farmers market?  Have you been recently?  What fresh goodies did you buy and do you get as excited by seeing all the fresh fruits, veggies, plants and locally grown or locally made foods as I do?

I have also discussed how farmers markets are not necessarily cheaper than shopping in the grocery store, and often times are more expensive , but there are other benefits and advantages to them and to supporting them.

I just love the farmers market and get so excited seeing fresh flowers, and fresh, real, locally grown food.  It just gives me a sense of joy to see all those plants and the bounty of nature in full abundance!

2. What have you cooked lately that’s full of plant-based goodness?  Any veggie-heavy dishes or great ways you’ve been using fruit?

Does mixed berry clafoutis count as a way to cook with fruit?

Have a great day!

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  1. Your farmers’ market is far more impressive than either of ours. I actually haven’t been yet this season. I feel bad b/c I haven’t made the trip for the fresh veggies, but ours is in a too-small of a space and many of the vendors aren’t local.

  2. this post is bursting with color. LOVE it!

    and farmers’ markets are SO my happy place! Fruits and veggies make me ridiculously happy :-)

  3. I’m so jealous of your farmer’s market. There are only a few realllly tiny ones around me and I haven’t been to any this summer yet. They are the worst hours possible when working full time.
    I haven’t cooked much veggie based recently and that’s exactly why I’m trying to think of a veggie based dinner right now actually!

  4. Averie SUCH beautiful pictures!! I love your famers market, there is always such a great selection!
    And I am really into salads right now. I don’t know if it’s this heat, but I just love a salad full of veggies and a balsamic dressing :)

  5. Wow…LOVE this post! You really take fresh, beautiful veggies for granted when you constantly have access to them. Oh how I miss Farmers Markets!! Those red peppers looked amazing….YUM!

  6. I love this post Averie — it is so full of life!!! My favorite picture is of the orange Gerbera daisies — they are so cheerful and pretty.

    I have only been to the market once this year — pretty sad, I used to go every Saturday!

  7. That is one fantastic farmers market! I’m so jealous of your abundance out in California!

  8. The colours just pop in these photos, averie. The mango man and the various flowers are my very favourite today.
    I am scared of beets because of the pickled beets inflicted on me as a child!
    We have a very well-renowned market in waterloo – quite the tourist attraction. I don’t go all that often because it’s a 15 min drive, and I can walk across the street to the grocery store…convenience and no driving wins more often!
    I’d love to go to a market in san diego!

  9. Your farmers market and the pictures of are fabulous! I love it. We owned a farm market for the first 20 years of my life, so it’s all so familiar to me. People used to get upset when they didn’t get to keep the basket that the apples came in, lol. We’d transfer them to a bag; too expensive to give away with every purchase!

    I just found out this weekend that we now have a tiny market less than a mile away! On Saturdays only, but I can walk there!! So excited. :)

  10. Lovely photos!
    I so wish we had farmers markeds in Norawy! But we dont.. Luckily, I have the cutes fruit and vegs store close to my apartment, and they have everything I could wish for! Love that place :)

  11. Such beautiful,colorful photos!! I love that you said you get excited by the farmers markets – I always feel like a freak walking around with a huge smile on my face at the markets :) I’ve been making it a point to go every weekend and get as much as possible, I’ve really been trying to avoid the supermarket lately and only go there for necessities.

  12. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how excited seeing all this fresh food makes me! Well, perhaps you do. The farmer’s markets here literally have about 4 tents, and one or two of them are produce. The rest are vendors. I went to two different farmer’s markets Friday and all I ended up with was one zucchini. I’m currently making a huge decision on where to move after this school year (I already made the HUGE decision to finish my degree this year and move somewhere) and the availability of quality, local food is really coming into play.

    And most things I cook are full of plant-based goodness somehow! I need to get creative, I just inherited a CSA box from someone and need to figure out how to use the veggies!

  13. Wow…what gorgeous produce! This is the second post today that I’ve read about beets. I love beets…hands-down the best root veggie, followed closely by yams. Your farmer’s market is lovely. My soon-to-be-village has a weekly little farmer’s market around the corner from my house…I can’t wait to see it, although I’m sure it will be much smaller than yours!

  14. love it!!! omg I am so freakin excited for the farmers market! last weekend on friday i went before I went to the cape with a friend and fresh produce is dirt cheap! I mean a HUGE thing of raspberries for $2?! Ill take about 5 LOL

    love your pics as always especially the girl drinking coconut water straight outta the coconut! thast priceless!

    I had the best salad using fresh beets! (well it was at a restaurant) but it was so delicious. it was paired with orange segments on butter lettuce…the flavors were BEAUTIFUL together!

  15. Very cool on the farmer’s market, beautifully colorful pics. We have a few farmer’s markets here, I just need more time to get to them as they always seem to be happening when I’m at work. I also get an organic farm box which is pretty close too. And pretty everything I cook is veg heavy. :-)

  16. I love farmer’s markets!! Your photos are beautiful.

  17. i just went to the dane county farmers market (in madison, wi) on saturday and posted some of my favorite photos from the day! i love shopping there – amazing fresh, local, (mostly) organic food! perfect!!!

  18. I basically want to be mr. hippie. walking around sipping water right out of the coconut? awesome.

    averie – these pictures are all so beautiful. i can get lost in each of them. so vibrant and candid, i just love them. it doesn’t hurt that you have access to such a great farmer’s market, too!

    i’ve been sort of lacking in the “cooking things that are full of veggie-based goodness” lately. i need to get back on the ball! i throw together a salad and a tomato sandwich and call it a day.

    • thanks for the photography compliments. I did work kinda hard on editing and uploading one or two of these pics…wink-wink :)

      You as a photographer know these kinds of posts are, ahem, a wee bit labor intensive but I am pleased w/ the way the images turned out…so worth it to spend the time!

  19. Sweet potato fries are ALWAYS calling my name.. ;)

    I love the farmer’s market, but rarely go :(

  20. I go to the farmer’s market every other week to buy my 5-pound pack of grass-fed beef.

    I ate about 1/4 of a watermelon at breakfast this morning, and I just finished my dinner of stir-fried broccoli and (home-grown) zucchini, followed by a mango smoothie.

  21. The farmers market in the summer is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  22. Gorgeous pics as always Averie!
    That guy with the almonds is way too pricey! Go to the big red tent & they have almonds for $5 a lb. Not to mention, their “Smokehouse” almonds & “Hot Chili Lime” almonds are seriously ADDICTIVE. That tent also has the freshest and cheapest, local, organic cherries I’ve found (compared to WF, TJ’s, and my co-opt!) for also $5/lb!
    That mango man always makes me laugh too b/c even if I say “I’m good”, he still hands me some fruit –> reminds me of my family when I’m visiting them in Greece and tell them I’m not hungry..
    Lastly, I love the raw food tent (where the coconuts are sold), but they charge way too much for their coconuts. WF and my co-opt (People’s in OB) both sell them for much cheaper!

    • Omg that mango man is PUSHY, huh! Seriously he about force fed me mango and I love it but after a day of samples you know how it is!

      And I honestly never buy almonds just to snack on. I’d rather snack on my own raw cookie dough bites that have ground cashews in them :)

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  24. Are those striped roses?! They may be my new favorite and I’ve never seen them in person! Wow.

    Favorite veggie/fruit use lately involves huge salads and fruit salsas. Everything tastes to clean and good right now!

  25. veggie heavy dishes? Me? Um….yeah, every single one. I actually did the mustard/ketchup combo on grilled veggies for the last 2 nights – with a little nooch added on top. It might be my new favorite.

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