Feeling Foxy

I was delighted to open the mail and find this tshirt

and these Rawxies waiting for me!


It’s the first piece of real mail that I’ve received since we’ve moved into our new place.

And what a wonderful first piece of mail it was.

The lovely, awesome, and amazingly talented Callie sent them to me.

She sells her Rawxies and I know she puts tons of love, energy, and pride into her work and it shows because they’re delish.

She’s also an amazing photographer, friend, and just an all-around sweetheart!

So far I tried the Chocolate Cocoa Nib Rawxies<– shocker of a first choice for me, I knowNaturally sweetened, vegan, GF And Yummy!

And then I tried on my new tshirt.

I’m diggin’ it!

Silly faces and all.

I posted an instagram picture too

My silly faces are in honor of my last post where I mentioned getting over yourselfYeah, that part.

And in honor of all the clicks and outtakes Marla and I had fun doing at our meetup.

I was feeling pretty sassy and foxy in my new tshirt.

What did I wash down my vegan, dairy free, all natural treats from Callie with?

Something that was none of the above but oh my, so good.

Baileys Irish Cream coffee creamer that I mentioned here that I found on sale.  It’s non-alcoholic but tastes so much like the real thing.  Mmm, good stuff.

And this TJ’s coffee

And you know I was a happy camper and feeling foxy!

Baileys can do no wrong in my book.

I’m glad you enjoyed my What I_____ thoughts from my last post.

And I loved all your What I answers, too.


1. What’s left you feeling foxy lately?  Or feeling a lil bit sassy?

C’mon.  We all have something (or someone) or an activity that gives us a little spring in our step, a little oh yeah, baby! and puts a smile on our face.  What’s yours?

Other than my new tshirt and some killer coffee creamer, a great yoga practice and a lovely run have left me feeling energized and foxy.  I love the feeling I get when I just rock a workout.  I feel so energized and strong for the rest of the day.

And oh, some Nut Butter Filled Caramel Bites have hit the foxy rawxy spot, too.

3 ingredients, raw, nobake, easy, vegan, GF.

And if you don’t have access to any Rawxies right this second, you could make your own Raw/NoBake Balls, Bites, & Bars from my 25+ recipe ideas compilation post

And also see my Date-Containing Recipes Compilation Post for more ideas, too

Thanks for the Glass Straw Giveaway Entries.  Winner announced Friday!


  1. I have to say that M made me feel foxy today! He sent me the following text message: “I love you, sexy girl.” So simple, but it made me strut a little more!

  2. Hahaha, great to see you get your silly face on… :-). Have a great last two days of the week before the w-e, Averie!

  3. I just got home from a Bikram class & I’m feeling great!! :)

  4. You’re a foxy, raw supermodel! :D

    My dance competitions have left me feeling foxy/sassy.

  5. i think I’d buy those for the eat shirt alone\, haha. Great product and good lookin model!

  6. I felt foxy after coming home from a great run yesterday! Especially after taking a shower and putting on black leggins and a long pink top –> felt very sexy in that outfit :D
    You look great in that shirt!

  7. That shirt is ADORABLE!!

  8. Callie is awesome!! I still need to give the rawxies a try. The shift looks awesome on you, Averie!

  9. Callie made new labels for her Rawxies!! Love them…and the cookies, too ;) They are like, the perfect go-to snack for me when I don’t quite want a big bar but just need a little something. Lets petition to make them in stores worldwide, yeah?
    Gotta say…I’m not feeling very foxy right now. Just got back from a hot run, have washed my face so I’ve got eyeliner everywhere I’m sure, and am only half dressed in breeches and a sports bra. <<attempts to get out of the house and into the heat, only to decide to cool off a bit first.
    Cute, right? :P

  10. You look so beautiful! Natural beauty. Foxy? I don’t feel foxy much b/c i am clumsy. I fell off the eliptical machine yesterday! Luckily i was in my sister’s home gym and not a public one!
    As for snacks, enjoying peanutbutter chocolate chip lara bars and your microwave peanut butter granola bars! As I have said before, everyone of your recipes I make is excellent!

  11. That shirt is adorable… and it fits you so well! What an awesome coffee creamer. You know I’m coffee addicted. ;)

    Being basically a 24/7 student, I don’t always have time to get dressed up, wear make-up, and do my hair. Throwing on some shorts or sweat and putting my hair in a ponytail is usually the extent of things. So when I DO take the time to look my best, I always feel an extra boost of confidence and a little more “foxy.”

  12. One of the things I love about Colin is that he makes me feel like a fox every. day. I’ll think I’m looking kind of schlumpy and I’ll catch him looking at me with a silly grin on his face. Gotta love boys.

  13. I’ve been dying to try Bailey’s coffee creamer! I love the taste of Bailey’s in my coffee but normally try to avoid consuming alcohol at 6 AM when I drink my coffee, haha. Sadly, I’ve been unable to find this gem in ANY of my local grocery stores… still searching!

  14. What has me feeling foxy — honestly I feel that way when I’m with Jason — he says very inappropriate things but I love it and it always leaves me feeling good.

    I love your new shirt! And the heart bars are too cute.

  15. I love your laid back style, and this shirt looks awesome on you! Hmm when I take some good photos or after rocking a good lifting session I feel foxy! Love this post haha!

  16. I feel foxy in my bikini now hah :))) And all my new workout clothes! I’ve been working out and eating right hard for the past year and it’s finally paying off!

  17. that shirt is adorable on you!!

  18. you are foxy!!! love the shirt and Callie is a sweetheart

  19. I love the shirt and all the cute photos of you!

    You really do like some coffee with your creamer. I thought you might be exaggerating. Nope. ;)

  20. That is such a cute shirt! I love it! And the raw goodies look very yum. Just keeping moving is the only thing keeping me feeling foxy these days ;)

  21. Cute shirt, love the silly faces!! And the tattoos, I can’t wait til I can afford a new one. Oh, and the cookies of course. My tummy’s grumbling over here just looking at them!

    Putting on my running clothes and busting out a run in 90 degree heat+humidity made me feel pretty foxy…until I was done and sweaty!

  22. Those cookies are SO cute! I love them! They sounds delish as well!

  23. that foxy shirt is hot!
    Yesterday I felt foxy allll day! My boyfriend and I went on a bike ride, went swimming, and then had margaritas and Mexican food!

  24. Oh, man, I’d never hear the end of it if I wore a shirt like that to the gym! I try to down-play my flirtatious tendencies, and that would set me back in my efforts.

    That Bailey’s looks fantastic, which is why I’m NOT going to try it! I recently got over my Coffeemate addiction, and I don’t need a new one!

  25. I went to my first ever pole fitness class and was super hyped up on endorphens. While in the class, this “younger girl” kept laughing at my attempts to do a fireman move. I don’t have a lot of upper body strength and am a pretty clumsy person to boot so unfortunately I walked out of the class in tears. My hubby met me right outside the door and was so pissed that someone could put another person down like that. He totally lifted my spirits because he was so proud that I took myself out of my comfort zone and tried a new fitness trend and didn’t give up even when I was being laughed at. Regardless, I had a blast and am now suffering severly sore arms and abs not to mention bruises (LOL) and can’t wait til my next class.

  26. Love, love, LOVE! Thanks so much for the shout out, Averie! Of course I’m bias, but I’m totally digging the shirt :) And, when I get the ‘non-ghetto’ packing in this fall, you will be the first I send it to!!

    • Thank YOU so much for the goodies. I love the tshirt!

      And sooo many people have said how cute the shirt is and how good your Rawxies look…so you are clearly right on track with it all! New packaging? I actually think what you have is a-okay!

      Thanks hon for everything :)

  27. Sweet loot! Sweet box and I love the shirt. Too funny on washing them down with Bailey’s creamer. :-P

    1. Just working out and taking care of myself which I desperately need with so much stress and family issues this week!

  28. Love that shirt, and those cookies look awesome! I love that they’re in the shape of hearts. I think when I eat a big bowl of greens or fruit I really feel healthy…and a huge glass of water! When I’m sweaty from a workout, I feel even foxier!

  29. That is such a cute shirt! And those rawxies look delicious.

    Hmm nothing is putting a spring in my step lately, I should change that!

  30. I can’t decide if the t-shirt or heart shaped rawxys are cuter!

    PS, thanks for the thoughts on using my dates, made your no-bake oatmeal cookies last night and they are delish!

  31. I love the shirt!! And the rawxies look too good.

    I have to tell you that I’m obsessed with your raw cookie dough balls! My husband laughs at me because I make them ALL the time! :)

  32. I felt foxy and sassy when I was out for my sister’s bachelorette party. I danced my a** off!!!

  33. I want that shirt! So cute. As a fellow Queen of the Silly Face in a Photo, I salute you!

  34. Those rawxies look delicious! I used to live by a coffee shop that sold something very similar to rawxies called “beart thrive” I think. I’ll have to give rawxies a try!

    I love that shirt! And you are looking mighty foxy :) I’m getting married next month and I’ve been doing the 30 day shred to tone up for it, and my fiancé said the other day “you’re looking really good!” that made me feel foxy for sure :)

  35. Hi there, Just found your blog and all of your inspiring and tasty recipes. I am making those kale chips tonight as I <3 Kale and I <3 nutritional yeast! Thanks a ton for all the awesomeness and can't wait to keep reading!

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  37. Oh I hope to be able to try the Rawxies sometime too! I must beg Callie to ship worldwide.
    Fun modelling shots in the cute shirt- I don’t think I can remember seeing a photo of you without your 1000watt dazzling smile :-) Love it (the silly faces and the 1000watt smile)!

  38. I’m in love with the shirt! :D

  39. This is SO mooshy and cheesy but my boyfriend calls me sexy, baby, cutie, sweetie all the time.. even after long runs, waking up, or after a hard day at work. He reminds me how beautiful I am to him even when I don’t think I am at my best <3

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