Firecraker & Gratitude

In honor of the 4th of July, I thought I’d list some of the things I’m grateful for and celebrating by using the word:


No actual firecrackers will be launched by me today.  That was my past life.

F is for Freedom. Words cannot express my gratitude toward the men and women who have served our country in the past, present and future; who have fought to defend our country and our freedoms.  Thank you for doing what you do; for giving your lives in service to others, to our country, to your fellow Americans.  Freedom, and having it, is at the core and root of life as we know it and I encourage everyone to take a step back from the red, white, and blue food today and give gratitude for our freedom and remember those who fight for it.


I is for Ice Cream.  Vegan Vanilla Avocado Banana “Ice Cream”

And no, it doesn’t taste healthy.  It tastes far superior to and richer than real ice cream.  I wouldn’t lie to you about dessert.  Ever. Many people have written to say they’ve made it and agree with my assessment. 

R is for Respect. Have some.  For yourself, others, the planet, and for things greater than you.  Give respect and you shall receive it.

E is for Everything in Moderation. Including Desserts. What is the point of working out, of making healthy lifestyle choices overall, if you can’t have items you really enjoy, every now and then, in moderation.

Whether it’s buying a few new dishes, a fluffy camera strap, or a Fudgy Nutella Brownie with Cream Cheese Frosting, I think living life with a moderate attitude is a beautiful thing.

C is for Caring. Please care about yourself.  Care about others.  Care about a cause.  Care about the world around you, care about children, the environment, the state of the world, the state of your messy kitchen, just care about something.  Apathy is so unappealing.

R is for Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate

The easiest thing to make.  All of 1 minute and hardly any dishes. Bonus.

A is for Always Living with a sense of gratitude, purpose, compassion, and kindness.

Give a big hug and kiss to your loved ones and always show and tell them how much they mean to you.

Picture from the Taste of Adams Avenue last weekend.  We had so much fun!

C is for Cheesy Taco Casserole

Scott was really grateful for this meal.

K is for Ketchup & Mustard Lover’s Protein & Veggie Mash

A healthy dose of ketchup & mustard and make beans, taters, and veggies come alive in a one-pot, 20 minute, complete meal.  I am always grateful for condiments, sauces, dips, and dressings.

E is for Everything Will Work Out. And in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year you probably won’t remember what you were even stressing about, fighting with your friend/partner/spouse about, worried about, or had your undies in a bundle about.  You won’t even likely remember what you’re upset about or what you’re worried about Everything will be fine.

R is for reminding you about my Sticky Giveaway and to enter because it ends on Tuesday.

So there you have it: F I R E C R A C K E R

From my previous few posts, most of you seem to have pesky mosquitoes and bugs to deal with.  So sorry for the slap and swatfest.

And I am glad my Console Yourself treats looked good to you!


1. What are you doing to celebrate the 4ht of July?  or Canada Day Weekend?  Or if neither, how has your weekend been?

I’ve been really, insanely busy.  And have been doing lots of work.  Like hard, physical work, manual labor.  Wasn’t planning on a worker bee kind of weekend but it has turned out that way.

We may go out to fireworks, or we may just watch them from our balconies because we can see at least 4 shows without leaving home.  <– Which sounds great to me, actually.

We watched them from our balcony last year.  No crowds, no parking hassles, no crabby and overstimulated kids (other people’s!) to deal with.

Mine is always an angel.  Kidding. But I do think we’ll probably just watch the fireworks from home.

2. Pick a letter and tell me something about that letter that you’re grateful for or celebrating.

I am also going to pick the letter R

R is for Really Good weather. That always makes me happy!

And this red plant + blue vase = nature got festive today

Last reminder for the Sticky Giveaway.  Winner announced Tuesday.

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Love it! Happy Fourth of July!!!

  2. L is for loved ones. I have 3 that I see daily and they’re worth celebrating :)

  3. LOVE this: “E is for Everything Will Work Out. And in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year you probably won’t remember what you were even stressing about, fighting with your friend/partner/spouse about, worried about, or had your undies in a bundle about. You won’t even likely remember what you’re upset about or what you’re worried about. Everything will be fine.”
    ‘Undies in a bundle,’ haha. It’s too true and always valuable to remember in keeping perspective on whatever “crisis” du jour in which you find yourself. Keep tellin’ it like it is. Happy 4th of July!

  4. Great post! Those desserts look soooooo yummy!!!!! Happy Fourth! :-) xox

  5. Great Post – My letter is I – I am SO grateful for the INTERNET! Since I just moved overseas, it’s keeping me connected via Skype with my family and helping to create a new hobby – Blogging :-)

  6. I am going to say G for grateful. grateful to have ‘met’ such wonderful friends such as yourself through our blogging!

  7. Beautifully said Averie!
    I choose the letter H for Happiness… I am so grateful for feeling happy! Being happy, and surroundong myself with happy people and happiness! Get rid of the negative and poisonous people I say!

  8. Oh I love this! Such a great idea. I’ll go with E for enjoying.

  9. so fun:):):) I pick F for Family since i am so happy that i got to come home for a week and hang out with my family that i haven’t seen since december!!

    And definitely watch the fireworks form your balcony!! Its much nicer when you don’t have to deal with the mob of people leaving at the end!!

  10. This is a beautiful post. Couldn’t agree with everything you said any more! I had “R” chosen to quote and say “amen!” to, but as I kept reading I realized I just wanted to say that to all of them ;) yes – everything will be fine! might not seem that way now, but it will be :) that’s the beauty of life. it goes on!

    as for how we celebrated? well, we’re not big celebrators here, haha. No holidays are ever a huge event so it was kinda just like an extra day off that we were able to enjoy by running a 5k (…or, watching a 5k in my mom’s case) followed by some horseback riding, finally coming inside to the cool air conditioning, and grilling :)

  11. thanks for this wonderful and unique way to pay tribute to the holiday!! i especially enjoy the ‘ice cream’ and ‘always living’ ones! :)

    for today i’ll say C for ‘Cherish the good times and fond memories.’ i’m not able to be with some of my family today but i can always think back of the great times we’ve shared and know that plenty more are in the future! i hope you and yours are having an awesome fourth!!

  12. Yes!!! I love this “fun with words” type of post – very nice work, averie!
    My dad’s fave expression: everything in moderation. Have heard that since childhood.
    I need to repeat “everything will work out” – keep the faith, right?
    Hope you can watch the fireworks from your place. I could see our city’s display right from my windows on canada day! Way better than fighting crowds!
    Enjoy your evening!

  13. This is great! R is for relaxing because we all could use a little relaxing time now and then! Happy July fourth!

  14. Averie this is an awesome post! I love it, and I love your creativity! I also love your attitude – I know things may be At Level Eleven right now, but your positive attitude will keep you sane :)

    F… for Family. my family of Jason and Basil (dachshund!). and my family of my parents, siblings, extended… and my family of friends, in real life and the ones here on the ‘net (including you!). I am thankful for them all!

  15. We had some fireworks at our family BBQ today — but here in MN you “can’t” have any fireworks that leave the ground — I’m not sure if they had that rule when you lived here but it is pretty lame! Plus our city basically has no money and didn’t budget for fireworks, so we couldn’t watch any from home. If I didn’t have to work tomorrow we’d go out to St. Paul to watch the big display, but I’m too tired!

    Sorry I just realized that entire comment was super whiney. I’m just tired!

  16. What a creative way to celebrate the holiday! I love your F, I think it’s sometimes necessary to remind ourselves how we got to be watching fireworks and BBQing this weekend. I think my favorite is C. I couldn’t agree more that apathy is unappealing, and I’m so proud to have strong convictions about which I care and for which I advocate!

    This weekends plans included fireworks, an awesome vegan cupcake, and mountain biking (lots of buggies, though, ew!).

    And my letter today is B. To remind myself to breathe, then think clearly. And also for boyfriend, to whom I am eternally grateful for putting up with me these past couple weeks, which have been a bit rough!

  17. happy fourth!!! so proud of our troops today too! i’m amazed every day at what they do.

    i love your ‘everything in moderation’ philosophy! i am a strong believer that our BODIES know everything there is to know… there is a lot of wisdom in really honoring what your body craves and feeding it with nutritious foods and also delicious treats!

  18. F is for the DELICIOUS Coconut Summer Fruit Salad that I made and brought to my friend’s BBQ today. Sadly, there was none left to take home.. I guess that’s a good thing… but not for my greedy tummy!
    P.s. Today was so gorgeous! <3 SD

  19. I love this post and I love you! :D this is o e of your best posts ever.

    Thank you, this made me smile, and happy to be your friend. And grateful to be American. Without our wonderful country and the people who have made it this great, this blog and our friendship would not exist!!

    Happy 4th of July!

    • when this comment came in, i was smiling and couldnt wait to reply (about 4 hrs later…lol)

      thank you for saying all this
      “I love this post and I love you! :D this is o e of your best posts ever.”

      The feeling is mutual on loving you and our friendship. Seriously. You are amazing. We WILL meet in person one day. :)

  20. I like the E for everything will work out. That’s something that has taken me all my life to learn and I am still forgetting it. Thanks for the reminder.

    This was a great and very clever post, Averie. I love that photo of you and skylar!

  21. Wonderful post, so sweet and great pics.

    1. Relaxing at home with stressed out dogs who do not like fireworks. :-) But had a lovely hike in great weather earlier.
    2. C for Compassion as we’ve been reaching out to family trying to alleviate stress from their health problems.

  22. What a nice idea for a post! I laughed that you used ketchup for the letter k. Love it! Hmmm…I’m going to be really obvious and say that F is for friends. I had a fabulous girls’ night tonight.

  23. I love this post. I particularly love:
    C is for Caring… Apathy is so unappealing.

    So true. During my Eating Disorder, I cared about nothing. I loved no one, I eradicated all emotions. As I recover, I find a zest for life, love for my friends and family, and most importantly… for myself.

    I hope you had a great 4th of July and that things smooth out for you soon. As the saying goes: “Keep calm and carry on.”

  24. Fun post!!!
    F – F is for finishing up the school year. It feels so good!
    I – I is for ice-cream (the creme brulee stuff I bought today!)
    R – R is for remembering info from my first reading for an exam tomorrow.
    E – E is for easy classes. I am glad that my grad class seems pretty easy.
    C – C is for coffee with a friend this evening. I had an iced mocha.
    R – R is for rest and relaxation, which I will get plenty of this summer!
    A – A is for arachnophobia, which I am convinced I have.
    C – C is for cake pops that I have to make for a wedding this weekend.
    K – K is for keeping myself busy this summer so I feel productive.
    E – E is for eating. I like eating :-)
    R – R is for rice which will be in my hippie bowl tomorrow at dinner.

    • Aww, thanks for participating! I think the teacher in you helps you get into the spirit of these little creative things :)

      Your weekend sounds great…coffee with friend, ice cream,making cake pops…nice!

      Oh and your last comment re bug bites. Girl. I know, growing up in MN we got these HUGE mosquitoes that would leave welts the size of golf balls…I feel your pain!

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  26. This was such a great post and a great reminder to take a step back and see the positive things in this world.

    I’ll choose F for fun! Sometimes, you just gotta have fun. Especially when it seems like the last thing you’ll be able to do.

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