Fireworks & Food

Happy post Fourth of July weekend.  Did you watch any fireworks?

We watched from the comforts of home.

I walked onto the balcony and looked outside.

I saw the crescent moon just dangling in the sky.


And I saw fireworks.

I actually saw three shows at once.  

Left, center, right.

Three separate shows.

15 minutes later, I walked back inside.  It was perfect.

No crowds, no parking, no chaos.  I’ve got plenty of chaos as it is without actually driving somewhere in search of any.

Firecrackers are over. Let’s talk about food.

Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying:


Red peppers from the farmers market

Dipped in  “Cheater’s” Guacamole

Fresh Strawberries with Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter

Lots and lots of watermelon!

So juicy and delish.  I wish it was watermelon season year round.

Snacked on Peanut Butter Banana “Crowns”

And some raw vegan cheezy kale chips

You can bake these if you don’t have a dehydrator.

As a sidebar, I would recommend purchasing other appliances before you race out to buy a dehydrator.  I  think dehydrators are overrated, but I am speaking from my personal usage, lifestyle, and the way I like to cook.  To each her own!I find myself using my oven most times.   Something that takes an hour in the oven takes 24 hours in a dehydrator.  <–I just don’t have that kind of patience or planning!

For everyone who loves your dehydrator, awesome.  I love the concept but in reality, it’s just not practical for me.  And I refuse to leave my house with a hot appliance running or sleep while it’s running.  I’m sure I’m paranoid, but that’s just me.

For dessert, I finished off the Mixed Berry Clafoutis

All gone.  Darn.

But now I just have to make another dessert.  There are far worse problems to have in life, clearly.

I know my next dessert is going to involve chocolate!

I must nourish the Chocolate Monster

From my last post, FIRECRACKER & Gratitude, thanks for sharing what you’re grateful for and celebrating.  I am really glad you enjoyed the post.  Many of you told me you really liked it and it was one of my best over.  Thank you.

I know that someone is going to be celebrating!

The winner of the Tropical Traditions Brown Rice Syrup Giveaway is:

Mimi (Gingersnaps) July 4, 2011 at 2:31 pm

I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time! I’ve heard it’s better for you than agave. I’d use it to make creme brulee!

Congrats, Mimi, and send me your shipping address.


1. Did you see fireworks?  Do you like them? 

Some people “love” them.  My mother is one of those people.

For me, I really don’t get too cracked up about them (pun intended).  Perhaps because I just have a short attention span or perhaps because there’s only so many “Oh, that was a pretty one” and then two seconds later the next one goes off and it’s, “Oh that one was pretty, too” before I am pretty one’ed out.

Also, in San Diego, all summer long they shoot them off nightly at SeaWorld as well as on Coronado Island so I could watch them every night if I wanted to, and sometimes actually catch a glimpse of them.

Skylar was more than fine with balcony fireworks.  We see fireworks nightly in Aruba, too, so she’s not deprived or anything.  She even knows the Aruban word for fireworks: klap-chi.

2. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

Can’t wait to hear these answers!

If you’re just catching up on posts of mine since Friday, here’s what you may have missed:

53 comments on “Fireworks & Food”

  1. Sounds like a perfect 4th of July celebration to me! I 100% agree with you on fireworks. My attention span is next to none, so after a couple of “pretty” ones, I’m out of there! The best fireworks I saw were some teenagers lighting them off on the top of a parking ramp next to my apartment. Totally illegal for them, but I enjoyed watching. ;)

    Love all the food too! Still think the Berry Clafoutis looks AMAZING!

  2. We watched fireworks Sunday night from my in-laws beach house. Then we drove home from NJ to NY last night and got to watch fireworks the entire way home. It was really pretty seeing them along the night sky all over as we drove!

  3. I didn’t watch any, but I certainly did hear them for a few hours, including the surely-illegal explosions someone was setting off a couple blocks away.
    Lots of good food but nothing out of the ordinary: omelettes, cole slaw and salmon, watermelon, coffee with whipped cream.

  4. I LOVE fireworks but they are illegal here so I haven’t seen any in years. My poor dogs are grateful though, they HATE fireworks.

    How amazingly cool is it that you could see so many different fireworks shows from your balcony? Talk about convenient!

    That guacamole is so stunning, you’ve got me craving a big bowl.

  5. So sweet that you got to see fireworks right from home :) What a beautiful evening! I also get bored so easily though, haha – they gotta be GOOD and LOUD to keep my attention.

    Enjoy your day, beautiful lady :)

  6. I’m definitely a firework lover! I don’t know what it is, they just make me really happy! But the best thing I did over the weekend was an awesome mountain bike ride…now my bottom is a bit sore though!

    I bought my boyfriend a dehydrator for his birthday so he could make jerky. I was wanting one too, but I have my eyes on the real prize…a VITA!

  7. We didn’t watch any fireworks, although I could hear them from neighboring cities.

    I *love* that picture of the little crescent moon!

  8. amen to enjoying fireworks from the comfort of home! i could see mine out my window on canada day (although only one show, not three!) and that was just my cup of tea. and yup, i love fireworks, but once a year for 10 minutes is just fine!
    funny you mention the moon as it caught my eye when i was walking home from work last eve!
    did you go see the light/water/music shows in the evenings in aruba at the new mall? pretty popular with families!
    you’re not paranoid about leaving on appliances – firefighters everywhere thank you! :)
    have a great day!

  9. Fireworks are nice and everything, but I’m just not wowed by them anymore. I think I’ve had my fill, haha.

    Best thing I did all weekend was going to the Taste of Chicago. Even though it was crazy hot and I was sweating buckets, it was lovely being downtown and NOT working, haha.

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  10. I watched fireworks from home too—was way better than fighting crowds! We’ve seen them from home the last three nights, so honestly last night we barely even glanced at them.

    I agree about the dehydrator–I do like having it, but I don’t use it as much as I thought I would. It’s just not as necessary as I thought it would be. I’ve also changed my opinion about the importance of making everything raw—so much of the raw stuff is way complex and tedious. I like quick recipes!

    • Quick trumps all. I mean, most of my food IS mostly raw, or very simply prepared and very close to how nature would have intended it..super lightly steamed, etc. But for times when I do need to cook something, I don’t have 24+ hours to pre-plan it! :)

      “so much of the raw stuff is way complex and tedious”– YES! I know!

  11. Aww, beautiful pictures, Averie! I think that’s the perfect way to enjoy fireworks – from your balcony that’s not only peaceful but also provides the best vision. :)

    Your salad looks wonderful – I just discovered red cabbage as a new favorite in salads. :) Did you use raw green beans? I never dared that because I thought they were toxic.

  12. That’s the best way to enjoy them! We saw them from a boat on a lake, no crowds that way either :)

  13. I love being able to watch more than one fireworks show at a time – it’s so cool! Fireworks are my FAVORITE thing because when I was little our town celebrated on the 3rd of July which is my birthday, so my parents always said they were for me. I loved it!
    Best thing this weekend – spending time with my family, watching fireworks and celebrating.
    Thanks, Averie!

  14. I love watermelon. I’m partial to slicing it in half and then just going at it with a spoon. While I’d love it if it were available all year, I also kind of like that watermelon is only really good in the summer.

  15. I did see fireworks! I like that you saw 3 different sets. In 1999 New Year’s eve, we drove up a hill here in SB and could 3 sets of fireworks. One in SB, one in Goleta, and one teeny tiny one in Ventura.

    We generally go to a friend’s house. Lots of people get set up EARLY at the beach with tents and BBQ’s, staking out their spaces…too much work!

    Best thing I ate…my homemade focaccia bread.

  16. I am totally with you on watermelon (YUM) and not leaving any appliances on when I leave the house. Call me (us) paranoid, but I have heard TOO many stories. Not worth it. Safety comes first!

    and I do really enjoy fireworks, but I see your point. Glad you had a nice 4th! :-)

  17. We avoided the fireworks chaos this year as well and it was so nice. Oh – I also wanted to say I used the white on the watermelon trick you shared for picking out a melon and it worked like a charm. Super good watermelon!

  18. Yayyy! Lots of people set off fireworks in our neighborhoods, so they’re literally right outside our front door! I still need to make your cheaters guac- its on my list! Glad you had a nice fourth :) Ours was great- we went to my Aunts house on the water- pictures tomorrow!

  19. I love fireworks and I always have, though I have no idea why. Nothing patriotic or anything, I just love them.

    The best thing I did over the weekend was intentionally leave my computer at home so I could truly enjoy my family and beach time. I can’t even explain how wonderful it was.

  20. I could actually see some local fireworks from my back porch… …and I stress could have as I was busy inside making dinner. I’m with you Averie, once you’ve seen them a few times I feel like I’m pretty good on that.

    Best thing I ate was at the resort this weekend… I ordered grilled opah with a yuzi sauce served with brown rice and broc. It was to die for.

  21. Personally, I don’t care much for fireworks. I mean, a colorful explosion in the sky, great. Ooh, and then another one. Oh… and now they’ve been going on for 3 hours. Yipee.

    Once I’ve seen one, I’ve seen them all. I would much rather be spending time with friends, talking, laughing, doing something worthwhile, rather than ‘hushing’ because other people are trying to watch a show. Personally, I feel it’s boring and a waste of time.

    However, this makes me feel bad, since on your last post I lauded your “Apathy is so unappealing.” quote. Today I’m going to work at being excited about things. Just not fireworks ;)

  22. Love your pictures! To catch all three shows at once = perfection.

    Unfortunatly my hubby had to work (overnight shift) so we weren’t able to see any fireworks this year. But maybe next year. :)

    Best thing i ate this weekend was some veggie pesto pizza. Yum yum yum! :)

  23. No fireworks for me, because I came down with a fever last night :(
    But the best thing I ate the entire weekend was an entire watermelon. By myself. It was DELICIOUS.

  24. We didn’t see fireworks this year as Meghan can’t stay up that late yet. I do love fireworks, though. I’m a dork. :-)

  25. You had a great view! We went to my parents house who have a view similar of the whole valley and watched a bunch of different shows :) it was def betterthen dealing with crowds and parking! I just read ur gratitude post and it was absolutely beautiful!

  26. Gorgeous firework pics, how fun. I have mixed feelings on dehydrators, I tend to use mine less over the summer because I crave hydrating foods and it heats up the kitchen. But I do use it in the winter and home made kale chips make great gifts to in-laws that have everything already. :-)

    1. We didn’t see any this year, heard our neighbors setting them off way too late, after midnight – not fun for work nights. :-P
    2. A lot this weekend, saw Forks Over Knives, hiked, and had a wonderful dinner out.

  27. I saw quite a few, from my balcony as well! The amount of illegal fireworks around me was absolutely insane.

    I’m not that impressed with them, which I FINALLY learned a couple of years ago. We used to drive to this park where you had to show up at least five hours in advance to get a good spot, so we’d bring food and sort of play around waiting for firework time. Then they’d go for about 10-15 minutes and every single year I’d be bored after about 3-4 minutes. Ooh, pretty. Ooooooh pretty. Yeah, I’m done!

  28. I love your photographs. I watched fireworks on television because we didn’t want to deal with parking and trying to leave the local park that always shoots off fireworks.
    Watermelon has to be the best thing to eat in the summer.

  29. How wonderful to see all of those fireworks!! I did not see any this year (!) except last night on TV ha. I live near the NYC fireworks, but it was just not possible to get there…perhaps next year! Looks like a delicious holiday :)

  30. That sounds like the perfect relaxing celebration!
    Its not weekend here, but Ive been off work for two days now, so it feels like a weekend anyway. Today, me and a friend had a Spa day, and we got massage at a studio. That was even better than anything Ive eaten lately :P So wonderful!
    Eating is still good though. Today I roasted asparagus- that is just yummiiiii!

  31. We saw a few fireworks from a distance, but we mostly just did a few little backyard sparklers.
    (Fun though!)

    Best thing I ate was my huge burrito from Qdoba with all fresh ingredients! YUM! Glad you had a good weekend, and YES, I agree….I’m always a little nervous to leave my dehydrator going when I’m not home or sleeping. I do like that fact that whatever you put in there is still alive with enzymes, etc, but sometimes it’s not really worth the trouble!

  32. Glad you got to enjoy some of the fireworks! People set most of them off on Sunday, but tehre were a few VERY loud ones last night starting very late last night.

  33. No way, I used to eat Peanut Butter Banana Crowns every day! I wish I’d’ve known to call them that at the time, I’m sure it would’ve been even more fun :D

    I’m with you on the “pretty one’d out” thing too … there’s only so much of a good thing, right? Unless it’s chocolate, in which case I can’t wait ’till you feed that particular monster so we can all feed ours too ;)

    Hm, best thing I ate … it’s a tough call, but probably Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Cheesecake Blueberry Pie Pancakes topped with raspberries … beyond delicious! :)

    • well i just made that name for them up. gotta be creative with kids, you know :)

      and i told katie you loved her pancakes. i want to make those and have had my eye on them for awhile now!

      • From now on, they’re crowns :D

        Oh wow, you told Katie? How cool! Honestly, you need to make those pancakes: I’ve just started making pancakes as I always thought they were messy and time-consuming to make, but they so aren’t :D Funnily enough one of my latest favourite breakfasts actually fuses one of your recipes with one of Katie’s: I use your coconut oil chocolate as the chocolate in Katie’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Oatmeal (heaven…) – I can’t for the life of me get the voluminous oatmeal trick to work no matter if I use the microwave or stovetop and however long I cook it for, but I just drain the excess water off and it always tastes amazing anyway!

        Thanks :)

  34. oooOOOoo those PB banana crowns look yummy!
    The fireworks were so nice last night! I got to see 4 different shows at the same time! Gotta love the vantage points in SD! <3
    Best thing I ate this weekend was probably my Coconut Summer Fruit Salad!

  35. Just made your No-bake protein bars yesterday and WOW!!! I already enjoyed one for breakfast and can’t wait to eat the rest-my freezer is happy! Can’t wait to try them with different ingredients! Thanks!!!

  36. haha…I just published a post titled “Food, Fun, and Fireworks”-great minds think alike, eh?

    1. My neighbors set up a HUGE fireworks display-love them!! (But my doggy doesn’t :P) So colorful…and I love the noise, too! I sat out in my back porch, which is covered, thank goodness because I would have been eaten alive by mosquitoes!

    2. Best thing I ate: my sugar-free banana cream pie with chocolate crust!!!

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  38. You got some lovely shots of the fireworks. You had the best seats in the house!

  39. I want your farmers market!! Good luck with your cooking. :)

  40. So neat that you can see fireworkers without leaving the comfort of your home! We just hear the noise here :P
    And great point about the dehydrator, too. I was tempted recently (as you may remember) but thought better of it. I just knew I’d use it for a bit and then totally be over it! I actually recently discovered that my toaster oven can do a pretty good job there, too! I don’t think I’ll be making fruit leather with it, but I feel like I’d probably rather pay the 49 cents that fruit leather costs if I really want it that badly :P

  41. Our local Rotary Club puts on a huge “party” every Canada Day at the biggest park in my city. It’s ends with fireworks which I LOVE to watch… do the kids. Jason hates the crowds, but I’m OK with that, and it’s only once a year. When we get home we can usually continue watching from our balconey as lots of people do their own fireworks at home. :)

  42. We didn’t go outside to see the fireworks, but we definitely heard them!!! We live very near to our cities large park/lake where they set them off.

    I love fireworks, but just wasn’t feeling like going out this year.

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