Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

I am so excited to finally reveal this post!

 I’ve had this post written for about 3 weeks.

Since even before my photography trip to Mexico City


And even before I announced that we were moving

And before we moved into our new house this past week.

These cookies are long gone.

But they are such great little memories.


Step-by-step photos:

Combine everything in one bowl

Look at all that glorious peanut butter!

Stir to combine

The dough will be sticky but workable.

It seems like a sticky blob and I thought I was going to have peanut butter everywhere and it would be really hard to work with but all was well.  Something about the oil in the peanut butter plus the sugar seemed to keep the dough from being un-workable or too messy. 

If it really does seem too messy, I’d add a tablespoon or two extra of sugar to soak up the sticky + moisture factor.

Roll dough into balls or drop onto a cookie sheet with a spoon.

Or, if you want to refrigerate the dough for 15 minutes or so before you roll the balls, great.  But I didn’t bother.

Lightly press the tops with a fork.

But don’t squeeze the Charmin too much and flatten them into little pancakes.

I like this picture.  And I like raw dough balls.

Sprinkle with a pinch each of brown and white sugar.

Bake and allow to cool.

I had read on various websites with similar recipes that they don’t really spread much at all.  Mine actually did spread a bit, so keep that in mind.

Impress everyone with how easy these are and how good they taste!

The active prep time on these is about 2 minutes to make the batter and about 8 minutes to roll into balls.

So 10 minutes of work

10 minutes to bake

And in 20 minutes you can be chomping away.

It’s the simple things in life like cookies that just make me so happy.

And bonus to the extremely minimal amount of cleanup and dishes.  One bowl.  Love it.

The taste is full of peanut butter flavor and full-bodied.

You definitely know you’re eating a peanut butter cookie and not a sugar cookie which is the problem with lots of peanut butter cookies, I find.

Most cookies are not peanut buttery enough for my liking but these are full-bodied peanut butter flavor for all PB fiends like me.

They are rich and satisfying.  Not some little light airy cookie.

I can feel just a little oil from the peanut butter on my lips when I eat them.  <– To me, that’s a turn on.  Means they’re full of good.stuff.  Like 1 cup of PB!

You can just see by looking at the center of the cookies that they are going to be moist.  I always look at cookie centers to see if they are a touch under-baked and moist looking.

And because of all that PB, they’re not dry.  I despise dry cookies and baked goods.  Not worth my chew. These are anything but dry.


Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies (Gluten Free, with Vegan Option)

3/4 c white sugar

1/4 c brown sugar, packed

1 c peanut butter

1 egg (replace real egg by combining 1 tbsp ground flax seeds + 3 tbsp warm water in a small bowl and stirring.  Allow a “jelly” to form after a few minutes and use this as your “egg”)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in one bowl and stir by hand with a spoon.


Form into 1 inch balls (I rolled mine with my hands but you could just drop them on a cookie sheet with a spoon) and place on cookie sheet (I used parchment-lined for easy cleanup).

Optional: Lightly press each ball with a fork to make criss-cross patterns

Dust each cookie with a pinch of white and brown sugar before baking

Bake at 350F for 10 minutes or until barely browned.  They can go from raw to burned in about 90 seconds so watch them.

Allow to cool well and they may not look very well done after 10 minutes, but that’s ok.  Take them out of the oven anyway and allow them to cool.

Yields 18 cookies (mine were a bit thin and farily small.  Reducing to 12-15 thicker/bigger cookies may work even better which I will try next time)

Edited to add January 2013: There is an updated (and even better) version of these cookies Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies (gluten-free) – My new favorite Peanut Butter Cookie recipe


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Edited to add January 2013: There is an updated (and even better) version of these cookies Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies (gluten-free) – My new favorite Peanut Butter Cookie recipe

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Edited to add January 2013: There is an updated (and even better) version of these cookies Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies (gluten-free) – My new favorite Peanut Butter Cookie recipe

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  2. Are you feeling okay? I see you’ve used the word “moist” not once, but twice! haha, just playing ;)

    The cookies look great – and I love this Secret Recipe Club! I love a fun challenge and am thinking I need to apply, myself!!

    PB Cookies…you know, strangely, they’re not ones I’ve had very often! I think choco-chip was more prevalent growing up, so even into my adult-hood (lol) I haven’t made them often. Or…at all. Needs to change ;)

  3. what a fantastic post! so good on so many levels. Your blog has very quickly become one of my very favorites :-)

    and this made me LOL:
    “…but usually I get back something like a headband with blue stars and yellow moons on it. Not that it’s not lovely and all, but you know”.

    haha, totally been there! too funny

  4. Yum these look soooo great! I love PB cookies!

  5. Amazing- they look so rich, chewy and moist! And the photos are gorgeous, Averie! :)

    My mom used to host a cookie exchange every Christmas, where everyone brings a few dozen cookies to share and copies of the recipes, and then people make their own mixed boxes of cookies and pick the recipes they’d like to try. So fun!

  6. you definitely were intriguing me last night with this recipe and now I know why! Can’t wait to make the, seriously!

  7. I love peanut butter cookies and I LOVE this recipe… so simple, and sounds so good! Peanut butter cookies were the one cookie my mom never made when I was younger (no idea why), so it was always such a treat when I got to have one at my grandma’s place, a friend’s, or out somewhere.

    My dad’s side of the family used to do a sort of Secret Santa for Christmas, where we’d all pick a name from a hat, and the whole family (like 30 of us), would all go into town and buy gifts. We’d get back to my grandparent’s house, wrap the gifts, eat dinner, then exchange them. It was actually really fun since the people participating obviously knew you pretty well!

  8. Peanut butter cookies are my favorite!! And how easy are these. Thanks for the tip on how to turn flax into “egg” I had no idea!

    It’s great to meet you too on Instagram! I just joined about a week and ago and boy am I hooked :)

  9. Your cookies are beautiful- love that they are naturally gluten-free. Ps your trip to Mexico with Penny looks like it was amazing…very jealous over here!

  10. Yayyy! The club is so much fun! I get excited to find out who my new blogger is every month! The cookies look fantastic. I definitely like PB cookies. Weekend on this side was good! Got some things done and spent lots of time with family and friends. Went on a date night (possibly our last before peanut??). It was good stuff!

  11. Oh man, peanut butter is my favorite food, and moist cookies are the only way to go. Definitely trying these!! I can’t wait til I’m grown up to participate in the recipe exchange!

  12. These look great! This is day 1 of my gluten free experiment and I am so so excited to see that I Can still Have a new baking project: )

  13. These are amazing. No butter and no flour and such an easy prep and they look incredible to boot!!!! You are a genuis!

  14. We used to make pretty much these exact cookies ALL the time growing up and they’re the BEST!

  15. Gorgeous pictures! I’m surprised they did spread that much, I’ve never made a pb cookie that has changed shape whatsoever in the oven!

  16. omg, I so want on of these cookies right now!! I loooooooooooooooooooooooove pb and these cookies seem to be absolutely devine and are so simple!
    Beautiful shots, I love the dishes you used for the cookies.
    best thing I did over the weekend: I attended a street festival in Mulhouse, France, and it was fantastic!

  17. I like your adaptation — the recipe I’ve made is 1 cup sugar + 1 egg + 1 cup PB, but I love the taste of brown sugar so good call on adding that and some vanilla. Yum.

    I agree, if I want a PB cookie it better taste like a PB cookie!

    My favorite cookies are the peanut butter blossoms — especially when the kiss on top is super melty and gooey.

  18. This secret recipe clubs sounds like so much fun!
    Lovee pb cookies! I’ve never tried making flourless cookies. Perhaps I should give it a go :)

  19. Even before I read that you liked that picture with the fork and light criss-cross pressings on the cookies I was going to compliment you for it. The pattern, and simplicity, and LIGHT are all captivating to me. Awesome recipe, I’ve made similar ones before and they are simply always a huge huge hit, yummm!

  20. Okay, I HAVE to try this recipe. I can’t believe how puffy the cookies without flour. The flavor sounds unbelievably good and I know my family would go crazy for these.

  21. PB cookie is one of my fave cookie flavors. Yum. And they look so beautiful on those plates. Perfect!

  22. I added the vanilla when I made the flourless PB cookies too! I have made so many adaptations of these and they always turn out differently. Never tried the Bbrown sugar addition though.

    They probably spread more because you didn’t refridgerate the dough. I read a book on science of baking that said that if you want them to spread, to put them into the preheated oven at room temp. If you want them REALLY flat, warm the dough or the pan a bit first, and if you want them puffy, add cold cookies to a non-preheated oven.

    I love science and baking!

    • ok that is a great tip!

      I will probably refrigerate the dough in the future b/c generally I do like puffier cookies rather than flatter ones and yes the dough was WARM

      I made them on a really warm day in my old house and I remember thinking, I can’t believe I am turning the oven on….

      The warm dough –> spreading
      Totally makes sense. Thank you!

  23. I LOVE peanut butter cookies! I make similar no-flour cookies all the time, sometimes I add mix-ins like orange zest and white chocolate, or dark chocolate chips, chocolate powder, and espresso salt. All good!

  24. It’s so cool how this simple recipe can withstand so many variations – awesome! Love your version, and will have to try it next time:)

  25. Oh my goodness!! Those cookies look FANTASTIC (not just because you have amazing photography skills) they look so yummy!
    I must make those ASAP!
    Thanks for sharing all your delicious recipes, Averie!

  26. Wow Averie those look delicious!! I will definitely make them (after my wedding in 10 months lol). I’m trying to shed a few unwanted pounds for my dress ;)

    I noticed that you’ve been using eggs and some dairy and I was curious to know if you’re moving more towards vegetarian eating than vegan? Of course I have no issue with it I’m just curious :) I think either way your food looks and is amazing! These remind me of you chocolate chip peanut butter caramel cookies (mouth full of words there!), I loved those!

    • Yes and I’ve posted about it a few times in the recent past….I do bake with the occasional egg. My monthly egg consumption may be at…one, maybe two, eggs total per month in terms of what I consume.

      But that takes me out of the vegan realm and makes me vegetarian. Which I am fine with. Just doing what works for me now, evolving as life and desires evolves.

  27. These look so chewy and delicious! I love that all of the ingredients are things that I pretty much always have on hand. I’ll definitely be making these sometime!

  28. I loooooove flourless peanut butter cookies. They’re one of my faves. Looks great!

  29. Wow! You joined another online club? Where do you find the time?
    Definitely going to be making these cookies. My husband is a HUGE fan of PB cookies, but I don’t make them often due to the gluten factor.

    Secret exchange: every year at Christmas we do a Secret Santa within my side of the family. Lots of creative gifts have resulted from this. I find it easier to find / make more meaningful gifts for one person instead of all 12 of us ;)

  30. Mmmm anything with pb is an A+ in my book!

  31. OH GOSH. Do not even get me started on peanut butter cookies. But I have to say, my favorite of all time are my High-Protein Pb chocolate chunk cookies….they are made with beans…I know, I know, you don’t like bean desserts-But they are SO DARN GOOD!

  32. These are the best looking PB cookies, I have seen and this recipe is one, I plan to make. Glad you selected it. I love your other peanut butter recipes, as well.

  33. I LOVE flourless peanut butter cookies. They are so easy and so delicious! These look perfect!

  34. I’ve read a couple posts this morning for the secret recipe club and again thought “I should do that”… if only I had the time!! :D it always looks like fun!

    I LOVE peanut butter cookies, especially the flourless, they are SO quick to make! yours look great, as do the photos! nice job!

  35. YUM! Those look amazing. Peanut butter cookies should basically be soft, chewy cookies that are chock-full of peanut buttery flavor. That’s all that’s needed!! Delicious.

  36. I can understand why the cookies are gone, they look fantastic! Love that you provided a vegan option. My brother’s girlfriend would love these. :)

  37. I wanted to thank you for your blog. I have been reading your blog on and off for a few months now. I just found a few links from some of your posts in the past few days, and they were very honest and thought-provoking. I really admire your fearlessness and courage to put yourself out there the way you do, despite the negative comments you may receive as a result. Your strength is encouraging. Imagine if all women were equally fearless? It gives me hope. Thank you for the energy you put into this blog. And thank you for posting on your bad days, as well as the good.

  38. These are so pretty—I love the look of flourless cookies…they have that chewy appearance!
    PB cookies might be my fave, and I really haven’t made them lately only because of wanting them to be flourless (and not knowing which recipe to try)!

    My weekend was so low key…work and food and working out. I made a cauliflower pizza crust (grain-free) that turned out awesome…

  39. I cannot WAIT to make these! They look amazing!! I too love a moist center…it’s the only way. The best thing I did this weekend was a birthday dinner with my husband and then laying by the pool all day Sunday! Yay!

  40. I love peanut butter and those look delicious! Thanks for sharing a quick and easy recipe. Yum!

  41. I love the photography, and of course, the cookies in the pictures :-P For me, peanut butter cookies are borderline dangerous, especially the flourless kind! I have to be careful not to make too big of a batch, or else i’ll probably eat them all!

  42. That stack of cookies looks so inviting! Love this community builder. Fun to meet so many new bloggers :)

  43. Very interesting on the secret recipe club, how fun. The cookies look great, my hubby would probably be all over them. And great dessert recipe inspiration.

    1. Sure, and raw almond butter cups.
    2. Not yet, but it sounds like fun.
    3. Probably the tempeh pizza and saw Harry Potter, not too exciting since I was on call – blah.

  44. I love peanut butter cookies, but my husband loves them even more than I do!!!

  45. Is a serving size 7 cookies? Because that’s how many I think I could eat in one sitting. Yep. Easily.

  46. That recipe club sounds SO cool!!!! And I want…no NEED…these cookies. Holy cow they look amazing!

  47. I love peanut butter anything…especially cookies. Peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate ain’t too bad, either!

  48. Um, these look delicious, yes please.

  49. I’ve always wondered about flourless PB cookies but I’ve never given them a try. Can’t wait to try this version – they look delicious!

  50. Oh my gosh! These looks amazing! I am so making them- I jusy have to wait for my maple sugar from iherb. I believe maple suger will taste fantsic with the PB! I love how moist they look! And 1 cup of PB? You cant fail with that ;)

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