Friday Finds

In no particular order or significance, here are a few Friday Finds:

This wrought-iron heart-shaped gate

I love wrought-iron work and swirls.  The pattern me of my first armband tattoo.  Not to be confused with my half sleeve.

Sugar snap peas dipped in Mango Ginger Chutney


Jars and jars of this stuff have found their way into my tummy cupboards.

Don’t have a TJs?  Use mango, apricot, or peach jam + pinch of ground ginger + pinch of cayenne or chili powder or red pepper flakes

Crunchy and green meets fruity and ka-pow heat

Sounds odd but I dig it.

Maybe you’re more into Mango Ginger Maple Tofu made with the chutney (or jam + ginger + cayenne if you don’t have the mango ginger chutney)

White Pomegranik Stoli Or Blueberi.  Piqued my interest at the grocery store.

But it was only 2pm and I had lots to do so took a pass on these.

Jelly beans!

Jelly beans get stuck in my teeth but that's ok. I'll deal.

My interest is always piqued with Starbucks and coffee

But I’m cheap and when I’m less than 5 minutes from home, I drive home and make my own coffee.  Or Vanilla Iced coffee.

I’m a power drinker and I have their iced coffees sucked down in 18.92 seconds and need a refill.  Alas, I find my own coffee pot and get busy brewin’.

I found this funny because I didn’t know what was so funny!

Wished I knew what was so funny. That's ok. Laughing sure beats crying!

I found these bars

Sweet enough to cause cavities. Just the way I like my desserts.

And I’m going to hopefully be finding myself a trip to the mall soon.  I hope!

From my last post, Big Things, thanks for keeping your big things G-Rated.

The winner of the Organic Raw Honey Giveaway is:

Jolene ( July 26, 2011 at 5:48 pm

Oooooh, open to Canadians too!!!!!! Yippppppeeeeee!

I love to dip chicken nuggets/ fingers in honey!
I also love honey on homemade biscuits.

I have had raw honey, and it is the best!!

Congrats, Jolene!


1. What Friday Finds, or any finds, have caught your eye and piqued your interest lately?

2. Weekend plans?

I’ve had a long week.  More on that later.

But I also have a big thing coming up and I need to get ready for it!   Details to follow.

P.S. Thanks for the entries on my Summertime Cooldown Giveaway!


  1. I love that wrought uiron gate also! I am just si happy that it’s friday!

  2. JELLY BEANS. I swear we went to the store last night because I had a craving last night.. and they legit did not have any more!!! Seriously? NO jelly beans?! Not cool!

    I feel you in sluggin’ down iced-coffees! I get so upset when I spent 5 bucks on one a star bucks and its gone before I even get to the car!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Love that picture of Skylar – she’s too cute. This weekend is my anniversary with the Husband! We’re actually going to another wedding on it.

  4. I love old iron gates like that. Not sure what my obsession is with them, but I love the thought of the history I suppose. I saw that chutney at TJs in Chicago. I don’t know that I’ve actually tried a true chutney to be honest.

  5. Happy Friday! The mango and ginger chutney sounds divine. Mango chutney has to be one of my faves!

  6. I love mango chutney. So very, very good. I go to indian restaurants just so that I can taste their chutney. And yogourt.

  7. Raspberry Stoli and lemonade = perfect summer drink ;)
    Jelly beans optional, of course.

  8. I’m not a big fan of jelly beans (except the Starburst Easter Jelly Beans!) but that picture is so cute — I love all of the colors.

    No big plans for the weekend — my sister and her husband move back to TX next week so we’ll have some sort of goodbye dinner I’m sure.

  9. Happy Friday! I’ve got a busy weekend planned as I prepare for a trip. It’s so much work to prepare to get away!

  10. ow! I will have to remember to get that chutney next time I hit up TJs! I went to our grand opening today! I exploded on the inside :) Got lots of goodies. I’m excited to hear about your “big thing”

  11. i feel like instagram is so much fun because its like following yourself in pictures throughout the day. kind of a new/different way to see the world-ish? no? haha i feel you on the starbucks and iced coffee! i guzzzzzzzzzzzzzzle that in like 30 seconds so i never get cold drinks from there!

  12. Skylar is such a cutie!!!

    Love stoli blueberry! It was one of my favorite alcohols to play around with whe. I was a bartender.

    Happy Friday! :) my big weekend plans include a 9 miler for marathon training!

  13. You tease. ;)

    Where’s the recipe for that white chocolate goodness?!?!

    I haven’t found anything yet today. I’m still in my pajamas. Its 10 am though, I should probably do something about that. I did find the coffee maker at my parent’s house this morning though. Quite a feat without any caffeine in my system.

  14. Hey, I was just wondering why you never responded to my comment?

  15. That gate is so cute!
    And Skylar is so pretty.
    And I am sooo into a new nailpolish I saw in Elle today. 10 days without chipping?! Hard to believe, but I sure will give it a try :)
    Weekend plans… Workouts, shopping, meeting up with a friend. Keeping it relaxed :) Hope you will have a great weekend, too!

  16. Jelly beans are so delicious! It drives me crazy that they get stuck to my teeth, but that doesn’t mean I can stop eating them if they are around.

    Skylar looks so happy in that picture! Definitely a keeper :)

  17. Wrought Iron gates are mystical. I love that one. I really like the photo of the jelly beans.

  18. Love the wrought-iron fence! Also, that tofu looks so delicious! Lastly, even though my partner-in-crime, Lauren, is gone, I feel like a meet up is (finally) necessary. :)

  19. Fun Friday finds girl!! Gosh, I used to love me a giant bag ‘o jelly belly jelly beans. Trapped in the airport all day, so happy I can see fun posts like this :) Have a great weekend.

  20. blueberry stoli…all time favorite vodka!! its the best with some seltzer and LOTS of lime! give me that and Im a happy gal! :)

    oh skylar I love that picure she really can just light up a room :) she must get that from mama for sure!

    tonight I have a birthday bash and then who knows for the rest of the weekend!! hopefully its nice weather and I will be oustide!!

  21. I’m planning on stopping at the bulk barn on the way home and getting myself some jelly beans! Also, I’m addicted to putting that type of metal stuff on the walls of our home. Every piece I’ve bought so far is made of metal. It’s so darn beautiful!

  22. Mango tofu?? Sounds great! I am currently obessesed with Mango salsa and Mango vinaigrette salad dressing. I need to try this!

  23. Great finds! The design is pretty – and kind of in your fav colors it looks like?
    Mmmm the chutney sounds yum :)

  24. You are so lucky to have Skylar- she is too cute!
    Plans for the weekend.. I just came home from a wine date with a girlfriend, and the rest of the weekend is all work. Maybe a movie with a few friends tomorrow night :)
    I hope youll get a wonderful weekend too :)

  25. Love Skylar’s happy face! I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple weeks and love your posts! I just made your oatmeal raisin cookie balls- I can’t get over the fact that 4 natural ingredients taste just like dessert! :) I’m not about sacrificing taste either. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into encouraging others. Enjoy the weekend :)

  26. Sounds like a fabulous Friday so far! I love Starbucks but I have the same problem! I drink the entire coffee before I even taste it! :-P

  27. Great list, love the gate. I’m the same way with coffee in the morning. A trip to the mall would be fun, I haven’t been in ages.

    1. Booking a hotel for an upcoming anniversary trip I hope. :-)
    2. Not much since I’m on call for work again – ugh! Maybe a movie and lots of house cleaning.

  28. You always talk about the chutney…I need to get it.

    I will get.

    TJ’s tomorrow…here I come!


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  30. Friday Finds – SHOES!! on sale:) Just bought 2 pairs of very cute sandles. Yay!

    Weekend – Working for half, friend catch up, hiking!

  31. PS – I’m totally the same way about iced coffee or drinks in general.
    “I’m a power drinker and I have their iced coffees sucked down in 18.92 seconds and need a refill.”

  32. Yippppppeeeeeeeee! I am still so excited I won!!!!!!!

    It is not Friday anymore, but I did find some awesome stuff today (Saturday). I went shopping and got a really pretty dress and some shoes, and a few other little things.

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