Girly Mall Trip

My day has been an absolute whirlwind.

I went to the bank.  And waited in line with every other person who was cashing their Friday paycheck.

I had other errands to handle downtown.

For a picture I snapped at a stoplight with my window rolled down, I like this one!   Even if I got honked at by a cabbie after the light turned green while I was finishing my shot, totally work the honk!

I had work items to handle.


Blog items and emails to handle.

Skylar to handle.  She’s was the fun one in the bunch to handle.

And then I handled the mall.

I know, tough job but I did it.

First up: MAC

Tip: Bring back 6 empty containers and get a new free eyeshadow, lipgloss, or lipstick.

Can I move in?

Nothing beats a good brush

Nothing beats brushes except lip glosses.

If I could marry lipgloss, I would.  That, or my 5D.

And I love their eye shadow colors.  The best.  Especially for the price.  Chanel eyeshadow is in its own league.

The MAC girls probably thought I was a little weird for taking pictures of makeup but hey, photography is art, right?  And they’re artists.  So they didn’t really bat too many eyes.

MAC really is my happy place

After MAC the party continued: Victoria’s Secret

It took some major restraint not to even look at, touch, or try anything on but I was on a mission to get to this section way in the back of the huge Vicky’s for the body sprays.

I picked up Bombshell

Bombshell Summer

And a small bottle of Tease

They’re all new-to-me scents but I’ve smelled them on many of my friends and love them so hopefully they’re work for me.

Ok the girly party is over now.  I have work to do.

But thank the Lord Scott is came home.  For the second week in.a.row. he’s been traveling all week on business.  So I have been working fulltime and single parenting fulltime, for two weeks, back to back.


Or a Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcake with White Chocolate Icing

Super easy.  Use refrigerated cookie dough or brownie dough to save time and these gems are ready in no time.

From my last post, Friday Finds, I liked hearing what you’ve found recently.


1. Have you had a fast and furious Friday?  Or week?  What have you been up to?  Any girltalk, girltime, or fun things for you?

2. Favorite body spray?  Or MAC makeup items?

I am a body spray junkie

And have more MAC makeup than should be legal

But I run out of the things I use daily so need to replenish them.

And in the process, there are just a few impulse buys and things I “have to” have that find their way into my makeup trunk in the process.

If you’re not into makeup or body spray or girly things, maybe you’re into chocolate and marshmallows?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars sound good.

P.S. Thanks for the entries on my Summertime Cooldown Giveaway!


  1. I love MAC. were you a make up artist at one time? :D your make up trunk is quite the collection! (I have one too, that got bigger after going through skincare school).


    • That’s just one trunk. There is one more. And more in my cupboard. Some things I just wanted to wear *once* like a certain shade of green or blue eyeshadow to go with a bridesmaid dress type thing but then I have…the whole container :)

      And other things were just…impulse buys!

  2. Today I was at the gym all day, with a few study breaks in the lounge area, haha. I’m a gym rat :D

    MAC is amazing!! Love their makeup products.

    We must go shopping together WHEN we meet up in the future.

  3. On the one hand, this week has been really slow — but now that it is Friday I can’t believe the week went by so fast! I only pray for a slow weekend.

    I went out to dinner with my sisters and then we went to the mall — no fun purchases like you though!

  4. I am sitting next to my girly Kasha right now…teaching her how to use blogger :)


  5. I just ran 5 miles with my boy-friend as an end to my friday night =D I love our new bonding running/biking experience hah! We’ve done it three times this week so far and I have no problem with making this a routine.

    I’m not much of a MAC girl. I do love their primer and eyeshadow brush cleaner though! I’m more of a too faced and urban decay girl :)

    btw I got disqus on my tumblr so now you can comment on some posts whoop ha!

  6. That is why I have direct deposit – to avoid bank line ups!

    Oh my goodness – I WANT a girly mall session! Actually, people keep telling me to take a day and go to a city about a couple of hours from where I live. It has “trendy” shopping with boutique type shops – not the typical mall – and excellent dining (a lot of Raw-type restaurants!)…I’m thinking I should, it’s a couple of hours away but I could still do a day trip? Or just splurge and stay in a fancy hotel and order room service for the night :)

    Alas – my wallet says otherwise to the shopping and the hotel!

    Fun day!

  7. my favorite make up is Bobbi Brown! :) However Mac does have the best eyeshadows! x

  8. My day….nonstop. I went to Penzey’s (Vietnamese cinnamon is the BEST!), Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gap, Old Navy, Back to the Gap, back to Old Navy, World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, Starbucks date with a friend, shopping with the niece, BBQ dinner at my sister’s, Bath and Body Works, and finally got back home at 7 pm. I’m exhausted. But in a good way. :D

  9. MAC brushes are truly the best! I couldn’t function without my set.

  10. MAC brushes are truly the best! I couldn’t function without my set.

  11. Oh man! Such a girly day! I love love love looking at makeup. And I am with you on the lip gloss obsession. I have a million! I think if I were not such a hippy, I would have gone to cosmetology school. Thanks for all the awesome photos, as per usual!

  12. Fun seeing pictures of the city. You do live in the very best area of the country! Loved seeing girly day at the mall and wish I had your make up collection!

  13. MAC fan here too! My favorite product is the Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. Used sparingly, it gives a gorgeous glow to the skin. Prepare yourself for the influx of compliments. My other favorite “luminizer” is Benefit High Beam.

    I don’t really use many body sprays, but I do love my perfumes and body lotions. My recent love is Tahitian Monoi oil. It is a heavenly moisturizer and the smell is divine. I like the vanilla and the traditional tiare (reminds me of Tahiti). It’s all natural too.

  14. I rarely get to go to the mall anymore since I’m so busy, but I do enjoy it when I do. I go for shorter trips now (as opposed to day long intensive trips), so it’s a lot more fun! I’m a Benefit cosmetics girl… LOVE their foundation and powder! Sounds like a fun mall trip, and glad Scott is back home to give you a well-deserved break. :)

  15. ah! I cannot wait to go shopping again. Its been SOOOOOOO long. Mac has the most fun makeup. I love their eye shadows as well. Glad you’ll get a little bit of a break with Scott home!

  16. I love the title of this post ; )

    MAC is heaven! I really love their eyeliner in a pot, and their lipglosses are the best too! I like Prrrr , thats a pretty one!

    Vic Secret, oh their sweats and tops I adore, I would not of been able to just walk by them ! U have good self control girl!!! ha!

    p.s. u look beautiful in that pic ; )

    happy weekend! xoxo <3

  17. I love mac also, but you’re right about chanel. I refer to it as the “Cadillac” of make up ;)

  18. Just to let you know, Victoria’s Secret makeup is apparently MAC-quality as they have the same manufacturers!! This is all according to my managers at VS!

  19. Fun MAC shots, love all the colors. And I could get into a lot of trouble at VS! Hubby was gone all this week too on business travel and I have maintaining the house on my own, I can only imagine parenting on top of that. You’re a super woman!

    1. Yes, insanely busy week at work and being on call for work.
    2. Currently I have a couple from Bath and Body Works I like. But I’m always trying new ones. Those and good deoderant are so important in the summer heat here!

  20. I’m definitely more into chocolate and marshmallows than body sprays and makeup. But we all gotta let that girly side out sometimes, and put lipgloss and eye shadow on her :)

  21. Ohh, I so wish for a MAC store like this here, maybe one day…

  22. Love, love, love the VS Bombshell!!

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  24. I suddenly have the urge to run to Sephora to buy a crap ton of makeup! :)

  25. Love your burnout teeshirts! Are they the same brands! If I recall you have several sexy, burnout (is that the term for nearly see through?) tees & they are all adorable!

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  29. Oh man, I need to get at MAC AND Vicky’s. I have literally zero makeup except a year old tube of mascara. And I’m in dire need of new underwear. You know those days when you open your drawer and you just think “WHY do I have no good undies?” Story of my life!

  30. I almost bought those same body sprays this weekend, and am now regretting that I didn’t. I did buy a little something from VS though :-)

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