Going Back For It

When I was at the Taste of Adams Avenue last the weekend, there was a Thai restaurant adjacent to an antique store.

So while Scott and Skylar held our place in line waiting for our food to be served up…

…I scampered in here!


It was great.

Tons of old dishes that were cheap and new-to-me.

I may have to go back for a pretty dishes I saw.

I was in such a rush because I didn’t want to miss any Thai food , and was in and out of the store in 2 minutes.  Just long enough to salivate over what could be some awesome dishes in store for me.

And then I salivated on a mango-based spicy curry +rice + wonton which Skylar claimed.

The thrift store that’s right by my house is great, and I’ve found some $1 specials

..but I pop into it multiple times a week for a few seconds to stalk any new merchandise they have, and so it was great to go a few neighborhoods over and find some new merchandise.

I may need to go back for a few things.  

Like this platter.

In terms of food, I’d like to go back for:

Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks

Everything is better with cinnamon & sugar.  Including potatoes.

And I’ll always go back for desserts.

Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting (No Bake)

Everything about nutella + peanut butter screams, Go Back For It!

I’m glad you enjoyed my last post, Red, White & Blue foods and recipes, just in time for the 4th!

The winner of the Bamboo Travel Skirt Giveaway is:

Melissa @ Dash of East June 28, 2011 at 6:06 pm

Glacial Blue all the way! It’s almost my signature color :) I shop a lot at Express (I know, typical), but since I work from home, most of my clothing ends up being yoga/comfy type clothes that I find at Target or a sporting goods store (Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting, etc.)

You know what? I’m really loving the Five Bamboo Artemis dress… might break down and buy it :)

Congrats, Melissa! Email me your shipping address.



1. We’ve all had experiences where for whatever reason, we didn’t buy something at the time, but after the fact, we spend hours and days and even months or years dreaming about said item.  Anything you’re kicking yourself for not buying and wish to this day you had just bought it when you had the chance?

It’s hard to think of things off the top of my head but there have been a few jewelry items I’ve seen when traveling that I wish I had bought.  I told myself I didn’t need them (and no one “needs” jewelry) but I do have a few kick-myself’s over one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

I also recently saw some cute dishes at my neighborhood thrift store and didn’t have my wallet with me when I popped into the store while running and the next day when I went back, the dishes were sold.

And I have actually put things down in stores like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, walked around the store, went back to the shelf, and 20 minutes later it’s gone!  Or in some other woman’s cart about to be purchased.

2. What was the last thing that you actually went back for and were relieved you could go back for it and the item was still there?

I’ve debated over jeans and clothing before.  Trying to tell myself that I don’t need it, but after I get home, I have thought, ya know, I could really use this or that item, and went back for it.  And was relieved it was still there.

3. Do you tend to talk yourself into or out of purchases?

Who knows if the pretty bowl from the antique shop will still be there when, or if, I actually make it back to the antique store.  If it’s still there, I guess it was meant to be!

Sometimes I tell myself when I don’t know if I should buy something or not: If I am still thinking about this item in a few days and if I go back for it and it’s still there, then I was meant to have it.

Since I hate returning things, I tend to ponder.  Maybe over ponder some purchases.

I actually talk myself out of many things and purchases saying, I don’t need it or I can do without this.  When I decide to buy something, and do purchase it, it’s because I really thought about it and it was a planned purchase.

I am not really much of an impulse buyer.  I can be, but not usually.

Happy 4th of July Weekend to all who are celebrating!


  1. Mmmm! Love Thai food! And I usually talk myself out of purchases. I find way to many things I want to buy!

  2. hmmmm….I don’t have a pondering or a go-back-for habit. I tend to just see something, buy it, and then stay happy with it. I also don’t like to have a lot of stuff (to clean and store), so I’m trying to institute a 1:1 rule—I buy 1 thing, I have to get rid of 1 thing.

    So far, I’ve intended to get rid of things and haven’t yet. …but it’s a good rule in theory!

  3. now you’ve inspired the desire to go flea marketing or antiquing, averie! i am trying to build a collection of eclectic dishes this year, and need some more items! hope you got that platter??!
    great discussion q’s: what i SHOULD have bought: aruba, back alley store, i saw this terry-towel lounging robe that just made me LAUGH as i could see myself padding around in it – it was like $5 and i SHOULD have got it, if only for the laugh factor. i have learned to WAIT 24 HOURS after having made a couple of EXPENSIVE MISTAKES – designer jeans and clipless bike pedals spring to mind. i always say, like you, if it’s meant to be, the item will be there when i go back. if not, well, life goes on!
    happy friday!

  4. I think I need to try that recipe on sweet potato fries. So delicious!

  5. Since descion making is hard for me there is not enough room here to tell you all the things I procrastinated on! I also love that platter!

  6. I would have rushed for Thai food too! i definitely just went into the thrift shop and got a major amount of dishes for about $17!

    I’m not really an impulse shopper, my purchases are usually really well planned out, researched online, bookmarked on Amazon for months, etc. Being a student I need to be really careful with my money. I’ve purchased a few things that I thought I’d use but truly don’t that I regret, but so it goes!

    I looked back at your farmer’s market post when grabbing a recipe. OHMYGOD I need to move to San Diego!! Mine have about 4 tents. Yours looks phenomenal! And all year round? Ours are June-Oct. I’m in the wrong place!

  7. Yum! I think Thai food has recently moved up to my number one fave. It always hits the spot.

    And that thrift store looks swoon-tastic! I probably would have went nuts in there. Haha. :)

  8. I’ve definitely gone back and forth about buying an expensive pair of jeans or shoes. If I decide to go back for it and it’s there, I’m so so thankful! Sometimes I don’t buy something right away because I don’t want to spend the money, but if I can’t stop thinking about it then I decide that it must be worth it.

  9. Ooooh those plates are LOVELY! I love when I find cheap but cute or pretty plates. I’m always thinking of things that I could use to make my meals even prettier. And plates are such a fun way to change things up, aren’t they?

    I don’t think I’ve ever regretted not buying something. I’m always pretty good about my purchases. I don’t usually splurge very often, so when I do I know it is something I’ll really want.

    But my poor mom. We went on vacation once to Florida, about 15 years ago, and my mom fell in love with the area around Ocala. It is horse country for sure. She found a house with about 10 acres, a barn, a pond, it had everything she wanted as a retirement house. She and my dad talked about it, and I think he said we should wait a few months or maybe a year, and see if property prices fell any lower. Well, they went back a year later and property prices had sky rocketed. The house was worth nearly twice what it had been a year before, and prices have never gone down again. So, she will NEVER forgive my dad for that!

  10. That store looks like so much fun! I need an antique store (affordable) to find all those goodies. Not really gonna happen in the OC, sadly ;( xo

  11. I LOVE buying dishes, that is one thing I am talking myself out of…
    And the dish you will be (eventually ;)) is super cute!
    I once went back to buy a ring that I could not stop thinking about. It was really expensive, but I just had to have it and luckily, it was still there (unlike earrings, which were already sold when I came back to the shop). The ring fitted like a glove and it was soooo pretty, it really was my favorite, but 2 months ago, I took it of before showering at my gym and forget it in my locker… It never showed up and I believe the woman who took it (women only at my gym) couldn´t resist because the ring was so beautiful. Sad, but I got over it.
    I mostly talk myself out of buying clothes and I can proudly say I am a recovered shopaholic :D

  12. I LOVE thrift stores and antique shops…a little too much, I think, judging by all of the crap I’m having to get rid of now that we’re moving :-)

  13. I talk myself OUT of purchases, especially with clothes. I’m such an impulse buyer, that I’ve now come to the conclusion that…

    (a) I need to love it.

    (b) I need to see myself wearing the item at least a dozen times to make it worth it.

  14. I LOVE antique stores! I can walk around for hours in them! I am so good at talking myself our of things. It’s a gift I have! Those dishes are all so pretty! Have a great weekend Averie!

  15. I talk myself out of purchases all the time — I tell myself to save the money which is good advice, but we should all be allowed to splurge on ourselves now and then, right?

    I can only think of a few times when I’ve looked at some marked down furniture, then went home to think about it, only to go back and see someone else had bought it. It isn’t a big deal, but it still kind of sucks knowing I could have gotten a new bedroom set for cheap (with a few scratches, etc) but lost out.

    And yes, nutella and PB screams to me — those flavors are so good.

  16. I hardly ever go back for anything. I usually carry something around for quite awhile in the store and then talk myself OUT of it, haha! I’m trying to simplify and be concious of my purchases, but at the same time, I know that if I DO go back for something, it will be worthwhile because I’ve had time to think about it!!

    In your case, with all the photography that you are serious about doing, fun dishes ARE worthwhile! (There, did I give you a good enough excuse to go back for the pretty serving plate yet?)

  17. I typically try to talk myself out of purchases actually. What’s funny is that there are some things Jason has to talk me into – like jewelry. I guess he likes buying it for me and I always feel guilty.

  18. Nutella has to be one of nature’s most perfect foods! I really try not to buy too much because I absolutely can’t stand clutter and end up giving most of it away, making it a waste.

  19. When Nike Freeruns were up on the website for around $50 and I didn’t get them! :(
    I like buying stuff, so I am always talking myself out of purchases.
    Also, I have had trouble deciding between two pairs of lululemon pants.

  20. Very pretty dishes! And that Thai food looks delicious!

  21. this is very fitting, Averie. it’s only 7:30 am and I have already bought a pair of shoes today!! :) they were kinda spendy, I REALLY wanted them, and I waited two days (to see if I really wanted them).

    I looked at them this morning and yep, I liked them even more! ;)

  22. On our recent trip to Ireland I found a hugely discounted Orla Kiely bag I desperately wanted, but it was still pricey despite the discounts so I passed it up. Then we got to the airport when we were leaving and the same bag was 40 Euros more in DUTY FREE! Obviously, I passed up a ridiculously good deal. Still pissed about that one!

  23. I just had to check in and see what you were up to. Happy early 4th of July. Love the plates, especially the platter. It will really look amazing under some of your yummy creations. Miss ya!

  24. I love thrift stores! And I hate returning things too- I feel like a criminal even though I’ve done nothing wrong! I am not a big shopper really. I have had to clear out my house so many times for different reasons that the thought of buying ‘stuff’ just does not appeal anymore. So I really try to toss stuff when I get new stuff.

    The Thai food looks so amazing. I haven’t had it in forever!

  25. I popped into that store too!! Sooo many cute old things. That platter was one of my fav’s, you should definitely get it :)

  26. Hmm…I’ve always wanted RayBan’s (polarized) sunglasses. I need new sunglasses and I should’ve gotten it when I had the chance (this very specific design). and NOW…i cannot find it anywhere!! ahh!! why??! LOL. ok, hopefully new designs will come out.

    My clarisonic face brush needs to be replaced..sometimes i’m like…nah just save the 25 bucks and keep using the old face brush. But then when i get a new facebrush, it’s like my skin glows! hahah

    It’s actually hard for me to talk myself out of purchases. But since I’m living on a budget right now, it has been easie (which I like). :)

    have a great day momma!

  27. haha.. what a question..

    The purchase that literally haunted me for YEARS.. was a bathing suit.

    When I was 7, we went to Disneyland.. and I had the choice between two bathing suits and I chose the wrong one. The one piece with red polka dots.. I really wanted the checkered red and white bikini.. (unfortunately my dad was an asshole who said only whores wore bikinis).. so I got the one piece, but I literally DREAMT about that damn bikini for years…. until I was around 18 or so about once a month I had a dream that I got the bathing suit I wanted. Strange but true.

    I stalk Goodwill for dishes. I have to force myself to stay away.

  28. Hey Averie!

    I have definitely had purchases that haunted me for weeks. I went back to get them though! I think my biggest regret was when we were away in Chicago and I saw these sunglasses (I am a sunglass horse) and never got them. I STILL think about them! tried to get something similar online…not the same!

    Question…I want to make your raw vegan cashew cheesecake this weekend. I have frozen cashews from December…do you think they are still good? I just started freezing nuts so I am not sure! Doing it with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and blackberries to make it festive :-)

  29. I love Thai food!
    And I totally fid myself insituations like that allt he time because I’m a really really indecisive shopper. But I don’t mind, it protects me from buyer’s remorse later and I hardly ever get stuck with things I don’t want :)

  30. I have a habit of putting anything into my basket or cart that I’m even considering because I always fear that I’ll end up really wanting something and then going back only to find it gone already. I’m always having my husband talk me into buying things because we don’t have a lot of extra money. In fact, if we really want to be debt-free in a decent timeline we have NO extra money.

  31. I don`t ever talk myself out of purchases, but rather into them. My hubby talks me into them too.

    If I don`t buy something I really want, I will think about it constantly until I buy it.

  32. I always tell myself if it’s still there the next time I come in then it’s meant to be! Then when I go back in ‘it’s’ never there and I always wish I’d bought it! :( I probably don’t really need half of the stuff I want though so I guess it’s a good thing! :)

  33. I am so bad with buying stuff. Usually I end up not buying it. But when I do, it’ll sit in the bag with the tags still on forever in case I decide to bring it back. I always worry about the money – and how often I’ll wear it, use it, etc. Practical? Yes, I guess. But fun or non stressful – no!

    What do you eat at Thai??! I hear so many people lovin’ on it but I don’t think I’ve officially had.

    Also – do you still do strength workouts at the gym Averie? Or did you quit? I know you fell in love with it a while back.

  34. I definitely seem to talk myself out of purchases! I get random urges to buy stuff (ONLINE!) so when I do, I pick out everything I want from the website and put it all on the wish list/saved cart options. Then I sleep on it. If I wake up in the morning and still want it, then I buy it. I think I’ve only ended up buying like 3 times (out of about 12837128381276378128)!

  35. Averie, these are great questions! Thoulghts that have run through my head MANY times haha Just so you know I have totally been blog stalking you for a few months and this is my first comment! I really have enjoyed reading your blog! You’re an absolutely lovely person! I had a blog 4/5 years ago but I was so incredibly busy and couldn’t devote the time I wanted… but now myschedule has (thankfully) changed and I have a lot more flexibility and freedom! So I wanted to introduce myself.. HI!
    A couple years ago I bought a real jade bangle in Las Vegas… I won a random slot machine and I am in love with jade.. really good jade can be expensive and I always wanted to buy a great quality jade bangle… so I treated myself and did it! A few months later it flew off my wrist after trying to take it off before I started kneading dough.. it fell on tile and cracked in three peices. I was devistated and even superglued it (haha how ghetto is that!?) but that lasted for only a few more months. Since then I have been on the hunt… long story short I went to NYC to buy jade because there is supposed to be an abundance of affordable jade. I ended up buy a pretty bad quality piece… It was either heat treated or dyed… but the jade lady totally tricked me!! I was so upset when I got home… ever since all I think about is getting a real pure jade bangel that is not altered in any way. I’m border line obsessed!
    Also, my way of controlling my purchases is that if its something I want but don’t need, or if I am questioing it, I put it on hold… if I contibue to think about it that means I REALLY want it… which of course in turn means, I NEED it haha

  36. Cute dishes, how fun. And the Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks look wonderful.

    1. Not really, at least not lately. But I’m still in a decluttering mode and focusing on getting rid of stuff.
    2. Running shoes, I wanted to try and research other options before buying and ended up going back to Nordstrom.
    3. Out of mostly lately, I keep reminding myself my car is getting up there in age (10 years now!) and I need to save $$$ to be ready to do something about that.

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  38. Seems like now with the Internet, if I REALLY want to find something badly enough I can.

    I had a great experience at Marshall’s last month…I put a blouse back on the rack & came back later in the day to get it. The girl organizing the racks searched & searched (through every rack, through the dressing room “go backs”, etc) & found the last one for me. I respond very positively to good customer service! I found the manager & told her what great customer service I’d received and how that would make me come back there. If I have a great experience, I always try to let the manager know–I think people should be rewarded for doing great at their job.

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  40. I just bought some sweet shoes that I put down a few weeks ago b/c I couldn’t stomach the cost of them. Mom and I were back in the store on Sunday and they were marked down 50%! Sure made my day!!!

  41. WOW! Excellent Compilation.

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