Grocery Store Shuffle

Here’s a snapshot of my running in circles errands yesterday.

The grocery store + TJ’s parking lot

Walked into the grocery store and got some things there that are cheaper there and better looking than the TJs produce.

I find green beans are one such item


Yes, I eat them raw.  I personally don’t think they’re toxic.  I’ve discussed raw green beans and the toxicity issue before.  I’d be dead already if they were toxic to eat raw as I’ve eaten boatloads beanloads of them that way.

I love to eat raw green beans, or I throw them into whatever I’m whipping up, such as Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos & Veggies

Planned leftovers save me.

The peanut butter in this one-pot 20 minute meal just adds some extra oomph and another layer of flavor.  I love peanut butter in just about anything!

And vine-ripened tomatoes are cheaper and usually better looking at the grocery store.

Must feed my daily tomato habit.  For some people it’s an apple a day.  For me it’s a tomato per day.

And I also stocked up on baking supplies!

As I mentioned on Instagram, I feel like baking!  Not sure what I’m making yet.

I have some ideas, nothing definitive.  But figured those ingredients were good starting points.

And I discovered they do not sell white chocolate chips at TJ’s other than seasonally. 

So, I paid for my Ralph’s grocery store order.

Went to TJs and figured out there are no white choc chips this time of year and paid for that order.

Then, went back to Ralph’s for white choc chips and stood in line, again, to pay for that order.

But white chocolate chips are worth it!

Case in point: No Bake White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites

I also have an entire White Chocolate Recipes compilation post, too.

You’ll find recipes like PB Cups with Half White Chocolate/Half Dark Chocolate Outside with Chocolate PB Center in that post

The winner of the Strawesome Glass Straw Giveaway is

Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons July 20, 2011 at 3:48 pm

I need one of these so so so badly! I cant bring myself to pay so much for them online =/ and paul thinks i’m nutso for wanting one! hehe but i’m not nuts — they rock =)

I would slurp up my green smoothies! yum!

Congrats, Jenn!

And thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last post, Included No Longer.  Many of you wrote that even though you’re not “allergic to” or “test negative” for gluten issues and intolerances, you don’t eat much gluten anymore or you notice that when you do eat it, you are cranky, bloated, irritable, have overall inflammation, headaches, skin breakouts, GI upset, and so forth, and so you avoid it.   Good for you!

In my opinion, I think most people will find this to be true since it is hard for our bodies to process gluten, even in those people who have “no issues” with it.  If you have no issues with it, awesome.

If you do, or you notice “nagging” type symptoms or after effects, no sense eating something that bothers you, even if “the tests” come back negative.  The gold standard test for food allergy testing is food trial/elimination, watching for signs and symptoms, repeating the experiment, and then coming to conclusions on your own.  Real life experience, trial and error, is worth more than what the tests say, in my not so humble opinion.

Many of you also mentioned your issues with meat and animal products and why you are a vegetarian or vegan and what you no longer include in your diet.


1. How many grocery stores do you go to?

I just go to Ralph’s and TJ’s.

Thankfully the two stores are side by side.  But the lines were still long on my white chocolate chip mission and shuffle.

I don’t shop at WF’s.

The regular grocery store, TJ’s, and WF’s are only 3 blocks apart for me, but I avoid WF’s because I can’t afford it.  And don’t need to be tempted by venturing in there!  Someone always tells me that it’s not more expensive for them to shop at WFs, there are deals, etc etc. and yes, maybe for you, there are.  For me?  Not so much.

I also buy some produce at the farmer’s market

But as I’ve mentioned, farmer’s markets are not necessarily cheaper

And I also order everything from nutritional yeast to stevia to probiotoics, bulk cinnamon, vitamins and more from

If you use code: AVE630 you will save $5 on your order

Their nooch, for example, is 40% cheaper than what you’d pay at WF’s.  Most everything is at least 20% to 40% cheaper than retail prices plus shipping is free on orders over $40.

I highly recommend iHerb

Plus having things show up at your doorstep and not having to venture out is great!

2. Weekend plans?

I am working and have all the normal life stuff, errands, working out, and so forth to do.  But I also want to bake!

61 comments on “Grocery Store Shuffle”

  1. 1) I love TJ’s and WFs, but have to limit my WF shopping! I also live near a family-owned all-natural grocery store that is cheaper, that’s where I go most often. It has things like maple syrup, peanut/almond butter, tamari, and agave syrup in bulk which is AMAZING when you just want to try something.

    2) Weekend – still on a trip in SE Asia and about to head to Hue, Vietnam!

    All the pictures of the fresh produce and TJ’s groceries are killing me… everything looks amazing and I would give anything to be in a well-stocked kitchen for a few hours! Enjoy your baking project, sounds like fun!

  2. Grocery shopping is always a hassle for us – we go to the regular grocery store for things like almond milk, sunflower seed butter, etc etc, then we go to the farmers market for all of our fresh produce, and then we go to the health food store for things like chia seeds, nooch, dairy-free sour cream, etc. Three places – yikes! This weekend im attending my friend’s cambodian wedding – first non-american wedding experience for me :)

  3. Sounds like a busy shopping trip! I shop at so many different places too and usually alternate between weekly visits to Costco, WF, TJ’s, and Sprouts. Lately I’ve been shopping a lot on Amazon for protein powders, cacao, nuts, and seeds. Too bad about Whole Foods, I try to stick to just produce, bulk foods, and some vegan meat alternatives and that’s actually cheaper than Raley’s or Safeway here. Their health alternatives to snacks and frozen meals can be hella pricey.

    We’re going to the raw health fest this weekend, can’t wait because there will be some great speakers and demonstrations.

  4. Yayyyy Thank you!!! =) I go to a zillion stores… but I don’t buy clothes or make up or anything alone those lines hardly ever so I really drop money on food like an addict ;) WF and TJ road trips, Military commissary, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Fresh Market, and farmers markets! whew! full time grocery shopping job here!

  5. I shop at entirely too many different stores, but some things are SO much cheaper at one place or are only carried at one place.

    Ugh, here we go:
    1. WinCo – for the basics because it’s the cheapest place around
    2. Fred Meyer for the stuff not carried at WinCo plus we get cash back for shopping there
    3. New Seasons (like WF) for the stuff not carried at either of the previous two, although it’s expensive.
    4. Safeway, because it’s close enough to walk to in case we forgot something in our other shopping
    5. Wal-Mart if we’re already there to get something else, plus the food is really cheap.
    6. Grocery Outlet/Big Lots, two different stores in entirely two different places but I count them together because shopping there is completely random. They don’t carry any particular thing consistently, but they sell it for about half of any place else because they carry the other stores overstock, so it’s often worth at least a peek.
    And finally 7. the local Farmer’s Market because the food tastes amazing.


    My husband’s birthday is on Sunday, so hopefully we’ll do something fun, although we have like zero money (probably from all of that darn grocery shopping!) so we haven’t decided yet.

  6. I shop at Kroger and the Neighborhood Co-op Grocery. Kroger and Ralph’s are part of the same company, I believe. It is by far my favorite grocery store! As for the co-op, I’m an owner so I get discounts on certain days, which makes it slightly less expensive. “Slightly” being the operative word. And of course, I go to the farmer’s market for certain items, like watermelon and berries.

    We just moved 2 weeks ago, so this weekend we need to hang our photos and other wall stuff. And there are still a few boxes. I’m sure you can relate!

  7. I live in the same area and while I love it for some things, that TJs make me irrationally angry. The whole shopping center does, actually. If I can make it when it’s not busy everything is fine but when I have to go after work when it’s a madhouse I go crazy because it’s so tiny and there are SO many people. 9 times out of 10 I’ll go to Henry’s instead just to avoid it.

  8. I stick with price chopper, which I think is a northeastern thing. I would love to always shop at our co-op in town (better than WF’s in my opinion) but I just cant swing that kind of budget every week. This weekend it’s all work for me and then play on sunday! Hope you have a good weekend!

  9. Just made my first purchase on iHerb. I have been wanting to try it for a while, but your discount code and recommendation prompted me to go for it! Thanks Averie. I got all sorts of goodies I needed: nutritional yeast flakes (never tried), chia seeds, natural moisturizer for nighttime, eco toilet bowl cleaner, etc.!

  10. I usually only go to Stop and Shop or TJ’s. I’d love to shop at Whole Foods but I can’t afford it!
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with this weekend!

  11. Yum! Those no bake mango white chocolate bights look amazing! I hardly ever make dessert because I’ll end up eating it all myself, but those look so quick and easy.

    I live in downtown Philly, so I definitely do the supermarket shuffle. My regular grocery store has limited selection (and is super-pricy) so I go to farmers’ markets, TJs, and small deli/produce stores. I have to carry it all home, so it can be a major workout.

    Weekend plans: yoga party tonight at a new studio, trying reiki for the first time, teaching yoga at a campground tomorrow, and then family road trip to North Carolina on Sunday. Any road trip food suggestions besides the usual veggies and hummus?

  12. I’m glad you linked back to that Caribbean rice dish because it looks delicious! I want to make it next week for my lunches and definitely definitely include pineapple! MMM.
    Also I shop at a lot of different places, depending on what I need. Sometimes the 24hr store when i’m coming home late, or hopefully Farmboy which has a lot of organic and healthy foods but the one by my house is really small. I go to health food stores when I want specific more ‘rare’ ingredients and i placed 1 order on iherb but I have been waiting for it for weeks!

    • follow up with them b/c that is REALLY unusual… i always get my orders in 2-3 days, unless they email me and tell me something is backordered but that’s rare!

      • Unfortunately my issue is with the shippers! They delivered once when I was not home and then “needed address information” and didn’t return or contact me for 2 weeks! Now it is being re-delivered but yesterday, of course, I was at the gym when they came :( Not iherb’s fault but I don’t think I will be using the same shipper!

  13. Hello Gorgeous! I go to LOTS of stores…I heart them all and they all have different things for different prices :|


  14. Haha, Averie, it’s a shatterproof jar! ;)

  15. I go to Whole Foods like it’s my job, haha. It can be pricy, but I love it too much to stay away. I also shop at Trader Joe’s alllllll the time b/c it’s only 5 minutes from my house. Love that place too! Those are really the only places I shop for groceries other than farmer’s markets, which I love more than life itself! :-)

    weekend plans = enjoying the gorgeous weather we’re having here and spending time with family and friends. What could be better?

  16. I go to about 4 different grocery stores, which sounds a little bit ridiculous lol I buy different things at each one, but luckily they are all pretty close to each other.

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  18. One of my best friends & I go shopping together every Saturday morning: farmer’s market (mine is cheaper than the grocery store), Food4Less, TJ’s, bagel break, WF’s, Costco. We go early & get it done in about 4-4.5 hours.

  19. The amount I spend on groceries in order:
    1. Trader Joe’s. Get most of my staples there. Dairy, grains, canned beans, eggs.
    2. CSA. My local farm, we pay $20/week for 10 month share.
    3. Tri County Produce – where I buy what we dont’ get from the CSA
    4. Costco (bread, flour, yeast, cheese, peanut butter, almond butter, quinoa, canned tomatoes…)

    After that…I shop at the local grocery stores (usually Ralphs) for things I can’t get elsewhere. Sometimes the local health food store, sometimes WF’s. Today, I shopped at WF’s because they had local, grassfed beef for $4/lb on special. Other times, I go in on a big order with my coworker. I know that’s not in your grocery basket!

  20. I mostly shop at Whole Foods, but shopping at one store primarily, has taken a decade. BUT, I don’t buy a LOT of stuff. I buy organic apples, bananas, oranges, stuff that is basically below 2.50 a pound. Or whatever is on sale. But yeah, you can’t buy a ton of fun stuff there without spending a TON of cash. However, if you do the produce & the bulk aisle, you can buy a lot of organic stuff for a good price. I have found organic apples to be the same price or cheaper than conventional. WF always has one type on sale. I buy those. I get blueberries, strawberries, and all the other pricey stuff couple times a year when it’s on sale. Tend to avoid Farmers Markets because it’s WAY too much sunscreen to apply for a few minutes of shopping AND it generally isn’t cheaper or organic. But I do believe in supporting them and if I wasn’t nearly albino, I would go A LOT more.

  21. I probably shop at about 6 different grocery stores. Some weeks I go to them all, sometimes just a few … depends. I also buy groceries at smaller specialty shops sometimes (like a cheese shop, or a meat shop).

  22. I have green and yellow beans in my garden and eat’em right off the vine. Nothing’s better than that!

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