I’ve been having a great time exploring my “new” neighborhood since moving one entire mile from our last house into this our current one.

Even though it’s only a mile, my running path is different and I am seeing different sights, new houses, new building, new flowers, and it’s been great.

There is a bridge


That overlooks the bay, which is about a mile off in the distance.

In the center of frame there is a peekaboo ocean glimpse.  I realize it’s a bit hard to see but the iPhone camera is only so good.

The views are just stunning from this bridge and I don’t realize when I’m running how high I am compared to sea level.  That is until I run up a couple doosie hills.

Or until I look down from the bridge and realize there is a man and a dog (center of the frame) wayyyyy down there.

Wicked bright glare but man is in a tan tshirt and dog is black.

I am not exactly sure how high this is but it’s really high.

I cropped this image a bit and the perspective doesn’t look as dramatic but there was less glare than on the first image.

And the railing over the side of the bridge is not very high.

I am not normally scared of heights, nor am I scared of bridges (I know that’s a fairly common phobia) but it does make my heart beat a just a wee bit faster when I realize just how high up I am.

However, all that height is liberating, freeing, and somehow I feel even more connected to nature being high up. <—That sounds cheesy.  But it’s true.

Speaking of cheesy, I haven’t had Raw Vegan Cheezy Kale Chips in awhile.

I need to make kale chips again.  And I’ll probably use my oven at about 300F for 45 minutes give or take, rather than bothering with my dehydrator which would be an 8 to 10 hour ordeal.  No thanks.

And who cares if they’re baked and not “raw”.   I don’t!  All I care about is the finished product’s taste: crispy, cheezy goodness.

Thanks for the kind words and comments on my last post, Bonding Time.  Yes, Skylar and I had an especially special afternoon and I frequently remind myself, what am I doing all of this for, what am I working hard for, what am I trying to accomplish, what am I building, doing, creating if I am not successful at making sure my daughter knows how loved she is and how special she is and that she’s the center of it all.

It was lovely reading over the special bonding moments you had with your moms growing up.


1. Are you scared of heights?

No, I’m not, in general.

I have lived on the 32nd floor of a building before, I love going to the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building Signature Room in Chicago for cocktails, I don’t mind airplanes or flying, nor do I mind tall escalators that overlook shopping areas.

But I will say being out in the open air and being that high up does make me take a quick step back from being close too close to the bridge railing!  I’m sure as I continue to run over the bridge, I won’t even “notice” it or think about it as time passes.  But for now it’s not a fear so much as it’s an awe of the beauty surrounding me.

2. Do you have any phobias or fears?

I mentioned mine here.

And why It has to do with things experiences (<—shudder) as a child.

Right now I am out with a friend and this post is auto-publishing.

Hint about what I’m doing is here

Be back with a recap later.  Or find me on InstagramI’m sure I have pictures up!


  1. that is super high Averie! OooO love the bridge though. And that’s totally not cheesy at all! I feel so nice when I’m in nature too, and somehow “connected”? :)

  2. Averie I love the last paragraph (bonding time) – you are an awesome mom!

    I am afraid of heights, kinda – my knees get a queasy feeling.

  3. Love the running view! IT makes running so much easier when u have pretty things to look at..like the ocean :)

  4. I am SUPER afraid of flying, which is very inconvenient because I totally avoid traveling due to my fear. Even the thought of flying makes me cringe/shudder. And it’s not about the height (I don’t have a fear of heights). It’s all about the fear of crashing. I cannot think of a more horrible way to go. oyyyyy :(

    on a happier note, you live in such a beautiful area with the most gorgeous weather! lucky girl :-)

  5. Yeah, I’m scared of heights. Not absolutely terrified, but they still freak me out a bit. My sister is the worst, though. Gosh, two stories up, and she stills refuses to go out on the balcony of something-sheesh!

  6. great view from the bridge!! love that you can see the ocean!! i have fear of heights but i still get up there! i do feel the tickles in my knees when i think about it! :)

    my fear: worms and rats! childhood experience too!!! lol

  7. I just love your attitude on eating things because they taste good, and not worrying about conforming to a certain lifestyle, whether it be raw, clean, etc. While I’m not willing to deviate from my vegan lifestyle due to my ethical, environmental, and economic concerns, I really appreciate your attitude on things like “healthifying” desserts, and the fact that you son’t compromise what you want!

    I’m quite the opposite of afraid of heights, I LOVE them. Climbing trees, skydiving, anything that give me a thrill I’ll do!

    I AM afraid of bees, which some people find unnecessary, but my dad’s VERY allergic. I’ve been stung, but he didn’t develop an allergy until he was my age and he had such a reaction that he was rushed to the hospital with a closing airway. NOT something I want to experience!

  8. Nice pictures and gorgeous views!! I am irrationally afraid of heights, but I do like the view from them. So I guess I’m cyclically afraid of them, haha. That bridge pic did make me a little nervous looking at it from 3,000 miles away, LOL. :oops:

    Baked not raw = AGREED! Who cares? Still nutritious, maybe even more? They say cooked veggies are better absorbed. But I like them both ways, so I’m not too fussy. :)

    Glad you are lovin’ you’re new ‘hood! It’s amazing how different things can be just 1 mile away. Exploring is so much fun!

  9. Gorgeous pics, sounds like a great running path.

    1. Not really, I love rides and grew up flying in small family planes.
    2. Not much anymore, I used to be afraid of spiders and a bit claustrophobic, but grew out of them.

  10. All I can say is that you live in paradise

  11. As a whole, I am not scared of heights. But, if I were up high and there was no railing/protection of some kind, then I do freak out a bit. And sometimes when I’m on a bridge in my car I think back to when the 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis (I’m sure you saw the footage when that happened 4-5 years ago) — so it is more a fear of falling that I have instead of heights — or would those two be the same?

    I am terrified of spiders — to the point where I just freeze for a bit and then think about what I should do. It isn’t bad when Jason is home because he can take care of things, but if I’m alone at home or at work it takes a lot of effort on my part to do anything.

    • yes i remember watching the coverage in sheer HORROR as I used to travel that bridge DAILY for about 10 years of my life. Daily.


      Spiders. You can never move to a warmer weather climate then. Or you’d have to get over that one quickly :)

  12. Oh I DO NOT like heights all that much…I am better when I am standing on my own…as opposed to being in a car, which freaks me out!

    Brooke Annessa

  13. 1. Not afraid of heights…but..
    2. MAJOR rat phobia. And I’m very afraid of all rodents for that matter. Bad experience. Sometimes squirrels make me jumpy too. Coincidentally, I’ve been pondering phobias this week because I might face rats tomorrow in a research laboratory. Yes, flooding is one way to do away with phobias, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that!

  14. I never used to be scared of heights, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely become afraid of heights. It’s so bad, I can’t drive on windy roads with a drop-off on the other side. I’m terrified I’m going to lose control around a curve and drive right off the edge.
    I’m not the least bit scared of spiders. But I don’t even like thinking about snakes. *shudder*

  15. I’ve been across that bridge! When I visited San Diego, I stayed in Little Italy and rode my (rented) bike to Balboa Park. Those hills were SO TOUGH! I don’t understand how you run up them. You’re obviously superwoman! ;)

    I’m not really scared of heights, but the whole open-air thing does get to me sometimes. As for other phobias or fears? Nah, not really. I work in a career field that requires me to sometimes go into dangerous houses or situations. People ask how I’m not terrified and I tell them I’m not really sure–I’m just not! Perspective, I suppose.

    I’m off to make some kale chips! (great idea!)

    • Oh and per you comment yesterday about TS prefer overhead shots rather than 3/4 shots, I totally agree. Most of my food doesnt look great overhead or looks better at an angle..like a bowl of pasta looks better overhead but a bar or a cookie, i think looks better from the side…and i make many more cookies than bowls of pasta :)

  16. I’m definitely not afraid of heights, as long as I’m not in danger!
    Cheesy kale chips sound amazing! It’s too hot here to turn on the oven though so they’ll have to wait til a cooler day.

  17. Yikes – that IS high! I think rather than run over that bridge I would slowly shuffle, white knuckling the railing! haha. I always knew you’re far braver than I, though.
    Such pretty sights to see on your run…it must be awesome to have a bunch of different places to explore.

    I hate big storms. I actually just realized this recently. As a child I never liked storms, was fine as I got older, but we’ve been having crazy ones here every so often (pair that with all the tornadoes) that make me ready to batten down the hatches and hide under my bed every time we get a storm warning, lol. (…but instead I stay on the computer and hope we don’t lose power…hah)

  18. I’ve never been scared of heights but I’m more scared of falling if that makes sense. Your views are beautiful!!!

  19. Wow, your pictures are gorgeous!

    I’m not scared of heights, in fact, I love jumping off of things ;) As for phobias, I don’t have many, but do feel sick when I’m in a huge space…the opposite of claustrophobia!

  20. My booty would be racing over that bridge; I am absolutely terrified of anything high up. In fact… I have never driven over a bridge to this day… ridiculous I know.

  21. I am a little afraid of heights. I freak out in certain situations. Yet, I have bungee jumped and I love roller coasters. I don’t let my little fear hold me back! :-)

  22. Your new surroundings look stunning! We live in a pretty beautiful place too, but you’r so close to nature! I would say I am moderately afraid of heights. I get a little bit of a quickened pulse, but nothing that would prevent me from going up some place high. I am afraid of throw up. It is a strange fear I know, but real none the less. I think it is just the unpredictability and uncontrollable nature of throwing up that scares me. Maybe :p

  23. Averie, your photos always make me wish that I liven in southern California! I’m not scared of heights, but those photos look like you were really high up there. I don’t have any major phobias, but I’m a big scardy cat when it comes to being home alone. I’ve never liked being home alone, even during the day. Luckily I’ve always had someone else to live with.

    I hope that you have a great night and Skylor is looking especially cute in all your recent photos :)

  24. I love kale chips! And I have a bird phobia, yikes!! Can’t stand their beaty eyes and gross bird feet

  25. beautiful scenery!!! Sounds like you are getting all settled in just fine!!! What an adventure!!

  26. Enjoy the new views, Averie and have fun exploring!

  27. I am not scared of heights, but I am extremely afraid of spiders.

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  29. I’m not afraid of heights (Though my sister and mom is– they try to hide it though, rather unsuccessfully I might add ;)). But even some heights or weird vanage points will, as you said, just make me say WHOA.

    I used to be scared of spiders, but that had mostly gone away after I held a tarantula last year! (It was a pet one, at the science center I volunteered at).

  30. Heights only bother me in the sense that I am afraid of falling from them. If I am on a sturdy bridge or am in a building I’m not afraid at all. But put me somewhere like on a rickety bridge, or the edge of something with no railing, THAT’s when I’m freaking out.

    But mostly I don’t like snakes. Spiders I’m totally cool with, because you can easily step on them. And boom dead. But snakes? That does not work! I don’t want them touching me, let alone biting me. Blech. The worst fear though: attempting to make small talk in a social setting. Sounds so tame compared to the first two, but nothing makes my anxiety worse than trying to come up with things to talk to someone about in a random setting. Especially if I don’t really know them.

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  32. I’m not scared of heights, really, but bridges are another story. Especially if there’s water under me! I go into instant fight or flight mode….well, flight mode really. :)

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