Maybe I Should Get

Since moving into our new house, I’ve realized I need some lamps.  Especially a table lamp for my desk. 

Even though it appears I should have plenty of light, those windows face north and come 3pm, my workspace is not well lit.

Photo editing is next to impossible without proper lighting.

Maybe I should stick with the West Elm theme I have in my master and in my living room and get another lamp from there for my desk.


How about these capiz shell lamps

The two existing lamps I own from West Elm are both capiz shell lamps so either of the above would coordinate, but I’d prefer a white shade because I don’t want my eyes viewing “tan” or “gray” light on my desk.

Maybe I should get these instead.  Either one or both.

They’d match my desk, don’t take up much space, decently priced, have white shades, can accommodate a 100W (not just a 60W) bulb.  <—key.  I want these suckers bright.

This one from Anthro is fun but it’s got the brown shade action.  Not good.

If I wasn’t doing photo editing with the light emanating from it or had an unlimited bank account, it’s cute.  Definitely has the eco-friendly vibe going.  For $300 bucks though, yikes, I’d have to love it.

After thinking about lamps, maybe I should get…

Pink Noodles instead

This place just opened and I drive by it every day.  I have no idea what they serve.  Pink noodles perhaps?

Not into pink noodles?

Try Raw Zucchini Pasta & Peanut Sauce

Maybe the vat of peanut sauce will help you overlook the vintage photography.  Yikes.

Not into raw “pasta”?  Don’t knock it til you try it.

Scott used to raise eyebrows when I’d serve him things like this but he’s gone from raised eyebrows to preferring raw pasta.  No gluten, filling but not heavy.

Plants have water + fiber which make you feel full and satisfied yet not stuffed or sleepy like regular gluten-containing noodles and pasta tends to.

Or try Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

Even if you don’t “have to be” gluten free, this is such a simple, fast, light and easy summer meal.

Want a spiralizer, buy one here.

Don’t want to buy one?  Use a vegetable peeler and make ribbons.  I do think you get a somewhat better result and a more traditional “mouth feel” from spiralized noodles rather than peeled, but necessity is the mother of invention and do what you can.

Necessity was the mother of this invention, too.

Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

I was in Aruba, needed to make a nobake dessert and had no power appliances and did it all by hand and the freezer.

Maybe I should get…

….on those again.

From my last post, it was fun to hear all the things, or people, you’ve run into lately.


1. Do you have a favorite store for household goods or furniture?  Lamps?  Thoughts?

Lighting, lamps, curtains, shower curtains, window treatments of any kind are all so pricey!  I don’t know why, but they just are.  Ripoff city.

I am going to hit up Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Target, too, before I buy anything but need to get on it, stat. 

I hate dimly lit rooms and right now, I have a dimly lit room.  Ugh! 

And I need the sun and light!  Let there be light.  Soon, I hope.

2. Have you ever tried raw pasta?  If you haven’t tried spiralized (or vegetable-peeler peeled pasta), any plans to? 

I also have a raw pasta + raw marinara recipe, too.

Raw zucchini is very mild, I find.  You can change the flavor of the dish dramatically just by creating different sauces.  From marinara to peanut sauce, you can go from Italian vibe to Thai vibe.  And if you don’t want to get fancy with sauces, your fave salad dressing will do the trick or check my dips + sauces + dressing recipes for ideas.

P.S. Don’t forget about the Organic Raw Honey Giveaway


  1. Thanks for sharing about the spiralized veggies as pasta :) I was just diagnosed with a wheat allergy so this will definitely be useful to incorporate into my meals

    And your living room is very cozy-looking! Very simple and chic ;)

  2. I just ate some raw zucchini pasta yesterday! Mine was not made with a spiralizer however. I have to look into one of those.

  3. oooh, those are all awesome lamps! so modern and chic. My go-to is definitely TJ Maxx, followed by Bed, Bath & Beyond…but they are so much more expensive that I’ll usually decide “okay, I guess I don’t NEED X, I just WANT X,” haha. Of course, I think a lamp is pretty important. Hope you find something!
    I saw “Pink Noodle” and imagined a swim store full of pink noodles…didn’t even connect it to food until you started talking about pasta! I almost lived on spaghetti squash last summer (we grew it) but I’ve never tried it with zuke. I actually have a really strong hatred for zucchini… :X

  4. For furniture and home stuff, I like Target and Ikea most of all, but every once in a while I find good stuff at Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx. You are so right — some of that stuff gets so expensive and is such a rip off!

    I really like the white rectangle “box” lamps you have a picture of — they look clean and simple and look like they get the job done!

  5. I love West Elm…and Design Within Reach (although it’s not within my reach overall…I have splurged twice). I also get a couple catalogs that I love to look at but so far haven’t bought from. I definitely check Target when I need household things like lamps (bought my last one there). I prefer to spend my money on good food instead of expensive lamps and stuff like that!
    TJMaxx is good too—there’s a TJMaxx n More near me, and that place has tons of house stuff.
    I love zucchini pasta, and also just tried kelp pasta—that was good too! I have a spiralizer but rarely use it.
    Have a great day!

  6. I’ve been wanting to try raw pasta, I need to get on it. And I love TJMaxx for home goods. I’ve been thinking about lighting solutions lately since my natural light is not ideal for photos. I just don’t know how to deal with it!

  7. I love the simplicity of your decor! I’m very curious to see what Pink Noodles serves now!

  8. I’ve never tried zucchini pasta, but the garden’s going crazy with them. Tonight I will lose my zucc pasta virginity. But whose the best suitor-the peanut sauce or lemon & herb? Peanut butter usually makes me weak in the knees.

  9. Your house is really coming together! It’s so nice :) My favorite place to go for house things is Pier 1 + Crate & Barrel.

  10. You even told us how to get the spiralizer! you are the best!

  11. I love those first lamps – so cute! I need a new lamp for my bedside table for when I read at night. Mine is circa 2006 from IKEA for $15.

  12. I love west elm…but I can’t afford it. Home Goods is awesome :). Oh, I’m doing my first giveaway ever…feel free to check it out!

  13. I’ve never given raw pasta a shot, looks simple and appetizing though. In fact I’m sure it’s much quicker than regular pasta! My go- to stores are definitely TJMax and the like, I wish I could say it was anthropology or pottery barn but at this point in my life there is no need to invest in nice furniture when I’m barely settled in one place longer than a year.

  14. $300 lamp?!?! Oh my lanta that’s a lot of money for one lamp lol! It is very pretty though :) I think the white lamps would look great for sure though specially with wattage like that! I’m the same way and like things BRIGHT!

  15. I think Pink Noodle is a Thai place.
    I am definitely a fan of IKEA! I just love walking through it.

  16. I need to bust out my spiralizer. I go in spurts with it – I’ll use it every day for a while and then boom…nothing.

    I have 6 zucchini plants though, so I think I’ll be good to go soon enough. ;)

  17. Just like Scott, I actually prefere raw pasta too! While zucchinis are great, I actually like cucumbers better :) So crunchy and fresh! I love it most with homemade pesto or roasted broccoli pesto! YUM!

  18. Check this out:
    You can fill the jar with whatever food you want that looks cool, and buy the shade separately from Target or Walmart.

  19. Hey Averie!
    the lamps you already have are Tres CHIC…I love them!!!

    and I never ever ever ever ever have the right light I want/need when I want/need it.

    we are working on it. we actually have been replacing the bright lights I love but drain the bank account when you run them with brighter, whiter LED ones.

    they are not cheap but since I can use them now, it’s worth the hit. plus they are cheap to run.

    I am really tempted to go grab your spiralizer. I’ve never run into one while i was shopping.
    So is Pink Noodle a raw food estab?
    It’s so so so pretty in SD right now!
    love your pics

    • Ive posted in the past how i am a bit psychic…

      ok all of a sudden, yesterday, YOU came into my mind and I hadnt thought about you in quite awhile..and 6 hrs later, BAM, you’re in my inbox!!

      Great to hear from you!! :)

      I think the restaurant is an Asian place, not raw. Hillcrest has soooo many restaurant choices!

  20. i hate dimly lit rooms too ~ i need to buy a few more lamps soon. i love the way that spiralized zucchini pasta looks!
    xo ~ kristina

  21. you know I love everything pink – I think you need to go into Pink Noodle just so you can tell me what it’s all about (an offshoot of Pink Taco, perhaps?).

    I like the second set of lamps – the big shades kindof look like photography equipment! :)

  22. I adore Homegoods! Somehow I can always find something there that is a must have. Those Oreo balls look divine!

  23. Hmmm…I would say HomeGoods is my go-to store!

    And can I just say…I want to try Zucchini noodles SO BAD…but I’m kinds scared!


  24. I LOVE that first shell lamp! That’s my pick :) I’ve done the raw zucchini pasta before and it’s time consuming but pretty good. In my opinion it’s not a sub for real pasta just another neat way to get veggies in. If I want pasta, peeled veggies are not going to cut it!

  25. wow west elm really has nice stuff eh. i do love that lamp from anthro! i love anthro stuff but so pricey! so since i’m not a full time doctor yet, i do get my house lamps at ikea, tj maxx and marshalls. :)

    i do love eating raw pasta! i don’t have a spiralizer…but i’ve learned to use the peeler like you said! :)

  26. I am OBSESSED with all of anthro’s home stuff… but my goodness, it’s pricy. Better start saving now… and in the meantime, I’ll just drool in the store and on the website.

  27. I haven’t tried raw pasta. Although I have tried to make a broccoli slaw salad pasta type thing, although it was definitely not the same. I found it to be incredibly unfilling. I also really hate zucchini and so I haven’t been adventurous enough to actually try it as a pasta. But with a really awesome sauce, I can pretty much eat most things….so maybe I will have to try it!

  28. Go with the white ones. They’re gorgeous :D
    I just put a new lamp in my room and it’s crazy what a difference it makes.

  29. How funny – before got to the part where you showed your West Elm lamps I thought: cool, her house looks so West Elm. lol! I am not the person ask for advice as I have a house filled with antiques and it’s a little … dark. I need some new lamps too! Love raw zucchini and yellow squash noodles, I made some once with basil olive oil. yummm

  30. I’m totally ikea all the way right now because I’m cheap, but I dream of being a crate and barrel girl. some day…

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  32. I love the taller white square shaped lamps. Very modern. I am no decorator myself, I leave that to my BF. I LOVE zucchini noodles! I got a spiralizer a while ago and it literally changed my life. I blogged about it a few times actually!

  33. Cute lamps, especially the Anthro one! I went stingy in my office with Ikea lamps, but they work well for lighting the room without being too bright and they don’t cause monitor glare.

    Wonder what a pink noodle is? lol.

    1. Lately it’s been Ikea. I know, cheap. :-P
    2. Yeah, zucchini noodles are still my fave.

  34. I love west elm! And with that being said…I think we have the same couch and chair! When I ordered mine, the lady on the phone said “My, what classy furniture you’ve chosen” Made my day :) Thought I’d pass along the sentiment!

  35. Bowring is my favourite shop for household lamps, etc.. LOVE it there!!!

  36. What brand spiralizer do you use?

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