Meetup & Picture Clicks

Tuesday afternoon I met up with Marla

I pulled this image from my Instagram Feed which I also Tweet out in case you don’t have an iPhone + Instagram.   <—but you should!  Instagram is my newest obsession but I digress.

We met at our usual place

Although it was a nice day…


…we sat inside where we could really focus on the tasks at hand:

Task #1: Get our caffeine on

I downed a venti drip in about 30 seconds.  After I pour the half and half into it, the coffee gets so lukewarm which I am not a fan of.  I like my coffee scorchingly hot!  Marla reminded me I should ask for steamed milk.  Good point. 

I normally order a cafe misto but that last one I had in an airport was meh so I opted for drip coffee. 

But if coffee is not super hot, I’d prefer to just make a Vanilla Iced Coffee

Task #2: Gabfest!

And it was wonderful and much needed.

We hadn’t seen each other since May!

In the meantime, Marla has been to BlogHer Atlanta and Telluride, I went to Aruba, Marla went to New Orleans and EVO ’11 in Utah, I went to Mexico City and I movedWhew.

We have both been moving targets so it was awesome to finally sync up our calendars and meet.

Task #3: Take lots of pictures of ourselves with our iPhones.

Being silly, laughing at our outtakes and click-click-clicking away was fun. 

Priorities in liquid form, indeed.

Marla is so beautiful. With or without her lipgloss.

I love this picture of her!  Don’t hate me for posting this one, Marla!  You look gaw-geous!

I am 100% makeup-free in all my photos.

That’s quite self-evident though from looking at me.  Ha!

It was fantastic to see Marla, to connect, to share travel stories, stories about our kids, catch up on what’s been going on in our lives, and to leave totally recharged!

And to leave with a handy dandy tip:

If you publish an image to Instagram and then you hold the top button rectangle button + the circle “home” button on your iPhone, it will save the image to your camera roll as a “screenshot”.

Screenshot saved from Marla’s phone.  Cool, huh!

That tip was from Marla via Jenny who tipped Marla off last week she said when they met up for sushi in Laguna.  Thanks, you two beauties, for the tip.  And I was jealous of your sushi meetup I saw on Instagram!

After I left Marla, I ran a few errands, went for a run, made dinner, and went to work.

And I made sure there was dessert.

I need Magic Eight Bars in my life.

And there were a few in the freezer that I found and went to town.  Good.Stuff.

From my last post, it sounds like many of you are afraid of heights.  I know, that bridge I showed is extremely high and even though I am not usually afraid of heights, that bridge even makes me say, whoa.

We all have our little fears and phobias, too, it sounds like.  At least we admit them and thanks for telling me what yours are.  Spiders kept coming up.  I really don’t mind spiders.  I got used to bugs and critters after spending 4 years int the Carolinas and also at my house in Aruba.


1. When was the last time you met up with a friend or had a good gabfest?

2. When you take pictures, how many shots do you take to “get it right”?  Are you “picky” or critical of yourself in photos?

I think we are all a bit hyper-critical of ourselves in photos.  Therefore, I think it’s a woman’s prerogative to keep clicking until she gets it right.  Or semi-decent, at least.

None of these pictures of Marl and I are going to be used as our header images on our blogs or on our business cards or anything too important, but still.  No one wants to publish “dud” pictures for all the world to see.  And with blogs, the images live on.  Forever.  So getting something liveable is nice.

Plus since we are both so into photography, and are bloggers, the clickfest was on in full form.

Now, on something like wedding pictures or senior class pictures or something much more important, I understand even more so about being picky and selective.

There does come a time when you have to say, ok, it’s good enough and not drive yourself too crazy, but I also believe in getting what you want.  And the only way to do that is to as I call it, “have options”.  i.e. keep on clicking so that you have some images to choose from later on when the event is done and over with.   When I ask a stranger to take my picture, I always ask for a second, just so I “have options”.

Are you a clicker or are you okay with whatever pops up on the first shot?  I know with food photography, I take about 100 pictures of something like Magic 8 bars and get about 10 shots I like for the post.  I like to have options.

P.S. Thanks for the entries on the Glass Straw Giveaway!


  1. Love the pics! You are sans makeup?! You go girl, haha :-). I am meeting a friend TOMORROW and from looking at your pics I’m looking forward even more now. Warmin’ up the jaw muscles…ready to gab, haha!

  2. sexy mama’s! I love the fun pictures. And glad you two could meet up, i am sure it was great to get some quality girl time.

  3. I just had a girly gabfest myself on Saturday! Boy it really does just cleanse the system :) You ladies look hott!! Great fun photos.. I’m always super critical of myself in phtotos- which can be silly.. LIke you said, they are for fun not business so let the good times roll!

  4. I used to REALLY care about what pictures were put out of me. Was I making a weird face (usually) or did my body look strange in a shot, but I’ve come to realize that it just doesn’t matter (to me. I know it does to a lot of people!). I can appreciate how funny something was, or a moment when I was doing something silly. If an angle was weird and it looks like I’m pregnant, so be it. People who know me know what my body looks like so I’m not going to sweat it.

  5. You both look so beautiful! What a nice afternoon!

  6. I have a built in friend night every Tuesday evening with three of my favorite girls…lately we get together even more often to make crafts to sell to raise money for our our adoption…

    Couldn’t be without these girls!

    Brooke Annessa

  7. Ha!! I love this post. Really made me chuckle. Such a fun time yesterday. I cannot believe how many places we have both been since our last meet-up. By the time we meet again we will both have a lot more travel under our belts! xxoo

  8. You girls are gorgeous!

  9. The pictures came out great of both of you! I have gabfests everyday with my roommates and friends who live in the apartments above and below me. I realize I’m lucky to always be surrounded by friends, and that life won’t always be like this so I make sure to soak it all in daily. I can tell you really cherish your time with friends, which is really great.

  10. Looks like you two had a great time. There’s nothing like meeting up with your girlfriends! For me, it’s been too long.
    I’m going back “home” for a high school reunion and cannot WAIT to reconnect with high school friends and some old neighbors. I just can’t wait to TALK, and LAUGH which eventually leads to crying from laughing so hard. :-)
    I can’t take enough pictures. I may take two of the same shot, but inevitably I’ll see something different in each one, so it takes me forever to decide which to use.

  11. I’m glad you had a nice meetup with Marla! And I think you look great without makeup — you have beautiful skin!

    I usually take 2-3 photos just to make sure I got it. I do that when I’m taking pictures of family too. That is the best part about having a digital camera — remember using actual film? I used to always get those disposable cameras and the pictures were always horrible.

  12. Girl time is the best! I’m fitting some in tomorrow afternoon/night- I am excited! Cute pics. I love instagram. I usually only take a picture or two….I need to get better about my photography! Hope you have a nice Wednesday

  13. Tomorrow I am meeting up with my college roommate who I haven’t seen since March. I can’t wait to catch up!

    I am getting married next September and our photography package comes with a free “engagement session”. For some reason, I am so nervous for those photos. I am worried that it is going to be very difficult to look natural and comfortable. Our photographer suggested grabbing a drink before the session, so hopefully that will help. I like his style!

  14. So glad you met up with a friend, so important as busy mom’s!
    I have a friend who always announces she’s not wearing makeup, I just laugh since I can spot a makeup-less person a mile away. Don’t have to tell me twice!

  15. You both look beautiful :) I am definitely critical of myself in photos (and in real life) but I’m trying to be better. I love gabfests with girlfriends – I have a date tonight with one of best friends and I’m so looking forward to it!

  16. There is nothing better than a great gab fest with girlfriends! It is so necessary :) I will be seeing some of my friends from college in a few weeks and I cannot wait!

  17. Does your Instagram app not automatically save every picture you take into your album? Mine does. Maybe it’s a setting that you can check. Then you won’t have all of that other stuff around the picture. Happy Instagramming. :)

    • It does but if it’s on someone else’s phone and they want to forward you a pic, it’s an easy way to be able to email it, i.e. do an attachment. I am sure there’s ways around that too. Just passing along something I learned.

  18. Awesome tip, I’ve been wondering if you could do something like that. Can you just save the photo to your camera roll? I guess you can download the instagram photos when you sync your phone with iphoto.

    I love a good gabfest; that’s all I did all weekend! And I’m not a clicker. I take a shot and move on.

    • Just replied to the person right above you who sort of said/asked something similar…

      What I said
      “It does but if it’s on someone else’s phone and they want to forward you a pic, it’s an easy way to be able to email it, i.e. do an attachment. I am sure there’s ways around that too.”

      And I do upload everything I have on my camera roll into Lightroom when I sync my phone.

      There are so many combinations/permutations of how to do this kind of stuff I think!

  19. You are lucky to be living in the age of digital photography. When my kids were little, every single camera click cost money, both in film and developing. If I remember correctly, that came to more than ten bucks for 24 pictures! Plus, we had to wait a couple of weeks to see if they were even any good!

  20. I love instagram! I use it to take pictures of potentially boring objects (like my cats) and turn them into something fun.

    Also, speaking of your Magic 8 bars, I used your recipe and made them for a bake sale at work (for an American Heart Association walk), and they sold super fast! I wish I had made more, because people kept asking for them :)

    I definitely think your dessert recipes are my favorite. Have you thought about a cookbook? With your photos, too?

    • oh that’s awesome to hear they sold fast and people wanted more!

      and i have always thought about a book, yes, but no publishers have come knocking on my door and shopping book proposals is a fulltime job that I havent pursued :)

  21. Oh, I love girl chat time! It looks like you and Marla had a wonderful time! I have a few women business owner friends that i try to get together with on a regular basis. It’s great getting to brainstorm and chat about each others businesses, blogs and lives.

    You would think with me being a photographer that I would be a super clicker. But, I usually think about what photo I want to get and then take 2, maybe 3 shots to make sure I get it right and that’s it. Same with food photography, I spend a lot of time on the setup and lighting and so I may end up taking only about 10 pictures to get the 4 or 5 that I use for blog posts. I hate culling photos, so this works perfectly for me – hehe :)

    • “I spend a lot of time on the setup and lighting and so I may end up taking only about 10 pictures to get the 4 or 5 that I use for blog posts.”

      I wish I was like that!

      I still spend the time but I take tons of pics. I actually over-take. And then I stress myself out by having to weed out. I need to streamline things!! :)

  22. I have an ongoing Friday night “date” with my best friend. Time to get together, vent, gab, and plain just have fun!

    I’m actually really bad at this. I get bored of taking pictures. If the first one is HORRIBLE, then maybe I’m willing to sit for another one. But otherwise I’m one and done. Even when I do food posts, I’m not going for anything award-winning. As long as you can vaguely determine what I’m talking about, I’m good.

    • Although, having said that…I truly appreciate good food photography. I LOVE looking at your pictures especially because they are so drool-worthy. Plus, it is easy to tell that you like doing what you do.

  23. You guys are so pretty! Such fun to play around with Instagram!
    Some day we will need to meet up! When schedules aren’t so crazy right?? Glad you guys had fun!

  24. No way! You guys rock! What a fun meet up! I love both of your blogs so so much! And oh my goodness, I am really wishing I had one of those scrumptious bars to nom on at work right now! I’m dragging today and definitely need a pick-me-up!

  25. This looks like such a fun meet up! I HATE lukewarm coffee,too. I know you can ask for your coffee “extra hot” at Starbucks too. Otherwise, might as well drink it cold!

  26. Aw, thanks for the Instagram follow link, I was looking for something like that to set up. :-) Cute pictures of you two, how fun!

    1. Too long! I need some more friend/girl time. That’s the problem with working mostly with guys and my sisters are so bogged down with parenting life.
    2. Depends, 3-4 maybe. I like to tinker with lighting and angles because what looks good on the small screen may not on the big screen.

  27. Looks like you lovely ladies had a blast!! I love that you’re makeup free in these photos, I am about 99% of the time. I just don’t have time! plus it’s hot here now, too sweaty. And you’re like my mom, she microwaves her tea after about 30 seconds of pouring it!

    Especially being new to photography, I definitely click click click! And sometimes it’s STILL hard to find a shot I like!

  28. Lovely photos….

    Looks like you both had a good fun outing! Cheers!

  29. You are soooo pretty! So is Marla!
    I’m pretty picky about how I look in pictures- but not really with the state of my face- it’s usually about my hair! It has to be covering my right ear that sticks out more than my left one! I used to be super self-conscious about it and wouldn’t even wear my hair up! I’m better now (:

  30. I need those magic 8 bars in my life IMMEDIATELY!

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  32. I know for security reasons you don’t want to post where you work, but do you work a night job? THe reason I ask is because you said you went to work after all that you did in the day, just curious :) If you don’t want to answer I totally understand!

  33. Love both you ladies, you are so cute posing together! Hopefully we will all meet up one day, maybe IFBC in Nov.?

  34. Pushing the top “lock” button and the circle “home” button isn’t just an instagram thing, it’s something you can do on any iPhone app. I do it often on websites I view on my phone to remember something.

    Is there any reason you chose not to wear makeup most of the time? Your skin is amazing so I don’t blame you, but isn’t your MAC collection collecting some dust?? :)

  35. Loving all the pics! You both look great! :) Girl time is much needed, I really miss it with my bests being so many miles away! :/ Although it is an excuse for lots of holidays for them and regular trips home for me! :)

  36. I met up with a girlfriend last night for a visit :-) I kept her out past her bedtime though … oops!

  37. Instagram has an option where it saves all your photos to your camera roll without you having to save them yourself! Just check the settings. :)

  38. Thanks for the comments earlier & introducing me to your blog – I love it! These pics of you two are awesome and *love* that you’re not wearing make-up – talk about natural beauty, wow!

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