Mexico City Friday Night

I arrived in Mexico City.   It was a whirlwind trip, it’s late, I’ve been up forever, and we are meeting at 7am Saturday morning to start shooting!

But I couldn’t wait to post a few pictures and updates.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the night.

French Fry Guy


He’s thrilled about those fries!

The architecture and buildings are old, gorgeous, and amazing.

There are large courtyard-style parks where people stroll…

…and where people of all ages meet up…

To make out!

Because most people live with their parents here until they get married, which could be til they are in their 40s, they take their makeout sessions publicly.  All ages were making out in the courtyards, not just young people, but older couples, too.

This is Penny.  And she said one theme for us this weekend is capturing romance!  Shouldn’t be hard to spot if tonight was any indication.

Here’s our group: Cindy on the left, Susan center with Lesley (our guide and fixer behind her), and Penny on the right.  And then me.  So just five of us!  Lovin’ the small group!

Fried banana & fried sweet potato man

They douse their sweet potatoes with sweetened condensed milk which you can sort of make out in the blurred backgroud of this image.  Sweet, much?

Penny and Lesley savoring the goods and I had a bite too.  Good stuff.

My thoughts so far:

It’s cold here!  Low 60s, damp, rainy, and dreary.  Think San Francisco or Seattle weather.  Was not expecting this!  I have summery clothes, shorts, flip flops.  And one sweater and one pair of Nike running shoes.  <– Good thing I have those last two items!

Penny is amazing.  I am already learning so much!

I love the small group.  Me + 2 other “students” + Lesley our local guide/fixer + Penny = 5

I am super tired and need to sleep and have a 6am wakeup call.  That’s my last thought for now.


1. What are you up to for the weekend?

2. Any romance in your life lately?

Don’t forget about the Two Cookbooks for Two Winners Giveaway and thanks for your comments on my previous posts:

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I read all your comments with a smile on my face!  Thanks for the support and great comments! 

See you tomorrow!

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  1. get some rest! mexico city looks beautiful. i’d love to visit someday! i’ll be in l.a. from sun-tues for a meeting and see some friends. :)

  2. Love these photos! It looks like you are having a blast. And what fun that the weather is so different from where you are. That’s all part of the adventure, I guess.

    Our weekend is over, today is the start of the work week here in the Land of Sand. So, Cody just left to work and I’m getting ready to head to the gym as soon as I finish my breakfast – a smoothie made with coconut milk instead of the usual rice or almond milk. YUM!

    And oh yes there is romance in my life! There has been for the past 7 years. Cody is a dreamy romantic and that is just fine with me!

  3. OMG Averie! you made my night! I’m from Mexico city and seeing this pics just warmed up my heart. Have a lot of fun! It’s a beautiful city with lots of things to do!
    I’ll just have to get some peanut butter/nuttela bars out of the freezer, tear up a little bit and wish I was there too!

  4. Wow, what an amazing trip! I’ve always wanted to visit Mexico City after hearing about it from a friend of mine who used to live there. I know what you mean about the weather though — I never quite got used to the SF weather! Looks like you’re capturing some amazing images! And yep, lots of romance with my main squeeze — our 3 year wedding anny is coming up! Enjoy Mexico City! :)

  5. That fry guy is soooo adorable! But those sweet potatoes look kinda nast! I hope you have an amazing time catching all the mack fests happening!

  6. I am so jealous! Those photos are gorgous. You are going to have an amazing time, can’t wait to hear more!

  7. Looks like a great city to be in! Sorry the weather is unexpectedly cold – hopefully it warms up, but at least the 60s isn’t terrible (I’m speaking from a Michigan viewpoint though…lol) My older sister’s dad lives in Mexico City, and she wants to go see him at some point. I can’t wait to show her the pics you take!
    1. Lots of plans this weekend. Making rhubarb jam with my mom tomorrow (yay!) and then hopefully leaving to go up north on sunday and staying there till thursday – my husband works weekends so mid-week vacations are the norm for us.
    2. Romance? Why yes. My husband Alex and I celebrated 10 years together on the 5th of this month. Been married 6.5 of those years. It was teenage love that actually worked out, despite many obstacles. <3

  8. Jealous about the workshop! :D And Mexico is so rich in culture. I expected to see something more tropical or summery, but seasons remind us how nature surprises us with amazingly beautiful things.

  9. Just wanted to say “have a wonderful time in Mexico City and enjoy the workshop!!!” what a fantastic opportunity! I’ve never seen such an enthusiastic fry guy :-) I can’t wait for your recap(s) and of course tons of beautiful and stunning photographs; it sounds and looks so amazing! I watched Penny’s video (the one you linked to)…WOW…very powerful!!! Love the small group, that’s amazing- you will take away so much from this!!!
    Have the best weekend ever :-) Or one of many best weekends ever ;-) xxx

  10. I am ashamed to say I think that sweet potato looks good!

  11. wow, i hope the weather warms up for you, averie! that is GREAT that you have such a small group – you are going to learn SO MUCH. you’re already off to a great start.
    have to laugh at the public displays of affection – > VERY un-canadian. holding hands here is about as risque as it gets, by and large!
    have a fantastic day! i’m off to a surprise bday party this eve!

  12. That sweet potato does look amazing though. Wow, what culture! I am so glad you get to experience this. Have an AMAZING time!!!

  13. Loving the photos as usual! Have a great trip! :)

  14. Ahahahaha I love the french fry guy! He’s SO happy!!

  15. Looks AMAZING! I love the architecture! And so sweet about all the couples, but I think it would get to be a little too much PDA for me after a short time. ;) Keep having a wonderful time, and stay warm!

  16. What a sweet theme with so many possibilities…you’re going to have a blast.

  17. So happy to see you made it there safely & are off to a roarin’ start. I have never been there & it will be a blast to see the city through your eyes. Beautiful snaps!

  18. I wouldn’t expect it to be cold there either! How funny. I wish we had sweet potato cart men!!! That would be awesome.

  19. glad you had a safe trip! i’m already enjoying your pictures and i can’t wait to see what else you share with us. the small group must be awesome!! it’s really going to allow for more personal learning time. love the theme, too! you could really go anywhere with that, too!

  20. These initial pics are fabulous already!!! Penny looks like one of my doctors! Even dresses like her, lol.

    That sweet potato with condensed milk… OMG! That’s going on my must-try list.

    So glad that you are there and safe and having a great time already. Can’t wait to see more!!

    I’m surprised about the weather, too!! You might have to buy some warmer clothes. Darn. :D

  21. Awwww looks so FUN!!!!!! And the making out couples are definitely a latin thing! When i lived in Argentina, there would always be tons of couples sitting in the parks and town square just having a lovely little time:)

    Have a blast and i cant wait to see more pictures!!!

  22. Beautiful pictures! The city looks amazing :)

  23. Averie, these photos are wonderful, you have such a talent for photography. All of the photos made me smile especially the man making the french fries. I love the romance photos, good to hear that there is a lot of loving all around in Mexico. Have a new man on the scene. Hope you have a wonderful time in Mexico, looking forward to seeing more of your photos. Well done.

  24. Sweet cond milk on sweet potatoes is a great idea — yum!!!

    Averie I hope you have a wonderful time and I’m glad to see it is a small group — you’ll learn so much.

    I love that they have a make out park. That is hilarious!

  25. I wish I were there with you!!! Look at you guys with your gigantic cameras. Hahaha!

    DUDE. Fried bananas? Genius.

  26. Wow, great pics and what a whirlwind day! Really fun shots here that capture emotion and energy. And what a fun group, can’t wait to hear more about this adventure.

    1. Going to a tomato fest tonight and just chilling the rest probably.
    2. Sure, plenty. :-)

  27. Love love love the pics—I’m so thrilled for you.
    I’m working all day today.
    My romance is the best—it’s almost our 3rd anniversary (of our first date), and everyday I’m reminded of how lucky I am (and how thankful I am that I did not marry any of my ex-bf’s!).

  28. Looks like you’re having an amazing time already! I love the shots of the happy French fry guy and that cute couple :)
    I’m planning on spending my weekend shopping and exploring Boston some more. I love being in a big new city :)

  29. I did a study abroad program through out mexico, but we stayed in mexico city for about a week, and I recognize all the places where u are! I think there is a cool indoor market thing..Kinda creepy, but definitely something to check out. Beautiful place and beautiful culture! enjoy!! :)

  30. That fry guy looks like he has an awesome personality! lol

    Ah romance is in the air, that’s sort of sweet and sort of creepy all at the same time. My hubby and I aren’t very into PDA, although sometimes you just have to go where the moment takes you. Hope you’re having a great time!

  31. Have a great trip! That sweet potato looks incredible.

    Romance? Bwahahahaha! In my dreams. ;)

  32. Such awesome street food! Your pictures are awesome!! Very cool that its such a small group- I’m sure you will learn a ton. Stay warm!

  33. Wow, this is amazing for you! The pictures you’ve already taken are absolutely gorgeous. I love how you captured the emotions on the faces of your subjects.

    I prefer small groups, too. You get to know everyone better and on a much deeper level than in a larger group.

    Have fun today!

  34. Beautiful photos.
    The best part about being in these types of places, to me, is the character of the people.
    Somehow, in having a lot of *false* security in the States, we lose what is truly important. Places that generally have “less” sometimes have so much more. They see material things come & go and don’t worry about the 401 K because it was either never there or the money was devalued so much overnight, by foreign banks, the IMF, etc….that what they have is lost overnight.
    Kind of cuts to the spiritual chase, as what we all distract ourselves with, pretty things, security, isn’t even an option.
    I always feel grounded when I am surrounded by people “living” and always feel like we are in a total fantasy (one that could totally fall apart anyday, but just doesn’t yet) when I return to the States.

  35. Oh, lucky you! I would love to go to Mexico city too! Enjoy your stay!

    Im going to a party tonight. Actually, Im going in 5 minuts.. eeerr, where did my time go!??

  36. Looks beautiful! Great photos Averie, can’t wait to see the rest! Enjoy it! :) Not many plans for me, again just trying to get a lot of coursework done, and obviously spending waaay too much time reading blogs! ;)

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  38. It’s so amazing to me how much our cultures differ…and the US is so close to Mexico! Looks like you’re in for a fantastic learning experience. I need to get my feet wet and find a photography workshop (that I can afford!)

  39. Love the teal/green color that seems to be everywhere. Beautiful.
    1.) Working half the weekend and hiking the rest.
    2.) Romance? Oh yeah! I’m getting married in August, Hooray!

  40. The first picture of the guy making fries is my favorite! He’s in action, the colors are awesome, and he’s loving life! Averie yours pictures are amazing!

  41. Wow, amazing photos. They’re all so saturated with color and alive.
    How did you get so close to that couple? Did you ask if you could take their photo, or was it more on the sly? I feel so awkward asking strangers if I can take their photo.

    • that particular couple, I asked. They were so in love and so into it, I was pretty sure they’d say yes and they did.

      Other couples, you can just tell they are NOT into it. And I dont even bother asking. And if I don’t ask, I would not take and/or publish making out images of them. Some photographers would and do, but I don’t feel ethical about that! :)

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  43. I would be thrilled about those fries too!!!

    And, I love the making out pics – so sweet!

  44. I’ve never seen such enthusiam over fries! :)

  45. What an AMAZING experience!! I soooo want to do something like this. Penny is seriously one of my favorite photographers out there!

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