Mexico City: Romance & PDAs

Well this post is going to be considerably lighter and maybe a little spicier than my last post about the Mexico City Markets and MeatHowever, that one had plenty of sizzle in its own regard.  Thank you for your comments, thoughts, and feelings about what can be such a hot topic and thank you for keeping things very respectful on what can be such a passionate topic.

And thank you for the compliments on my photography.

It’s been such a whirlwind weekend here in Mexico City and I leave here bright and early, San Diego homebound.  It’s been an amazing trip in so many ways, and it was the perfect length.  We packed so much into Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday, and now I am ready to go home, kiss Skylar and Scott, and get ready to move into our new place on Wednesday!  What a whirlwind life for me right now!

Time for a little sizzle first:

Lime and chili spiced peanuts


Hot, Spicy, Delicious.

And was our waiter delicious, or what?!

I took one picture of him.  And look at the shot I got!  I’ve been married 10 years but I know a hottie when I see one!  Those eyes.  Wow.  I love you too, Scott!

Remember I mentioned that Penny said the theme for the weekend was finding and photographing the romance we would no doubt see in public areas in Mexico City?

Check all these couples out that I captured over the weekend:

I think all of the images are tender, beautiful, loving, and just show love in full force.

Many of you asked me if I ask for permission to photograph these couples?  The answer is yes. 

If I see a couple that seems like that just isn’t going to mind if I make their photograph, or if I get a receptive vibe from them, I ask them if it’s okay to take their picture.  If they say yes, great.  The shooting begins.  Usually it’s 3 to 10 frames, I’m done in 20-30 seconds, tops.

If they say no, I move on.  Ethically, I would not take and certainly would not post or publish the photos of a couple who was not receptive to it.

Some couples shield their faces or wave you off with their hands.  Clearly not receptive so I don’t even bother asking.  I respect people’s space and boundaries and most ethical photographers do as well and I don’t make photographs of them.

Now, it’s a bit different if I am photographing a man selling tomatoes.  I don’t usually ask for permission and they don’t usually care.  But again, it’s situationally dependent and if I think I am going to ruffle their feathers, I just move on.


1. What do you think about PDA’s (public displays of affection)?

I think that some PDAs are okay.  Hugs and kisses, but if it borders on the get a room stage, then, I think they should probably get a room.  Not that I really care, though.

I am too busy rushing around, doing my thing, and minding my own business to care.  Or really stop and stare anyway.  Whatever floats their boat is their thing.   Live and let live!

2. Are you into PDAs for yourself? Care about it with or for others? 

Scott and I are not PDA people.  Hand holding, a hug, maybe a peck but that’s it.  I really don’t like extra attention from random people and one way to become the center of attention is with PDAs and so I just don’t engage.

Plus, I believe there are some things, for me personally, that are just private moments and even if others don’t care, I do, so I’d rather keep some things private.

And again, don’t care what others do, but for me, nah, PDAs really aren’t my deal.  I gave that up by the time I was about 17…haha!

If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here’s my whirlwind from Friday, my travel, and Mexico City:

Have a great week and I’ll be back.  From the airport tomorrow, I’m sure.


  1. Averie,
    Pics are looking amazing. Absolutely beautiful. :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures my friend. Safe travels tomorrow. Jason and I aren’t really PDA people either. Sometimes i get a little annoyed by full on making out in public. but at the same time…maybe a bit jealous.

  3. it’s just so awesome that you had such an amazing whirlwind weekend, averie. and the photos of the couples are real keepers. thanks for sharing about asking for permission etc. you are really going to have a vast portfolio of this weekend.
    i don’t care about PDAs. if i don’t like what i see, i stop looking! in my ‘hood, there’s not often a lot of x-rated stuff going on, anyway. myself: like you say, i was more into it in my teens! i think i liked to show off that i had a boyfriend…but i was never that wild, at any time!
    safe travels!

  4. “I know a hottie when I see one” – bahaha, love this! ME TOO. And what a cutie patootie he is!

    I am honestly LOVING the couple pictures, including (and even especially) the ones where they’re kissing. I’m not usually a huge PDA fan, but for some reason I adore these photos. Rather than screaming “sex”, LOVE just emanates from them. So beautiful! :-)

  5. Love the raw emotion in these pictures, these couples look so in love. Mexico City is a truly amazing place that most people are afraid of!

  6. I’m with you–i’m all for public AFFECTION, but not for public get-a-freaking-bedroom. Um, GET A ROOM!! ;)

    gorgeous, loving photos!!

  7. All your photos are wonderful! I love the older couple, #7! They’re adorable.
    I agree with you on keeping PDA to a minimum, it’s just something I’d rather not publicly engage in!

  8. I was cracking up at your waiter comment. Great shot, too!! He looks like he knows he’s got looks ;)

    Great shots, as always :)

    And PDA…same as you. I don’t mind a little…but if they’re making me think “oh, get a room,” then I think they should probably cease & desist, or just get a room already.

  9. omg those pictures are great! On a recent trip to Dominican Republic, there were many Mexicans and Central Americans there with us, and I found that the level of PDA they had was much higher than the typical American couple. It made me feel not as self aware while being PDA with Shane! haha

  10. I love these photos!!! I have no problem with PDA liek what you have posted here, but it can be really uncomforatable if there are only a few other people around or its at a party, or something like that. I’ve been in those situations, and they SUCK.

    I’m not much of a PDA girl myself. Never have been.

  11. I’m all for showing my love in pblic. I’m such a giddy person with Josh actually that I just feel the urge to kiss him bunches nd can’t stop sometimes. We call them our lovey moments haha (yay for having those after 3 years still!).
    When it comes to people sitting on boy-friends laps okay cute. When it comes to girls straddling their boy-friends facing them and all out making out? Not cute. I believe looking like you’re about to do the deed in public crosses the line for me lol.

  12. Looks like a beautiful weekend! The photos are great! I don’t mind others showing PDA to some extent. I have kids with me most of the time, so there is a limit to how much I would like them to see. All of these seem to show love and I think it’s good for my kids to see that. We don’t show much as far as PDA goes, but Tony and I are very private people.

  13. Hi! I’m not sure how I found your blog but I am hooked as I am a Mexico lover and want to go back and read all your posts on your travels! I just recently went to Guanajuato where I lived when I was 18 (I’m now 32) I brought my 19 month old and my husband. It was amazing. When I lived there we took our Spring Breaks to Mexico City and I had the best time…anyway, I doubt you care about all of that! It just brought back a lot of memories seeing that you are there :) Looking forward to reading your posts. Travel Safe!!! May I as why you are there? (I’ll probably find out once I go back and read your blog!)

  14. Those photos are all so beautiful Ave!! You really did capture some tender and sweet moments. I really like the older couple! I think along the same lines as you do when it come to pda, some is alright, but a full on mack sesh is not high on my list of things I love to watch, if you know what I mean. I will kiss my man in public, and that is mostly because I am proud to be with him. I love holding hands, and having his arm around me. But that is just me!

  15. great post and beautiful photos, Averie!

    pda… I am definitely not into full on make out. I am a touchy person, though, and hug most people. :) I am always hugging Jason or holding his hand, I don’t THINK we ever offend. ;)

    safe travels home, and sending LOTS of energy your way for the next week! :D

  16. Jason and I are a PDA couple — his grandparents call us (lovingly!) the velcro couple and they have since we started dating. Now it is just a running joke. But we’re very aware of when it is a good time and when it isn’t a good time. Make out at the Twins game? Not a good idea. Stop and kiss a few times at the mall? Who cares. And I’m a total hand holder too.

  17. I was wondering about how you were handling & respecting the people (lovers) you guys are photographing. I did not know the protocol on that. Very helpful info, thanks. LOVE these shots. I see your improvement with every post. Really. Have FUN!!

  18. Safe travels!

    Awesome pics, especially that amazing character shot of your cute waiter.

    Thanks for covering the ‘asking permission’ thing: I hadn’t asked before, but I was wondering, and what you say really makes sense.

    I’m not into big PDAs but hand-holding and hugging/pecking are fine by me.

  19. PDAs for adult may look romantic, but not much for teens. lol I must say, latinos and latinas have a certain appeal that most of us can’t resist. ;)

  20. A total whirlwind for you, no dull moments this week! The peanuts look great. Hehe on the waiter, not shabby at all. :-) Great romance shots, lots of passion.

    1. Not much, as long as it’s not a porno, I really don’t care.
    2. Sure, hubby and I still partake occasionally, gotta keep things spicy. :-)

  21. i feel the same about pda as you…i mean, do whatever you want, but no need for some crazy kissy face kinda thing…but hey, it’s their lives. who am i to them to judge?

    and i do like holding hands, a little peck here and there…but that’s it. my boyfriend isn’t so much of a pda…but i love holding hands. :)

    beautiful pics!!!

  22. I am so impressed with these people! This whole post, full of love – you got some great pics! – and they seem so genuine and happily in love! Even after being askedif you could take their picture! Could you get those pics in North America you think? You certainly couldn’t where I live, people would be really self-conscious. Then again, this is the cold North :-). You really got me thinking what kind of society I live in…my boyfriend was recently recommended that we go to some eastern European capital for hols. Great place, he was told – by a local who was visiting where we live. Then the guy told him that the reason he loves our city is that everybody is so smiling and open, where he lives, everybody walks around looking closed and glum. Wait. Wait, wait, wait – the city where you want us to go on hols is MORE glum than the cold, closed, mind-your-own-business, keep-your-head-down capital where I already live? WHUT? Hahaha…

    OK – again: I LOVE the pics. That trip must have been worth it, no? Hope you aren’t hit by the whirlwind when you get back ;-)

  23. Averie! I love these photos!!! I’m feeling miserable this morning but these lifted my spirits so much :) Thank you xxx

  24. You are capturing the heart of Mexico in these photos :-) Your photos of people are brilliant.

    I am okay with PDAs if they are not over the top (nothing beyond a little kissing).

  25. Based on these photos I would say this trip was a huge success!

  26. Beautiful pictures! And holy bajesus, that waiter is giving you the look! I’m down with “light” PDA. Colin and I are handholders and quick kissers in public, but much more than that from other people and I’m rolling my eyes.

  27. I agree completely about PDAs…I think the “A” part is key. The term Affection is G-rated (in my mental dictionary), so if it starts to not be G rated…it is too much. Seeing people holding hands or being mildly affectionate is a nice reminder that the world is not all about war, and angry drivers, and seriousness…people are still in love too, and showing affection is like putting that kind of feeling out in the universe to help counterbalance some of the negative stuff!

  28. Love all of the pics you have used in this post!!

  29. Pictures looks great! Love the first one…the colors are so bright! Love my husband to death — anytime he wants to plant a fun, hot, sexy kiss on me is OK with me!! :-) Safe Travels!!

  30. “Hand holding, a hug, maybe a peck but that’s it. I really don’t like extra attention from random people and one way to become the center of attention is with PDAs and so I just don’t engage.”

    You got it right there; when it’s excessive, it seems like a bid to be the center of attention rather than a genuine display of affection.

    Can’t believe your trip is over already; that was fast! Good thing you’ve got all those photos to prove to yourself it wasn’t just a dream.

    Have you ever had Trader Joe’s lime and chili spiced peanuts or cashews? They’re fantastico.

  31. Those spiced peanuts look delicious! And I love all of the lovey photos. I think there is a time and a place for everything. Showing a little love in public is fine…but going all out? Simmer down ;). Have a safe trip back

  32. Those are beautiful photos I love romance!

  33. great couples photos! :) i love them.

    i don’t mind too much pda from other couples. i don’t really pay attention either. brad and i usually hold hands a lot when we’re out in public and give occasional kisses, but not too much!

  34. Awww, SO sweet! Love this post. :) Completely agree on the PDA though… there’s a certain point where it’s like “I don’t want to see that.” A hug, cuddle, hand-hold, or peck I can totally accept. And I practice what I preach. ;)

  35. Ahhh, I am LOVING your Mexico posts!!! The photography, the food– amazing!!! I know this trip came at a stressful time for you, but I’m glad that you took it– looks like it’s been an amazing experience!

  36. I was all about the PDA back in high school when I had to sneak off with my boyfriend to the mall or a park to make out feverously. Now that I’m older and live with my bf, things are more toned down in public. I always laugh to myself when I see teenagers in an embrace. By the way, I adore the picture of the older couple holding hands. It’s so nice to see love like that!

  37. I’ve never been a PDA kind of person. Just not my style. I think my husband would like it if I did show him more affection in public though.

  38. averie ~ you are quite the photographer! i LOVE these photos! these couples look to be deeply in love!! enjoy your time in mexico ~ it looks like you are! happy monday averie.
    xx ~ kristina

  39. Aw! I love the last picture. I love (tasteful) PDA. Love is important, the more you show, the more people get infected by it, at least that’s the way I approach it. Kevin and I always hold hands, peck each other on the cheek, things like that.
    (and yes, I’d say that waiter is mighty delicious…)

  40. WOW! I have been reading your blog for a while and always enjoy your posts. The chocolate chip cookie dough balls are my daughter’s favorite and most requested snack. But, I have to say, the pictures in this post are incredible. You were able to capture so much emotion and tenderness in these images and they felt so real and natural. You definitely have a talent for photography!

    As for PDA, I like subtle, natural PDA (i.e. hand holding, a quick, stolen kiss or a light, gentle touch on the arm or leg). However, I’m not really into watching people make-out and grope each other. I want to see the subtle, gentle intimacy between two people, not what they do when they are alone in their bedroom.

    By the way, I just started my own blog and read your Blog 101 series shortly after. It has been very helpful. Thanks!

  41. I love this post! And I love your waiter…what a Hot Tamale he is! I’m a married woman myself, but I’m not dead!

    I’m such a huggy, touchy, lovey person. I’m totally comfortable with the level of PDA you captured in your shots. Wish my hubby was here right now so I could snuggle up on him! :)

  42. Not really into PDA myself, but I actually found myself more open to it when I was in France… it’s a cultural thing! I do love people-watching though… it’s sartorial love!

  43. That first pictures is phenomenal!!
    And the second of the waiter..even better :)
    Glad your enjoying yourself!

  44. My husband and I are definitely a PDA couple. I personally love it when I see couples out holding hands/kissing/etc. I think it’s sweet. Of course everything has it’s limits, so if I saw a couple like…I don’t know, grinding against each other or something then I’d definitely think that was overboard. But for the most part I think PDA is perfectly fine. I’ve heard people say that even a quick peck is overboard and should be done behind closed doors. I just don’t get that!

  45. Wow, you did such a great job capturing those couples! I can feel the love and the sweetness of it all. Ooh mushy, mushy, goo-goo ;) Love it!

    I don’t mind kissing, hand holding, but it’s the groping that freaks me out. Hands inside articles of clothing confuses me too. I want to walk up and thank them for the free show with a creepy grin on my face. But then I don’t want to do that, you never know, it might encourage them!

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  47. Love the theme! And yes, he is a hottie alright!! ;)
    I actually hate when other people are total PDA´s and mostly those are people who are no longer individuals, but a couple… I mean, hugging is ok, but some couples kiss like they want to win a competition in who is glued to another persons lips the longest! Awful.
    I keep it low myself, a short kiss and hand-holding is fine, but the rest is private.

  48. Great pics Averie! I wish you were here in NY to take some pics of me and my fiance! haha! I’m trying to get some shots done this weekend to use for our wedding invitations :) Hopefully it’ll work out.

    Oh and those spiced peanuts look amazing, not to mention the hottie who served them! Sex-ayyyyy!!!

  49. These photos are beautiful – you capture such amazing emotion and life – thank you for sharing!

  50. Such beautiful pictures and beautiful people! I don’t mind at all seeing people hold hands or kiss which a quick smooch or on the cheek. But no more than that! No making out!haha. As for myself, I’m one that only holds hands and gives a quick kiss on the check or lips if in public. I love seeing people in love. I never saw my parents show affection toward one another and I think it’s sad. I know as a kid I wished they would have! Weird huh? But I think it shows that “yes I love your daddy.” So, anyways, hugs and kisses and everything else should be left for the bedroom in privacy. :)

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