Moved In Photos & Celebrating

The movers got here bright and early and started loading our truck

All the carloads of things I brought over to the new place really helped

I was able to get things organized in advance


And not have that super chaotic and flustered feeling of not knowing where my stuff is.  And yes, from my last post, I admit, I hate it when people touch my stuffBut so do many of you, too, it sounds like!

After the truck was loaded…

…we drove all of one mile to the new place, and the movers started unloading.

I started directing them, they assembled the beds and furniture that they needed to be reassembled.   Here’s Skylar’s room:

Just having all her toys and books put away is huge.  Sigh of relief.

My master and master closet is all set. <—that was a project getting that organized.  Whew.

Except for the Cable/Internet situation.  That’s not all set.  Cables are too short even with a splitter.

And Cox didn’t do what they said there were going to which is make sure the internet is up and running, so I will be held hostage tomorrow all afternoon waiting for them.  Joy.Oh.Joy.  Currently blogging using Scott’s Verizon card.

And I need to buy brackets and mount them yet tonight for my curtains.

Always something.

Things are shaping up pretty well around the new pad and I love my new living room!

Living room looking into dining area

Dining area looking back at sofa

All this wood just screams yoga!

It’s been so much work, as moving always is, and I want to stay here for a long time to come.  No force outs.

And I hope soon I can have some more time in the kitchen to make some desserts!

Maybe a pan of White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

Just the frosting alone on these makes me want to get busy in the kitch!


After a long day, a long week, a big project, or big event that is done and over with, what do you do to celebrate?

I’m going to celebrate by going to work.  Kidding.  But actually I do have to work tomorrow.  Between my weekend in Mexico City and getting ready for this move, I have taken a few days off and I need to work.

Maybe I’ll celebrate with something from here

Or celebrating with something easy to make like Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Just kidding, I’ll be celebrating at ACE Hardware by buying curtain rod brackets, mounting brackets and curtains, then mounting a shower curtain, and a trip to the grocery store to stock the fridge with something other than wine.   Fun.

P.S. Thanks for the continued entries for the $25 Giveaway

53 comments on “Moved In Photos & Celebrating”

  1. It looks great, Averie!! :)

  2. I think your move merits a glass of vino… or some baileys and dessert =) haha! Congrats on beginning to get all settled in! <3 the wood floors are def gorgeous and yoga-riffic!

    me next me next! (haha i move in 7 weeks! ee!)

    ooh! and so far Im butt crazy in love with nikon's D90… i'm so so so glad I got it!

  3. you are such a trooper and have the best attitude! Hang in there, girl! :-)

  4. you should def have some of those bubbles in your fridge to celebrate! :)

    your living room does scream YOGA!!

  5. Wow! looks like you have everything almost organized!! That’s great :)

    Congrats on your new place! I love it :)

  6. I grab a jar of PEANUT BUTTER and watch tv to ‘decompress.’

    Not joking :D

  7. The new place looks very ZEN, averie! Love the dark wood and clean zones/minimal look. Sorry about the internet situation…always something that doesn’t go quite as planned!
    I treat myself with new clothes or nail polish or a movie out…small treats are just fine!

  8. You’re almost done with the craziness! (Sorta.) Go you!

  9. Glad to see you’re all moved in and getting settled. I love to celebrate with a glass of wine–when I’m not pregnant, of course. ;-)

  10. Your new place looks GREAT! I say groceries can wait until the wine is gone ;-)

  11. Looks so great. The hardest part is done now.

  12. everything looks great, you are so quick to get things organized! i’m envious. we are moving into a home soon with hardwood floors and the first thing i thought when i saw them was “yoga!” too funny.

  13. Yay! You move so impressively cleanly, LOL. We are a MESS for weeks, if not months after a move. You are so organized from the get-go. Totally awesome. And I notice that you keep things sharp and minimal, hence why I’m trying to get rid of lots of things before we move. No more clutter! Can’t stand it.

    I like to celebrate by relaxing. After big accomplishments or huge successes, nothing feels better than sitting back and relishing in the job well done. :D

  14. Congrats!! Enjoy whatever little bit of relaxation time you get!!! I just love the sunshine and wood, so gorgeous. Glad it went well!

    I like to relax with a warm bowl of oats. I had one last night even though it was 80 degrees and humid!!

  15. PS. Love the hardwood floors and Skylar’s uber organized bedroom. Those are something to rejoice about. And the roomy, well-lit dining area!!

  16. Hardwood is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Love it Averie.

  17. Really, really love all that light you have in your living room/ dining area! That’s going to be so sweet for your photo shoots.

    It’s so nice you could take car loads over. Makes the move (life?) so much easier.

  18. Wow your home is so beautiful!!! I am lovin’ your furniture! AND your fridge :P Glad to see everything is going so well! xo :)

  19. The bottom shelf of my fridge looks very similar :)
    My celebration is usually dessert instead of alcohol recently, but it depends on how “hard” of a day it was ;)

  20. Hi Averie! I just saw on twitter you were moving. Wow! Your new place is beautiful! Very cool!

    Hubby and I just finished a big project shooting a short film for a local company and you know what we did to celebrate? SLEEP! He he! It was time well spent!

    Congrats on your new place’!!!

  21. I love your living room/dining room — simple and clean, yet homey and comfortable.

    I’m glad it all went well and I hope the internet issues get resolved!

  22. OMG Averie the new place is GORGEOUS! Congratulations on what seems to be a pretty darn organized move!

    I usually celebrate big crazy stressful things by staying in… I’m a homebody at heart! :)

  23. On the plus side…the new place should be spotlessly clean so you can slack off on housework for a couple of weeks at least!

    I really like that woven living room rug. I need a close-up of that lamp in the corner; I can’t quite figure it out. It looks like strands of hanging fabric or feathers?

  24. I’m having flashbacks…ahhh….only I was those guys on the ramp moving things. Next time, I am paying someone.

    I love your style. The simple, modern, elegant look. If I had more money and time, I’d be way more into decorating and buying new stuff. Someday when things settle down, I’m going to be moving again and then I can really grow up and buy real furniture. I’m sitting on my parents’ old couch now. Am I really 32? Hehehe.

    The floors are GORGEOUS.

  25. Honestly I love moving. Out with the old in with the new. I have to ask, would it be possible for Scott to buy brackets and hang your curtains? From these posts it sounds like you found the place, you packed everything, you directed the movers and you are now unpacking things. You have to go the hardware store and grocery store. It sounds like you to hire help.

  26. After a hard or stressful day or week, I really like to unwind with a nice glass (or two) of wine :) The place looks nice, you’ll be settled in no time.

  27. It looks beautiful! So simple and clean. I like my environment to be clutter-free too… I’m all about keeping the energy as stress-free as possible, and I really think it starts with good feng shui!

  28. You are such a rockstar mover. I’m looking at a move in November and I may have to fly you out to help me…

  29. I try to reward myself with something other than food…it never ends well!

    I usually do something like a manicure, a bubble bath…something relaxing…

    Brooke Annessa

  30. Oh man your pantry of sweets got my mouth drooling immediately !

  31. Oooo girl I always reward myself with some treats!!! A little glass of wine never hurt anyone either! LOL

    You are one busy lady ;)


  32. Your place looks great Averie!!! You have so much space.

    I reward myself with a glass of wine, or I plan a party, which I find rewarding :-)

  33. The new place looks great, love the dark wood floors!

  34. LOVE those floors! Congratulations, it’s already looking like home.

  35. I really like the simplicity of your home. It is so neat and you have spare belongings, which is not at all a negative in my mind…you have the essentials and things are neat and orderly and so clean: NO CLUTTER. I know you just moved so things may be tidier than normal, but just the organization of Skylar’s things and your counter tops and everything…I love it. It is how I like our home to be, neat and uncluttered. In fact, we have a motto that if we don’t use it, we don’t need it, so out it goes…not to storage, but to someone who will use it.

    As for unwinding after a long day, I love to have a book, my frozen coconut water and a fluffy blanket while cozying up in my jammies! Having all my guys around doing their thing just hanging in the same general area makes it cozy, too! :-)

  36. Congrats on the move girl! Your place looks so crisp and clean and fresh. And ORGANIZED!! I suppose that is one good thing about moving, you get all your stuff put in its place! I hope that you do get some treat and celebration type things for yourself. You have been through a whirl wind. Unwinding is for sure needed! I wish you all the best in your new home, and here’s to you being there for as long as you want to be!

  37. OMG- I HATE it when people touch my stuff too! I can’t even handle it when things get moved around in the pantry. ha! Way to hang in there (and your place looks fabulous). Hopefully you celebrated a little. I would like one of your Vegan peanut butter cups right now please. :)

  38. Love your new pad and furniture’s. And that hardwood floor!!! Envious!!! I hate it that Florida homes generally has carpet instead of wood.

  39. Haha – sometimes the best celebration is GETTING STUFF DONE. That said, I like to sit down with a glass of cold white wine…:-)

  40. I´m happy for you everything went well! You have moved, awesome :) I hope you will be very happy in your new place.

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  42. It really is coming together! A lot of work, but it will feel soo good when it’s all done :)

  43. Awesome progress on the move, looks like you have everything under control. Love the dining area and sofa set up, great colors and flooring.

    After a long week, I like to relax and maybe celebrate by not cooking and going out for a nice, laid back meal.

  44. I absolutely LOVE how minimal your home looks. I am in real estate and see so many homes that are chock full of items. How do you keep everything so organized? Impressive!

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  46. LOVE the look of your apartment- so lovely and neat… must go now to declutter a bit I think ;-)
    The capiz lamp is sooo nice!!! I saw one a while back (ceilig lamp) that I really really wanted for my bedroom, but didn’t buy there and then because there were other things I had to do in the room first (renovating an old cottage…) and now I can’t find something similar anywhere anymore… this reminds me to start another search for it though.

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