I alluded in a recent post to things that you wouldn’t believe and that you just couldn’t even make up, and that life has thrown me some curveballs recently.

Well, here’s the situation…

We moved into our current place in early June 2010.  Here was my first post from San Diego on June 1o, 2010.  I was so excited to be back in San Diego after 9 horrible months in Phoenix.

Our current lease was up June 1, 2011.

We got a phone all and then a letter from our landlord last week saying that he has to sell our townhouse and that we have 30 days to be out.


I am sure the legalities of this are questionable and I am sure that we technically have “rights” but in reality I don’t have time, money, or energy to tangle and fight and get involved in any legal situations when in reality what’s probably happening is that our landlord is probably not making his mortgage payments.

And in reality I wouldn’t be surprised if any day there’s a notice of trustee’s sale given and taped on our front door and 72 hours later our house in reality  is auctioned off at city hall.

I’d rather not be living here waiting around for that and debating the fine points of the law and what our “rights are”.  I’d rather just be gone.

So moving it is.

The major issues with moving have been:

The lack of suitable 3 bedroom properties in the area of San Diego I want to live in.  As in, almost none.  I stalked Craigslist like it was my job for a four day period and just missed three different properties.   I was in tears most of last week.

Thank God, at 4pm Friday going into the 4th of July long holiday weekend, I found a place.  It wasn’t even supposed to be “mine”; but someone else failed to come back and give their security deposit so it became mine.  Thank.God. 

However, coming up with the 1st months rent on the new place + 1 months rent as security deposit + paying rent on the current place + the security deposit on the current place that is still tied up = very large sums of money needed.   That wasn’t planned for.  At.All. 

Thank God I have a savings plan and am debt free.  <–That was one of the best new year’s intentions/resolutions/goals, ever.  It just saved us, big time.   I mean who can come up with all that cash out of no where if you don’t have some savings?!  Seriously stressful!

So, from the time I found out we had to move to finding a place it was 6 days.

And we are moving into a new place one week from today, Wednesday. 

The entire 4th of July weekend where I alluded to how hard I was working I was actually donating, decluttering, trashing, and packing.

My “Holiday” Weekend.  Some holiday, eh?

Scott took Skylar to lots of parks and the zoo and got lost with her, and I stayed home and for 3 days, lived, breathed, and packed.

This was our garage: Empty boxes that I had accumulated the past year (they came in handy!) and random crap that needed to be donated.

Everything from computer boxes to stroller boxes was all just waiting for me to deal with.

And here was one car load of donations.

We made five stuffed carloads full of donations to the thrift store.

No time for the luxury of selling things on Craiglist or time for a yard sale, and not enough storage space in the new place to bring it all with (nor do I want to,) so I donated so much.

5 huge car loads of stuff.  Ba-bye.

But I single-handedly have done 98% of all the packing for all our other moves, too, so I am a pro.  I wish I wasn’t a moving pro.  I’d rather be a pro at anything else but moving!

I’d rather just do it and know it’s been done right.  And that way on the other side, I can unpack easily because I know how it was all packed and what was put where.

I hate the way that moving makes me feel so out of sorts, so disorganized, clutter everywhere, nothing is in it’s place.

The process of moving is 1oo% the antithesis of the way I am wired and in which I operate the best and in which I thrive: calm, order, neat, clean, everything in its place.

When you’re moving, nothing is neat, clean, orderly.  It’s just a hurricane!

And the work.  The sheer physical work of moving.  From finding boxes to making them up to packing them, sorting and donating what I don’t want, up and down stairs 50 times a day, lifting things, awkward angles and crawling in cabinets and digging out forgotten-about kitchen appliances to standing on step ladders trying to get things down off high shelves and get it ready to be moved.  It’s all so much work!

I have moved so.many.times.  I did not want to move!  I love our current place and would have stayed here indefinitely.

But, I really love the place we’re moving into!

It’s 1.1 miles from our current place, so not far at all.  The vibe of the city is a bit different there, as can happen in urban areas, where mere blocks can change the essence and aura and vibe, but it was the only thing available and so I had to jump on it.  And I do really like it but there are a few things like not having our own private garage and being in an elevator building with a child that I don’t love but hey, the granite countertops and hardwood floors and 2009 construction should make up for that.

The other major issue with moving is the timing.  There is never a good time to move.  But truly, this move could not have come at a worse time.

Just putting the rest of my life on hold (missing work, missing 4th of July holiday events, etc.) while I scramble and pack is one thing, but there’s part two to this story of why the timing is atrocious….

…To Be Continued.


1. Do you like where you live?

I love it as I’ve posted about.

Even with the cost of living, San Diego is 100% my forever home.

And my home in Aruba, too, will be my other forever place and home.  Yes, I own in Aruba, rent in San Diego.  Go figure.

2. Have you moved much in your life?

I have moved tons and I don’t want to move again!

Previous moves:

Childhood moves within the Minneapolis area

Went to college in Minneapolis and St. Paul area and must have had at least 10 different dorms and apartments

Moved to Chicago after college and lived in at least 6 different places in the city and burbs

Moved to NC

Moved to SC

Moved to San Diego and lived in 4 places

Moved to Phoenix

Moved back to San Diego 9 months after being in Phoenix (wasn’t my cup of tea) and am in current place, about to move into the next one.  So six different addresses in San Diego.

I am sick of moving!  I want to put down roots.  The market is too volatile here in San Diego to even think about buying, but the downside of renting is being at the mercy of landlords.  They all tell you when you sign your lease that they have no intentions of selling.  Til they tell you a year later, hey by the way,   am selling and you need to move.

So, that’s why life has been crazy for me!

I didn’t want to blog about it until I even found a place and had a signed lease and keys in my possession.  That happened Tuesday morning.

Moving truck comes in 1 week.

But in the meantime, I actually took over two, huge, stuffed carloads of stuff to the new place and spent 8 hours schlepping, sweating, and unpacking.  The unpacking felt great!

I’m off to pack some more.

And There’s Part 2 to this too…


  1. oh my unnecessary stress! Ugh! Glad you were able to get all packed up but what a pain in the tush! I have moved a bajillion times (at least it feels like it). I’m on my 8th state and I lived in multiple locations in a few of the states. BUT- I love SC. I refuse to leave :)

  2. Oh goodness, all that stress! I’m so glad that everything worked out! We own our house in Atlanta now, so for the time being we don’t have to worry about moving.

    I’ve only moved a few times in my life – grew up in Southwest VA (lived there for 18 years), moved to Atlanta for college and bounced around different dorms and apartments during college and for another couple years before we got married and bought our house.

    As much as I love Atlanta, especially the food scene here, I’ve been feeling restless lately and have been dreaming about moving to the Gulf Coast area, maybe the Keys :)

  3. I’m sorry that you have to move again, Averie. I really hope everything goes well; I’m sure it will with all the work you’ve done. I know what you mean by feeling unsettled from moving…it’s never a very stable time. Sending you good thoughts! :)

  4. Wow, that’s a stressful situation! At least you are able to move stuff into the new place slowly and it’s not like you have to wait until moving day. That would make me feel much better. It’s always nice to have some order established when you move in rather than complete chaos.
    We’ve moved around a decent amount but definitely not as much as you guys! I don’t envy that, it’s just not a fun process no matter how you look at it!

  5. oh no! I am so sorry you are going through this! My hubby and I have moved 6 times in the past 2 and 1/2 years! I hate moving, to say the least! its stressful, especially when it has to be done in such a quick amount of time! If you need anything, let me know :)

  6. Oh Gosh. I don’t say I “love” where I live, but I love who I live with, so…..I live in the midwest where property is something you can buy and we own our home. I would easily adapt to the luxuries of California, minus the UV rays, but it would be difficult for me to adapt to the cost of living.
    And having space, not for “stuff” perse, but for all the animals!

    Good Luck!! And at least the UV rays will keep you happy throughout the process!

  7. Moving is such a pain, but you’re so organized I’m sure you’ve got it under control. WHat a stressful time! Yet you’re still somehow managing to blog twice a day. Impressive! I’ve moved sooo many times just by virtue of being a student and changing apartments year to year and summer to summer. As you read in my last post, I’m itching to get out of here again! (but not because I like the process of moving…)

  8. My heart goes out to you. I only have a minute to comment right now, but I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way!
    Best wishes to all of you in your new home!


  9. moving is a pain :/ good luck with everything

  10. What a pain! I know you’ve already have the wheels in motion (way to go on that by the way!) but i just wanted to give you a little heads up.

    My parents recently lost their home in Sacramento and they did have renters living in it (the renters were family friends and knew the situation fully when they moved in, so this wasn’t a shock for them.) at the time. There are certainly renters rights in this situation. In fact, once the house was taken back by the bank, the bank actually paid the renters $3,000.00 to move within 30 days. They could have turned it down and used up a few months to move, but hey, free money.

    Maybe look into that before you officially move everything out. There could be some perks that your family may get from in due to your renter rights. :)

    • thanks for the heads up…yes, we dont know IF it will be foreclosed upon or short sold or what, but if that’s the case, we didnt want to be lingering here and we were given the notice to be out but yeah, something to ponder…thanks :)

  11. Yikes, so sorry about the moving situation! Not a fun holiday weekend at all! :-( Moving can be an insane excuse to declutter, I got rid of half our stuff when we left Florida.

    1. Yes, nice mix of nature or nature and urban life. And I’ve gotten used to the extreme heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Most important is that I’m close to my family.
    2. Sure, especially in the last 5 years while leaving Florida and living in a cramped situation while waiting for the FL house to sell and new CA house to be ready, then moving into that house. :-)

  12. I am in the exact same situation. Found out Thursday that I have to move, found a place on Friday, and will be moving this Friday. So everything is happening within a week! I definitely understand the stress and all the logistics that come with a quick, last-minute move. Good luck!

  13. Oh man moving can definitely be stressful but you seem to be handling quite well. Thank goodness you found a place so soon!! Maybe that was the place you were really meant to be :)

  14. Yep, I guessed it! I know the feeling…the same thing has happened to us twice in a 10 year period. What really pisses me off is that you know darn well the owner knew about it in advance, but didn’t have the decency to give any advance warning.

    Gee, I don’t suppose you’re moving into The Casiola on 2nd St? (That’s where my sister lives!)

  15. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Moving totally sucks. We recently moved 5 hours away…and while it doesn’t sound like much, it really was! It killed me having to find a new place in a city I didn’t know…and trying to get everything moved and worse, the old place cleaned up and taken care of.

    I hope everything straightens itself out and you get settled in a new gorgeous place soon!

  16. Good thing you found a place, what a freakin hassle, and a lame way to spend the holiday weekend. Hope you get to start fresh & enjoy the new place! :) We’re trying to find a house to rent here in SD ourselves, but can’t find one in our areas with 2 bathrooms, argh!

  17. So sorry you have to move so quickly. Moving definitely sucks, as does finding a new place to live!! It’s very time consuming and stressful, hang in there!

  18. OMG, I feel your pain!! We have moved 7 times in the past 10 years!! It is the most stressful, tedious job on earth–AND expensive!

    “However, coming up with the 1st months rent on the new place + 1 months rent as security deposit + paying rent on the current place + the security deposit on the current place that is still tied up = very large sums of money needed. That wasn’t planned for. At.All. ” <– You are not kidding!! Each time we moved, it cost around $10k between new rent, old rent, moving fees, gas, etc. No more! The next time we move we are buying and staying. It's SUCH a waste of money! Between moving fees and rent we've paid $120k in the past 6 years! And own none of it. This is the rent trap. Have to get out of it ASAP.

    I'm so glad that you guys found a place and it's nearby. Our next move will be 40 miles away at the closest because I can't stand where we live. It's beautiful, but it's so remote. Shopping should NOT take all day! Time is too valuable to spend it in a car driving hours just to shop at decent stores.

    Oh, and the energy it takes to move? It's a full-time job AND workout combined!

    Nope, never a good time to move, but it does seem to happen at the height of stressful periods. It will balance out though; you're due for a period of everything falling into place and lots of good fortunate as soon as you get through this patch. :D

    • Unless one has actually been on the financial side of the move like we have, i.e. not one of your first few moves out of college, and you have done this before, and so finances are already tied up and being held up, you dont realize just HOW expensive it does become.

      And the security deposits that you supposed to get back….you never really do. It’s just basically like paying for a 13 month year rather than a 12 month year. Ugh!!

      I hope you guys do find something and are able to buy!

  19. I absolutely hate where I live and my husband and I can’t wait until we can find a house. We are sooo done living in apartments and renting in general.

    I actually haven’t moved that much I have lived in the same city for my entire life, minus about four years where my family moved…to the next city over. I didn’t even have to change schools it was that close. But within my town I have moved six times. And each time was a giant pain! I hate the process of moving out, of all of my things in disarray. But I actually love the process of moving in to a freshly cleaned new place. I can rearrange my stuff and find the best possible arrangement. It’s like Tetris! I hate living out of boxes, but I feel a great sense of accomplishment once I start unpacking and putting things away.

    I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. I can’t even imagine having my life turned upside down like that, but I’m really glad you were able to find a new place!

  20. Eek. I had no idea you were packing all weekend. And I’d say Scott hsould be helping, but I know how you are like me, and you would just rather do it yourself so you know it is done right and know where things are and everything. I’m the same. We’re the same.

    And I just moved across the country and I hated HATED every second of it. At least you don’t have a 2-3 week period of time where your stuff is in transit and you are homeless. Bright side? Kind of?

    • Well, someone has to watch a 4 year old. And someone has to pack. You can’t just hunker down for 6 hours and each go your separate ways and bust a$$. That lasts about 15 mins before chaos breaks out and a kiddo needs attention. So yeah, beyond stressful. I knew you didnt have email anyway so I was like…why bother even complaining to her, she’s not even around :)

  21. Whoa on the whirlwind!

    And hey, unpacking feels great, doesn’t it? I’m so with you on not loving moving, but I would say that it’s a great thing to be a ‘pro’ at, ’cause then you get it done right, the way you want it, and can get unpacked fast. Sorry it came at such a bad time–but on the bright side, you didn’t have long to accumulate stuff, so the decluttering was faster than it would have been had you been there longer. Congrats on making and keeping that resolution too: seriously heads-up.

    I hope that when you come out the other side, you’re able to see the blessing of it and just feel grateful for your amazing abilities at moving and shaking, and at the fact that something always comes up.

    I like where I live, but I don’t love it. Alaska is not my place: even though it is small-population, rural, gorgeous, which are my things, it’s way too cold!

  22. oh gosh, so sorry you have to move again. I just got done moving again, twice now since been living here, so hopefully staying put for at least at year or so.

    Good luck with everything!

  23. Oh goodness!! You are one busy, strong, determined woman. I can’t even imagine moving at this point, and all the stuff I would need to transfer from one place to the next.

    But, now that you mention it, I’ll most likely be moving in the next year or two years. Not looking forward to this!

  24. Wow, moving blows. I bet that was really hectic! I helped my friend move on Sunday and it was 102 degrees. Blah. Hope you get settled in nicely!

  25. I’m moving next month. I hate moving, but at the same time I can’t wait to be living alone again! I’ve been living with my ex for almost a year just waiting out the lease… it has NOT been fun lol. It will be sooo nice to be out of that situation.

  26. Sorry about having this dropped on you without warning! That’s awful. At least you like your new place!! I hope everything goes smoothly. :)

  27. Oi vay, this sounds like a total Murphy’s law of the perfect storm of annoying moving!! When it rains, it pours, right?

    However, you seem to have gotten through the initial shock/awe of it all and are handling it like a champ.

    That being said, part two is leaving me on the edge of my seat!!

    *falls off seat*

    YOU GOTTA HELP A SISTER OUT HERE!! suspense is killing me!

  28. Wow! I am glad to hear you found a place. Moving is stressful, yet might be a good time to redecorate, create a new nest and explore a new area. Unpacking CAN be fun. I have sunk hours into reminiscing.

  29. Oh my heart goes out to you right now! I just moved about a month ago, too. Holy guacamole. It was my first time moving out of a house where we had accumulated 20 years worth of stuff. I had no idea how many cracks and crevices we could fit our junk in!!! We had one week to do it, too. Night and day: packing, selling, giving, cleaning….gosh it was a nightmare. Thank goodness we are past that now. I love where we live now, though. Moving from the freezing midwest (although I love my neighbors!) to gorgeous, sunny Florida! love it. But what I learned from the whole thing is-KEEP IT SIMPLE!

    But anyway, good luck!

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  31. Ack! I’m so sorry you have to go through this! I totally have been there!
    In college, I was kicked out of my dorm and given a few days to find a place fast! It was so burtal cause I was a penny-less colege student in a city I’ve never lived in before! Some how, I found a place that was perfect. In the end, it all works out. We are like cats and can land on our feet. Let me know if you need anything!

  32. Hang in there Averie! I hate moving, too, and yes, I’ve moved a lot in my life. Not as much as you, but still a lot. ;) I think the next time we move, I’ll hire a company that comes in & assesses all your belongings, packs everything up for you, moves it & UNPACKS it all, too! (You go over what you want where with them ahead of time). I don’t care how much it costs, it’s worth it to me! Moving stinks!

  33. Averie, what’s your favorite part of SD so far? I’m hoping to get a lease in La Jolla, but I’m not sure I can afford it. I used to live in beautiful Alpine but I’ll probably be closer to the city next time.

  34. wow, Averie, sorry you are having to move from the place you really like, but VERY happy you found another place to love! I think we are VERY alike – I hate the mess and crazy of moving, and I am usually wanting to do it all (or at least oversee the big stuff!) because on the other end I need to be the one to unpack, put everything in it’s place and organize. ;) I feel for ya, I wish I could be there to help! we’d have fun, and I’d make you take iced coffee breaks during the day, and cocktail breaks at night!

    take care!

  35. Wow that looks like one hell of a job!!! I have also moved many times but it’s always just been me on my own floating from country to country and although a couple of suitcases are a pain in the behind they do not compare to the sheer amount of life you have just had to pack and move!! I can imagine it is completely draining but it’s always kind of exciting moving to a new place right? And you’ll find things you love about the new place just as you did your current house i’m sure! :) Good luck with it all!

  36. Having just moved (and still being in the process of unpacking) I can really feel ya pain. But short notice like that? That’s just rude!

  37. I live in NYC. I pay an OUTRAGEOUS amount for rent. But in the end, I believe it is totally worth it! I love area I live in, have a cute little apartment and I get to live in NYC, so I guess I’m paying for the experience :)

  38. I was just thinking of you, checked your blog, and found this post! I AM SO SO SORRY!! This really sounds awful. You are so amazing and strong, I could NEVER Do what you are doing. You are so right about the sheer amount of effort that has to go in every time you move. On the bright side you got rid of allot of things you didn’t need! My thoughts and prayers are with you wise one.

  39. Oh my gosh I am moving too and I so feel your pain. 99% of the stuff is mine so I have to deal with it. Ugh. I hate all the packing up and everything but we are in a little less of a time crunch which helps. We are in a landlord battle which is AWFUL, have had to consult lawyers, etc. I don’t recommend it. Hope the move goes ok and soon you can get settled and feel at home.

  40. Oh Averie! I’m so sorry about this- what a nightmare! It’s amazing how much crap we accumulate so it does feel good to get rid of things. I love where we live. We haven’t moved much. But we’ve had to ‘move out’ to have floors redone or pest control….THAT entailed getting moving boxes and moving everything out and donating donating donating. So I know that feeling, though not on the speed that you’ve had to deal with . I’m soo sooo sorry! And you have me on the edge of my seat for part two- don’t tell us your pregnant too! Egads that would be tough with all this stress and moving!

    • haha. not pregnant!!! no!! I actually alluded to “news” a few posts ago and started off by saying, and no, I am not pregnant. That’s the 1st thing ppl always think!

      New post, part 2, is up now :)

      Thanks for your support, Deb!!

  41. I’m just reading about this right now Averie. Sorry about this whole thing! But thank God you have found another place so fast. This is probably a blessing in disguise. Sometimes we just have to let go even if it’s not our choice. I’m sure you are going to have a blast at your new place and enjoy it as well! You are a rockstar and you always make the best out of living. :)

    I’m tired of moving too! you know i’ve moved around so much but i think it’s time to settle down.

    I really love Cali and NY so hopefully in either states! My boyfriend is from NY and I”m from cali so it’s easier to make it happen.

    Sending you good vibes! x

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  43. Good luck with the move!!! The last few moves have not come at good times for us at all. Especially last year, when Chris was really sick in the hospital. His kidney’s were failing and I was having to search for houses to rent!! Never a dull moment, huh? Looks like you’re doing a great job though! Have fun in Mexico with all the photography stuff…awesome!

  44. Ugh I have a love-hate relationship with moving…my mom moved me around a TON when I was growing up… and I moved twice last year. I finally feel like I am home and I refuse to move again!! (Stomps foot in assurance)

    I wish you the best of luck!!

  45. OMG – I can’t believe you are moving, and so unexpectedly! That is craziness! At least it is not far, and you love the place that you are moving too.

    I love where we live … we put blood, sweat, and tears into this house to make it what it is today, and I don’t think I will want to move for a long time!

    I lived in 4 different homes growing up (before getting married), and we are in our second home since being married.

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