I alluded in a recent post to things that you wouldn’t believe and that you just couldn’t even make up, and that life has thrown me some curveballs recently.

Well, here’s the situation…

We moved into our current place in early June 2010.  Here was my first post from San Diego on June 1o, 2010.  I was so excited to be back in San Diego after 9 horrible months in Phoenix.

Our current lease was up June 1, 2011.

We got a phone all and then a letter from our landlord last week saying that he has to sell our townhouse and that we have 30 days to be out.


I am sure the legalities of this are questionable and I am sure that we technically have “rights” but in reality I don’t have time, money, or energy to tangle and fight and get involved in any legal situations when in reality what’s probably happening is that our landlord is probably not making his mortgage payments.

And in reality I wouldn’t be surprised if any day there’s a notice of trustee’s sale given and taped on our front door and 72 hours later our house in reality  is auctioned off at city hall.

I’d rather not be living here waiting around for that and debating the fine points of the law and what our “rights are”.  I’d rather just be gone.

So moving it is.

The major issues with moving have been:

The lack of suitable 3 bedroom properties in the area of San Diego I want to live in.  As in, almost none.  I stalked Craigslist like it was my job for a four day period and just missed three different properties.   I was in tears most of last week.

Thank God, at 4pm Friday going into the 4th of July long holiday weekend, I found a place.  It wasn’t even supposed to be “mine”; but someone else failed to come back and give their security deposit so it became mine.  Thank.God. 

However, coming up with the 1st months rent on the new place + 1 months rent as security deposit + paying rent on the current place + the security deposit on the current place that is still tied up = very large sums of money needed.   That wasn’t planned for.  At.All. 

Thank God I have a savings plan and am debt free.  <–That was one of the best new year’s intentions/resolutions/goals, ever.  It just saved us, big time.   I mean who can come up with all that cash out of no where if you don’t have some savings?!  Seriously stressful!

So, from the time I found out we had to move to finding a place it was 6 days.

And we are moving into a new place one week from today, Wednesday. 

The entire 4th of July weekend where I alluded to how hard I was working I was actually donating, decluttering, trashing, and packing.

My “Holiday” Weekend.  Some holiday, eh?

Scott took Skylar to lots of parks and the zoo and got lost with her, and I stayed home and for 3 days, lived, breathed, and packed.

This was our garage: Empty boxes that I had accumulated the past year (they came in handy!) and random crap that needed to be donated.

Everything from computer boxes to stroller boxes was all just waiting for me to deal with.

And here was one car load of donations.

We made five stuffed carloads full of donations to the thrift store.

No time for the luxury of selling things on Craiglist or time for a yard sale, and not enough storage space in the new place to bring it all with (nor do I want to,) so I donated so much.

5 huge car loads of stuff.  Ba-bye.

But I single-handedly have done 98% of all the packing for all our other moves, too, so I am a pro.  I wish I wasn’t a moving pro.  I’d rather be a pro at anything else but moving!

I’d rather just do it and know it’s been done right.  And that way on the other side, I can unpack easily because I know how it was all packed and what was put where.

I hate the way that moving makes me feel so out of sorts, so disorganized, clutter everywhere, nothing is in it’s place.

The process of moving is 1oo% the antithesis of the way I am wired and in which I operate the best and in which I thrive: calm, order, neat, clean, everything in its place.

When you’re moving, nothing is neat, clean, orderly.  It’s just a hurricane!

And the work.  The sheer physical work of moving.  From finding boxes to making them up to packing them, sorting and donating what I don’t want, up and down stairs 50 times a day, lifting things, awkward angles and crawling in cabinets and digging out forgotten-about kitchen appliances to standing on step ladders trying to get things down off high shelves and get it ready to be moved.  It’s all so much work!

I have moved so.many.times.  I did not want to move!  I love our current place and would have stayed here indefinitely.

But, I really love the place we’re moving into!

It’s 1.1 miles from our current place, so not far at all.  The vibe of the city is a bit different there, as can happen in urban areas, where mere blocks can change the essence and aura and vibe, but it was the only thing available and so I had to jump on it.  And I do really like it but there are a few things like not having our own private garage and being in an elevator building with a child that I don’t love but hey, the granite countertops and hardwood floors and 2009 construction should make up for that.

The other major issue with moving is the timing.  There is never a good time to move.  But truly, this move could not have come at a worse time.

Just putting the rest of my life on hold (missing work, missing 4th of July holiday events, etc.) while I scramble and pack is one thing, but there’s part two to this story of why the timing is atrocious….

…To Be Continued.


1. Do you like where you live?

I love it as I’ve posted about.

Even with the cost of living, San Diego is 100% my forever home.

And my home in Aruba, too, will be my other forever place and home.  Yes, I own in Aruba, rent in San Diego.  Go figure.

2. Have you moved much in your life?

I have moved tons and I don’t want to move again!

Previous moves:

Childhood moves within the Minneapolis area

Went to college in Minneapolis and St. Paul area and must have had at least 10 different dorms and apartments

Moved to Chicago after college and lived in at least 6 different places in the city and burbs

Moved to NC

Moved to SC

Moved to San Diego and lived in 4 places

Moved to Phoenix

Moved back to San Diego 9 months after being in Phoenix (wasn’t my cup of tea) and am in current place, about to move into the next one.  So six different addresses in San Diego.

I am sick of moving!  I want to put down roots.  The market is too volatile here in San Diego to even think about buying, but the downside of renting is being at the mercy of landlords.  They all tell you when you sign your lease that they have no intentions of selling.  Til they tell you a year later, hey by the way,   am selling and you need to move.

So, that’s why life has been crazy for me!

I didn’t want to blog about it until I even found a place and had a signed lease and keys in my possession.  That happened Tuesday morning.

Moving truck comes in 1 week.

But in the meantime, I actually took over two, huge, stuffed carloads of stuff to the new place and spent 8 hours schlepping, sweating, and unpacking.  The unpacking felt great!

I’m off to pack some more.

And There’s Part 2 to this too…

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  1. I hope you have an easy move despite the amount of packing you have to do. It is never fun to have to pack up and then unpack. Just last week I had to move out of my apartment due to finding a job 2 hours away. Unfortunatly, I have moved every couple of years. It is just a part of my life at this point.

    Have a safe move. Hopefully it is the last move for a while.

  2. I am still in the process of moving now! We only moved our office and our home is still staged. We are going to move the rest soon, but I’m not sure when. I am not looking forward to it at all. Sorry you have to go through all of this…what a pain. I hope the move goes smoothly for you!

  3. My goodness what a busy few days you’ve had–and will continue to have! Of course, your usual “can-do” attitude seems to be in full force which is impressive. GOOD LUCK!!

  4. Oh no. Moving is so much work…I need months to get myself mentally prepared. This was not a nice surprise at all. :( I didn’t move a lot as a kid (3 houses, but all in the same small city). But now I’m a military wife, and we have to relocate to a new city every 3-5 years. It’s ok, I guess, but I do get really tired of moving. We’re moving to our third city next week, on the other side of the country.

  5. I’m so sorry for all this mess. It would be a major stress in my life, so I feel your pain.
    My only hope is that your new home will be a lot better than this one.
    in any case, you’ll bring the magic of your spectacular self in it, and that is all that counts.

  6. Yes, moving sure does suck. Santa Barbara is a hard place to put down roots too. If you get the right landlord, it’s awesome. Hindsight being 20/20, my husband’s first landlord never raised the rent. Shoulda stayed in that 1 BR apartment until we had a kid and waited to buy a house until now.

    Let’s see…grew up in small town PA.
    1986: Moved when my parents divorced to an apartment.
    1986: Moved a few months later to a trailer (both with my mom).
    1988-1992: Then, of course, 4 different places during my college years, and a few different summer places too.
    1992: Then to DC in the Navy, rented a room in a basement.
    1993: Back to Pittsburgh for school.
    1993: Back to DC for the Navy, apartment with a friend. Then rent went up.
    1994: Different apartment. It had roaches. 1 month later
    1994: My own apartment finally.
    1997: Then to Cali/SB with my husband.
    1998: 15 months later, they raised the rent $330 a month. Moved to a 1BR condo.
    1999: 10 months later, the owners decided to sell the condo. Moved to student housing.
    2001: 2.5 years later, moved to a duplex (husband graduated).
    2004: Then 2.5 years later, bought the house.

    I hate moving. This is my longest stretch in one place since I was 16.

  7. OH, and my good friend got kicked out of her rental a few months ago and is couch surfing. She had a great place, cheap, good landlords. She had a garden and some chickens in the city. And the landlords decided to sell. Talk about stressful! That is hard to replace!

  8. I love our house but I don’t really like where our house is — on a somewhat busy street and in a neighborhood that has somewhat declined over the past few years. Plus, I’d like to have a house one day and not a townhome where we can hear the neighbors walk up and down the stairs. But for now, this fits us just fine.

    I’m glad you found a place that you like and that you were able to make it work (money wise) — rent + deposit + moving expenses, etc is pricey. Good for you for getting that debt out of the way so you were able to handle this situation!!!

  9. Wow, Averie, I know you’re probably under stress. I seriously could’ve written this post myself word for word because I think I’m just like you:

    -moved a LOT!, a pro at moving (quickly), love order and neatness and (having roots), and get rid of TONS of stuff with each move.

    I’ve totally been where you are…many times! Good luck getting it all organized and ready–I know you will! One step at a time, don’t get stressed out with the big picture of the move–just one step in front of the other!

    Good luck!

  10. oh girl my heart goes out to you after reading this post. what a huge change to have to deal with unexpectedly. moving is exhausting, especially when it’s not a move you wanted or planned. but i love your attitude of accepting it and moving on (no pun intended). i hope you get settled in quickly.

    after my last move 3 months ago i counted up my moves:
    michigan – childhood – 4 moves
    oklahoma – college/grad school – 11 moves
    texas (1st time) – 2 moves
    new york – 1 move
    back to texas – 1 move

    i finally feel settled into our current home and part of me doesn’t want to go anywhere for a looooong time. but we were in a similar situation to yours, where we HAD to find a place in a certain time frame and this house came along at the last minute and was the only acceptable option. we like it BUT there are some things we would change and i know we’ll be scanning craigslist again next year when our lease is up.

  11. Ick to moving. I have done a lot of it and I know there is more to come in the future! Moved 4 times as a kid, at least every year in college, in 2003, in 2005, in 2009, twice in 2010 and lets hope I can not move again until 2012.

  12. I am sorry to hear about this! I hope you all like your new place and settle in quickly..

  13. I am sorry to hear about this! I hope you all like your new place and settle in quickly.

  14. What a huge change to have deal with on short notice! I can’t believe the landlord didn’t give you more notice. I’m glad you like the new house your moving into. Your positive attitude is really making a difference.
    My family moved once when I was seven. Since then I’ve moved to the college dorms, an apartment and now I’m moving into another apartment (which I love!) in August.
    I wish you the best of luck with the move!

  15. Such a stressful situation. But it sounds like you’ve landed on your feet. I hope you love the new place once you move in.

  16. Oh nooo, i’m so sorry to hear about this stressful situation. As if you don’t have enough to do/ deal with on a normal day-to-day basis… I can sense your optimism though, so I know you’ll pull through this just fine. It’s always the BEST feeling when all the boxes are in and unpacked (likely within the first day for you!), and you can feel good about how much you accomplished. I have moved several times but mostly because I am a student. I haven’t had all my own possessions in one place for 5 years, and I never feel like a permanent resident anywhere, but my latest move into an apartment has been my favorite by far. I’m living with fewer roommates, there is more room, and its so much cleaner!! Good luck with everything averie!!

  17. Is that a typo that your current lease was up June 1, 2011? That would mean you would have been out a month ago?

  18. I have moved so many times (even overseas) and I am so tired of it!

    We have been in our current place for two years and have just signed a lease for the third year. Thank God! As I love it here. It took us a while to settle in and calm down after many many years in Central London but I think we’re getting used to it now!

  19. I can’t get over this story — what a royal pain for you to deal with. I’m so sorry, Averie! At least you seem adept at the moving process, and I have no doubt you’ll get through it all.

  20. Oh my, how terrible! I’m with you… chaos (sepecially the type induced by others i.e. your landlord) is not my cup of tea! After moving seven times in as many years, we settled into our current home about three years ago. We bought it and we love it. It’s not my “dream” home, but it’s close enough to work, schools, etc and is a great neighborhood with playground, pool, ponds etc so this is where we olan to be until the kiddos are in high school. It had been on the market for over a year and was calling our name so we bought it before selling the house we lived in at the time. Luckily our other one sold and we just had a few mmonths of double mortgages.

    Hope things go more smoothly from here for you! Sounds like you are tackling it just fine.

  21. When I clicked on you in my reader and saw the title I let out a sigh and thought OH NO! :l I can’t believe you’re moving again ?! Well, if it has to happen, it sounds like you’ve got everything under control and are ready to roll.

    Having my parents get divorced when I was 14 means that I’ve moved A LOT. When I moved in with my now husband, I’ve moved the least (once in 6 years). We LOVE where we live. We have running and bike trails w.i walking distance from our front door… I can ride my bike to the ocean… I have TJ’s & WF’s w.i 2 miles of me…. A quiet & calm pool…. Quiet neighbors. We’re def happy here waiting out the second ‘crash’.

  22. How hectic! I can’t imagine having to make all those decisions, get stuff done, and stay sane in that little of a timeframe. But you seem to be handling it beautifully, how inspiring!

    I pretty much stayed put in NJ throughout my childhood, but moving to Los Angeles for school was a HUGE transition. It’s been a year and I’m still adjusting! And I know that after school’s over, I’ll probably be moving somewhere else; I’ve come to like LA a lot but it still isn’t really for me. But one of the blessings of moving is discovering exactly what IS for you… you never know until you try, which is more than I can say for many of my high school peers who chose to attend college within an hour of our hometown… how are you supposed to challenge and learn more about yourself if you never leave your comfort zone?

    Best of luck, and I hope it all goes as smoothly as it possibly can at this point! :)

    • one of the major reasons i never went to college in CA was that coming from MN, when i toured schools in CA as a young 16/17 year old, life out here was so much more, bigger, braver, etc than what I was used to from my humble midwest roots so opted for a school in MN. I can understand being young and coming from across the country that yes, it would take me or you or anyone awhile to fully adjust!

  23. Ughhhh that sounds so stressful, I’m sorry! Moving sucks, no matter how much you hate the place you’re leaving or love the place you’re moving into. Glad you found a place, though!

    I love where I live- both the city and the apartment- but I’m probably only going to be there for another 7 months. I know I’m not going to be making enough money to pay for my place solo, and although my parents are willing to help me I’m just not going to let them keep shelling out when I’m 22 so I can live in my dream place. Time to put my big girl pants on. I’ll probably be making a move once I’m done with culinary school, but to where I have no idea. California is kind of looking attractive lately, though. Or Florida or Texas…anywhere with a perennially warmer climate!

    In the past three years, I’ve moved from Philly to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh to an apartment in the West Village, and the West Village to my current place downtown. It’s definitely a lot. I kind of can’t wait to get a little older just so I have real roots somewhere….I get sick of not even knowing where my bed will be in six months!

    • When i read your post this morning that you had that night with your dad and that you were moving back to the city, I knew I was about to publish my own moving tale!

      Please move to CA! Pretty please. You’d LOVE it! Knowing what I know about you, you’d love it here more than FL or TX. I just can see you much so!

      I think it’s awesome that you’re not just content to let your parents pay your rent even tho i know they would and youre putting on your big girl pants!

  24. Good luck with your move! I agree with you on feeling out of sorts with moving. I absolutely despise it. My husband and I bought our current home, but I swear, next time we move, I’m saving up for packers and movers – it just makes me way too stressed out!

  25. As a military wife, I know all about the trials and tribulations that go along with even the BEST and most planned out moves– and with shorter notices, things only get more chaotic from there. This is especially true when you have either a particular area in mind, or there are only certain “pockets” of good, safe areas around. Sending lots of peaceful, restorative vibes your way. I think you’re handling it like a champ and I cannot wait to see what the new place looks like!

    Love & Light,
    Emma Jackson

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