Packing & Baking

I have been a busy girl so far this weekend.

First, I started packing for Food and Light

Things I know I am bringing:

Canon 5D Mark II camera body  (more info about my lover if you’re a camera geek and care about these things)


Canon 24-70 mm lens (my daily go-to lens for everything. I never take it off!)

iPhone picture so I could get a shot of my Big Lover

Tripod (per our instructors’ request or I wouldn’t bring it.  I prefer to shoot free than on a tripod)

Camera Bag

camerabagI love Etsy!

My second Camera Bag (Ironically, I bought this bag after seeing my instructor, Diane’s post, that she had bought this bag)

My Macbook + Lightroom 3 for photo editing.  I’m sure I’ll have a couple hundred images per day one or two photos to edit.

And of course I need my Macbook for blogging.  I will definitely be blogging and sharing what I’m up to!

I’m bringing the Be Present Pants that I raved about here

I’m also bringing this new pair, the Kona Pant, that I was sent.  They’re a knee-length version of go-to pants (the Lotus Mobility Pant)

Lovin’ the knee-length for summer.  Unlike Mexico City which surprised the heck outta me by being cold in July, I just checked the weather for Boulder and it looks hot.  Good!

I have been a loyal Be Present customer for about eight years.  I live in them.  They’re especially nice for traveling because they’re lightweight, nearly wrinkle-free, and wash and dry very easily just in case you need to wash them in a hotel room bathroom.  Not that I would know or anything.

I was wearing my Be Present’s in yesterday’s post at the MAC storeBe Present with a side of lip gloss.

Sort of hard to see, but that’s what I’m wearing

Obviously I will be bringing more than a camera, tripod, and one pair of pants and some lipgloss, but those are musts.

It was also a must that I got busy in the kitchen baking.  Unbaking technically.

I made the winner of The Great Fundraising Act

a batch of Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Interestingly enough she is the same person who bid on and won my cookie dough balls when they were being auctioned in Katie’s auction for Japan.

I recognized Carrie’s shipping address and when we got to chatting on email, I instantly remembered her and who she was.  I may forget names but I never forget faces.  Or addresses it seems.

Thank you, Carrie, for being so generous in your support of these charity drives and auctions.  The world needs more people like you!

I included some extra goodies in the box I am mailing on Monday before I leave for Boulder.

I hope Carrie likes the cookie dough ballsRound 2.

From my last post, thanks for the supportive comments.  Yes, I am so excited for the trip and workshopIt’s a quickie, though.  Departing Monday afternoon, returning Wednesday evening.  Lots needs to happen before then.  Like more packing!

And I am also going to enjoy some San Diego weather and get a nice run in

followed up with some at-home yoga for a few minutes.

Followed up with a snack

Raw Vegan Caramels

3 ingredients and stuffed with nut butter.  5 minutes to make.  Easy.


1. How far in advance do you pack for your trips?  What things do you always bring on trips?

I try to start packing a few days ahead of when I am departing so that way I can cross things off my mental checklist, like yep, leave-in hair conditioner is packed, running socks are packed.  Those little random things that I’d otherwise overlook and would prefer to have make it with me on the trip!

For food, I am for sure bringing liquid vanilla stevia and a few snack/energy bars.  I don’t travel without those things.  Other than that, probably not too much since this is a quick trip.  And I’m only going to Colorado.  They have grocery stores there, I’ve heard.

2. What’s the best thing you’ve made, eaten, or done so far this weekend?

My vote is on the cookie dough balls for making.

And on the eating I have been going to town on Mango Ginger Chutney as a veggie dip.  Hot fire mouth and all.  I love it.

P.S. I am guest posting on Angela of Oh She Glow’s site today.  Please check out my post with my 5 favorite vegan recipes that I shared.  Angela is such a doll and a wonderful friend and I was excited when she asked me to guestie on her site.

P.P.S. Reminder to enter the Summertime Cooldown Giveaway if you haven’t already.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hahah love that you asked how far in advance we pack when I’m avoiding packing for a flight that’s about 15 hours away. :) I hope your workshop is amazing and those pants look fab! I wish I had seen them early enough to get some of my own for the plane!

  2. I always pack in advance, like 3 days before I depart. On the departure day itself, I only add my makeup and things that I have been using till then (e.g. laptop).
    I could never travel without my camera and charger ;) Also I always pack my snuggly little pillow (I like my head high when I sleep), wollen socks, precious stones for good sleep and yeah, that is about eat. Oh, and depending on how long I will stay, I will also bring some food items that you can´t purchase in every supermarché.
    Best thing I did: going hiking with my family and friends. Spend the WHOLE day outdoors and it was amazing!!

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  4. have a wonderful trip! I think I actually blushed at the mention of my name – you are so sweet and the dough balls and extra goodies look incredible. I’m so excited to get them!! thank you!!!

  5. I just got caught up on your last few posts and I’m so excited for you for your trip to Boulder!! Sounds like you’re going to have an AMAZING time, I can’t wait to hear about it :)

    The trip I told you about…I’ve been making a list and setting aside random things since JUNE! I work in two ways- either last minute for things I don’t care about, or WAY in advance for things I do. And now I’m leaving this week- crept up on me so soon!

    Best thing I ate this weekend…hmmmm. I’m going to go with the Victory Summer Love beer I drank today. I’d been helping my brother and sister in law move and it just hit the spot!

  6. Just left you a comment over at OSG – great recipe round up!

    Dehydrated bean-free hummus? How’s that?

  7. I hardly ever pack very far ahead of time. I feel like I forget more that way. As long as I have a list to cross things off of I’m good to go. I’m going to be using one of your raw ball recipes soon for a very special birthday present!

  8. I hope you enjoy my fine state … weather has been “hot as Africa” this week … upper 90s … ugh. I live in the mtns but work down in Denver. I don’t have air conditioning at my house so it is nice to escape to the cool each and every day after work.


    • Ok I have been wondering is it always this hot there in the summer??! when looking at the forecast. Now I know it’s kinda a fluke and am going to throw in some more tank tops and leave for the airport soon!!! :)

      • Definitely not as usual for the summer … tho still not as bad as Texas (where I moved from in 2004).
        Should cool back down to upper 80s by tomorrow and rest of week … and it has been raining a little in the PM every day almost all summer.

        60s at night.

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  10. I always seem to be packing last minute for trips …

    I hate packing.

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