Rainbow Bright & Pride

My day started off bright and early by going to a 4 year old’s birthday party.

Skylar was so excited to go!

Then, there was the Pride Parade

The sky is so blue today!

It’s the 5th largest Pride Parade in the country but we actually missed the actual parade due to the birthday party, but the streets are filled and I got plenty of great shots.  More to follow in another post if you want to see them.


It’s pandemonium here!

The weather is absolutely perfect: 74F, sunny, light breeze, no humidity, no bugs.

Everyone is having a blast!

And just like in Mexico when I asked the lovers’ if they were ok with me photographing them in their various states of PDA, I asked every single person I photographed today if they minded if I took their picture and everyone was very excited to pose and strut their stuff.

I was met with 100% resounding yes’es and as a photographer, that was awesome.

And as a supporter of gay rights, equality, and celebrating life, including all our differences, and respecting everyone’s lifestyle and individual paths, seeing so much Pride on the streets was awesome.

After walking around for awhile, I decided to come inside and break in my new kitchen!

By baking.  With chocolate.  And there was also butter and vanilla extract involved.  The house is smelling great.

That was batch of Chocolate Frosting

I need to go make a snack now.  I’m thinking a Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cake

I also have a post about Eating the Rainbow and Rainbow Colored Recipes in honor of today you may enjoy.


1. What have you been up to today?

I am off to go for a run and maybe a little at-home yoga for 20 minutes afterward.  Then I have to work.

2. Have you ever been to a Pride Parade?


2010 pictures

2009 pictures

And previous years that I don’t have blog posts for.

I love the Parades and the whole weekend and festivities!  So much fun, life, energy, vibrancy, and a celebration of diversity and just, Pride.  It’s great!

As I said in the body of the post, as a supporter of gay rights, equality, and celebrating life, including all our differences, and respecting everyone’s lifestyle and individual paths, and seeing so much Pride on the streets was awesome.

Want me to post more pictures from today?

Glad you’re liking the Summer in a Box Giveaway!


  1. I would love to see more pictures!! The one of the couple is fabulous, btw.

  2. Yes post more! Your kitchen looks great!! Hope you are liking the new place!

  3. I went to the one in Chicago this year. So crowded. I just love your new kitchen!

  4. I live in Atlanta and we have a very large gay population. I’ve been to our Pride parade several times. Always fun.

  5. I’d love to see more pictures! Your photos are always fabulous and I’m sure you did a great job of capturing the atmosphere, especially at this event. I’ve never been to a pride parade, but I love seeing whole cities so receptive and open-minded to how people choose to live their lives.

    I can almost smell the butter and vanilla cooking up. Yum!

  6. I love that you are so open and accepting and show this stuff to Skylar too! Great role model.

    I want your kitchen!!! So pretty. (oh, and thanks re: the camera question – of course I know what your saying – it’s totally about technique! But obviously a better camera has far more advantages than a cheap one too…like a focus or zoom-in even – lol ;) )

  7. I would loveeee to see more pics, that first one was great and I’m sure you captured some awesome moments. I’ve never been to a pride parade myself, I’m not sure of any we have around me but if we did I’d be there in a heartbeat loving every second just as you described.
    Today… just got off an 11 hour waitressing shift… power walking for 11 hours was more like it. Whew I’m exhausted.

  8. LOVE your new kitchen & those photos from the parade are fabulous!! Very cool that everyone enjoyed having their photo taken. Not shocking at all ;) xxoo

  9. Just a gym sesh today..then a delicious Indian/Lebanese dinner at friends house :)

    MAN, that guy is rippppeedddd!!

  10. I had the chance to go to a pride parade in Washington DC…

    So so glad i went!

    Brooke Annessa

  11. I’m going to the one in Provincetown this summer!

    I love the first photo with the blue sky & the balloons!!

  12. Your new kitchen is beautiful! I love the colors. No, I have never been to a pride parade but would have no trouble supporting the rights of people to live in a manner that brings them love, peace, and happiness.

  13. I definitely want to see more photos! I love the one of the couple, it looks like you captured a moment of genuine happiness!
    What have I been up to today? Gym, work all day, friend’s house, home to BAKE!! And now relaxing.

  14. What a perfect day! Sure, I bet your photos were neat- would love to see more.

    We have a new baby in the house- so today was the first introductions. Sam is taking to “Ace” better than Ellie is. Then Eden came over (met Ace) and we spent the day in Malibu including going to her old eating disorder rehab house-it was great.

  15. Those balloons against the blue sky almost look fake they’re so bright. Gorgeous day!

  16. I have never actually been to a Pride parade. I just got back from a trip to San Fran though (business). At lunch there was the nicest couple (two men) and their two kids sitting at our table. I really like to be in a place that is so open and accepting.

  17. Ooh I wonder what you were baking — something wonderful I assume!

    I haven’t been to a true Pride Parade — just small ones on the U of MN campus years ago.

  18. Thanks for posting such amazing pics! I’ve been following your blog for a little while, but this is my first post. OMG – your kitchen looks awesome. I’m so sorry you missed the parade, but it seems like you caught the important stuff (your daughter is tooo cute! Hope you both had a blast at the party)!

    PS – I plan to try some of your recipes (which look ah-mazing) soon, but I will report back when I do :)

  19. Yes, definitely post more pics. Rainbows always remind me of the 80s. I drew them like every day, haha. Too bad you missed the parade, I bet you would have gotten some awesome shots, but there’s always next year. :)

    I’m so envious of your perpetual perfect weather!!!

  20. What a fun day I can’t believe how gorgeous and blue the sky is!!

  21. I have a race today, The Dirty Dash, which ends with a giant mud pit.

  22. I love all the rainbows, they just always brighten my day!!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the shots from the folks on the street, gotta love rocking the speedo + suspender + nothing else needed look.

  23. I have never been to a Pride Parade, but it sounds like such a fun day! I completely support gay rights, and it’s awesome to see it celebrated!

  24. I love festival/crowd/people pictures. Bummer that you had to miss the parade, though!

  25. Great blog!!!! Love it. I just found you through another link.

    I haven’t been to a Pride Parade before but think that they are awesome. Great pics

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  27. Fun, can’t wait to see more shots from the parade. And Skylar is adorable! Love the new kitchen, great colors and nice cabinets.

    1. Not much yet today, but we had a busy and productive day Saturday running, shopping and seeding a movie.
    2. Not yet, not lucky enough to live near one. I mised one in Key West by a day a few years ago which was a bummer, maybe I’ll get to the SF one next year.

  28. I assume there’s one near me, since I live near Portland, but I have never actually been to one or seen one. I got the majority of my errands done yesterday, so I’m planning on spending time with my hubby and hopefully my nieces and nephews today.

  29. This post makes me happy! Pride fest in New Orleans isn’t exactly clean fun so we don’t take the kids but this one looks great. If we did go, I’d have our baby wear her onesie that says “They are both my real mom!”

  30. Such beautiful pictures, Averie! The ones of the balloons are especially gorgeous :)

  31. I’m so glad to see you’re such a supporter of gay rights and equality! I’m right there with ya!

  32. Pride Parades are always so colouful and festive.
    When I lived in Toronto, I could sit on our porch and watch the parade go North on Yonge Street.

  33. I have never been to a pride parade because the one in my city is very small and very uneventful. I do think it would be cool to go to one in somewhere like, maybe, San Fransisco!!

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  35. I’ve never been to a pride parade, but I think it’s something that I’d love to see. Toronto is probably the closest one to me…

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