Running Into

There are never enough hours in the day for me.  It’s been go, go, go.

Phone calls, housework, running into stores on all my errands.

Running into tons of mangoes is a bonus.

Mango Mania


I love summer fresh.  The end of July and August is my favorite time of year for eating because of the abundance of amazing produce.

Salads with veggies are in full force.

I have either been putting Vegan Slaw Dressing on them or drizzling them with Orange Spice Vinaigrette which is so easy and light.

I saw these roasted chickpeas at TJ’s yesterday which I thought would be perfect as a salad topping…

Super cheap, too.  99 cents!

…But I didn’t buy them because I can just make my own

Carmelized Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts”

I have to be careful about how many beans I eat much like I am with nuts, but they sure taste amazing going down.

You’ll be glad you ran into these.  And you can take them in a savory direction, too.  Omit the sugar, add the savory spices you enjoy, roast.  Easy!

I ran into a big bowl of popcorn with cinnamon, stevia, and nooch.   Sometimes I make chocolate cheezey (noochey) popcorn but earlier it was sans chocolate.

Why no cocoa powder or chocolate chips on my popcorn?

Because I ran into a Toblerone bar.

As I said on Instagram, When all else fails, try this.

And you should run onto the instagram train if you haven’t already.  It’s so much fun!  Or just follow me on Twitter for my IG updates.

Thanks for all the great comments on my last post, SunnyWow!  I had no idea when I posted it that it would be that popular.

But I guess talking about the sun, talking about nut butter and sunflower seed butter, and sunflower pictures has a little something for everyone.  Most everyone said you love all three.

And for those of you who said you haven’t tried sunflower seed butter, I’d highly recommend giving it a whirl.

It changed my life about 5 or 6 years ago when I first discovered it.  I always buy the TJ’s brand rather than the Sunbutter brand.  Just personal preference.  And also financial preference.


1. What or whom have you run into lately?  Any awkward run into’s?

The weekend of Pride, and just days after moving into our new place, I went out for a run (still very new to my own surroundings and trying to figure out my own running path) and ran into someone I had met at Matt’s L.A. Food Styling & Photography workshop.  He lives in my neighborhood.  I was all hot and sweaty and was running and in my zone and actually ran past him and a few steps later I heard, “AVERIE?”

I spun around and recognized him and we chatted for a few minutes.  Awkwardly. 

While I tried to discreetly wipe the sweat off my face while not huffing and puffing.

And any runner knows that when you just stop, abruptly, your legs and body just feel out of whack.  There’s something called a cooldown period for a reason.

And then try to make small talk with someone you don’t know very well in a cardiovascularly challenged state.  Ummm, yeah.  Not my finest moment.

I have been recognized by readers, for instance here or here (internationally), so I’ve run into people that way.  Always fun to meet people and readers in real life, but I am never expecting it!  Surprise, surprise.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go run into a cup of coffee + Baileys (it’s nonalcoholic)

And then go run into a run.

P.S. Keep those Organic Raw Honey Giveaway entries coming.


  1. I fell in love with Tobleron bars when I was in Spain – yum!

    I recently ran 10 miles…which is a big deal for me! I am training for a half marathon in October, so i think I’ll be running into a lot more trails, tree’s, and water bottles!


  2. oh my gosh, those mangoes and that chocolate look SO GOOD.

    I’ve been running into a lot of frustration and closed doors when it comes to the job search lately (I just finished grad school & am on a job searching frenzy). I’m feeling pretty down about it, but I know I just need to keep at it. Good thing I have blogs like this one to cheer me up :-)

  3. There sure isn’t enough hours in the day – right now I’m loving having “just” enough time in my day… and that’s because I’m NOT working! I don’t know what I’m going to do when I ahve to go back to work!

  4. Today was a busy errand day for me too! It’s crazy how short the days feel when you have a million things to do

  5. I have been running into a very busy schedule lately. All very good, but just so busy!! I need a breather soon….and a break!

  6. I work from home and still feel there are never enough hours in the day!

  7. 99cents for all those chickpeas? You would never ever see that here. Very nice! Loving your mango shot. I could just swim in that pile!

  8. I ran into a student today- literally. I was running around the corner to use the bathroom before my next class arrived, and he was running around the corner to get to my class on time, and we literally slammed into each other. Hard. We both hit the ground, and sat for a few seconds before we started laughing…

  9. Great shot of the mangos! Wish I lived in So. Cal so I could “run into” LOCAL avocados this time of year. They are my favorite and I eat about one whole avocado per day! A little at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Avocado/Mango salsa is oh-so-popular in this household. Great post!

  10. Great story about the running into someone while on a run. I’m sure that the other person was totally unfazed by your sweat and puffing, but that doesn’t really affect how you feel about it.

    I love how you showed the product at TJ’s and then didn’t buy it because you can make your own–after my own heart!

  11. You are just so. freaking. awesome. :D Haha, love your blog!!

    enjoy the rest of your week <3

  12. i wish we had a TJ’s. I run in and never run out.

  13. My hubby would be all over those mangos and Toblerone is one of the few chocolates that I actually do like (in very small doses). It’s great to use in chocolate chip cookies ;-)

  14. Does TJ’s have those cute little hand-made signs for everything? I can only imagine the time! They are all so artistic, too. The couple of times I’ve had the TJs sunbutter I’ve decided it’s wayyy better than any other I’ve had, too.
    I love the mango picture!

    • the TJs people DO handwrite little signs like that on all their merchandise. Most of them are uber creative types, covered in tattoos and piercings and super artsy and hip so I think they can probably do the signs in their sleep :)

  15. Sounds like I need to try this sunflower seed butter. I need to try roasted chickpeas too. And jazzing up popcorn. You keep me drooling, thats for sure.

    Oh the awkward run ins…always seems like we run into someone we know at the most inopportune, unexpected times!

  16. I ran into… my family! Home for the weekend and so good to see them!

  17. Those chickpeas look awesome, bookmarked em! I just love the texture of chickpeas. I also love TJ’s, and I’m making a trip tomorrow for some Sunflower Seed Butter! I can’t wait to try it! Well, their brand.

    No awkward run ins, but I did skip my run today. Oh well, always tomorrow!

  18. I’m loving all the fresh produce, too. I wish it was summer all year!!

  19. Jensine Crandall Reply

    toblerone=crack I need to go to rehab for those things

  20. These chickpeas would be a great sweet treat that isn’t to guilt ridden! I have never seen that baileys creamer before but I need to run into some of that tomorrow morning, and not all those jerk ex boyfriends that pop up like wildflowers. Your blog always makes me smile; hope life is having you grin ear to ear!

  21. I’m one of your lurker readers, but I just wanted to say how much I love that you’re a plant-based-diet person who also loves her coffee. It’s been getting me through the last few weeks, and I love coming here to read your blog because you make no apologies for it! I’m definitely on your team.

  22. I think you need to stop talking about Trader Joe’s. Because if you keep on….you’re going to have to start sending me TJ items in the mail :) I don’t have them here, or anywhere around here. I LOVE TJ. I go there when I’m up north. Oh, and yes, I love sunflower seed butter!!

  23. You know, for 99 cents, I’d probably buy them. but the bean thing isn’t happening lately. Too much fiber or whathave you.

  24. LOVE LOVE LOVE the TJ’s sunflower seed butter.

  25. I have the Maranatha sunflower butter right now and the TJ’s looks so much better! :(

  26. I was running yesterday and literally fell onto my knee and scraped it. It reminded me of your recent blog post that I read and encouraged me to take pain medications, even though I usually do not. The knee is completely bruised and bloody, however accidents happen sometimes.

  27. I just have to tell you again how much I love your photography. You are amazing!

  28. I feel the same way about hours, especially this week! For only 99 cents? I’d buy the chickpeas! :-)

    1. Too much chaos at work, not a pleasant thing!

  29. I’ve had the cumin chickpea things from TJ’s – I loved it! Interesting flavors, and great for an on the go thing to just throw on top of pre-made quinoa. Very tasty…and each bag is two servings! It’d be great on a salad with a tahini dressing…hmm. I recommend picking it up and trying it out, yea, you could make your own with your own can of chickpeas ($.99) plus spices ($.09) but these are great because you can keep them in your fridge or pantry and grab them if you need them…hellooooo earthquake food! :) :) I also had TJ’s plantain chips the other day – AMAZING.

  30. Chocolate is not the worst thing you could run into ;)
    I WISH I could run into the person who stole all my workout clothes from the laundry roon yesterday!! I cant believe that someone took it all :(((

  31. Toblerone are the BEST chocolate bars ever. I run into one of those every year around Christmas.

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  33. Ooh, I LOVE those first lamps!!!!! :)

  34. Oh my gosh, running into people is one of my least favorite things. Not because I’m anti-people or anything, I’m just horrible at coming up with small talk when I’m not prepared for it. People always want to know what’s new in my life, and I have to come up with something other than “well, my stomach is now sensitive to even more foods…” Yeah, not pretty talk!

  35. You weren’t missing out on the chickpeas, they aren’t dried. They come in a little bit of sauce and are just okay. I bought them for a review and looking back I never even bothered.

  36. I love having a cup of morning coffee then going for a run. So simple yet so relaxing

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